Level 6 Consciousness A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J.


Previously, analogous to Ken Wilber’s work, I have argued that the human mind unfolds in levels of consciousness. The following chart illustrates the levels that I am describing:

Level 1. experience

Mode sensation

Description body-mind body senses basic emotions

2. understanding 3. judgment/ reflection 4. Being-Love 5. Creativity 6. Intuition

analytic intelligence intuitive judgment/ reflection formal operations hermeneutics/meaning

soul-analytic mind conventional wisdom intellect abstract planning/logic artistic creativity subtle transpersonal mind

felt higher consciousness


The level which is find the most interesting is level 6 Intuition. Once again, Intuition is a higher form of arational knowledge which complements ordinary analytic or rational understanding. Once Intuition is developed at level 6, it is then “downloaded” and integrated into the lower levels of consciousness. Thus, the level 6 Intuitive Mystic also has level 1 intuitive experience, level 2 intuitive understanding, and level 3 intuitive judgment and reflection. When one intuits reality one feels reality in the very depths of one’s soul and mind. When one intuits Being, one feels Being in the very depths of one’s soul and mind. Intuition is a Spiritual Gift. Intuition is what gives knowledge to seers and prophets. Intuition is what gives philosophers and theologians knowledge of God. Intuition gives immediate knowledge of

spiritual things and of the universe.