Current Strategic Partners and Founding Angels The design of this brochure has been made financially possible by the kind support of our first Founding Angel CHSS . c .Cultural Heritage Systems & Strategies Pty Ltd. Amsterdam. 2011 / info@CommonSites.

Our open-source software can easily be integrated to any current web-page using widgets. project partners. This interactive format engages both funders and communities by allowing them to access up-to-date reports for projects they are interested in. Our webbased platform increases the visibility of heritage projects for all who are involved. Over the past two hundred millennia we have evolved diverse cultural traditions across the planet. . Our innovative.Introduction All humans share a common ancestry. However. CommonSites is a business-to-business social venture. easily and as transparent as possible. Through our open-source software partners can use CommonSites to find and share knowledge. members of the various communities interested in heritage projects or those directly impacted by archaeological research struggle to gain access to this knowledge and rarely benefit from these research and conservation initiatives. CommonSites is an international initiative that provides a unique web-based platform for the heritage sector. whether they be funders. raise funds and simplify reporting back to donors and community members. Experts and students can donate time to help projects they are interested in. CommonSites will assist project partners in putting their funding. Through dedicated support and advice. Funders can follow projects online and search for novel support opportunities from our network of Trusted Partners. Every year thousands of archaeologists and heritage management specialists travel into the field. reporting and monitoring processes online as seamlessly. academic institutions or members of local communities. Project partners will have individualized and corporate-branded project-pages. yet proven technology allows projects to be easily brought online and updated from the field. designed to unite funders and project partners to benefit the communities for which we work. Through our network of Trusted Partners we ensure sustainable research and heritage projects that meet the highest ethical and professional standards. producing knowledge about the past and conserving heritage around the world.

Funding: Heritage funding is currently limited in its transparency and is not making full use of global public interest. Both experts and communities are often unable to gain access to these reports and keep up-to-date with the wealth of information that is available. The heritage and research community struggles to attract additional sources of money. Projects are often long in duration with publications resulting only years after the initial data gathering phase. There is often very little coordination of efforts to ensure ethical management principles and professional approaches to funding the research and conservation of sites around the world. Diversity of Approaches: The heritage communities from each of the worlds major continents are approaching the idea of heritage management and funding schemes from a multitude of angles. There is no direct line of communication between project managers. Presently there is no way to report on-going progress and discoveries from the field. Reporting and Visibility: Projects struggle to share and visualize results in an appealing way to funders and the general public. Funding for their projects is very much a top-down approach with either the funding bodies or heritage specialists deciding where money is spent. Funding bodies and research institutions often wait months or years to see the results of their investments. funders and community members. Currently there is no way for local communities to organize and attract funds for demand-driven research projects directed at investigating their heritage. Our Solution: Our Solution: Our Solution: Our Solution: CommonPedia Really Simple Reporting CommonSites Marketplace Trusted Partner Network .Problems we solve Information Exchange: Knowledge and know-how in the field of archaeology and heritage management is available but is often widely dispersed and hidden away in consultancy reports and academic publications.

Our strategic partnership with Akvo therefore guarantees that we can apply a sustainable and proven technology to the heritage field. photos and movie clips online. . CommonSites provides an elegant solution that builds on the strengths of the IT sector. CommonSites is geared to a new generation of funders .Our solutions Using the proven technology and innovative software developed by our partner organization simplifying reporting and raising funds while increasing cooperation in the heritage sector. We provide four integrated solutions to support our community in sharing knowledge.donors can pick projects they like to support and watch progress unfold. as the community teams share updates. With the support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Rabobank. Akvo has developed an open-source software platform that is now being used by over 300 partners in the water and sanitation sectors throughout the world.

up-to-date entries on all aspects of heritage management. We are looking to expand the online community of viewers. archaeological research. database. The quality of the information is being overseen by a group of professionals as well as a dedicated editor. provides know- information and reduce the costs of knowledgesharing. In effect. It works just like Wikipedia. It open-source. community outreach and conservation solutions. and easy to implement. CommonPedia will increase access to . cost effective.CommonPedia CommonPedia ledge-sharing is an online. capacity building. supporters and contributors.

Through short text messages. opening the world of heritage management to the global and on any number of personal webpages. pictures and YouTube-style movies project managers can keep donors.Really Simple Reporting By using Akvo’s RSR system we make it is easy for field teams to continuously report on projects with short text and image-based updates online or via a mobile phone. The partner-branded project-pages are simultaneously available in the CommonSites database. . on Akvo. other specialists and interested members of the public up-to-date with in-the-field progress. discoveries and results. making projects from across the world easy to compare. organizations can feature 100% of their projects online as opposed the select number of case studies typically featured in conventional reporting. Through the integration of the low-cost and convenient RSR technology with partner-branded project-pages.

Through the integration of the low-cost and convenient RSR technology with partner-branded project-pages.CommonSites Widgets Anyone associated with a project can embed a RSR widget on their website or blog. maintain and update 100% of their projects cheaply and easily. effectively advertising and publishing all your projects and their progress. . Widgets provide a real-time window to the project information stored in the CommonSites database. Our partners can even embed scrolling sets and map overviews of projects. They let you and your visitors see what is going on as it happens. organizations can feature. while simplifying their online publishing workflow. bringing their site to life with field progress directly from all the projects they are funding or managing.

It also simplifies the process of running campaigns involving lots of organizations from around the world. capacity building and conservation efforts which operate alongside. By using the system designed by Akvo. CommonSites Marketplace helps funding bodies source the best projects to support and find cofunders to partner with. . international and online payment system which is completely transparent from donor to recipient. scientific and heritage projects. we ensure a reliable. increasing the benefit for local communi- ties. and their partners including Rabobank. but are not traditionally funded by.CommonSites Marketplace The CommonSites marketplace is a matchmaking system making it possible to attract additional funds for community outreach.

Working with these Trusted Partners ensures we meet the highest quality standards and practices for both scientific and heritage based projects. Through our network of Trusted Partners we ensure sustainable research and heritage projects that meet the highest quality and most up-todate professional standards.Network of Trusted Partners Our network of Trusted Partners assists in carefully selecting the Field partners which are allowed to post heritage projects online. Our system also ensures the coordination of efforts from Trusted Partners from across the globe impacting funding and policy for future heritage projects. Our project-branded RSR and project-pages make it easy for partner institutions to increase their visibility without having to increase their web-based efforts. .

As a Founding Angel active in the field of archaeology and heritage management. .Why support CommonSites? Share our belief that the use of modern technology in the heritage field can help the communities for which we work. Join the Founding Family and: be at the forefront of an initiative that seeks to revolutionize the way information technology is used in the archaeological and heritage field get a place-at-the-table with some of the leading heritage organizations and academic institutions around the world be mentioned as a Founding Angel in our first news cycle gain the rights to further broadcast our shared vision. Silver. Our parter-branded project-pages will increase your visibility among others in the field and the global community at large. This guarantees you two projects put online for free for one year and allows you access to the projects of other partners involved in CommonSites. Gold or Platinum investor. and use the innovative brand of CommonSites for your commercial and/or PR purposes choose a transparent support package as a Bronze. you can become a Trusted Partner.

EMLYON. USA. each with proven records of ethical and quality standards to join our Founding Family. . Initial funding will be used to further design and maintain all systems of CommonSites. After one year we will have: a fully functioning web-platform with at least 10 Trusted Partners and 20 projects online raised a sizable amount from additional donors and funding bodies a professional business model for when the platform is fully operational (Phase 02) The CommonSites business model will be based upon the proven business model of Akvo. Zhejiang University.What do we need? We are approaching leading experts from around the world. put projects online and ensure the quality and standards of all projects on CommonSites. percentage fees for programs and external Under supervision of our Board of Advisors and in collaboration with a graduate from the Global Entrepreneurship Program (Babson College. we are working on a business model containing a detailed break-down of monthly fees for projects. France. China). but suitably adapted to the archaeological and heritage field.

000e 10.Budget Phase 01 (ca.000e Operating Costs 10.500 Domain-names and Hosting Total 75.500e 5.000 Technical Assistant Web Platform 17. 1 year operation) Staff 40.500 Corporate Identity and PR 5.000 Travel 2.000e Platinum Package 50. Silver.500 Web.000e . Bronze Package 2.000 Project Assistant 5.500e Silver Package 5. Gold or Platinum investor.000e Gold Package 10.000e 2.000 IT Hardware 2.and Corporate Design 2.000 Creative Director 5.500 Representation Costs Infrastructure 7.000 Scientific Director 10. Pick and choose a transparent support package as a Bronze.500 Offices and admin equipment Become a Founding Angel.000 General Director 10.500e 12.500 Web-platform 2.

Leiden University in the field of Archaeological Heritage Management. David de Bruijne David de Bruijne is Creative Director and Co-Founder of CommonSites. Turkmenistan.and back-end of CommonSites. He combines his field experience and network in archaeology and heritage management with his background in web-design and heritage presentation. and as Interpretation Officer Stonehenge at English Heritage. He has undertaken projects in the UK. He is responsible for the realization and optimization of the design. he worked as Head of Site Management and Interpretation at the Centre for Applied Archaeology of University College London. and in charge of partnerships. His love for surfing has taken him around the world. David currently works as a Creative Producer for Taxi. Sjoerd is responsible for the overall strategy and management of His previous research has taken him around the world with excavations in Belize. Jordan. Palestine. Kenya. front. Germany and the United Kingdom. an internationally renowned advertising agency.Management Sjoerd van der Linde Sjoerd van der Linde is General Director and CoFounder of CommonSites. He has been involved with setting up the studio for Taxi Netherlands. and has worked for MTV. Previously. Ethiopia. . He has broad experience in the field of multi-media and design and is passionate about making a difference through new media. His educational background is a combination of Industrial Design at TU Delft and Image & Media Technology at Utrecht Arts Academy. Syria and the Dutch Antilles. Adam Jagich Adam Jagich is Scientific Director and Co-Founder of CommonSites. Mali. Guatemala. He combines his knowledge of archaeology and his general love for science with his field experience and contacts in the archaeological and scientific communities to bring knowledge and information to the general public. he currently is a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Archaeology. Besides this. Besides this he is currently a researcher and lecturer at Leiden University in the department of Human Origins. He is responsible for project management and web-based content of CommonPedia.

Willem Willems Prof. Dr. Faculty of Archaeology. Willem Willems. Steven Engelsman Director General. Harvest – Online Business Development.Board of advisors Prof. The Netherlands/Sweden . Dean. Bram Ellens Partner. The Netherlands Contact Mr. Dr. Akvo. Leiden University. The Netherlands Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson Co-founder and Co-director. The Netherlands Co-President International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) Dr. Museum Volkenkunde. demo.Online demo Visit the demo: www.htm .

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