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Power House Leadership Training

Preparation of the True Priesthood [Leaders]

To help students understand how to become true leaders and to carefully consider the price
they should pay.

1. Students must be able to understand the biblical qualifications of a true leader.
2. Students must be determined to strive to be a true leader.
3. Students must rely on God’s power and His grace on their journey.

Before we start, what are the qualifications of being a leader? Write a list of what you believe
is the proper prerequisites of a leader.

We need to change our mindset from worldly to biblical qualifications of a leader; otherwise,
we cannot bear fruit, and our ministry is not any different.
Today, we come to the word of God to find God’s way of creating a leader.

Examples from students: Leaders have to know how to serve others, know how to
obey authority, participating, leaders must die to self, leaders must be passionate to
save souls, leader must be alive in the Lord, must be responsible, must be able to
sacrifice, anointing from God by Holy Spirit, know how to pray/worship to God in their
secret place, someone who has vision/freedom from God, know how to fast/pray etc.

All points come from Leviticus  Background of Leviticus
 God spoke to Moses, it is time to ordain priests because temple was made
 Priest = one who comes between God and man as mediator, through priest
two parties can come together
 We are called to be royal priests, spiritually we are doing the same thing (in
between God and all nations, bringing nations to God as royal priest)
 According to Paul, we are ministers, as a new creation, our job is
ministers of reconciliation
 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 (20)
Preparation of the True Priesthood 1 1/12/08
Power House Leadership Training

 Why did God call us as a new creation?  to bring the world to

God, harmony and reconciliation through the Gospel
 Exactly what priests did!!
 Priests from the Levite tribe  that tribe was chosen to do ministry
 Among Levites was Aaron’s family
 This context of bible was ordination of priests, Moses appointing Aaron and
his sons as priests who will serve between God and the Israelites
 Through priests, Israel people come to God
 High priests speaks as spokesman of Israelites to God
 The nations cannot come to God on their own  we need to intercede for the
nations, representing/spokesman of God proclaiming to the nations
 Leviticus is not just a ritual, old-days book; the principle is practical and
important for today
 We can see through Leviticus, God’s qualifications for a true priest

Reading: Leviticus 8

Becoming a true leader means:

I. To be stripped and washed in the water of the Word (Lev. 8:6)
The whole assembly is together, to clothe new clothes fitting for a priest, Moses first
strips off previous clothing of Aaron and his sons. In front of the assembly, Aaron and
his sons are naked…Moses washing them with water.
*** What is the spiritual meaning? Before they can minister, before God and
Israelites, they must be stripped and washed.
- In NT, water means Word of God (John 15:3, Eph. 5:25)
- We are cleansed through water, which is the Word of God
*** What does it mean spiritually? How can we apply that?

To be a true leader:
A. Stripped, naked of all things  Public humiliation, nothing left to hide
* Are you ready to be broken?
1. To be a leader is not to receive the glory of man.
2. In order to be a true leader, you must go through nakedness and
brokenness so God can deal with your issues.
Ex) Preacher on pulpit seemingly anointed, but at home has problems.
** Godly character is what God is looking for, before you minister.
Preparation of the True Priesthood 2 1/12/08
Power House Leadership Training

2 Timothy 3:16-17
 Through the word, God will reveal your heart, motivations, hidden
sin, inner wounds and hurts  training in righteousness
 Without being cleansed in Word of God and process, cannot be
fully equipped to do God’s work
 If not want to be stripped and broken, do not dare to be a leader
Hebrew 4:12
 Word of God has the power to reveal, nothing is hidden, all is bare
B. Brokenness and changes

First Qualification: stripped, naked, broken and bear through public humiliation

II. To be clothed with holiness (Lev. 8:7-9)

A. First endure brokenness/stripped and then can be clothed by God.
** Clothing is holiness
B. On plate write “Holy to the Lord” (Ex. 28:36), placed on head of Aaron
1. Wherever Aaron goes, the plate on him says “Holy to the Lord”
2. Wherever you go, your holiness should be your character
a) Jesus gave us life so we could be holy before God
b) Our works cannot make us holy; He clothed us with His holiness

The process is important! First broken, then clothed. Now always need to carry holiness,
keeping the holiness God has given you. If you carry holiness, God will anoint you.

III. To be filled with the Holy Spirit (Lev. 8:10-12)

A. Not only you, but also your ministry tools must be anointed by the Spirit.
1. Consecrated means to be apart in the service of God
(Anointing will consecrate you!)
2. All the tools and vessels using in the service of God must be anointed.
(Moses poured anointing on tools and Aaron the priest)
*** Anointing is key!

Open your eyes to see what is happening in the church. We have everything!
We have all technology and program. But what is missing? The anointing of
the Holy Spirit! Their lives are not changed without H.S.
What we do is from God! God commanded us how to minister, what to say,
Preparation of the True Priesthood 3 1/12/08
Power House Leadership Training

God will give us the vessel to minister. When we obey, God will prove our
message by pouring out His Spirit.

B. There is an extreme penalty for anyone who made anything like it.
1. Strong human personality
a) People confuse this for anointing.
2. Technology
a) Watchman Nee warned us in the 1920s that the deadliest
deception of the Last Days will be the soulish substitute for the realm
of Spirit that would come through technology.
b) Can deceive people into thinking there is anointing.

*** Difference is fruit  not number of followers BUT how many souls coming to the
K.O.G., how their lives are changed, if Jesus is reigning over them, giving lives for
others, sacrificing for others to preach and give life to others.
TRUE ANOINTING  see through eyes of God, true conversion

IV. To be a sacrifice to the Lord (Lev. 8:14-17)

* Aaron and sons lay hands on ox/bull  sacrifice ox, laying hands on it means this
ox is myself, I am the sacrifice!
- Laying hands in the OT means “I am the sacrifice”
- Aaron and his sons are saying “I have sinned. This ox has died in my place
for my sins. I am like this ox, a sacrifice.”
*** To become true leaders = sacrifice to God = give up life = for saving of
other souls
a) as sacrifice we think outwardly things (i.e. gift, money etc).
b) but what is truly valuable to God?

A. God has a totally different value system from us.

1. Verse 16-17
2. Man values the hide and meat (outside) of ox, but God values the internal
organs (inside) of ox
B. God is not interested in the outer hide and the flesh; He counts that as dung.
C. The inner man that is broken and washed is a pleasing sacrifice before God.
1. God is looking for your inner man (is it broken, changed)
2. He sees your Godly character, not your outside passion!!
Preparation of the True Priesthood 4 1/12/08
Power House Leadership Training

a) It is good to have passion and zeal

b) But if you don’t care about being transformed  not true worship
c) True worship is being changed before Christ
3. When a brother/sister of Christ is filled and doing miracles and preaching,
but later shows a little flesh  we do not judge
example: disciples did as Jesus did with miracles, but amongst
themselves, they quarrel, not like Jesus.
*** Jesus saw that their character is not changed…He did not kick
them out. He told them that the K.O.G. is different from world, loving
We need to wait patiently for them to grow in maturity.
As a family, when we see weakness, we do not have any right
to accuse, but embrace them and fulfill Jesus’ new
commandment (to love as I did)  give them a chance to grow
in maturity

***Nevertheless, in order to be leaders, we need to work on inner man, grow in

maturity, character like Jesus

V. Be a person waiting on God (Lev. 8:33)

A. During ordination (7 days), waiting silently in tent. WHY wait?
Shouldn’t they serve? Because now they are qualified?
B. We must be men/women waiting on God, hearing from God  fasting and prayer
1. We need fresh anointing every day.
2. We cannot serve with gifts alone.
3. Jesus was one who waited on God.
(i.e. before picking 12 disciples, he waited on God, not follow pressure of
people or his own agenda, and only pay attention to what God said)
*** Purpose of waiting on God  He is worthy of our praise and worship
Intention is not to do as I desire to do, but as God desires.

VI. Your reward will be the glory of God not glory from man (Lev. 9:22-24)
A. Glory of God will come into the ministry.
B. Nobody will bring praise or recognition, might actually endure persecution.
1. God did not promise glory of people, God promised His glory.
2. We desire to bring glory of God to the people, to us.
Preparation of the True Priesthood 5 1/12/08
Power House Leadership Training

** If we fail to bring the glory of God, we have failed.

** This glory of God will convict the people, bring them to repentance,
will change them, equip them etc.

CONCLUSION - Challenge
1. Jesus went through this process  we must go through it also.
*** Our Lord Jesus was the model of a true spiritual leader.
2. Leader is one who is willing to give one’s life for the sake of others.
3. God will be with you during this process.
4. Forget about seeking the glory from man.

This is the perfect message for us right now! These six steps are progressive (need to do
first step before second) and continuous (go through it many times throughout one’s life).

How can you know you are being broken, or know which area needs to be broken? It cannot
be done without a dedicated relationship. In order for this to be done, we need a place in
which we can be stripped, clothed, anointed. Can be done through dedication to this
ministry…willing to be stripped etc.
*** Mentorship and discipleship idea is to be formed into the character of Jesus

Starting a Power House is becoming a trendy idea. First, must go through this process.
Second, wait on the Lord. This way, can check on your heart and motivation.
ex) Nehemiah and his work in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem

Preparation of the True Priesthood 6 1/12/08