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Grammar Reference UNIT 1 1.1 am/are/is I m am You re are My name s is This is James Bond. Judy Koblenz.

They're (are) in Muscat. married. Miki. Ben. UNIT 2 2.1 am/are/is Im (am) Youre (are) He's She's (is) It's (is) from England. a student. a computer

1.2 Questions with question words What's your name? (what's = what is) How are you? 1.2 Possessive adjectives My name's John What's your name? 1.3 Plural nouns 1 Most nouns add -s. book computer camera 2 books computers cameras

2.2 Possessive adjectives His name's Pablo. What's her name? My name's Ahmed. What's your name? his = possessive adjective his name, his car, his camera He's Bruno. He's from Brazil. He's fine. (he's = he is) 2.3 Questions with question words Where are you is she is he What s your (is your) s her (is her) name? from?

Some nouns add -es. sandwich bus sandwiches buses

2.4 am/are/is I'm (am) You're (are) Hes Shes (is) Its Theyre (are) from England. a student. fine. in Paris. in Dubai. married.

Grammar Reference 1.1-2.4


UNIT 3 3.1 am/are/is Negative I He She

UNIT 4 4.1 Possessive adjectives my your This is his her our their

'm not (am not) isn't (is not)

a teacher. from Syria. married. very well.

family. school. office.

Yes/No questions and short answers Are you married? Yes, I am. No, I'm not. Is she a teacher? Yes, she is. No, she isn't. Is he English? Yes, he is. No, he isn't. Is her name Alice? Yes, it is. No, it isn't. 3.2 Verb to be Positive I 'm (am) He She s (is) from the US. It You We re They (are)

4.2 Possessive 's 's shows possession. This is John. This is his son. This is Marie. This is her car. his house her name

This is John's son. This is Marie's car.

Tom's house your wife's name

Negative 'm not

's is also the short form of is. he's = he is she's = she is it's = it is Who's = Who is 4.3 Plural nouns 1 Most nouns add -s in the plural. doctor doctors book books student students 2 Nouns that end in -s, -ss, -sh, or -ch add -es. bus buses class classes sandwich sandwiches 3 Some nouns that end in -y change to -ies. city cities country countries dictionary dictionaries 4 Some nouns are irregular. man men woman women child children 4.4 have/has Have is an irregular verb. I You have We They He She has It

He She isn't It You We aren't They


Questions with question words is your name? What is her address? is his phone number? are you from? Where is he from? are they from? are your? How old are they? Yes/No questions Is he she it Are you we they

Answers John Mason. 16, Albert Road, Bristol. 01693 456729. From Japan. I'm 16. They're 8 and 10.



Yes, he is. No, she isn't. Yes, it is. Yes, I am. No, we aren't. No, they aren't.

a good job. a computer.

Grammar Reference 3.1-4.4


UNIT 5 5.1 Present Simple: I/you/we/they Positive I You We They

UNIT 6 6.1 Present Simple: he/she/it Positive He gets up She It leaves

like coffee. play tennis. live in London. speak two languages. have a good job.

at 8.00.

Positive I You We They


like tennis. speak French. work in a restaurant.

6.2 Spelling Present Simple: he/she/it 1 Most verbs add -s. listens he/she/it leaves walks in 2 Verbs ending in -s, -ss, -sh, -ch add -es. watches he/she/it washes go, have, and do are irregular. does he/she/it goes has 6.3 Adverbs of frequency 0% 40% 90% never sometimes usually

Questions with question words here do What sports How many languages Do you like tea? Yes, I do. NOT

you live? we like? they speak? Yes, I like.

5.2 a/an We use an before words that begin with a, e, i, o, and u. an engineer an English dictionary an ice-cream an orange an umbrella but a car a burger a television 5.3 Adjective + noun Adjectives always come before the noun. a German car a Japanese camera a beautiful tree Spanish oranges a car German a camera Japanese a tree beautiful Spanishes oranges

100% always

Adverbs of frequency (never, sometimes, usually, always) can come before the verb. We never watch TV. She sometimes goes out on a Saturday night. He usually works late. I always have tea for breakfast. 6.4 Present Simple: he/she/it Negative She doesn't He Negative What Where What time When

go out in the evening. eat in a restaurant.


he have for lunch? she work? does he go to bed? he leave work?

Yes/No questions and short answers Does he like Yes, he does. football? No, he doesnt. Does she speak Yes, she does. English No, she doesnt.
Does he like tea? Yes, he does. NOT Yes, he likes. NOT No, I dont like.

Do you like coffee? No, I dont.

Grammar Reference 5.1-6.4


UNIT 7 7.1 Question words Look at the question words and the answers. What? When? What time? Who? Where? A burger. In the evening. At 8.00. Peter. In Jeddah. How? By taxi. How old? 16. How many? Two. How much? $2. Why? Because

UNIT 8 8.1 There is/There are Positive There's a sofa in the living room. (There's = There is) There are two CD players in my house. Negative There isn't a TV. There aren't any photos. Question Is there a TV in the kitchen? Are there any magazines on the table? How many CDs are there? 8.2 some and any We use some in positive sentences. There are some books. We use any in questions and negatives. Does he have any photographs? There aren't any lamps. See 12.2 p128 for information on some and any.

7.2 Pronouns Look at the subject and object pronouns, and the possessive adjectives.
Subject pronouns Object pronoun Possessive pronoun I me my you you your he him his she her her it it its we us our they them their

7.3 this/that We use this to refer to things near to us. This is my son. I like this sandwich. We use that to refer to things that are not near to us. That's my house. I dont like that car.

Grammar Reference 7.1-8.2


UNIT 9 9.1 was/were Was and were are the past tense of am/ are/ is. Present I He/ She It You We They Present I He/ She It You We They Negative I He You They

UNIT 10 10.1 Past Simple positive 1 Regular verbs add -ed or -d in the Past Simple. Present Past play played watch watched listen listened turn turned change changed Remember: Many common verbs are irregular. go went see saw have had fine. See the list of irregular verbs on p142. were at home. 2 The form is the same for all persons. I listened to the radio. You went to work. He/She/It had lunch. We They 10.2 Past Simple questions and negatives Present do/ does Past did What time does he usually get up? What time did he get up yesterday? Questions with question words Where did I You He/She/It We They Negative I You He/She/It We They

am is are fine. in class.


wasn't weren't at home last weekend. At school yesterday.

Questions Where were you yesterday? Was she at school? Yes, she was./ No, she wasnt. We use was/ were with born not am/ is/ are. Where were you born? NOT Where are you born? He was born in Russia He is born in Russia. 9.2 Past Simple - irregular verbs Many common verbs are irregular. See the list of irregular verbs on p142. Present Past am/is/are was/were go went come came have do make made see saw buy bought say said find found do did



go shopping. see the film.

Yes/ No questions and short answers Did they play football? Yes, they did. Did you have a good time? No, I didn't.

Grammar Reference 9.1-10.2


Grammar Reference 11.1-12.3


UNIT 11 11.1 can Positive

I You He/She/It We They can

swim. drive. cook. run fast.

I You He/She/It We They


draw. speak German. play golf.

Questions with question words

What When How many languages can you do? I go home? he speak?

Yes/No questions and short answers

Can you swim? Can he play tennis? Yes, I can. No, he cant.

11.2 Modal verbs Can is a modal verb. We don't use do/does/don't/doesn't with can. I can't swim. Can you cook? She can't speak Spanish. They can't drive. NOT I don't can swim. NOT Do you can cook? NOT She doesn't can ... NOT They don't can ...

11.3 Adverbs 1 Adverbs give more information about verbs. go fast draw well speak beautifully

2 Notice the word order. You speak English well. He drives his car fast. 3 Regular adverbs end in -ly. NOT You speak well English. NOT He drives fast his car.

Adjective fluent beautiful slow careful usual

Adjective fluently beautifully slowly carefully usually

4 Some adverbs are irregular. Adjective good Adjective

0 Adverb well fast late early hard

UNIT 12 12.1 would like 1 We use would like to ask for things. Positive What can you do? When I go home? How many languages he speak? Can you swim? Yes, I can. Can he play tennis? No, he can't. You He/She We They 'd like a cup of tea. 2 We use Would ... like? to offer things. Question you Would he/she they like some cake? 3 Look at the answers. Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, please. No, thank you. We use would like, not want, to be polite. I'd like a coffee, please. NOT I want a coffee. 4 We can use would like with another verb. Would you like to go out tonight? What would you like to do?

12.2 some and any 1 We use some in positive sentences. I'd like chicken. There's some cheese. We have books. 2 We use any in questions. Is there chicken? Do you have any money? Are there people? 3 We use any in negatives. There isn't bread. We don't have any friends. There aren't books. 4 We use some when we offer things or ask for things. Would you like some Can I have water? cheese?

12.3 like and would like 1 We use like and like doing to talk about things we always like. I like coffee. (= I always enjoy coffee.) She likes swimming in summer. What do you like doing at the weekend?

2 We use would like to talk about things we want now or soon. I'd like a cup of tea. (= I want a cup of tea now or soon.) She's hot. She'd like to go swimming.

What would you like to do tonight?

UNIT 13 le. 13.1 Present Continuous Positive He She It You We They am is are working. Negative Questions with question words What am I are you are we are they is he is she wearing? Yes/No questions and short answers 13.2 Present Simple and Present Continuous 1 We use the Present Simple to talk about actions that are true for all time or a long time. Hans comes from Germany. I love my family. My father works in a bank. I get up at 7.30 every day. She doesn't understand French. 2 We use the Present Continuous to talk about actions that last a short time. The actions are happening now. I usually wear jeans, but today I'm wearing a suit. He's speaking French to that man. He speaks French very well. It's raining. They're swimming.

UNIT 14 14.1 Future plans Positive I'm You're He's She's We're They're going to Europe. leaving next week. flying on Sunday. I'm You're He's She's We're They're going to see Buckingham Palace. have a tour of the city. stay in the Ritz hotel. Questions Where When Where Who are you going on holiday? leaving? staying? going with? Where What are you going to

stay? do? Grammar Reference 13.1-14.1 129 0,I 'm not He She isn't It working. You We aren't They Are you wearing jeans? Yes, I am. No, I'm not. Is she reading a newspaper? Yes, she is. No, she isn't.

UNIT 13 le. 13.1 Present Continuous Positive He She It You We They am is are working. Negative Questions with question words What am I are you are we are they is he is she wearing? Yes/No questions and short answers 13.2 Present Simple and Present Continuous 1 We use the Present Simple to talk about actions that are true for all time or a long time. Hans comes from Germany. I love my family. My father works in a bank. I get up at 7.30 every day. She doesn't understand French. 2 We use the Present Continuous to talk about actions that last a short time. The actions are happening now. I usually wear jeans, but today I'm wearing a suit. He's speaking French to that man. He speaks French very well. It's raining. They're swimming.

UNIT 14 14.1 Future plans Positive I'm You're He's She's We're They're going to Europe. leaving next week. flying on Sunday. I'm You're He's She's We're They're going to see Buckingham Palace. have a tour of the city. stay in the Ritz hotel. Questions Where When Where Who are you going on holiday? leaving? staying? going with? Where What are you going to

stay? do? Grammar Reference 13.1-14.1 129 0,I 'm not He She isn't It working. You We aren't They Are you wearing jeans? Yes, I am. No, I'm not. Is she reading a newspaper? Yes, she is. No, she isn't.

Word list UNIT 1 and con] 4nd/, /ond/ bag n /beg/ book n /buk/ burger n /'b3:go(r)/ bus n /bAs/ Bve baI/ n rkwmro/ n ka:(r)/ coffee n /loft/ .xwanputer n /komrpju:to(r)/ sI4 n fkAp/ 11121F 11 'den/ English ad], n finglif/ ewers-day adj /' evridei/ ad] /fain/ Ers name n /T3:st ,nenn/ ....-k.Thd afternoon! /g , a:fto nu:n/ Good morning! /god 'mo:nin/ Good night! /gud'nait/ Goodbye! /g ud bar/ Have a nice day! /,heev o nais nef,o n /hel'au/ Socse n /haus/ How are you? /,hau kwekv ad] ms name n /neim/ \-e to meet you. /,nais ta 'mi:t ju/ OK ad] ,au 'keil phone n /faun/ photograph n fautagra:f/ pease sandwich n I sxnwrtf/ See You later! /,si: ju 'letta(r)/ gimp well! /'sli:p well scomame n 1s3:neim/ tea ft ti-J Anision n ftelivi3n/ thank-you ''Oxnkju:/ thanks Oxijks/ this prom Pots/ todalc n ta'dei/ I is well ,yen i 'wel/ leirisat? wnt/ wait prep ,vno/ 7aur Nathers 1-10 one two 130 Word list Here is a list of most of the new words in the units of New Headway Plus Beginner Student's Book. adj = adjective adv = adverb conj = conjunction four /fo:(r)/ five /fatv/ six /siks/ seven /'sevn/ eight /eit/ nine /nam/ ten /ten/ UNIT 2 about prep /o'baot/ awful adj fo:f1/ beautiful ad] Pbju:tifl/ building n [bildin/ centre adj /'sento(r)/ cities n pl /' sitiz/ countries n pl /'kAntriz/ doctor n /' dokto(r)/ fantastic adj /fxn'tzestik/ find v /famd/ from prep /from/ hear v /hio(r)/ her 1h3:(r)/ his /1113/ hospital n Phospitl/ how old? /hao 'a uld/ look at (sth) v flok ot/ map n /mxp/ married ad] /' nixrid/ on holiday /on 'Model/ people n pl really good ad] / ,ri:ali 'god/ school n /sku:1/ these pron /oi:z/ too adv /tu:/ weather n fwebo(r)/ where? adv /weo(r)/ world n 1w3:1d/ Countries Australia n ho'stretlio/ Brazil n /bro'zil/ Canada n Pkwnodo/ China n Ptfaino/ Egypt n /' i:d3ipt/ England n finglond/ France n /fra:ns/ Hungary n PhAngori/ Italy n Paoli/ Japan n /d3o'pwn/ Russia n frAfo/ Spain n /spein/ Saudi Arabia n /,saudi: o'reibi:o/ n = noun pl = plural prep = preposition pron = pronoun V = verb infml = informal

Numbers 11-30 eleven /flevn/ twelve /twelv/ thirteen /03:'ti:n/ fourteen /fo:'ti:n/ fifteen /fif ti:n/ sixteen /siks'ti:n/ seventeen /sevn'ti:n/ eighteen /ei'ti:n/ nineteen /nain'ti:n/ twenty /'twenti/ twenty-one /,twenti'wnn/ twenty-two /,twenti'tu:/ twenty-three /,twenti'Ori:/ twenty-four /,twenti'fo:(r)/ twenty-five /,twenti'farv/ twenty-six /,twenti'siks/ twenty-seven /,twenti'sevn/ twenty-eight /,twenti'en/ twenty-nine /,twenti'nam/ thirty I 03:ti/ UNIT 3 address n /o'dres/ all adv /0:1/ America n /o'meriko/ another pron /o'nnoo(r)/ boy n /boil brother n brnoo/ builder n [bildo(r)/ bus driver n IbAs ,drarvo(r)/ businessman n biznosmwn/ charity walk n Iteriti ,wo:k/ excited adj /ik'saitid/ excuse me /ik'skju:z ,mi:/ forty f fo:ti/ good luck /god 'Ink/ Great! adv /greit/ happy adj here adv /hio(r)/ Hi /hai/ I don't understand /ai ,dount Ando'stxnd/ I'm sorry /aim 'sori/ interesting adv introstin/ interview n /'mtovju:/ Ireland n arolond/ job n /d3ob/ live v /Irv/ magazine n /,mxgo'zi:n/ now adv /nao/ nurse n /n3:s/ other adj rnoo(r)/ over there /,ouvo 'oeo/ personal information n I,p3:sonl info'meifn/ phone number n Noun ,nninbo(r)/ police officer n /po'li:s ,ofiso(r)/ same adj /seim/ Scotland n iskotlond/ shop assistant n op o,sistont/ sorry Psori/ station n steiln/ Sweden n /'swi:dn/ thanks a lot /rOks o lot/ tired n /Oral/ town centre n /takin 'sento(r)/ very adj /'veri/ well n /wel/ winner n wmo(r)/ yet adv /jet/ UNIT 4 a lot of /o 'lot ov/ accountant n /o'kaontont/ age n /eid3/ bank manager n flownk ,mxind3o(r)/ bank n /bxnk/ best friend n /,best 'frend/ big adj /big/ both pron /bou0/ business card n biznis ,ka:d/ certainly adv /'s3:tonli/ children n pl trildran/ college n fkolid3/ Come on! /,knm 'on/ company n knmponi/ connecting v /ko'nektin/ dictionary n dikfonri/ evening n ri:vmn/ everybody pron evribodi/ family tree n /,fxmoli 'tri:/ fans n pl Pfxnz/ football n ifotbol/ friends n pl /frendz/ funny adj /TAM/ Germany n A133:moni/ give v /grv/ goal n /gool/ good adj /god/ have v /hzev/ home n /boom/ hotel n /hou'tel/ like v /lark/ manager n finind3o(r)/ near adj /nio(r)/ new adj /nju:/ nice adj /nais/ north ad) /no:0/ notice v /nouns/ of course /ov 'ko:s/ Word list 131

office n to fist our aoa(r)/ part of (something) n /'pa:t ov/ part-time adj /,pa:t 'taim/ police n /po'li:s/ really adj small adj /smo:l/ spell v /spel/ sport n /spo:t/ sports centre n /'spo:ts ,sento(r)/ their /Oeo(r)/ together adv /to'geOo(r)/ university n V3: Sgi/ US pron /As/ village n Pvilid3/ want v /wont/ The family brother n I brAoa(r)/ daughter n fdo:to(r)/ father n Pfa:oa(r)/ husband n flinzbond/ mother n inanoo(r)/ parents n pl Ppearants/ sister n Psista(r)/ son n /snn/ wife n /waif/ UNIT 5 Arabic n robik/ blue adj /blu:/ cheese n /tfi:z/ chocolate n Ptfoklat/ Coke n /kook/ Come here! /,knin 'bia(r)/ count v /kaont/ delicious adj /di'lifos/ drama n /' dra:mo/ drink v /drink/ eat v exciting adj /ik'saitin/ flat n /fleet/ food n /fu:d/ guys n pl /gall/ how much? /,hao 'mntf/ ice-cream n aiskri:m/ identity n /ai'dentiti/ languages n pl Plxugwidyzi list n /list/ love v /Inv/ Mexico n imeksikoo/ millionaire n /,miljo'nea(r)/ nationalities n pl / ,nxfo'nxiatiz/ orange n /' ormd3/ order v /'o:do(r)/ 132 Word list pair (of) n /pea(r) (ay)/ pizza n /'pi:tso/ play v /pled Portugal n Ppo:tfogl/ pounds n pl /paondz/ prices n pl Ppraisiz/ restaurants n pl Prestronts/ skiing n iski:n3/ sometimes adv Psnmtainiz/ speak v /spi:k/ swimming n iswimiu/ Switzerland n switsalond/ tennis n [terns/ terrible adj /'terobl/ the best adj /oo 'best/ twin n /twin/ waiter n /' weito(r)/ Nationalities American /a'merikon/ Brazilian /bro'zilian/ Chinese /tfaf ni:z/ French /frentf/ German id33:mon/ Italian /i'twlion/ Japanese /,d3xpa'ni:z/ Mexican [meksikan/ Portuguese /,po:tfo'gi:z/ Saudi Arabian /,saudi: o'reibi:on/ Spanish [spxnif/ Syrian isiri:on/ Turkish [ ta:kif/ Numbers 40-100 forty /'fo:ti/ fifty ififti/ sixty / siksti/ seventy Isevonti/ eighty / eiti/ ninety /'namti/ one hundred /wnn 'linndrod/ dad n UNIT 6 all day adj 1,3:1 'dee always adv /' o:lweiz/ artist n Pa:tist/ as usual /az 'ju:3uol/ at the weekend /ot oa ,wi:k'end/ aunt n /a:nt/ beach n /bi:tf/ bed n /bed/ between adv /bt'twi:n/ breakfast n brekfast/ businesswoman n fbizniswoman/ busy adj [bizi/ buy v /bail come v /knin/ cook v /kok

dinner n idina(r)/ director n /do'rekto(r)/ drive v /draw/ early adv /3:1i/ eggs n pl /egz/ fill v 411/ get home /,get 'houm/ get up /,get 'Ap/ go out /,gou 'aut/ go shopping /goo 'form)/ go to bed /goo to 'bed/ Good idea! /god have a shower /,hTv a 'fauo(r)/ in prep /in/ Internet n Pintonet/ invite v /m'vait/ leave v lesson n /'lesn/ life n /lad/ lifestyle n Plaifstail/ lunch n /lAntf/ morning n imo:nny never adv inevo(r)/ next ad) /nekst/ o' clock adv /a'klok/ often adv /' ofn, 'ofton/ paint v /pemt/ questionnaire n ,kwestfo'neo(r)/ relax v /ri'lxks/ schooldays n pl isku:ldelz/ sea n seaside n Psi:said/ shopping n fopin/ shower v, n Ifaua(r)/ (web)site n /(Web)sait/ soon adv /su:n/ stay v istel/ stop V /stop/ studio n istju:diau/ taxi n /' txksi/ time n /tann/ toast n /toust/ tomorrow adv /ta'morou/ TV n /,ti: 'vi:/ typical ad) (the) US n pl /ju: 'es/ usually adv /'ju:3uoli/ visit n walk n / v watch v /wotf/ week n /wi:k/ when? /wen/ Days of the week Monday n / mAnded Tuesday n ftju:zdel/ Wednesday n /' wednzdeil Thursday n /83:zdei/ Friday n /' frardel/ Saturday n /' szetodei/ Sunday n isAndel/ UNIT 7 adore v amazing ad) /o'meizin/ anything pron femOnj/ aspirin n iesprin/ baby n /' beibi/ because prep /bi'koz/ bedrooms n pl /'bedru:mz/ best adj /best/ black n /blwk/ boss n /bos/ cafe n /Infer/ card n /ka:d/ carrots n pl Pkxrats/ catch v /kietf/ cat n /kzet/ changing rooms n pl rtfemd3nj ,ru:mz/ cheap ad) /tfi:p/ chemist's n /' keinists/ Chile n / chips n pl /tfms/ clothes n pl /klouoz/ coat 71 /koot/ cold adj /kould/ comfortable ad) /'kAmftobl/ composer n /kom'pouzo(r)/ credit card n kredit ,ka:d/ Czech Republic n /,tfek ri'pAblik/ degrees n pl /di'gri:z/ door n easy ad) /'i:zi/ every /'evri/ expensive adj /ik'spensrv/ fast adj /fa:st/ favourite adj /Teivnt/ fog n /fog/ free time n /fri: 'tann/ Frenchman n /'frentfmon/ friendly adj /'frendli/ hat n /hwt/ hate v /hen/ homework n /' houmw3:k/ hot ad) /hot/ how many? /,hau 'meni/ international ad) ,mta'nxfnal/ jacket n /' cl3kit/ jumper n /'d3Ampo(r)/ kids n pl /kidz/ large adj /1a:d3/ learn v /13:n/ look v /luk/ machine n /mo'fi:n/ Word list 133

meet v mi:t mobile phones n pl /,moubail 'faunz/ monec 0Irani" months n pl ni,,n0s/ neighbours n pl ineibaz/ newspaper n inju:zpeipa(r)/ no problem Priou ,problom/ October n /ok'toubo(r)/ old adi ould/ over there /,ouvo 'oeo(r)/ packet n fpxkit/ parcel n 'pa:s11 Pardon? 'pa:dn/ PLC n pm/ place n piers/ post v poust/ Post Office n /' poust ,ofis/ postcard n rpoustka:d/ present n i'preznt/ programme n Tprougrwm/ railway station n Preilwer ,steifn/ rain n rem/ red adi red/ return ticket n /ri'ta:n sad adj iswd/ salad n Isxlad/ scales n pl /skeilz/ seafood n /'si:fu:d/ shampoo n /fzem'pu:/ shoes n pl /fu:z/ shops n pl /fops/ shows n pl /fouz/ single ticket n ismg1 stamp n /stzemp/ Swedish ad) /' swi:chf/ take away n rteikawel/ teach v /ti:tf/ that pron /oxt/ toothpaste n /' tu:Opeist/ town n /taun/ train n /trem/ try on v Arai on/ T-shirt n /' ti:fa:t/ understand v /,Anda'stxnd/ very much /,veri 'mAtf/ violinist n /,vaialinist/ website n rwebsait/ wet ad) /wet/ white ad) /wait/ who? /hu:/ why? /wai/ wonderful ad) /' wAndafl/ wrong ad) /roi)/ yellow ad) fjelau/ 134 Word list UNIT 8 alarm clock n /a'la:m ,klok/ any pron /'eni/ armchair n ra:mtfea(r)/ autumn n ro:tam/ bathroom n rba:Oru:m/ border n /' bo:da(r)/ bus station n /bAs ,steifn/ car keys n pl /'ka: ,ki:z/ car park n /'ka: ,pa:k/ castle n Pka:s1/ cinema n rsinamo/ cooker n Pkuka(r)/ cosmopolitan ad) / ,kozma'politan/ cycling n rsaiklin/ desk n /desk/ dining room n /damn] ,ru:m/ directions n /da'rekfnz/ drawer n /dro:(r)/ DVD player n /,di: vi: 'di: ,pleto(r)/ excellent ad) reksalant/ ferry n /'feri/ festivals n pl /Testi-viz/ fishing n /fifin/ floor n /flo:(r)/ fresh ad) /fref/ fridge n /frid3/ furniture n rfamitfo(r)/ games n pl /geimz/ golf n /golf/ home town n /,haum 'taun/ Indian ad) rmdion/ Internet cafe n /'mtonet ,kwfei/ kinds of /'kamdz ov/ kitchen n rkitfn/ lamp n /1xmp/ laptop n rixptop/ left /'left/ living room n Ihviij ,ru:m/ mean ad) /mi:n/ meetings n pl rini:tmz/ miles n pl /mailz/ minutes n pl /minus/ modern ad) /' modn/ more pron /mo:(r)/ mountain n imauntan/ need v /ni:d/ next to prep /'nekst tu:, to/ night n /mit/ park n /pa:k/ posters n pl /'poostoz/ quick ad) /kwik/ right ad) /rait/ rooms n pl /ru:mz/ run v /rAn/ sailing n /seam/

signs n pl /sainz/ sky n /skar/ slow ad] /slou/ snowboarding n Psnoubo:din/ sofa n isoufo/ some /sAm/ spectacular ad] /spek'twkjolo(r)/ sports bag n ispo:ts ,beg/ spring n /sprig/ straight on /,streit 'on/ summer n rsAmo(r)/ sunny ad] rsAni/ supermarket n I su:pama:lut/ telephone n /' telifoun/ Thai adj /tail theatre n /' Oroto(r)/ tidy adj /' taidi/ toilet n rtoilot/ trainers n pl /' tremoz/ travel v /' trxv1/ trolley bus n rtroli ,bAs/ turn v /t3:n/ under prep rAndo(r)/ walls n pl /wo:lz/ warm ad] /wo:m/ water sports n /'wo:to ,spo:ts/ winter n /' wmto(r)/ UNIT 9 art n Austria n /' stria/ back n /bxk/ birthday n flo3:edei/ born v /bo:n/ Canadian ad] /ko'nexlion/ charity shop n itfxrati ,fop/ colourful adj PkAlof1/ dear adj /dio(r)/ do v /du:/ eldest adj /' eldist/ expert n /'eksp3:t/ famous ad] /' fermos/ film n /film/ film company n /film ,kAmponi/ fingerprint n /' fingoprint/ for sale /fo'serl/ gallery n /Awlori/ go v /goo/ good time /,gud 'tam/ grandfather n /' grzenfa:oo(r)/ grandmother n /' grmnmAoo(r)/ gym n /d3rm/ happy birthday /,hpi 'b3:0dei/ horrible ad] /horobl/ housework n rhausw3:k/ Irish ad] /' arrif/ last year /Ja:st jio(r)/ make v /merk/ mess n /mes/ most /moust/ musician n /mju'3ifn/ next year /,nekst 'jra(r)/ older adj ouldo(r)/ Pakistan n /,pxki'stxn/ pay v /pei/ politician n /,polo'tifn/ princess n /,prm'ses/ racing driver n /reign ,draivo(r)/ real adj /' ri:o1/ rich ad] /raj/ Saudi Arabia n /rsaudi o'reibio/ scientist n isaiontist/ see v singer n /si(r)/ south adj /saue/ still ad] story n isto:ri/ thousand n /' 0auzond/ TV company n /,ti: 'vi: ,kAmponi/ uncle n Ankl/ writer n Prarto(r)/ year n /jio(r)/ yesterday adv fjestodei/ Months of the year January n /d3xnjuori/ February n /'februori/ March n /ma:tf/ April n /' eiprol/ May n /mei/ June n /d3u:n/ July n /d3u'lai/ August n /'o:gost/ September n /sep'tembo(r)/ October n /ok'toubo(r)/ November n /nou'vembo(r)/ December n /ch'sembo(r)/ Ordinal numbers first ad] /f3:st/ second ad] /'sekond/ third ad] /03:d/ fourth ad] /fo:0/ fifth ad] /fife/ sixth ad] /siks0/ seventh adj /'sevn0/ eighth adj /ert0/ ninth adj /name/ tenth ad] /tea/ eleventh ad] /i'levon0/ twelfth ad] /twelf0/ thirteenth ad] /,03:'ti:n0/ fourteenth ad] /,fo:'ti:n0/ fifteenth ad] /fifti:n0/ sixteenth ad] / seventeenth ad] /,sevn'ti:n0/ Word list 135

eighteenth ad] /,efti:n0/ nineteenth ad] /,namli:n0/ twentieth adj rtwentio13/ thirtieth adj /133:tio0/ ago adv !go/ at prep It, at/ bus tour n [bAs ,too(r)/ camping n /1xmpin/ castle n Pka:s1/ clean v /kli:nd/ coffee bar n /loft ,ba:(r)/ date n /den/ diner n Pdamo(r)/ enjoy v /in'd3ot/ free adj /fri:/ get v /get/ horse riding n /'ho:s ,raidin/ ice-skating n Pais ,skeitin/ India n Pindio/ interested n Pintrostid/ lake n /leik/ last adj /la:st/ late adj / adv leisure activity n fle3o(r) wk,tivoti/ listened v Plisnd/ lots pron /lots/ lucky adjAki/ market n ima:lut/ meal n /mi:l/ milk n /milk/ much pron /mAtf/ museum n /mju'zi:om/ once adv /wAns/ orange juice n furmd3 ,d3u:s/ pasta n Ppxsto/ Really? /'ri:oli/ relaxing adj /ri'lxksin/ roast beef n /,roost 'bi:f/ rugby n PrAgbi/ show v sightseeing n sansi:in/ sit v /sit/ skiing n /ski:in/ special adj /'spefl/ square n /skweo(r)/ start v /sta:t/ sun n /sAn/ swimming pool n swum] ,pu:1/ tour n /too(r)/ tourist n itoonst/ tourist office n Ttoorist ,ofis/ villa n Pvila/ walk v /'wo:k/ 136 Word list weekend n /,wi:k'end/ windsurfing n wmds3:fin/ zoo n UNIT 11 a little bit /o ,bit/ accident n Pxksidont/ act v Inkt/ afraid adj /oTreid/ airport n eopo:t/ also adv fo:lsou/ anywhere adv /'entweo(r)/ architect n a:knekt/ Argentina n /,a:d3onti:no/ arm n /a:m/ athlete n PwOli:t/ barbecue n fba:Imkju:/ beef n /bi:f/ better adj /'beto(r)/ bill n blog n /blog/ boring adj tbo:rin/ button n /'bAtn/ cake n /keik/ can v chat v /tfxt/ chess n /tfes/ communicate v /ko'mju:nikeit/ computer games n pl /kom' pj u: to ,g eimz/ continue v /konlinju:/ dangerous adj /'demd3oros/ defense n /ffiTens/ department n /th'pa:tmont/ draw v /dm/ endless adj Iendlasl everything pron IevriOiijl farmer n /'fa:mo(r)/ film star n [film ,sta:(r)/ fluently adj Pflu:ontli/ fly v football player n fotbo:1 geography n /d3i'Dgrofi/ glass n /gla:s/ grandma n grxnmai green adj /gri:n/ help v /help/ history n Plustri/ horse n /ho:s/ hour n Pauo(r)/ hurt v /h3:t/ interpreter n /m't3:prito(r)/ jumbo jet n ,d3Ambao 'd3et/ kind adj /kamd/ lift v /lift/ lost adj /lust/

message n imesid3/ metres n pl /'mi:toz/ millions n pl imiljonz/ miss v /mis/ mostly adv /' moustli/ motor racing n I mouth ,reisnj/ network n /'netw3:k/ news n /nju:z/ offer v Pofo(r)/ passport n Ppa:spo:t/ pilot n Ppailot/ planes n pl /plemz/ possible ad) iposobl/ problem n problom/ push v radio n /' reidiou/ really well /,ri:oli well request v /rilwest/ ride v /raid/ safe ad) /seif/ science n /salons/ scientist n Psaiontist/ send v /send/ share v /feo(r)/ slowly adj something pron /' sAmOin/ swim v /swim/ tall ad) /to:1/ the Net n /oo 'net/ ticket n Ptikit/ ticket machine n /' tilut mo,fi:n/ tractor n ftrxkto(r)/ try v /trail turn off v /,t3:n 'of/ use v /ju:z/ water n iwo:to(r)/ What's the matter? /,wots bo 'm&to(r)/ worldwide ad) Pw3:1dwaid/ young ad) /jAn/ UNIT 12 anyone pron /' eniwAn/ Anything else? /,eniBin 'els/ apple pie n /,xpl around / o'raond/ bar n /bal beans n pl /bi:nz/ bike n /balk/ bookshop n Pbukfop/ bottle n /boll/ bread n /bred/ cereal n /' siorial/ chicken n tfikm/ chocolate cake n ftfoklot coffee shop n ikofi ,fop/ conditioner n /kon'difono(r)/ customers n pl /lAstomoz/ dawn n /do:n/ describe v /dirskraib/ dessert n /di'zs:t/ diet n /' datot/ dishes n pl dollars n pl /' doloz/ dry adj /drat/ feel v /fi:1/ fish n /fif/ floors n pl /flo:z/ follow v /t foloo/ followed by /' foloud bail forget v /fo'get/ fruit n /fru:t/ garden n Pga:dn/ gate n /geit/ hair n /hea(r)/ immediately adv juice n /d3u:s/ just adv /dzAst/ kilometres n pl Pkilomi:toz/ little ad) Plitt/ lunch box n PlAntf ,boks/ mains n pl /meinz/ marathon n imxroBon/ maybe adv Pmerbi/ mayonnaise n /,meio'neiz/ meat n /mi:t/ menu n /'menju:/ mineral water n Pmmorol ,wo:to(r)/ mixed salad n /,mikst 'Kelod/ mobile phone n /,moubad Toon/ move into /,mu:v Intu, into/ nearly adv /rnioli/ normal adj in3:m1/ on the side /, on bo 'said/ onion n /,Anion/ ordering v Po:dorin/ perhaps adv /po'hps/ plate n /pleit/ polite ad) /pagan/ programs n Pprougrxmz/ pull v /poll report v /ri'po:t/ rice n /rats/ salmon n /' sxmon/ service n 1s3:vis/ side orders n pl /said ,o:doz/ siesta n /si'esto/ silly adj Sir n /s3:/ slices n pl /' slaisiz/ smaller adj Ismola(r)/ smallest ad) Ismolist/ smile n /small/ smoke v /smouk/ snack n /snxk/ soup n /su:p/ sparkling ad) Ispu:klm/ Word list 137

stand v /st nd/ starters n Psta:toz/ sugar n I foga(r)/ sunset n IsAnsetl swap v /swop/ take photos v /,teik 'foutooz/ thirsty adj 183:sti/ till prep /til/ tomato n /to'ma:tou/ too many /,tu: 'menu/ too much /,tu: 'mAtf/ vegetable n Ived3thbl/ wait v /weit/ waitress n Pweitros/ world n l'w3:1d1 actions n pl Pxkfnz/ angry ad) Pxngri/ apartments n pl /o'pa:tmonts/ arrive v /o'raiv/ at the moment /ot 'moumont/ boots n pl /bu:ts/ bored adj /bo:d/ bring v /brin/ build v /bild/ business n ibiznas/ call v /k:1/ carry v Pkxri/ choose v /tfu:s/ close v /klooz/ cold /,kould/ colours n pl PkAloz/ country house n /,kAntri 'haus/ do well /,du: well dress n /dres/ end adj /end/ especially adv h'spefoli/ espresso n /e'spresoo/ extra adj Pekstro/ finish n Pfinif/ guess v /ges/ happening n Phxponm/ have a cold v Phzev a kould/ headache n fliedeik/ helping n /helm/ homeless n /'houmlos/ hostel n Phostol/ hungry ad) PhAngri/ jeans n pl /dji:nz/ lose v /lu:z/ open v Poupon/ pleased ad) /pli:zd/ poor adj /po:(r)/ private plane n /,praivot 'plem/ public transport n /,pAblik 'trmnspo:t/ 138 Word list UNIT 13 put on v /pot 'on/ remember v /ri'memba(r)/ road n /mud/ scarf n /ska:f/ secret n /'si:krot/ sell v !sell shirt n 153:t/ shorts n pl /fo:ts/ skirt n /sk3:t/ sleep v /'sli:p/ socks n pl /soks/ someone pron PsAmwAn/ spend money v /,spend 'mAni/ spend time v /,spend 'taim/ strawberry n Pstro:bari/ successful adj /sok'sesfl/ suit n /su:t/ take off n /tell( of/ teenage ad) Pti:neid3/ tie n /tai/ trousers n pl Ptrauzaz/ turn on v /,t3:n 'on/ turn off v /,t3:n 'of/ TV programme n /,ti: 'vi: ,proogr&m/ video n Pvidiou/ wear v weo/ window n Pwindou/ win v /win/ work v /w3:k/ worried v PwArid/ worth adj /w3:0/ Colours black ad) /blxk/ blue ad) /blu:/ brown adj /braun/ green ad) /gri:n/ grey adj /grei/ red ad) /red/ white ad) /wait/ yellow ad) Pjeloo/ UNIT 14 abroad v /o'bro:d/ across adv /o'kros/ all year round /,o:1 jio 'raond/ along prep /all* assistant n /o'sistont/ autoroute n fo:tooru:t/ balcony n Pbxlkoni/ banana n /bo'na:no/ begin v /bi'gin/ Belgium n Pbeld3om/ biology n /bat'olod3i/ bistro n Ploi:strou/ boat n /boot/ bridge n /brid3/

campus n fkxmpas/ canals n pl /ka'nzelz/ carefully adj ikeafali/ check in v /,tfek chef n /fef/ chemistry n kemistri/ connection n /ka'nekfn/ cost n /knst/ cruise n /kru:z/ developing countries n pl /ch,velapin '1(Antriz/ doctors n pl Pcinktaz/ east n /i:st/ economics n /,i:ka'nniniks/ Europe n fjuarop/ events n pl ftvents/ exam n hg'zxm/ explain v hk'splein/ expressions n pl /Ik'sprelnz/ flight n /flait/ future n ifju:tfa(r)/ grow up /,grou 'Ap/ hope v /hoop/ housewife n fhauswalf/ how long? adv /,hau 'inn/ imagine v /i'mmd3m/ important n /im'po:tant/ jeep n /d3i:p/ journalist n fd33:nalist/ know v /mu/ local adj flaukl/ medicine n /'medsn/ modern languages n pl /,mndn motorbike n imoutabaild move v /mu:v/ nearby adj /Timbal/ nervous adj fna:vas/ overnight adv /,auvo'nait/ painter n Ppeinta(r)/ Physics n ffiziks/ piece of information n /,pi:s v mfa'meifn/ plans n pl /plwnz/ pleasure n fple3a(r)/ Psychology n /sailnlad3i/ quickly adv Pkwikli/ quite often /,kwait 'nfn/ research company n ,kAmpani/ revision n /ri'vi3n/ ride n /raid/ rucksack n frAksxk/ safari n /saTa:ri/ Same to you /,senn tu 'ju:/ Scottish adj isktnif/ See you again soon /,si: ju agen 'su:n/ South Africa n /,sau0 'xfrika/ souvenir n /,su:va'nia(r)/ steak n /steik/ sunshine n /' sAnfam/ tent n /tent/ there adv /oea(r)/ transport n [trxnspo:t/ trip n /trip/ tunnel n itAn1/ women n pl iwimm/ Zambia n Pzxmbia/ Word list 139

Pairwork pages 10 UNIT 2 pI4 [ What'sher name? Where's she from? 7 (- What's his name? Where's he from? 140 Pairwork pages PRACTICE Cities and countries 2 Work with a partner. Student A Look at the photos on p14. Student B Look at the photos on this page. Ask questions and write the answers. Her name's Niki. She's from London. -rtuattirihromeWillffts His name's Gusztav. He's from Budapest. art Her name's Rosely. She's from Sao Paulo. 4 6

His name's Ahmed. He's from Tripoli. UNIT 8 p59 PRACTICE Two different roms 3 Work with a partner. Student A Look at the picture on p59. Student B Look at the picture on this page. Your pictures are different. Talk about them to find differences. In niy picture, there's a ... Is there a ... ? ha illy picture, there isn't a ... Yes, there is. / No, there isn't. Pairwork pages 141

Irregular verbs 142 Irregular verbs Base form Past Simple Base form Past Simple be begin bring build buy can catch come cost do draw drink drive eat feel find fly forget get give go have hear know learn leave was/were began brought built bought could caught came cost did drew drank drove ate felt found flew forgot got gave went had heard knew learnt/learned left lose make mean meet pay put read /ri:d/ ride run say see sell send sit sleep speak spell spend stand swim take teach think understand wear win lost made meant met paid put read /red/ rode ran said saw sold sent sat slept spoke spelt spent stood swam took taught thought understood wore win

Consonants 1 /p/ as in 2 /b/ as in 3 /t/ as in 4 /d/ as in 5 /k/ as in 6 /g/ as in 7 /f/ as in 8 /v/ as in 9 /s/ as in 10 /z/ as in 11 /1/ as in 12 /m/ as in 13 /n/ as in 14 /h/ as in 15 /r/ as in 16 /j/ as in 17 /w/ as in 18 /0/ as in 19 /6/ as in 20 /f/ as in 21 /3/ as in 22 /tf/ as in 23 /d3/ as in 24 /ij/ as in pen /pen/ big /big/ tea /ti:/ do /du:/ cat /kxt/ go /goo/ four /fo:/ very /'veri/ son /sAn/ zoo live /liv/ my /mat/ now /nao/ happy / hxpi/ red /red/ yes /jes/ want /want/ thanks /0xnks/ the /6a/ she /fi:/ television itelivt3n/ child /tfaild/ German f d33:man/ English /'iughf/ Phonetic symbols Vowels 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 /i:/ /a:/ /0/ /0/ /3:/ /a/ as in as in as in as in as in as in as in as in as in as in as in as in as in see his /Inz/ twenty /'twenti/ ten /ten/ bag /bwg/ father ifa:6o/ hot /hot/ morning fmo:mn/ football Pfutbo:1/ you /ju:/ sun /sAn/ learn /13:n/ letter /'leto/ Diphthongs (two vowels together) 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 as in as in as in as in as in as in as in as in name /nema/ no my /mat/ how /hao/ boy /bol/ hear /hi/ where /we/ tour /to/ Phonetic symbols 143