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Behold a Pale Horse Chapter Summaries

1) SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS A reprint of a document found in a IBM copier bought at a surplus sale. In short this document is a blue print for controlling a population. Some have claimed that it's a fake. If it's a fake then someone went to great lengths to draft such a insightful document - but why?

2) SECRET SOCIETIES AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER A good introduction to secret societies like the Freemasons, Jason Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, and the Illuminati. On page 72 he accurately predicted that the Galileo spacecraft was going to crash into Jupiter in an attempt to ignite its atmosphere! (Anyone out there remember 2010 and what happened to Jupiter in that movie?)

3) OATH OF INITIATION OF AN UNIDENTIFIED SECRET ORDER You'll have to decide for yourself if you want to believe this oath.

4) SECRET TREATY OF VERONA A sample of how Monarchs use treaties to regain their crowns.

5) GOOD-BY USA, HELLO NEW WORLD ORDER Plans for the suspension of the Constitution and the role of Mt. Weather in bringing it about.

6) H.R. 7049 & FEMA After reading this chapter you won't doubt the real purpose of FEMA.

7) ANTI-DRUG ABUSE ACT OF 1988 An excellent example of how congress (which is the opposite of progress!) passes legislation which on the surface seems to be reasonable, but under the surface it's really an attempt to suspend due process, trial by jury, and bring about a police state!

8) ARE THE SHEEP READY TO SHEER? It covers an Oklahoma law that requires residents of that state to declare to the tax collector every piece of property that they own! A good way for the government to know what you own especially guns!

9) ANATOMY OF AN ALLIANCE A discussion about population control and various attempts to decrease the world's population. On page 168 he reveals the origins of AIDS (H.B. 15090) and how it was spread by vaccine. How international wars are created for population control.

10) LESSONS FROM LITHUANIA A short (two page) but excellent article by Neal Knox on gun control.

11) COUP DE GRACE A transcript of a conversation between Bill and Randall Terpstra, who was a radioman and crypto operator in the U.S. Navy. They discuss how Nixon was forced to resign by the U.S. military, U.F.O.'s, "Operation Majority," and so on.

12) THE SECRET GOVERNMENT He discusses a lot about aliens and U.F.O.'s in this chapter. On page 215 he reveals the truth about the assassination of J.F.K. How Prozac is used along with hypnosis and mind control techniques to motivate people to commit mass shootings in order to disarm the public.

13) TREASON IN HIGH PLACES An article on how treaties can be used to erode the sovereignty of the U.S.A.

14) A PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL MODEL FOR THE NEWSTATES OF AMERICA A reprint of a proposed socialist constitution by the Center for Democratic Studies. It's hard to believe that $25,000,000 was spent on this trash.

15) PROTOCOLS OF THE WISE MEN OF ZION Is this document really the protocols of the Illuminati? Read it and decide for yourself.

16) THE STORY OF JONATHAN MAY A 26 page story about what happens when someone challenged the Fed money system. 17) DOCUMENTATION: U.S. ARMY INTELLIGENCE CONNECTION WITH SATANIC CHURCH The title is self-explanatory.