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Election Questionnaire

Date questionnaire


Court _

Office sought:

Judge of Euclid Municipal

Political party: _R_ep_u_b_l_ic_an Name: Deborah A. LeBarron Gender: Male~ircle


Age:_5_2 Home address:

2_1_1_3_1_E_d-",g,-ec_l_if_f_D_TI_'v_e-,--, _E_uc_l_id_O_H_4_4_1_2_3 23 years _ Campaign Web site: .2E~u~c~li~d~M~un~ic~ip~a~I~C~o~urt~ -"J"",ef . fr",-,e><JY'-'C""",--, L~eB"=",,,arrLUl.on!.L-----' _ _ _ _

Length of residence in that community: Occupation: -.-..::.J.=::u~dg~e=---

Employer: __

Marital status: __ Nameand

-.!.W~i~d~o.!.!w:......- _ __

Na me of spa use: __

age afanychildren:


Public office experience: Political office held


Municipality Euclid Municipal Euclid Municipal Ct Ct

Years served

Elected or appointed? Elected Appointed

Judge Judge

o 1I00-present

2. 3. 4. 5.


Non-elected Assistant



boards, etc.): Law Director City of Euclid; Chief Counsel City of Euclid; Assistant Prosecutor City of Cleveland; Former President N orthem of Municipal &

Law Director City of Cleveland; Judges Association

Ohio Municipal

and current member;

Current Trustee of Association

County Court Judges of Ohio

Education: School/ city/state High School College Years Degree-Subject or Certificate

Union Endicott High School, Endicott NY St. Bonaventure University, Olean NY

1973-1977 1977-1981 1981-1984

High School Diploma BBA Finance JD


Case Western Reserve University School of Law


{Note: Only list schools from which you've graduated and/or earned degrees. Pleaseindicate if currently attending.} (Note: If you've completed a certificate program, please list in "Other" row and indicate certificate obtained.) Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I would continue to find ways to utilize technology to increase the efficiency of the court. Specifically I would include the capability of people paying fines and waivers via the internet at no cost to the taxpayers. I would accomplish this goal by researching how other local courts are accomplishing this and interview various software companies who provide this service. We have begun this process and I would like to see it become a reality in the near future.

would like to enhance the type of programs utilized by the probation department by finding more drug Additionally we need to

and alcohol treatment programs that are more affordable for defendants to utilize

learn more about the programming available through the Veteran's Administration for veteran's who [md themselves in the criminal justice system. A third issue facing the Court and the City is the cost of running a jail. We need to continue to find ways to contain the costs of incarceration yet have jail cells available for those who are convicted of serious offenses.
Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you?

I have a proven record of

up-grading the Court operations with technology at no cost to the taxpayers, as evidenced by the full computerization of the Clerk's office, the launching of a website and the storage of files on disk. I will continue to look for and utilize programs to hclp defendants learn ways to ehange their behavior and bcttcr their lives, which will ultimately benefit the community.