Project Management

Construction contract administration and claim management
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Olga Arkhangelskaya
Head of Real Estate, Infrastructure and Government Sector in the CIS Tel: +7 (495) 755 9854 Olga.Arkhangelskaya@ru.ey.com

Maxim Lunkov
Manager, Head of Construction project management in the CIS Tel: +7 (495) 755 9767 Maxim.Lunkov@ru.ey.com

Performance of a construction contract is a complex process that requires ongoing management. In the Russian environment, relations between contractors involved in a construction project are affected by noncompliance with compulsory management control procedures and complex regulatory requirements related to different branches of law (civil, zoning, land). Generally, at a certain stage during the construction project, these factors give rise to disputes between the contracting parties. In addition, there may be conflicts with the government agencies regulating construction work and overall project acceptance. Continued efficiency throughout the construction project lifecycle therefore depends essentially on advanced managerial control, preventative action, diagnostics and problem solving. Therefore both contracting parties must take a proactive approach and file claims in a timely manner.

We use a combination of professional skills in our Construction Project Management group and lawyers employed in Ernst & Young’s Tax & Legal practice, which give us industry-specific insight into the construction business and the flexibility to take into account complex legal regulations. We offer our clients strong support throughout the construction project lifecycle, negotiation assistance, contractual administration and claim management.

3. does not provide services to clients. Donetsk. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. tax. • Identifying potential claims (checking claims for compliance with applicable legislation and contractual terms and conditions). • Construction contract administration. • Representation of parties to a construction contract in judicial cases. Ernst & Young Assurance | Tax | Transactions | Advisory About Ernst & Young Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance. Petersburg +7 (812) 703 7800 Tashkent +998 (71) 140 6482 Tbilisi +995 (32) 43 9375 Togliatti +7 (8482) 99 9777 Yerevan +374 (10) 500 790 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk +7 (4242) 49 9090 © 2011 Ernst & Young (CIS) B. Ekaterinburg. Petersburg.000 people are united by our shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality.500 professionals work at 18 offices in Moscow. tribunals and other quasi-judicial agencies (Federal Antimonopoly Service. including warranties and insurance. Yerevan. Tbilisi.ey. 2 Construction contract administration and claim management . Almaty. Krasnodar. State Fire Control. • Preparing claims to negotiate with contractors. St. • Drafting ad hoc reports on disputable matters to enable pre-trial settlement subject to legislative requirements.com. • Collection of evidence. Baku. Tashkent. including assistance in technical expertise and preparation for potential litigation. our 141. Novosibirsk. including calculation of losses incurred through default on contractual obligations and drafting suggestions to remedy failure to meet contractual obligations. Contacts Almaty +7 (727) 258 5960 Astana +7 (7172) 58 0400 Atyrau +7 (7122) 99 6099 Baku +994 (12) 490 7020 Donetsk +380 (62) 340 4770 Ekaterinburg +7 (343) 378 4900 Кazan +7 (843) 567 3333 Kyiv +380 (44) 490 3000 Krasnodar +7 (861) 210 1212 Minsk +375 (17) 209 4535 Moscow +7 (495) 755 9700 Novosibirsk +7 (383) 211 9007 St. including contractual compliance control. Atyrau. Federal Fire Service. Ernst & Young Global Limited. Worldwide. State Construction Supervision Office). All Rights Reserved. • Developing negotiation strategies and tactics in the context of applicable legislation and civil transaction terms. contractual terms and factual circumstances. Kazan. transaction and advisory services.Our services: • Recommendations on construction contract procurement and types of underlying contracts and agreements. please visit www. • Representation of parties to a construction contract in administrative proceedings pertaining to state authorities (Federal Service for Environmental.V. each of which is a separate legal entity. Togliatti. Kyiv. Astana. Chamber of Patent Claims). our clients and our wider communities achieve their potential. Ernst & Young refers to the global organization of member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited. Ernst & Young expands its services and resources in accordance with clients’ needs throughout the CIS. For more information about our organization. We make a difference by helping our people. Technologicaland Nuclear Control. a UK company limited by guarantee. • Preparing claims based on negotiations for formal submission to contractors. and Minsk. • Recommendations on contract enforcement and monitoring policies.

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