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9th Aswin 2068. 26th September 2011.Monday

Top Headlines: 19 killed as Buddha Air plane crashes in Lalitpur. Aircraft 2.5 min away from TIA when it crashed; experts blame bad weather. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Indian PM offers full backing to peace bid. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) SEBON readies draft regulation for commodities markets. Regulation bars a company or organization from holding over 15 percent stakes in an exchange. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Bureaucratic dilemma hurts CDS bylaws. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Gorakhali Rubber Udhyogs closure continued for a fourth day on Sunday after the factory management failed to address the agitating locals demands. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Nepalgunj banks under scanner. DRI starts fake customs declaration forms probe worth Rs.150 million. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Budget released for projects despite reimbursement backlog. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) General Insurance turnover crosses Rs. 7 billion. The entire non-life insurance industry-compromising of a total of 17 general insurance companies collected premium worth Rs.7.17 billion during the period. (Source: Republica) Gold down by Rs.1,850 per tola on domestic market on Sunday, traded at Rs.51,350 per tola. (Source: Republica) Global trade regime reviews Nepals policy. World Trade Organization secretariat representative Ricardo Barba heads the mission. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Nepali Currencys slide against the US dollar has continued unabated as demand for the greenback went up in India whose currency is pegged with Nepali Rupee. (Source: Republica) FNCCI demands action against syndicate imposers. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Fake VAT bill investigation. IRD slaps Rs.3.2 billion tax bill on 294 firms. (Source: Republica) International Business: Greece vows to stay in euro, never go bankrupt. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Boeing hands over first 787 Dream liner. (Source: Republica) French papers team up to break Apple stranglehold. (Source: Republica) IMF urges ECB to play bigger crisis-fighting role. (Source: Republica)


Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value. - Unknown

As of 8th Aswin, 2068 Index NEPSE Sensitive Float Sen. Float NEPSE Sub-Indices Banking Hotels Dev. Bank Hydropower Finance Insurance Others Current Points Change %Change

331.58 81.13 27.28 23.87

4.03 1.12 0.168 0.226

Current Points Change

1.23 % 1.4 % 0.62 % 0.96 %


288.34 3.53 382.6 -1.13 281.98 0.07 564.67 8.12 275.86 0.04 403.67 1.32 487.61 12.92
64,924,602 251,343 945 72

1.24 % -0.29 % 0.02 % 1.46 % 0.01 % 0.33 % 2.72 %

Market Summary
Total Turnover Rs: Total Traded Shares Total Transactions Total Scrips Traded Total Market Capitalization Rs: Floated Market Capitalization Rs:

301,589.43 Millions 63,595.63 Millions

General News: Sagarmatha Merchant Banking and Finance Limited and Prabhu Money Transfer entered into an agreement to provide remittance services. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Share Certificate: H & B Development Bank Limited is distributing share certificate to its shareholders from 10th Ashwin 2068. (Source: Nagarik Daily) Bonus/Right Share/Cash Dividend: BOD meeting of Swastik Merchant Finance Limited has proposed to distribute 14% bonus share to its shareholders subject to approval from NRB and its upcoming AGM. (Source: Karobar Daily) Unique Finance Limited is opening its 1:1 right share issue from today. (Source: Nagarik Daily)

Existing Right Share

Ratio Company Unique Finance 1:1 Issue Date Asoj 9 Issue Close Kartik 13 Issue Manager NABIL Investment Banking

AGM/Special AGM: Ace Capital Limited has announced its 1st Annual General Meeting going to be held on 30th Ashwin 2068. (Source: Arthik Abhiyan) Public Development Bank Limited has published its 4th AGM minute. (Source: Arthik Abhiyan)

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systems involve three primary resources: technology, information, and people. It's important to recognize that while all three resources are key components when

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Source: As of 8th Aswin, 2068


COMPANY Pashupati Dev. Bank Limited Bank of Kathmandu AGM Special 17

VENUE/TIME Dhulikhel Lauge Resort, Dhulikhel, Kavre(1:30PM) The Nepal Academy, Kamaladi, Kathmandu (11:00 AM) Lainchaur Banquet, Lainchaur, Kathmandu (10:30 AM) Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marga, KTM(11:00 AM) NNB Capital Limited Meeting Hall, NMB Building Babar Mahal, KTM(9:00AM) Hotel Fewa Prince, Pokhara (9:00 AM) Tripureshwor Party Palace, 5th Floor, UWTC, Kathmandu. (10:00 AM) Hotel Fewa Prince, Pokhara (1:30 PM) Hotel De Annapurna, DurbarMarga, KTM (11:30AM) Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM (11:30 AM) Nepal Academy, Kamaladi, KTM (11:00 AM) Banepa Party Venue, Banepa, Kavre, Opposite Nepal Telecome (11:30 AM)

BOOK CLOSE DATE 30 Bhadra 27 Bhadra

MEETING AGENDA DATE 11 Merge Aswin 12 Aswin 12 Aswin 13 Aswin 14 Aswin 14 Aswin 14 Aswin 27 Aswin 28 Aswin 29 Aswin 29 Aswin 28 Aswin 18% Bonus Share and 16.75% Cash Dividend to its shareholders, Fiscal year 2067/68, Financial Highlights 10% Bonus Share and 50% Cash Dividend to its shareholders, Fiscal Year 2067/68 financial highlight Financial Highlight 2067/68, 10.53% Cash Dividend to its shareholders Financial Highlight 2067/68, 10% Cash Dividend to its shareholder Merge with Universal Finance Ltd. Merge with Business Development Bank Ltd. Financial Highlight 2067/68, Merge

Everest Bank Limited

17th 3rd 1

30 Bhadra

Civil Capital Market Ltd NMB Capital Limited

_ _

Business Dev. Bank Ltd. Universal Finance Ltd. Nepal Consumer Development Bank Limited Growmore Merchant Banker Linited National Life Insurance Co. Limited Citizen Bank International Limited Bright Development Bank Limited

8th Special 2nd 3rd

30 Bhadra 8 Aswin

Financial Highlight 2067/68, 8.5% Cash Dividend to its shareholder Financial Highlight 2065/66/67, 20% Bonus Share and 1.05% Cash Dividend to its shareholders Financial Highlight 2067/68, 5.53% Cash Dividend and to its shareholders Financial Highlight 2067/68

22nd &23rd

10 Aswin

5th 2

12 Aswin _


COMPANY Everest Bank Limited Bank of Kathmandu Nabil Bank Limited Global Bank Limited Business Development Bank Sanima Bikas Bank Limited Mahakali Bikas Bank Limited Fewa Finance Limited Laxmi Bank Limited Unilever Nepal Limited Api Finance Limited Diyalo Bikas Bank Limited Excel Development Bank Limited Resunga Bikas Bank National Life Insurance Co. Limited Nepal Investment Bank Limited Swastik Merchant Finance Co.Ltd BONUS SHARE % 10 18 6.67 10 5 30 20 25 14 CASH DIVIDEND % 50 16.75 30 5 10 7 11.47 16.32 15 590 15 10.53 25 22.63 1.05 25 0.70 TOTAL Dividend % 60 34.75 30 11.67 10 7 11.47 26.32 15 590 20 10.53 25 52.63 21.05 50 14.70 COMPANY Kamana Bikas Bank Limited Arun Valley Hydropower Dev. Co. Ltd IME Financial Institutions Ltd. Civil Capital Market Ltd. Citizens Bank International Limited Shree Investment and Finance Co. Gandaki Bikas Bank Garima Bikas Bank Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Ltd NMB Capital Limited Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited Standard Chartered Bank Limited Sahayogi Bikas Bank Growmore Merchant Banker Limited Miteri Development Bank Limited Om Finance Limited Ace Capital Limited BONUS SHARE % 5 15.02 10 15 20 CASH DIVIDEND % 15 15 21.053 10.53 5.53 7.11 10 18 0.79 10 25 50 3 8.5 10.53 10.53 4 TOTAL Dividend % 15 15 21.053 10.53 10.53 22.13 20 18 15.79 10 25 50 23 8.5 10.53 10.53 4

AUCTION SHARE (Existing and upcoming)


Siddhartha Development Bank Limited NDEP Development Bank Limited ILFC Limited Gurkha Development Bank Limited Gurkha Development Bank Limited Nepal Investment Bank Limited (Citizen Bank Ltd) Narayani National Finance Limited (Citizen Bank Ltd) Resunga Bikas Bank Limited NB Insurance Company Limited NB Insurance Company Limited

92,000 6,507 4,715 2,67,001 6,24,000 2,82,307 3,72,098 12,540 2,000 78,403

Ordinary Ordinary Ordinary Ordinary Promoter Promoter Promoter Ordinary Promoter Ordinary

18 Bhadra 18 Bhadra 18 Bhadra 18 Bhadra 18 Bhadra 3 Aswin 3 Aswin 3 Aswin 6 Bhadra 6 Bhadra

1 Kartik 1 Kartik 1 Kartik 1 Kartik 1 Kartik 9 Aswin 9 Aswin 9 Aswin 13 Kartik 13 Kartik

2 Kartik 2 Kartik 2 Kartik 2 Kartik 2 Kartik 9 Aswin 9 Aswin 12 Aswin 14 Kartik 14 Kartik

Civil Capital Market Ltd Civil Capital Market Ltd Civil Capital Market Ltd Civil Capital Market Ltd Civil Capital Market Ltd Elite Capital Limited Elite Capital Limited Civil Capital Market Ltd Civil Capital Market Ltd Civil Capital Market Ltd

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