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June10, 2004

Dear Editor in Chief,

Continuation: about the controversy of the story of Adam & Eve: Science could perhaps
prove that the interconnection and interrelatedness of DNA among different people or race; or
science could theorize that our original ancestors came from Africa and with black skin. The
DNA or having the genetic codes of the building blocks of living things could be traced back
from their nearest sources or ancestries that are preserved in spite of several thousand of years of
carried over of the genetic code from inter marriages. Engineering genetics and other sciences
could prove that life has been around for several millions of years; unlike what literal translation
according to Luke 3:23-38, that perhaps there are 77 connections of father and son; and the son
became the father again; or generation to generation to connect Jesus to Adam; then Adam to
God thru creation which perhaps would have a period of about 3000 years. So if according to
bible, life is just about 3000 years Before Christ to Adam and 2000 years After Christ’s Death to
present time or about 5000 years plus 6 days of creation; granting 1 day of creation could be a
thousand years then plus (6 x 1000=6000); or 11,000 years old in all; other religions claim that
the universe is already 40,000 years old. And about original sin: Roman 5:12-13: Quote: Sin
came into the world through one man, and his sin brought death with it. As a result, death has
spread to the whole human race because everyone has sinned. Perhaps the bottom line is: 11,000-
40,000 years old of earth life; literal translation; vs. several millions of years or even billions of
years of earth life; scientific analysis. Or perhaps another bottom line is: Original sin; spiritual
connection vs. environment influenced or adaptation to environment; psychiatry, psychology, and
others connection vs. combination of both. Perhaps Jesus Christ supports creation: Matthew
19:4: Quote: Jesus answered, “Haven’t you read the scripture that says that in the beginning the
Creator made people male and female?
According to Genesis 9:12-15: Quote: As a sign of this everlasting covenant, which I am
making with you and with all beings, I am putting my bow in the clouds. It will be the sign of my
covenant with the world. Whenever I cover the sky with clouds and the rainbow appears, I will
remember my promise to you and to all the animals that a flood will never again destroy all
living beings. Unquote: perhaps those rainbows came only during the time of Noah after the
great flood. Vs. Perhaps science can prove that rainbows existed even millions of years before
man. Perhaps there is rainbow already just after the hot planet earth cooled down because if there
is rain, and there is sunrays rainbow could be formed; perhaps there is even rainbow in other
And about legends: 1 Timothy 1:4-6: Quote: Tell them to give up those legends and those long
lists of ancestors, which only produce arguments; they do not serve God’s plan, which is known
by faith. The purpose of this order is to arouse the love that comes from a pure heart, a clear
conscience, and a genuine faith. Some people have turned away from these and have lost their
way in foolish discussions. Unquote. Perhaps moderate/ balanced religion/group should not
touch controversial topics; or perhaps can touch those for the sake of opinion and not as an
ultimate truth because it could be disproved and could be a proud claim that fuel conflicts and
never ending arguments that could cause hating or even terrorism.
A moderate/balanced scholar suggested: perhaps to minimize conceit or feeling that his
curious mind has the “only” ultimate answer or better right answer than others about those
controversial topics it would be better that the united moderate religions should make a ruling
that any group that insists to stick with their stand about those controversial topic could still
make their stand as the ‘ultimate truth’ because they might “really” hold the truth; but deep in
every heart of most or some moderate/ balance member that curious mind might be a victim of
conceit, of having “proud claim” but they would still love him and respect his stands; words like
heresy, schism, would go down just to: heresy vs. opinion; schism vs. branching of new group;
but never hating an opinion and hating new born group; but still considering them as prodigal
brothers or just a new group because of word: “always considering others better than ourselves”.
Perhaps removing him from group means firing him, suspending him on jobs, but never
declaring him he is doomed.
Those extremisms beyond tolerance would be dealt with existing civil laws or criminal laws
such practices of: offering virgins to the altar, pedophilia, forced tithing, no transparency and
accountability of collections from members; cheating & dishonesty about the true collection; or
diverting people’s money to personal profit or gain. Believing that Jesus is just a good prophet is
not a ticket that one would be hated; and the love of moderate/balanced group to those group that
entertain controversial topics as true, would not diminish; and ostracizing him or them because
of their conviction and firm stand about those controversial things would be a manifestation that
that group who ostracize is practicing hating; but sometimes ostracizing means avoiding conflicts
and it could be a balanced decision like divorce concerning last resort things or exception to the
Even if science could prove the truth on how life evolved but as long as example a conceited
religion/s or group/s insist that theirs have the “only” true, right report or the ultimate truth which
is perhaps “proud claim” then this race for superiority and who is more knowledgeable
concerning controversial things would breed misunderstanding, conflict, hating, and bitterness-
the opposite of universal love-one manifestation of love is: always considering others better than
ourselves. So just because of “proud claim” the universal commandment of love is put in peril;
then perhaps evil, dark side wins, or rules and perhaps hating would never be chained; perhaps
terrorism would increased.
What if fossil bacteria could be found in Mars and other planets? What if because of genetics
engineering science can prove that simple living cell could become complex living cell in the
laboratory; and complex living cell could becomes small insect; and a small insect into a small
animal and so on and so forth until to prove that a gorilla could become an ancestor of a human
being in just a few period of time in the laboratory proving that evolution is true? What if
because of stem cell technology where the genetic code or instructions of how the building
blocks of any living organism would become, would function, would fail, would age and would
die; would be engineered to live more, stay healthy, and so on and so forth? What if a very small
computer system device could now be installed into the body to enhance human capabilities?
What if your group condemns you because you doubt the literal interpretation of the
controversial story of Adam & Eve; because your group really believes that the words are all
true; no legends? Your opinion is different from their official stand; could you be charged of
heresy; or committing grievous sin? What if ‘remove the evil from your group’ means remove
those that have different stand on controversial things? Could hatred really is fueled by blurred,
mysterious topics that could lead to hating, terrorism?
Another controversial topic is: b) the seven days of creation vs. science theory of 10 billion
years of continues expansion up to this time and perhaps from the result of big bang; and another
10 billion years before the universe would collapse or lost its energy. So if the curious mind
would succumb to “proud claim” again that theirs knowledge about creation is the “only”
absolute truth of what really had/has happened especially with emphasis on seven days “only”.
Why just admit that the story is perhaps a legend because evolution of animals and
engineering genetics could prove some truth. But what is important is God designs it; God gives
life; or one day to God might equal to billions or more billions of years; not just thousand years
as written.
Perhaps the balanced approach is to refrain from touching those things that are not clear or
blurred or mysterious-extreme; but just focus on clear things like the commandment of universal
love as Christ or the Word-balanced.
I think and hope that those “wise” religious leaders should refrain from touching any “proud
claim” and instead focus on the universal truth of love of God and neighbor especially loving his
enemies to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts; but never claim that its method is the “only”...;
or thru his religion that things would be “only” right especially about controversial things.
Romans 14:13: Quote: So then, let us stop judging one another. Instead, you should decide never
to do anything that would make your brother stumble or fall into sin. Unquote. Perhaps never
boast about “proud claim,” that triggers heated debates and conflicts and hating instead boast
about what your group did about love of your enemies.
Perhaps never focus on negative things just for the sake of destroying others rather on issues
for rebuilding and unity; or touch more on positive things than being a master, and expert of
destroying others that reminds why the snake tongue is always outside. Anyway, science knows
the answer why snake is always letting his tongue out.

From someone who could be mistaken,

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