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Education: School/city/state High School College Graduate Other Years Degree-Subject or Certificate

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(Note: Only list schools from which you've graduated and/or earned degrees. Please indicate if currently attending.) (Note: If you've completed a certificate program, please list in "Other" row and indicate certificate obtained.) Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve orfurther specmcal~wouldyougoaboutit?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_ research, and how



Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~_





Q- Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? As Judicial candidates we are prohibited from stating an opinion as to how we would decide specific types of cases that may come before the Court; this prohibition is essential to maintain the public's trust in the impartiality, fairness and independence of the Judge. We are permitted to discuss in general our experience and general areas concerning the Court. My decision to run for Judge of the Willoughby Municipal Court was based on my experience in working with the criminal court system, local law enforcement and victims of crime. My professional career has been devoted to public service with the Lake County Prosecutor's office; I am the Chief Assistant of the Criminal Division. I believe that the Municipal Courts can have a significant role in making positive changes in individuals and for our communities. If we as a community support changing the lives of young adults and other first time offenders by requiring an acceptance of responsibility and a commitment to overcoming obstacles, we will make a positive change. A recent change in the law will mean that more offenders with longer criminal records will remain in municipal court. My goal is to utilize existing financial resources to address safety concerns of the community and to discourage recidivism. These are not pie-in-the-sky goals - they will protect the community and lower the cost of fighting crime To accomplish this goal the court needs to establish structured supervision programs for offenders that will require them to complete their education or job training and to utilize essential drug treatment and mental health services. My experience in the courts of common pleas has demonstrated that intensive supervision will result in reduced recidivism. A second area of focus will be to identify and address the silent victims of criminal offenses: children of offenders who often are silent witnesses to alcoholism and domestic violence. These children are often saddled with the burden of dysfunctional parents. The court can help to address their needs through successful completion of parenting classes, anger management classes and alcohol and drug treatment with community resources already in place with no added cost to the communities.

Q- Whether for past accomplishments

or future goals, why should voters elect you?

As a candidate for Judge, I have the most extensive experience over other other candidates in three critical areas: Trial and courtroom experience: During the course of my 27 years in the Prosecutor's office, I have prosecuted over 100 criminal jury trials. I have never been reversed on appeal. I have successfully argued four cases before the Ohio Supreme Court. My last case established a rule of law throughout Ohio that aids victims of Domestic Violence. I have tried several death penalty cases and prosecuted numerous aggravated murder cases, including the mass murder of a family of five by Jeffrey Lundgren; the murder of a popular and much loved dentist, Dr. Robert Kalina by Jasmin Miljkovic; and the senseless murder of housewife Karen LaSpina by Donald Soke. I have extensive knowledge of courtroom procedure and the rules of evidence. Supervision and administration: I supervise fourteen lawyers in three divisions of the Lake County Prosecutor's Office: criminal, appellate, and juvenile. I administer daily routine legal matters as well as monitoring cases for strict compliance with statutory requirements concerning speedy trial. Commitment to Safety: My experience in evaluating criminal cases; formulating sentencing recommendations and responding to probation violations are part of what a Judge does everyday. I have experience in responding to offenders who have drug and alcohol addictions and addressing violations that come before the court. My priority is to address and meet the safety needs of the community.

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