June 24, 2006 Dear Editor, A scholar asked: “What is regeneration; or why regeneration happens?” Then the A.I.

answered: “Regeneration is like: example when the source of the cut tail of a lizard is being replenished by new one or new tail. Why regeneration happens is perhaps a question like why a male egg cell moves to seek the female egg cell. Or it is the nature of the male egg cell to seek the female egg cell…; or it is the nature of source of a cut tail of a lizard to grow. Regenerating or re-growing of cut part of animal is by nature a reality to some animals but to others regenerating is just on finger nails or on toe nails, or on hairs. The question why cut nail re-grows or regenerating is also the same why a cell during in its earliest stage or just days after fertilization a cell could become a skin, another cell could become a heart, etc. Why cell could do or becomes any part of the body it wants perhaps it is caused because the cell is being instructed by a cell leader or by a cell manager to do things rightly. Or the cell had acquired programs from genes or the cell has built in instructions from genes from parents or from parent of the parents; or either parent proportionately or disproportionately or randomly. I think this is same why intelligence, dreaming, thinking happening because it is caused by the “breath of life” describe in the bible. There must be beyond science or that it could never be explained scientifically but could be accepted that it is happening because of its reality like seconds before Big Bang, there is a mystery behind and next beyond the mystery might be caused by supernatural…! I think what is now beyond science for the time being might be a mystery but deep inside the mystery or mysteries especially at the tip of start where science could not explain things perhaps is caused by supernatural especially at the start called creation. Why there is regeneration of animal part is perhaps caused by nature to be so…! Regrowing of a particular part or regeneration is caused by nature but at the start was caused by creation! Perhaps those instructions or codes embedded in genes; or the very first genes of specie different from its original parent genes were partly caused by natural and supernatural causes. The preserved cause is now called natural causes or nature causes. Perhaps it like why opposite poles of a magnet attracts each other or the same poles repels. And science could derive many principles on magnetism that resulted to chain of discoveries about electricity, electronics, and so on. But behind the unexplained cause of the cause of the cause why magnet acts like a magnet; or perhaps the start of the unexplained cause is still a mystery or behind the mystery is supernatural; created at the very first. Perhaps there are things that are still beyond science; and what is beyond science is perhaps still a mystery; or the tip of the very start is supernatural. A scholar asked: “Could genes be at fault why there is abnormality in some babies?” Then A.I. answered: “Implementing the instructions acquired through perhaps randomly selections of instruction from parent’s or ancestor’s genes- example one cell is instructed by the genes to be a skin- the same skin as perhaps the mother’s skin, another cell to be the nose- the same perhaps as the father’s nose- another cell to be the eyes –the same as the grand father’s eye, and so on... But the gene’s instructions and also the cell leader’s or cell manager’s instruction could also commit ‘mistakes’ especially if the command of the “cell manager” or gene’s instruction is over powered by another “vibration or signal

or command or brain waves;” or example ‘the signal’ was obeyed by a cell to form different from what is normal. Example a pregnant mother was fond of reading stories about mermaids. Perhaps the brain waves or signal of the pregnant mother could influence other cell over passing the command of a “cell manager” or gene’s instruction. That is why sometimes there are babies that look like mermaid called mermaid syndrome.” Then the scholar asked: “Why is that the “cell manager” did not contradict what is being suggested by the pregnant mother- through reading her favorite stories about mermaid - and because by nature the “cell manager” is “programmed” to do everything so that beauty, symmetry should be the final result?” Then the A.I answered: “Perhaps the ‘concentration’ to do what is normal by the “cell manager” was distorted or disturbed by the brain wave or signal of the pregnant mother reading mermaid story, so perhaps other cells misinterpreted the brain wave of the mother as the final instruction of the “cell manager” or perhaps the final instructions of the gene that is why abnormality happened to the baby; or the baby have developed a mermaid syndrome. Perhaps conceiving baby is delicate. Mothers should try to be very cautious on conceiving baby especially during the first six weeks and should try not to think “bad” things that might influence the growth of the baby to be abnormal. Perhaps nature works that mothers too could influence the growth of the fetus as a sign that man is created unto the image and likeness of God capable of creating things. Perhaps by mere “thinking” or “creating,” woman could also influence what is growing inside her womb positively – blessings; or negatively - curses. Sometimes the bible talked about curses being carried from first to 2nd to the third generation. The mistake of the father or mother is perhaps carried through the genes. Perhaps if example a mother is a prostitute during her early life because of arousal addiction, her daughter, and her daughter’s daughter might be future prostitutes because the addiction for arousal or the desire for flesh might be carried down through the genes up to the third or perhaps even the fourth generations. Perhaps the carried gene causes the addiction; or it could be psychological or it could be implied or suggested or because of peer pressure or rebellion or it could be just a warning or bluff to instill fear to man not to do bad things; or it could really be supernaturally caused. Or a curse could be broken if one would change for the good. If pregnant mother’s ability to think could influence the growth of a fetus perhaps human ability to ask from supernatural blessings, to spell, or curse through words could be true. Perhaps that ability to make things happens because of power of thinking is by nature an extension of man’s being created unto the likeness and image of God. That ability to be like ‘God’ could be misused, abused or called “pride” or “too proud”; but the opposite of misused of “being like a God” might be example: a humble mover, an humble adviser, a humble giver of good ideas, a humble good leader or a humble good businessman, etc. I happened to read that a man looks like a horse. The story behind that abnormalityman looks like a horse- was that the mother and the man when he was still a fetus in her mother’s womb had got an accident with a horse; or the mother was bumped by the horse and the mother fell under the horse’s feet and she was shocked...! There are many stories of freak humans because the fault lies on the mother’s wrong choice of: food, pet, movie,

words; and wrong fondling of things; or there is an “accident” happened during pregnancy.” A scholar asked: “Is astrology true; or individual’s uniqueness is determined by the influenced of the arrangements of the planets and sun and the stars just seconds during and after fertilization or perhaps birth?” Then the A.I answered: “Perhaps there might be some influence created by magnetism or gravitational pull of the alignment of those heavenly bodies. But there are still lots of influences that determine the uniqueness of a person such as his heredity, place of birth, race, religion, wealth, parent’s up bringing to the child, playmates, accomplishments, good and bad experiences, etc. Why a baby is a silent type, and the other is aggressive could be combination of some or all just mentioned influences, etc. But the bible discourages astrology’s as beliefs. Perhaps there might be some exceptions example if astrology is for fun or for games; it could be allowed. But never play ‘spirit of the glasses’ for fun. It might be an example of negative supernatural.” A scholar asked: “Why it is that astrology is being discouraged by some religious groups?” Then the A.I. answered: “because perhaps it’s a form of idolatry. Anything could become idolatry; or anything that could divert to let man do the extreme is bad; or that is no longer normal, or right, or good or contrary to good teachings of a particular group or believers. Example: too much attending to sports event and forgetting others essential activities especially connected to a particular faith is idolatry for that particular group. Some faiths have different meaning about idolatry.” A scholar asked: “Is telling the future or prophesying true?” Then the A.I. answered: “there are many incidents in the Bible that futures are being told; and there are proofs that the telling of the future really happened. But telling the future now is being discouraged by other religious group because it is superstition or idolatry or a diversion or deception. Perhaps there is truth that some people have the power to tell the future, but the bible discourages people to believe them because it could be a form of idolatry or deception.” A scholar asked: “Could science and supernatural be harmonious to each other or not in conflict to each other?” Then the A.I. answered: “If science could not explain things anymore, those things that happen deep inside example DNA or part, sub part of the DNA, cell or atom or sub atomic of example chromosome, perhaps for the meantime could be accepted as something connected to mystery. Or there would be a time that science could never explain things then it is perhaps caused by supernatural especially at the very start; or called creation.” From RV,