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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Malcolm Co teacher: 김초 연 Date: Mon .Nov 13th. .2006

Class Name: 5th grade 향나 무반 Room: 시청각 실 Expected no. of students: 40

Context: Les.13 What did you do yesterday? 4/4 Review>
Teaching aids: Video clips, PowerPoint presentation, word cards, worksheets
Learner objectives: Students will demonstrate an
Personal Aims: To improve classroom management
ability to use the simple past tense to talk about
techniques to keep the weaker students trying themselves
basic previous events. Students will
and not relying on their friends. By encouraging them
demonstrate the ability to understand both the
with some easier questions. <
written and oral language covered in the lesson.
Anticipated problems for students: Anticipated problems for teacher: Students calling out answers
Some students still lack a strong knowledge of early and thus making the test to easy for some students.
the past participle. Lack of confidence in their Requests for spelling. Confusion and lack of English
writing and spelling. Some high level students during the survey section. Keeping the student talk time
may over complicate things leading to them up.
confusing themselves
Solutions: Cheating in the final survey i.e. directing which
Solutions: Be sure to give lots of encouragement students must be asked to allow strong students to act as
that spelling isn’t everything; The first question tutors to weaker students .Ensure students explain what they
gives the students the grammar structure to are going to do in the activity. Generally keep instructions and
follow so this should make things easier. direction short and avoid any excess talk time

Procedure Phase Interaction
“What did you do yesterday ?”Conversation
demonstration leading into question to a Engage 5mins T-S
student. This is repeated several times to refresh
the language.

Ask your partner. 2 students are picked to report Engage 3mins T-S
back to class

Distribute Worksheet1.
Students rearrange the sentences. Partners Study 5mins T-S/S-S
Once finished they demonstrate on the board

The five videos are introduced and students

Study 3mins T-S
assign them to the three

Next the writing exercise again a videos is shown Study 5mins T-S/S-S
and students make a sentence about it. Partners
check. Then 3 students are picked to read their

Listening exercise Dialogue provided by teachers

Study 5mins T-S/S-S
Dialogue given twice then 2 minutes to finish
answers. Again partners check before students
provide the answers(Listening/extended

Final activity friends survey, First a

demonstration of how to make and answer the Activate 10mins S-S
questions. Then tables are directed to group
together ie table 6meets table 1
Review 4mins T-S
Review Pick 7 students and find out what one of
their friends did

Procedure Phase Timing Interaction