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Election Questionnaire
Name: Ken Messinger-Rapport Age: 53 _

Date questionnaire completed: September 14, 2011

Office sought: Highland Heights, Council at Large Political party: Democratic


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Gender: Male

Home address: 5600 Hawthorne Drive, Highland Heights 44143 length of residence in that community: Occupation: Attorney Marital status: Married 15 years Employer: Self Campaign Web site:

N a me of spouse: Barbara

Name and age of any children: Nathan, age 22, is a recent graduate of Ohio State University, having completed a dual major in physics and math. Jacob, age 20, will be a junior this quarter also at Ohio State University studying jazz piano performance. Public office experience:
Political office held Municipality Years served Elected or appointed?

1. 2.

4. S. Non-elected experience (committees, boards, etc.): 1. Treasurer, Friends of Euclid Creek, (Watershed education and advocacy organization.) -2008 -present. 2. law Director, Northeast Ohio Gas Accountability Project (NEOGAP) (Primary drafter of SB 196 introduced by State Senator Tim Grendell to revise Ohio oil and gas permitting and regulation law.) -2009-2010. 3. Co-Chair, love Our Green Space (lOGS) (Citizens action group organized to prevent gas drilling in Highland Heights public parks. Passed charter amendment to protect the parks.) -2008 4. Past treasurer, Synagogue Kol Halev, early 2000's

Education: School city/state High School College Graduate Other Lehman High School, Canton, Ohio University of Michigan Case Western Reserve University Years 1972-1976 1976-1980 1981-1984 Degree-Subject or Certificate Diploma Bachelor of Arts, Economics Juris Doctor

(Note: Only list schools from which you've graduated and/or earned degrees. Please indicate if currently attending.) (Note: If you've completed a certificate program, please list in "Other" row and indicate certificate obtained.) Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?

1. Work with developers to renovate vacant commercial properties in a way that will enhance the quality of life of Highland Heights' residents and increase property values throughout the city. Vacant commercial properties on the corners of Bishop and Wilson Mills could be redeveloped to promote environmentally responsible transportation service to University Circle, where many of our residents work; and, include a retail development that serves both residents' and commuters' needs.

2. Improve stormwater management to reduce stormwater overflows and flooding, and limit the impact of rising sewer rates. Educate residents about the benefits of rain barrels, rain gardens, and planting native species of plants and trees to reduce flooding. Implementing these measures may also enable residents to qualify for credits on their water and sewer bills which have risen, and will be increasing more in coming years. If necessary I will introduce new city ordinances to allow rain barrels and rain gardens, and to encourage the planting of native plant species. I will work with NEORSDon larger projects to restore and revitalize the Euclid Creek watershed so that it can absorb more rain water during storms and reduce runoff which produces flooding. 3. Maintain roads and sidewalks, and build new sidewalks where needed to make the city safer, more walkable and bikeable. Look for county, state, or federal monies and matching funds within the city budget to make better, healthier, and safer transportation a reality. This can also help to produce local construction jobs. All three of these priorities would necessarily promote employment home improvement projects, and infrastructure projects-thus opportunities by fostering construction projects,

all three would stimulate the local economy.

Whether for past accomplishments

or future goals, why should voters elect you?

I have lived the past fifteen years as a parent, a homemaker, and as a sometime advocate for the residents and the environment of my city of Highland Heights. The decisions made at city hall affect the quality of life, health, safety, comfort, and economic prosperity of us all. Now is the time to participate in that decision making process to bring the desires and concerns of my friends and neighbors to the table to be heard. As an attorney, a past treasurer of several organizations; and, as both a participant and a leader in several local community organizations I have the skills, the knowledge, the disposition, and the experience needed to understand and address the economic, environmental, and development challenges facing the city now and in the foreseeable future. I know my neighbors, they are my friends, and they know me. I will work for the improvement of city for the benefit of everyone living here, to the best of my abilities.

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