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First job is to remove the old Sheffield files or there will be a conflict.

Go to the data folder and cut the three /four files…..

From here on in I will use the version I did for CP, just replace references of READING with Sheffield.
First part is to add the control points., The first one you lay will be the start line, so click directly under the start line,
Then the second click is exactly the same distance above the start line, and hey presto..your first control point.

Rename the tiles to remove the Polish wording, do this by highlighting it, then click edit, and begin by doing the shitty bit
first..the off track inside and out. When you do this, you need to make sure the white line& fence is rideable all the way
round, with no grey off track tiles touching the track anywhere. They are VERY hot on this in standards. If you make a
mistake, delete the tile. It is advisable to keep saving the track at regular intervals as this bit is painstakingly hard.
Examples of neat , speed feathered tiling
Avoid gaps between tiles, especially down the straights, I block the whole straight in green, or brown depending on speed
Locate the Edytor, which is nin the GRY folder, and open it….

Load it up, then hit F6 which saves the game and gives it is hash code, and makes it run. Everytime you make any change
to the track or tile value you have to do this or it will come up with a checksum error….
e three /four files….. …..then drop them into the Sheffy folder in Brit tracks.


Now open Editor, and you are ready to go….fill in as below, locate the image where you stored it…click
off. It is vital you call it just 'Reading' as it is a pain to make changes later on
Control points need to be deep enough to avoid 5 lappers…common sense really b ut I always make the
er the start line, pictured, you will need 4 at least to make the game run, put them on the bend exists, or where yo u feel r
ontrol point. off and shortcut..

y doing the shitty bit

rideable all the way
rds. If you make a When you have done the whole track, then move on to the race track. It is here I make another tile, like s
stakingly hard. picture, keep the values close 1.5, or 1.6 is fine…and up the grip as you will need this later.
Example of what to avoid..haphazzard overlayed tiles, and the fence tiling is all over the place, not giving
chance to decide whether it is ridable or not
n depending on speed
It is no problem to have a faster line next to the fence if you want to, just no gaps

Here is an example of Romford I am working o n….Things to note

Speed feathered……
Biggest tiles where possible
No gaps, or overlays other than fethered speed

You will notice the lack of tiles on entering the corner tight….reason for this is the most predominant line
always the 'dive'. To overcome this, you need to make sure the tiles (if any) of the line to the outside of t
slowish...and the outside tiles early on a faster, to give the edge. This is trial and error, but the dive must
the only line ridden.

I would start with just the inside line to try to get to a time of around 37 s econds, then start to get the oth
reckon would be the boards.

Keep saving your work every 5 mins, or you will be sorry if you have a power cut or something!

Right, all that done, you will want to see how it rides...the best this is what you need to do.....sav
Right, all that done, you will want to see how it rides...the best this is what you need to do.....sav

Follow on screen promts, your track will be in the 'New' folder

Hit escape, escape…..then load up Sliders, locate your track in new… you go! We will speak later a
e you make any change have a play first. If you balls up the control points, don’t panic, I have a way of re-setting them, just carry
game running, we will sort that later if needed.
where you stored it…click OK..and you are
eally but I always make them as deep as
exists, or where you feel riders might come

re I make another tile, like shown in the

eed this later.
all over the place, not giving the rider the

the most predominant line when tiling is

f the line to the outside of the dive are
and error, but the dive must be fair or it will be

ds, then start to get the other line, which I

cut or something!

what you need to the game!!!!

u go! We will speak later about lines etc, buit
f re-setting them, just carry on and get the