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To steer myself into a well esteemed organization where Creativity and Job Satisfaction can be achieved which in turn contribute to the success of the Organization.

M.Tech (Instrument Technology) B.E (Electronics & Instrumentation) H.S.C SSLC


Performa nce
Till 3rd sem

Completion Year
2008 2006 2002 2000

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai Municipal Hr. Sec. School, Mayiladuthurai Municipal Hr.Sec.School, Mayiladuthurai

8.96/10 94.5% 90.8%

TECHNICAL SKILLS & COMPUTER PROFICIENCY 1. Programming languages: C, C++. & Basic of Data Structures 2. Obtained Certificate in Computer Programming, Certified by iCarnegie, Inc. an educational affiliate of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, USA. 3. Software: VHDL, Cadence ICFB, Labview, Code Composer Studio, PSPICE, Matlab AREAS OF INTEREST  Analog IC design & Mixed Signal Circuit Design  Digital Electronics ACHIEVEMENTS & POSITIONS HELD  “Best Out-going Student” in H.S.C of the year 2001-02.  “School topper in the higher secondary examination” of the year 2001-02.  “Joint secretary” of Electronics and Instrumentation Engg. Association and Calibrix’05 of the year 2004 – 05

 I am passionate about GUN Shooting. I am practicing 10m Air Rifle shooting event.  Participated in Delhi State Open Championship & qualified for pre-Nationals

Core Courses Done in I.I.T (1) Analog IC Design (2) Mixed Signal Circuit Design (3) Digital Signal Processing (4) Electronic Techniques for Signal Conditioning & Interfacing Key Academic Projects
1) Wireless Pre – Activation of Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Detection –Army sponsored (on going)

In hazardous area like war place, lots of remotely controlled land mines will be buried, which can be activated from remote place. In order to avoid the risk, this land mines are pre activated by wireless transmission of DTMF code in IF band.
2) Video Inspection of GUN Bore – Army sponsored

In Bofors gun, video inspection system is implemented to find the rusting & cracks in the internal surface of the bore. The system is implemented using MATLAB, PIC to control the stepper motors for axial & rotation movements. Image of internal bore is taken & processed in MATLAB to find out the exact position of cracks & rusting.
3) Course Project: Course: Mixed Signal Circuit Design Design of First Stage of Pipelined A/D converter

Pipelined A/D converter with sampling frequency of 1GHz & resolution of 8 bits. Maximum power supply voltage of 1.8 volts. Simulation is done in ICFB (Spectre) cadence software.
4) Minor Project: Real Time Traffic Light Control System, Digital System Designed in VHDL

Traffic light system, timings are made real time depends upon traffic density. Implemented for 4 line junction & considering 2 lines as busy lines. Digital system designed using VHDL.
PERSONAL DETAILS DATE OF BIRTH FATHER’S NAME MOTHER TONGUE LANGUAGES : 20/06/1984 AGE: 23 : Mr. S.Gnanasekaran. : Tamil : Read : Tamil, English, German Write : Tamil, English, German Speak : Tamil, English, Hindi SEX : Male

I, ELANGO.G do hereby confirm that the information given above this is true to the best of my knowledge.

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