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Election Questionnaire

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Name: ~e..iA"",:::....:..:..V\..:...;e;=':...;.h~_'R~:~G_=:loLC~::::;~U:....:V\:-=+n~..::.:e;~r~_'....:::S~('"~.=--__ Gender=<fial~emale Age:


Home address:


\r1e c.,JeW Wood Dr ~) VVl~J\~o


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4-c.foS 7

length of residence in that <J0mmunity: Occupation:


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Marital status:

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Name of spouse: _..:..4--=-.;_V,.;.f....:,I..;.e......=-

Public office experience:

Political office held Municipality Years served ~, I,\?, /Il::;'1/. i} 2.00'
Fe\:.- 1~'E2D~c.... 5Ijet'8''B"

Elected or appointed?


Lc" \c...e... c..ovVl.4-y ~d~ i r ~ T,(Ul""fo> 0{'


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Non-elected experience (committees, boards, etc.):

L...c..\<.e. ~t"JvJ7 Loeo..l ""'ei/'~4Vlc...'1-?\o.."''''.'''~ Co... ,i+e.e) (hlef- 'f.;')Cel c~~ Lc.."-e.. COo.JV\~'I HOlMe.lAtIIJ $ec.vll"fy AciVi50t'7 Co~~.. ;~e - Zoo"2..- Zoo'1 l.-o..\c.e. c.ov"'-+r '8'00 Mii L. R",J.c ~A.J...bD" e. u~~s BOA..e..c1- I "i<jf'1- Zoo~
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BOe.RJ of App-e.\s -

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I"'\e.w.~~ C"'O\l'~f,VIAI\J


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Aef""-"'-\s - Vic.e.


Education: School/city/state ),\'lAcl\!.oVl Years Degree-Subject or Certifkate c....o\Ie-~e-

High School College Graduate Other

H'Qh Sc.-hoDI



\tv1 Aol':50V\

i:W"e.- 1~7'4

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Ce".'~ Se,s

(Note: Only list schools from which you've graduated and/or earned degrees. Please indicate if currently attending.) (Note: If you've completed a certificate program, please list in "Other" row and indicate certificate obtained.) Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specHicallywouldyougoabout~?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? __







(Page 1 of2) Should you he elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?

(1.) If elected as Madison Township Trustee, I would like to see the relationship improve between Madison Township government and Madison Village government. Over the last few years, there has been a lack of communication and cooperation between the two governmental entities. Both entities must do a better job of working together for the good of the entire community. When I was Madison Township Administrator in the 1980's, the two Madison governments worked much closer and harmoniously together than they do today. Madison is not so big that the two governments cannot work together once again as we did in the ] 980's. A sharing of ideas, resources and working together to make the community of Madison function as one with common goals is extremely important if Madison is to move forward and prosper. I believe I have an excellent understanding of the issues that, at times, separate these two governmental bodies. We need to find consensus on these issues, and I believe I am the person who can assist in doing that. T would have regular face to face ongoing dialogue with village officials discussing our common problems and issues. The olive branch needs to be extended to the village, and I believe it needs to come from the Township Trustees. I know I have the governmental experience required to start a new spirit of cooperation between these two government bodies. (2.) Another area of vital importance that I want to address if ejected as a Madison Township Trustee is the expansion of much needed sanitary sewers along the Route 20 (North Ridge Rd) business corridor. There is more than enough land already zoned for commercial business and light manufacturing along this corridor. However, there are little, if no, sanitary sewers to support business development along the Route 20 corridor. Ifwe are to improve the community of Madison and boost its tax base, we must have some economic development. For too many years, individuals have been elected to office in Madison Township, including my opponent, who have purposely "sat on their hands" and done nothing to move Madison Township forward economically. Someone needs to look to the future for the good of the entire community of Madison, and not worry about the next election. I am not afraid to take on this challenge and have extensive experience in water and sanitary sewer improvement projects. During my 20 Yz years as Lake County Administrator, I had direct oversight with the Lake County Department of Utilities Engineering Division. 1 met with the Engineering Division on a regular monthly basis discussing the various water and sewer projects they were working on across Lake County. I have a very good understanding of what it takes to move those infrastructure projects forward and the pitfalls that can periodically come up. Because of my knowledge of the Madison community, I was regularly involved in and consulted with regarding water and sanitary sewer projects that affected Madison Township and Madison Village. If elected as Township Trustee, I will have ongoing dialogue with the engineering staff I worked with in the Utilities Department. I know who to talk with, and I understand the procedures it takes to make these infrastructure projects come to life. T will work closely once again with the Utilities Department, as I did as County Administrator, to find ways to make these much-needed projects come to life. (3.) Another area I believe needs to be looked at more closely, and improved, is the five community parks in Madison Township. Those parks are Madison Township Park, Tuttle Park, Stanton Park, Unionville Park and the Inline Skate Park on Hubbard Road. These parks are all in very nice locations but are not kept up nor are they in the best of condition. When I was Madison Township Administrator in the 1980's, we did not have an abundance of revenue to keep the parks in top shape. At that time, we only had three parks: Township Park, Tuttle Park and Unionville Park. Since then, the Trustees have added two more parks with very little, if any, increase in operating revenue to maintain them. The few park improvements that have been done are poorly maintained, if at all, and the parks are progressively falling into even more disrepair. As I stated earlier, during my years as Township Administrator, the township revenues were tight for these parks, but we still worked hard to keep them attractive, clean and maintained. Today, that is not the case, and no attention is paid to detail or maintaining the little things that make a difference. In my opinion this lack of attention to detail in the parks is because no one at the administrative level appears to care, nor are they being held accountable.

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If elected, accountability would be priority number one. As a Township Trustee, I would hold the appropriate individuals at the administrative level accountable for this lack of daily maintenance and attention to detail. The parks can be kept clean, neat and attractive with the limited revenues currently in place. I would also propose to my fellow Trustees to consider reinstituting some form of the "Madison Township Parks Advisory Board". In its previous existence, this board was a nine-member board which the township had in the 1950's, 60's and early 70's. It was the Advisory Board's job to oversee the parks, their maintenance and advise the Board of Township Trustees on capital improvement projects and other issues that needed attended to. The Trustees, for various reasons, disbanded the advisory board in the mid to late 1970's. I would propose to reinstitute the advisory board with fewer members, most likely five members, rather than the previous nine. Another possible option would be to establish a foundation board, similar to the one Lake Health Inc. has, which functions as a fundraisinglphilanthropic arm for the hospital system. This Parks Foundation Board could be similar and would help raise money through different community events for capital improvement projects in the parks. The board could also assist in the acquisition of grant money for capital improvements.

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you?
The residents of Madison Township and Madison Village need to look at my extensive experience in local government: 35 Yz years of full time experience in county and township government. My opponent only has 12 years of part time experience, and this lack of experience shows by many of the decisions he has made as a Trustee. In 1974, immediately out of high school, I started as a road department laborer working for the Lake County Engineer's Department. In 1982, I then went on to become Administrator of Madison Township and, in 1989, became Lake County Administrator until I retired on November 1,2009. I started my career working at one ofthe lowest level jobs in local government and worked my way up the ladder. I can relate well to the person working in the trenches or with the executive in the board room. I have a thorough understanding of how local government functions and what it takes to accomplish goals and fmd consensus among people. I have a long track record and reputation for getting things done. Be it a road improvement project, new building construction/renovation, street lighting district, public safety improvements or new water and sewer lines, I have been directly involved "hands on" in making those projects happen. I have a great respect for what has made the Madison community the wonderful place it is. However, I believe Madison needs leaders who look to the future with vision and fresh new ideas. Today, we face some of the most difficult economic times since the "Great Depression" ofthe 1930's. Now, more than ever, Madison needs strong experienced leadership to guide the community. I defmitely have the knowledge, experience and leadership qualities the Madison community needs for these difficult times.