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pa1n staff --------------------------------------
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editor in cheif ..................... alienbinary
co-editor ............................. turnspike
tyler durden ............................ nemisis
partner in crime ......................... cheezi
leet haxor lady ..................... angrym0nkey
resident hardware junkie ............... mr. echo
head of anger mismanagement ......... hand0fphate
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| "hasta la victoria, siempre." |
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x.o -> 3. mumia: the department of injustice \---------- alienbinary
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! "the thing is, you see, that the strongest man in the world is !
| the man who stands most alone." |
! - henrik ibsen !
| enemy of the people |
| but now we are not |
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p41nv1x1 ----------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------

"pain is just weakness leaving your body."

- sean kennedy, (tfm)
aka sktfm

introduction to the first issue of pa1n: a world of pa1n.


what exactly do we hope to accomplish with pa1n? not a whole lot really,
or maybe everything. we have no agenda, we have no plan. there are those
among us who do, however, and one thing i, as editor in chief of pa1n would like
to do is support them, and offer a soapbox to these people. first, however, let me
explain how the group of us came to the idea of creating another online zine, as
if there aren't enough already. the concept has been done, it's been dragged out,
beaten, left for dead. but i feel confident that the people who are helping me,
and those that have provided the inspiration will lead this into a new direction;
integrity. we don't seek to make ourselves famous, fame is a crown of thorns,
it makes you a target. we don't seek money, power, just a few thousand bytes
on the ether. we seek to be heard, to create a forum for some of the cyberpunk
scene's most gifted, creative and brilliant denizens. a forum in which to have
a voice that cannot be bought. cannot be sold. cannot be silenced cannot be

cannot be intimidated into oblivion or obfuscation.

the world is full of pain.

this is now a world of pain. the country is plagued with a dying and
disemboweled economy, as people starve only miles from the white house lawn.
the planet shudders every second as we race headlong toward it's ultimate --
and therefore our own -- destruction. but no one asked me if i wanted to fund
genocide. no panel or census told me my taxes would fund bioweapons, nuclear
holocaust, or even the very agencies that might seek to silence this new voice.
no one asked you either. we have been bought and sold, our rights have been
written off as a casualty of a war.

a war on terrorism.
where there are no terrorists.
a war on drugs,
where the enemy is the lower class.
a war on freedom,
which sucks the life out of our society.

but we can take it back.

it's already started. this is fuel to the fire...

i used to write for the midnight raid, happle, hazmat, tshg, reptile, the
list goes on and on... i was lured away from the scene as it became plagued
with neophytes whom i hadn't the patience for which i should have. people who
had been fed by the corporate media what hackers were. what phreaks were, what
goths did, what a punk was, who a fleshtripper was, and that those who protect
themselves are terrorists.
the norm became piracy, pornography and the outlets of all kids. the
economy died, and every hotline server, scores of irc channels and
until-then free websites were relying on banner ads and popup scams to pay for
the bandwidth; whilst the sysops and admins worked three or four jobs to pay
the rent. the scene died, so i thought.
but we don't die, do we? no we don't. the culture that was spawned ever
since someone realized a single person could change something; if nothing other
than their own lives, a culture of new ideas was born. rebellion, perhaps. but
with a cause ripe with nobility and idealism. the packet switched network was
the catalyst for a worldwide insurgence of new ideas. then in the 1980s, the
united states secret service launched operation sun devil. they arrested steve
jackson of steve jackson games for a cyberpunk rpg. the fbi and secret service
joint computer crime task force arrested phiber optik of the legendary 'legion
of doom', and knight lightning of the cornerstone magazine phrack.
yeah. they did a good job of ruining the lives of people who had committed
no crime; they destroyed the lives of people who had committed non-malicious
crime; and they almost killed kevin mitnick by placing him in maximum security
with a man who nearly beat him to death for taking too long on the phone
(something to that effect.)
and now there's the patriot act of 2001, the homeland security act, the us
dod wants ident cards initiated as standard id, and everyone is afraid. or so
it seemed. then a girl who'll be known as sapphire told me something important.
there was something happening on internet radio, a new-ish medium. rantradio
gave me the hope i needed, and the faith i had lost that there were still

people who want to band together. to make the world a better place, perhaps? or
maybe to make a new world. to throw out the old rules and live as ronin,
warriors without masters, but to live by the beleif that it is your duty as
another human being to stand up for those that cannot defend themselves.
as rumblingsky once said, "i am a cell of rantradio." and we are growing.
now the sean kennedy show is the first in-studio audience, and popular
non-mainstream tv show, rather, internet television show about things that
matter. things that are real. it was jello biafra that said it best though,

"don't hate the media, become the media."

- jello biafra, former lead singer of the dead kennedys
originally from the h2k keynote speech, then later on a
spoken word album entitled "become the media."

by the way, i mean what i say. nothing more. you don't have to judge me, but you
- alienbinary

[ special thanks ]

thank you to the following communities, people and friends that have encouraged
myself and others to make this happen. together, i think we can make something
happen: turnspike, for actually coming through and helping me pull this one
together, cheezi, one of my partners in crime, the owner of e-lite
communications, who has given me more help in my life, more fucking bandwidth
than god and of all people, if anyone deserves to own the domain,
it's him. nemisis, the master of tic-toc, oscar, aim, yim, etc; whose exploits
ended up in the local newspaper, along with some code of my own. temporary
celebrity is fun, when they don't know your real name. to grinreaper, one of
the best friends i've ever had. and not someone to mess with. don't worry man,
we'll get your car back eventually. i want to thank cimmerian of rantmedia,
whose opinion i have and always will respect; sean kennedy the fucking man, who
has proven that it's not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit.

- pa1n editor, alienbinary.

alienbinary | ------
| '--------- brought to you by...
turnspike | ------'
understanding password strength

understanding password strength

by alienbinary

[ preface ]

a modern misconception among both it and non-it people is that the vulnerabilty
of a box is inversely proportionate to the strength of the encryption keys
utilized by the systems administrator.

however, the old idea of a "weak" password still holds more weight than the
cryptography employed. the reason for this remains simple. think of a computer
as analogous to a building. if the sides are guarded with razor wire and
turrets and barred up, the physical strength and security of the perimeter is
very high. however, all that is required to get into this building is what
every building uses: a key. think of a password as just another key on a
keychain, and you understand that even if you suture up your packets nice and
tight, anyone with root access can freely traverse un-encrypted data. so while
ssh using blowfish or pgp is a safe way to secure packets in transit from being
hijacked en-route, any data being transmitted can be accessed straight from the
source if an attacker can 'suid root,' with the right password.

in order to understand the nature of passwords, you have to get even simpler
than that. what is a password? passwords used to be real words. "hello", or
"aardvark." because of this, people often make the mistake of remembering a
password as an idea. in old unix environments, no one was particularly
concerned with strong passwords, dictionary attacks were long, arduous
processes, and they required rudimentary knowledge of des, the data encryption
standard as set forth by the nsa. therefore, people often look around the room,
maybe for a picture or a statue. the average computer user in a cubicle at an
office building might simply choose the first word of the first book to catch
their eyes. if you sat someone next to an imac and a poster for fight club,
chances are pretty good that the person might choose "iamjackspassword",
"tylerdurden", or "soap" when password protecting anything.

however, security 'experts' have long since warned about the idea of using a
password that can be located within the dictionary. these people suggest
subsituting a number for a letter or vice-verse. they suggest adding a number
to the end of the password string. this, in theory, would make it more secure.
before the real meat of the article, it is important that you have reference,
and basic understanding of strings and ascii.

[ password ranges ]

in the ascii range, every possible character has been assigned a numeric value
ranging from 1-255. even a carriage return is assigned a numeric value.
chr(13). if you allow only uppercase and lowercase letters, your range per
segment is 65-91 and 97 - 131.

a = 65 b = 66 c = 67 d = 68 e = 69 f = 70 g = 71 h = 72 i = 73 j = 74
k = 76 l = 77 m = 78 n = 79 o = 80 p = 81 q = 82 r = 83 s = 84 t = 85
u = 86 v = 87 w = 88 x = 89 v = 90 z = 91

a = 97 b = 98 c = 99 d = 100 e = 111 f = 112 g = 113 h = 114 i = 115 j = 116

k = 117 l = 118 m = 119 n = 120 o = 121 p = 122 q = 122 r = 123 s = 124 t = 125
u = 126 v = 127 w = 128 x = 129 y = 130 z = 131

now, notice the gap between the two arrays? that's because...

0=48 1=49 2=50 3=51 4=52 5=53 6=54 7=55 8=56 9=57


a password string consisting of only lowercase letters has a range of {97-131},

a password of only uppercase letters has a range of {65-91}, a password made up
of both sets of letters has a range of {65-91;97-131}. a potential password
character with only digits is {48-57}. so a password of all three arrays has a
range of {48-57 ; 65-91 ; 97-131}. the total number of potential characters in
such a string is (letters(26)+(26))+(digits(10))=62. only sixty-two possible
characters, that's why the next section explores the entire range.

[ measuring strength ]

a string of characters is only as random as the following variables will allow:

range (255 max in standard ascii) and length. the range of a string corresponds
to the minimum numerical value and the maximum numerical value; where the
length correlates to the number of possible letters/numbers/characters.

the number of possible combinations for a password is an exponential equation.

r = range
l = length

where x = the number of possible combinations.

so, if you only allow the lowercase alphabet characters into a password, and
your password is 5 characters long, the equation to find the maximum number of
potential passwords looks like this:

26^5 = x

{ just letters, lowercase }

26 x 26 = 676
26 x 26 x 26 = 17576
26 x 26 x 26 x 26 = 456976
26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 = 11881376
26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 = 308915776
26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 = 8031810176

{ lowercase uppercase and digits }

62 x 62 = 3844
62 x 62 x 62 = 238328
62 x 62 x 62 x 62 = 14776336
62 x 62 x 62 x 62 x 62 = 916132832
62 x 62 x 62 x 62 x 62 x 62 = 56800235584

{ full ascii range }

255 x 255 = 65025

255 x 255 x 255 = 16581375
255 x 255 x 255 x 255 = 4228250625
255 x 255 x 255 x 255 x 255 = 1078203909375
255 x 255 x 255 x 255 x 255 x 255 = 274941996890625
255 x 255 x 255 x 255 x 255 x 255 x 255 = 7.011020920710938e+16

there are limits to the types of encryption certain software will use, so there
is a varying degree in terms of how much room you have to be creative with your

[ outro ]

so now we come back to the fight club poster and the kid with the imac.

len("iamjackspassword") = 16.
range of characters {97-131}.
possible characters = 26 (the length of the alphabet.)
so just how strong is "iamjackspassword"?
26^16 = 2.147484e+9

so let's just modify the password. same phrase, different characters.

"iamjackspassword" becomes "iamjackspassw0rd"

62^16 = 4.767240170682353e+28

now that's a little better. there's always punctuation, though...

- 2003 alienbinary

p41nv1x3 ----------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------
the department of injustice, the case of mumia abu-jamal
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! "don't tell me about the valley of the shadow of death. i live there. " !
! - mumia abu-jamal, live from death row !

pa1n political editorial

the department of injustice, the case of mumia abu-jamal
by alienbinary

[ mumia abu-jamal ]

the world was given a wake-up call in the late 1990's, when rage against
the machine and the beastie boys headlined a concert to raise both money and
awareness for the case of mumia abu-jamal, a person for whom those that once
sang the praises of had turned a blind eye to his wrongfull conviction of
having shot a police officer to death. for the first time in years, music was
back again, as a voice to wake up a population all too happy to throw in the
towel and ignore the problems that eat away at the structure of our justice,
economic and social systems. i had never heard of mumia abu-jamal before, and
as you might expect, almost no one else i knew had either.

the man in question was a former black panther, and then an active member
of a social justice organization called move. move was a police-brutality
awareness organization, a much needed voice against police corruption.
abu-jamal hailed from philly, where the single most noteable thing about the
police department, is it's corruption. although an fbi inquiry into the actions
of six philadelphia detectives led to hundreds of cases with similarities being
overturned and scores of inmates being let free, mumia abu-jamal is still on
death row, waiting for the legal lynch mob of the fraternal order of police to
call a death toll. i can't really imagine that, no matter how hard i may try:
waiting under the most brutal conditions in the united states corrections
system to be put to death by the state of pennsylvania for a crime i could not
possibly have committed. but, as unimagineable as it seems, that is precisely
the case with mumia abu-jamal.
in the last several years, the pressure has turned up on the case,
prompting federal and even international inquiries into the questionable
circumstances surrounding the controversial conviction. the scenario is already
an unbearable one, before the officer was killed. according to the defense, and
now it appears that the justice department has come to a similar scenario,
mumia abu-jamal approached the officer in question, after driving home in his
taxicab, which he drove for a living. due to a previous encounter, jamal had a
.357 magnum revolver on his person to protect himself from being robbed again
in his cab. the initial reason for the confrontation had been grounded in the
fact that mumia had happened upon several police officers beating his brother
to death with his flashlight. this, incidentally, has remained undisputed.
now here the story becomes confused. mumia may have drawn his weapon as a
precaution to ward off the hostile officers. at this point, forensics experts
from the federal bureau of investigation speculate that a firefight broke out.
although some speculate that the initial firefight occurred before mumia
arrived on the scene.
clearly, two people were hit. one was a police officer, supposedly in the
line of duty, the other was mumia abu-jamal, who had been shot in the liver. by
most accounts, a gunshot wound to the liver is extremely fatal. however, during
the time mumia was unconscious, several things happened.
the prosecution would later claim that mumia abu-jamal had fatally shot the
police officer and even bragged about his alleged murder on the way to the
hospital. however, there are no witnesses to this activity, with the exception
of a prostitute who had been paid off by the other detectives, and a crackhead
who is speculated to have actually been the killer. in reality, mumia abu-jamal
was laying face down with his eyes closed, trying to stay alive, bleeding to
death and then suffered a severe beating from the accompanying officers. during
this time, he was only vaguely conscious, until he blacked out; he blacked out
long before the alleged admission of guilt in the ambulence. the ems teams
recall no such admissions.

[ commentary on the case of mumia abu-jamal ]

the fact that i kept tripping over my facts as i tried to assemble this
article is a testament to the very shakiness of the case in question. at this
point, for fear of adding more confusion to the fire, i'll propose several
simple questions:

1. given that the fbi has evidence that would exhonerate the defendent,
shouldn't a retrial be called?

2. since a hitman has since confessed to the shooting that mumia abu-jamal
is waiting to die for, should he not be set free?

3. if representatives from the united nations, amnesty international,

british parliament, the naacp, etc. have spoken out for not only a retrial, but
an aquittal of the accused; shouldn't the justice department step in and earn
it's name for once? you would hope so. unfortunately, none of this is the case.

4. mumia has served 21 years on death row, a year over the maximum amount
of time allotted to a death row inmate. so why hasn't he been executed yet, if
time is up? that's what makes this case so transparent. they can rob a man of
his freedom and his life, but they cannot allow his death to catalyze a
worldwide insurrection. if anything is to befall mumia abu-jamal, i cannot
possibly imagine the repurcussions the case would have on the world's view of
america. and there's the obvious possibility they know he didn't do it.

[ sources for information ]

- live from death row, by mumia abu-jamal (1995) isbn number: 0-380-72766-8
- "on mumia" (spoken word) by jello biafra, "anti-racist action benifit cd"

p41nv1x4 ----------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------
marriage: husband, wife, and uncle sam? - turnspike

marriage: husband, wife, and uncle sam?

with the president of the united states restating his stance against gay
marriage last week, i again wondered just why the hell our government is so
concerned about who marries who. let me lay it down like this, beyond
recognizing it as an economic contract, the government has no business meddling
in the affairs of marriage.

the purpose of the u.s. government was stated in the preamble of our
constitution as following:

"we the people of the united states, in order to form a more

perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,
provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do
ordain and establish the constitution for the
united states of america."

read that statement carefully, and tell me what part of that statement
provides the government the power to corral us all into pairs of two by our
gender in hopes that we mate. it isn't there.

there are a large number of people out there who are coupled, without being
married, and deserve the same benefits as married couples. homosexuals, single
parents with adult children, people who care for their elderly
parents/relatives, long-term roommates, these are all people who can have the
same reliance on each other as traditional married couples, yet are ignored
because they are not man and woman who have submitted to a state-recognized
ceremony. give me a break; this is just another jerk of the moral steering
wheel by a government known for immorality, scandals and corruption. and all
this because we aren't smart enough as citizens to either hook up with the
proper person of socially-defined standards, or be celibate? bullshit.

now is the time that our government should give up their demands that we be
with who they want us to. it costs untold time, energy, and money to make the
citizens of the u.s. walk their line and the numbers of the outraged are
growing by the day.

just another message from your local libertarian, looking to whittle our
bloated government down to a size we will all be happy with. keep the
government out of your life, your wallet, your mind.


p41nv1x5 ----------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------
wardriving scans - pa1n staff

"the internet is growing everyday." you can here that line anywhere you go,
i guarantee it. it's the single easiest phrase to find yourself confronted
with, and it has so little meaning now, i often wonder exactly what the hell is
growing inside the internet (other than pornography.)

[ ed. apparently the thing that grows everday are the vat farms of wireless
local area network administrators who don't know that the default passwords are
public domain. ]


you don't have to try very hard, whatsoever to find an article in the
modern media warning you of the dangerous hackers lurking in the ether, waiting
to break into your email address, or to snatch up your credit card info and
order more parts for their other 'terrorist' projects. naturally these news
stories are entirely untrue, but they sell very very well. this being the case,
one would correctly surmise that the appropriate course of action for a society
so 'aware' of the dangers of insecure networks would be to secure everything
and lock it down tight to prevent intruders.

one can also correctly surmise that human beings are not logic driven

in a world so obsessed with security, they should at least bother to learn

the basics of wifi security. these were gathered over a really, really short
period of time, running an unintrusive wireless lan detector. once within
range, internet access was capable, without any verification at all.

scan #1 location: providence, rhode island (near the state house)

utility: macstumbler v0.6b by korben

ssid | mac |chan|max|type | vendor | wep
amato 00:80:c8:b0:5c:b0 6 14 managed unknown yes
connectionpoint 00:60:b3:70:b2:44 1 15 managed unknown no
linksys 00:06:25:a1:e7:18 6 16 managed 3com no
home airport 00:30:65:16:b0:da 7 21 managed apple no
linksys 00:06:25:9c:f2:28 6 12 managed 3com no
satorinet 00:30:65:1c:af:a4 1 10 managed apple no
parmas 00:90:d1:01:58:84 7 14 managed addtron no
test 00:40:96:5b:6b:f3 1 19 managed cisco-aironet yes
linksys 00:04:5a:26:82:ef 6 13 managed linksys no
wlan 00:01:24:f0:13:40 5 16 managed acer no
pfs-g 00:06:25:3b:92:84 3 15 managed 3com yes
qgo 00:02:2d:88:44:f2 1 20 managed agere-lucent no
qgo 00:02:2d:88:44:cc 11 8 managed agere-lucent no
linksys 00:06:25:76:7c:ab 6 12 managed 3com no
csi-ma-pos 00:40:96:42:bd:79 3 16 managed cisco-aironet no
tmobile 00:0c:30:86:b2:fc 1 21 managed unknown no

scan #2 location: warwick, rhode island (around the warwick mall area)
utility: macstumbler v0.6b by korben
ssid | mac |chan|max|type | vendor | wep
tricom wireless 00:03:93:e9:d3:9d 10 8 managed unknown no
avalon 00:06:25:7e:48:8f 1 12 managed 3com yes
wpl1021 00:02:8a:4d:8f:ac 2 14 managed unknown no
591 00:04:75:64:24:2c 1 23 managed unknown yes
mwsoft wireless 00:03:2f:02:b5:ab 7 12 managed gst-linksys no
linksys 00:06:25:b3:d5:3f 6 19 managed 3com no
netgear 00:09:5b:51:4d:36 11 19 managed unknown no
wireless 00:90:4b:33:6d:2c 6 27 managed unknown no
default 00:80:c8:16:72:ec 6 23 managed unknown no
mansella 00:80:c8:b0:a6:f6 6 26 managed unknown yes
webcenter wifi 00:30:ab:22:ae:8f 6 26 managed delta no
emery_pdx 00:40:96:58:46:6e 6 18 managed cisco-aironet yes
sst-pr-1 e6:01:b4:03:44:02 6 39 ad-hoc unknown yes
netsoftinc11 00:06:25:7b:5a:a5 11 25 managed 3com yes
acq3 00:06:25:ba:4c:6b 11 18 managed 3com yes
linksys 00:06:25:78:5c:83 6 10 managed 3com no
tlcrf 00:40:05:c5:83:01 6 18 managed d-link no
linksys 00:06:25:db:8e:1f 6 24 managed 3com no
linksys 00:06:25:66:c1:14 6 46 managed 3com no

scan #3 location: en route to boston from providence

utility: macstumbler v0.6b by korben

ssid | mac |chan|max|type | vendor | wep
att 00:02:2d:8d:b6:d5 1 31 managed agere-lucent no
linksys 00:06:25:5a:f4:31 6 27 managed 3com no
linksys-g 00:06:25:b9:6d:95 6 10 managed 3com no
paul's network 00:30:65:1f:3b:05 1 15 managed apple yes
linksys 00:06:25:78:28:47 6 10 managed 3com no
speedstream 00:c0:02:c9:33:62 11 13 managed unknown no
linksys 00:06:25:55:0e:40 6 14 managed 3com no

p41nv1x6 ----------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------
corporate war on literacy - by alienbinary

the following editorial will probably cause the most ire of any of the
articles in this entire issue, and i make no apologies. here's a pre-emptive
"fuck you." if you send me a cease and desist letter in anything other than
plain and simple english, i'll reprint it, give the internet a chance to laugh
at you, and use the paper to light a clove cigarette.

it's been approximately a decade in my estimation since corporations

started attempting to purchase huge swaths of the internet subculture with
advertising geared toward fringe area users. but now i look at a box of cereal
this morning for the ninth time with disgust, as there is an advertisement on
the top panel announcing "eet and ern", a campaign designed to lure kids into
making kelloggs look like the patron saint of schools. general mills already
had the "box tops for education" campaign (which succeeded not at all), so some
bright one at corporate in the advertising department of kelloggs cereal
announced that they had to come up with an even better way of ensnaring
children and parents into doing their public relations. it's the same old
concept: you buy the cereal with whatever measly pittance you've earned as a
wage slave. for some reason, you mail the box tops of each box of cereal to
some address (i refuse to look at it anymore, so i can't tell you offhand), and
although it used to be that you could raise money for education, which i always
thought was bizarre anyway, you can now earn prizes dictated by the corporate
sponsors. but, see, this doesn't bother me half as much as the title.

"eet and ern."

this, simply put, is some really aggravating bullshit. eat and earn is just
as good a way to get children to be fat and greedy as mispelling everything
intentionally, don't you think? but no, it really isn't. you can find
advertising with ones instead of (l's), you can find the word, well, word,
replaced with werd, you can even now thanks to kelloggs find the word eat
replaced with eet. maybe it's because i read a lot, maybe because i'm
fascinated with the english language, well, any language at all; but this made
me really fucking mad.
i have not forgotten that the name of this zine is spelled with the
character one, nor have i not noticed the rest of the wordplay in this
magazine, as editor, i put it all in. but there's a very important difference.
everyone already thinks that counterculture, especially on the internet is
comprised of morons or superterrorists, so we have free range over whatever the
fuck we want to do with our publications.
however, it's more than a little irresponsible to market to a group of
young children the intentional misspellings of simple words like "eat" and
"earn." what possible chance do we have of raising a literate generation when
even the newspaper, fuck that, even the until now most respected newspaper, the
new york times, frequently makes grammatical errors that would give
merriam-webster a triple coronary if he/she wasn't already quite dead?

straight to the point.

chris rock once remarked that books are like kryptonite to the average kid.
you show them even the stupidest edutainment video, and they can at least sleep
through it, but the second you pull out a book, a look of severe pain screams
accross every child's face.* no kid who has access to playstation and
interactive cd-roms has been raised with any respect whatsoever for books. face
it, we are raising an illiterate society. of course, food retailers aren't the
source of eduction, so i'll list one more case:

"we wuz robbed"; teachers irate as state mulls nixing bonuses. max heuer and
kevin rothstein.�Boston herald.�Boston, mass.:�Jun 16, 2003.��pg.�003

my comment: if teachers are spelling and writing as such, i don't really see
any reason to pay them a bonus either.

- alienbinary

*[ ed. the ones that aren't screaming, but licking their lips, those kids kick
ass. they will be the next generation of deckers, it's a guarantee. ]
p41nv1x7 -------_--------------------------------------- o.o-------------------
h cellphone tangentea
|| ||
|| || -----------> '7 days...'
|| || <----------- 'man, shut the fuck up.'
!'---------'| -----------> 'you will see the rin---'
| <- + -> | <----------- 'pa1n doesn't use vhs, bitch. wrong number'
|[s/' v '\e]i *click*
| 1 2 3 |
| 4 5 6 | [ preface ]
! 7 8 9 !
\ * 0 # / it's no secret now that one of the most integral and
'---------' important networks in all of communications is the
cellular, pcs, etc. wireless network. mobile phones running only $129 usd now
contain embedded technologies like web browsing, bluetooth networking, even mp3
players and digital cameras. this being the case, it's no suprise that many old
school phreaks are finding the new network to be as sexy as any psn yet.
but why is this in pa1n? because cellphones have become like manacles to
many people. they cannot leave the house without their nokia, they take all
pictures with their samsung digital camera phone, they conduct the most
important business on the cell. here are a few interesting tidbits about
cellular phones.

pin auditing - alienbinary

kyocera qxp-2305a phone lock code auditing

the famous 'wafer phone' as it is known to most people is protected with a

bios password, leaving the real owner of the cell only partial control over the
flash memory. when asked by a client to wipe all data, i spent the majority of
the time manually erasing all data. however, a flaw in kyocera's system
disallows anyone from resetting the phone without the password. i found a .pdf
of the model's manual which told the user where the prompt was, but not how to
get past it.

to get to the prompt: menu -> settings -> security

and you will see: enter phone unlock code _ _ _ _

this of course gives away a very crucial peice of information. the length of
the string is obviously exactly four characters. since every every entry is an
asterisk (*), it suggests that t9type and abc data entry is out, leaving only

therefore there are 10^4 = 10,000 combinations.

although by modern cryptographic standards, this is really weak, and one can
probably hook a ti-83 graphing calculator running a ti basic version of a
favorite cracking utility if they were so inclined, this is unnecessary. the
reason for this is sipmle. the provider almost always fails to tell the
customer the password, since in theory, such activities should be left to 'the
experts,' therefore the user probably hasn't been inclined to alter this
particular security mechanism. therefore, the password is the last four digits
of the cellphone number. so, a kyocera qxp 2305a with the phone number 1 (555)
123-4567 will have "4567" as the default password.

[ ed. note: according to the kyocera website, "0000" is the default password,
although they mention the last four digits as a possibility, when kyocera sells
the phone, there is no phone number attatched. ]

motorola 120c

on speculation i think that the real reason the 120c lacks a true graphical
interface is that the engineers were focused on an ergonomic case. that being
said, they didn't even bother to make the machine user friendly. instead of one
simple pin number, there are three codes to remember.

>1 voicemail
- controls all access to voicemail, read/write,
and administrative features.
>2 phone lock code
- this code is what allows the phone to be used by more than one
person. essentially, whoever has the code can determine whether or
not a user can access recent calls, make outgoing calls, use long
distance, etc. the

default code is '1234'

pin range: 0000 - 9999, possible pin numbers: 10,000

>3 security code

- this is the master lock/unlock code. instead of restricting access,

this cuts off any unauthorized person from accessing your numbers or
options, essentially, everything.

default code is '000000'

pin range 000000 - 999999, possible pin numbers: 1,000,000

p41nv1x8 ----------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------
irc at it's best - #rantradio

thanks to the following (sometimes unwitting) contributors:

apanthropy, alpha736, jib_cat, megaprogram, sideslide

#rantradio on how to code a good swift kick to the junk.

(nuts + kick = good) if "nuts" != yours

if nuts != yours {kick.nuts(dude)} else bad end if
if ($nuts != $mine){&kicktothenuts;};
shit.. now you have to define kicktothenuts though
no i don't. it's geek comedy. :d
ah.. it's in some library somewhere :)
10 cls
20 if nuts=yours goto 70
30 print "hey fucker"
40 kick "nuts"
50 print "that was good"
60 goto 30
70 end
if nuts != "yours"
there making bad code jokes, save me
{kick ("dude" , "nuts")
end if
else "stop"
end if
yeah, make sure to "else stop" if nuts = your own dude
that's a very important step
and make sure there are a few failsafe redundancies for that one

#rantradio on euthanasia.

the cure for alzheimers is, die before you get old
whatever happened to dr kavorkian?
i think he was sentenced to life.
how ironic

p41nv1x9 ----------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------
two am - alienbinary

it's 1:36 in the morning, and i'm not the only one in the room, but right
now nothing seems to make sense to me but more writing. my mind is doing that
ebb and flow, wax and wan thing it does at this time of twilight. half-thoughts
begin to form shakily, barely noticeable in my mental line of sight. as i grab
for them in my mind's eye, i knock each idea over into some form of oblivion,
all i find when i search for the partial thought is a black oil in place of my
memories. i'm wading knee deep in the mud of my clouded thoughts, trying to put
together the last few months of my life. i don't know the events that lead to
me being here, at this desk, on this computer, typing whatever this is going to
turn into, and that bothers me. i try to push this train of thought into the
murky depths where all my usefull thoughts go, but it won't budge.

time is one of the cruelest inventions of mankind's arsenal. i do beleive

it is an invention, it's completely nonsensical. in order for time to exist, it
would be linear, and that would require both a beginning and an end. neither of
which seem to exist. i used to worry about catastrophic events occurring as a
result of my own thoughts, i probably never would have written the previous
sentence in the past. like i said, time is cruel. jaded i have become, so jaded
that i tempt the very fate of the perceptual world around me, just to prove
it's still there.

someone's snoring. i have a hard time beleiving that whatever divine being
might serve as a creator figure actually missed the very basic design flaw that
exists in the human trachea causing the subject to snore. all is quiet now
except my fishtank. the back of my head starts to throb in a dull manner,
probably suggesting that i go to bed sooner than later. it's a cruel trick to
play, for the brain to send signals it doesn't actually mean. i could go
straight to bed right now and spend the rest of the early morning hours wide
awake. instead all i can do is absorb the stark wash of liquid crystal light
from my ibook and trudge onward, or perhaps deeper into the depths of my
clouded mind.

i have a lot to accomplish. i like to tell myself that. it's a really good
way of pretending that if you make absolutely jack shit of yourself, you had a
hard task to begin with. no one can expect you to accomplish all these goals...
i'm searching my cerebellum. i can't find the goals. there's not a single goal
left in my entire mental itinerary; i purged them all when i decided to aspire
to be nothing in this world. it's 1:51 am.

i read an old article i wrote for the midnight raid, issue 8, a peice i had
almost forgotten, despite the fact that people still remember me as the author
of that essay to this day, when or if i ever traverse the now insidiously
commercialized and politicized hotline protocol. it was better than anything i
can remember writing in a long time. the part of my brain that makes up clever
things and organizes them into sentences has started to sink into the murky
black oil as well. 1:54. i wonder how much time i have left before i'm just a
husk of a human being, reduced to a simple shell, some bones, and scarred
flesh. i have a lot of scars, i seem to collect them with the same fervor as an
eleven year old boy might have twenty years ago when collecting stamps didn't
set a child apart as a freak. i used to collect stamps. i used to collect coins
too, actually. the stamp collection ended up as a collage i made one day under
the influence of a powerfull anti-anxiety agent, which was dismantled when i
became lucid. five years of collecting, and all i had to show for it was some
extra space in my bureaus. my coin collection's been cashed in, or at least
that which i have been able to turn into spendable currency.

i can still remember traveling to britain, france, the caribbean, and

scores of other landscapes, and bringing home large cloth bags of genuine
foreign currency. i thought at the time that i was... i lost the thought.
something like a legacy. an investment? who knows. regardless, the medallions
among the collection have since been glued to each other for reasons that i
couldn't explain if i tried. my leg has fallen asleep. the part of my brain
that determines which leg is which has also fallen likewise, so i can't tell
you which leg it is. dark clouds of smoke form behind my eyes. it's been time
to go to bed for hours, but i can't sleep. god, i can't sleep. i never can.
it's 2:01.

i'll be back in a minute, i need a drink.

the human eye is a fragile instrument. too often we liken the structure of
the eyeball to a camera, which is flawed; humans created the camera with the
eyes they were born with, not the other way around. lapses in reason such as
these could be the cause of many oversights in the pharmaceutical industry as
well. under the influence of benzoadiazapines, a person's eyes don't function
well at all. during daylight hours, i have to carry 400 spf, or 100 percent uv
protection sunglasses at all times, otherwise i'm liable to stumble into the
street as my pupils and retinas fight to adjust the natural aperture i've been
born with. at night, after i try without success to knock myself out, the
contrast factor goes up astronomically. a thought just fell from the foreground
of my brain into the inky blackness. it's was probably a really good one, too.
that's the way these things tend to work, i've decided. i can only retain
information that i simply don't need.

at night, especially in the summer time, i miss smoking cigarettes. the

world was less important when i had something to pull on. it gave me a filter
through which to take in the poison that was already awash in the air, as well
as the toxins i was adding voluntarily to the mix. what i said about the eyes
works to one's advantage when you can't sleep and have cigarettes handy. the
cherry of the cigarette makes adjusting your eyes to the darkness almost
impossible, making the whole damn world melt away like some worthless movie
backdrop. it's 2:12. i'm gonna go search for some benadryll. pink white and
purple. perhaps the purple's a brownish color, i have very little light in
which to tell.

i don't have anything important to do tomorrow. i never have anything

important to do. or rather today. that's the mysteriously romantic appeal of
twilight hours, you're between days. it's not night, it's not day, it's not
morning, and it's neither the day before midnight nor the day after. it's this
chronological limbo in which people such as myself write long letters to a
reader base they rarely if ever see. i'm off to lay down. perhaps i'll pass
out. there's always hope. it's 2:17 in the morning.

- 2003, alienbinary

p41nv1x10 ---------------------------------------------- o.o-------------------

"i've got to take my life back,

one chance to make things right.
i gotta have my voice be heard,
and bring meaning to this life."

- hatebreed, "i will be heard"

epilogue [outro]

editor in cheif

o.o --------------------------------------------------------------------o.o
l| "congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, |i
!| or prohibiting the free excercise thereof; of abridging the freedom |l
i| of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to ||
i| assemble, and to petition the government for the redress of |i
j| grievances." |l
o.o -------+------------------------------------------------------------o.o
'----[ the first ammendment of the united states of america ]

so here it is. this has been the first, but definitely not last issue of
pa1n magazine. it's funny, editing a zine and writing one is just as
complicated and as much of a hassle as before, but this time there's the added
bonus of having other things on my mind. bills to pay. school to, well, pay.
basically put, shit to do.
but i can't go through life with my mouth wired shut anymore. it's come to
a point where some of the only people i respect are people like jello biafra,
who is still suffering to this day for daring to say what he thinks. people are
so afraid now, so goddamn intimidated to say anything that they simply have
given up. there are certainly exceptions; 2600 is still running strong, but i
wonder how fast they would sink without the support of the electronic frontier
foundation. as we've seen in this issue, what's been written down on a page, or
spoken out loud can cost people everything, as in the case of mumia abu-jamal.
if mumia is forever silenced by the death machine still raging in our country,
i'm cutting the ropes on every flag until they stay at permanent half mast. who
knows? maybe they'll declare me a terrorist for that.
a lot of this zine is tangential, it goes from one subject to the other,
maybe some people are still unclear about what this magazine is about. i'll
answer that: this is about everything that anyone wants to say. the corporately
owned print media has become so entrenched with product placement and blatant
misleading propaganda, that i cannot bare to finish a single page of the
average online or otherwise newspaper. i think the only way we can have a
fresh, unfiltered voice is if we start making forums in which to communicate.
there are bulletin boards and forums, irc channels, and what have you set up
for this purpose, but to make something together: that is a masterpeice.
although only a select few people have helped with this issue, those people
have given something back to the internet, maybe to the world, and they've
given me the support i needed to make myself heard.
please, contact myself or one of the editors with any questions at all, and
absolutely submit something, anything, but please stick to a level of integrity
that you could respect as the reader. with these last few keystrokes on this
draft, i can breath a sigh of releif again, as i know that for once, i can be
heard again.

until the next issue,


[ editor's note: if you are not familiar with the laws and ammendments, you can
visit the federal government's archives at:
amendments_1-10.html" and "" ]