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Sanitation Monitoring System
Consistently Accurate
The sampler’s vertical sampling technique increases downward
pressure on the surface. This helps penetrate surface crevasses, and
break-up existing biofilms to uncover previously protected organisms.
The sponge will reabsorb the liquid, with any present organic matter
or bacteria, for consistently accurate results.

Intended Use Buffer
Neogen’s AccuPoint ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is a lightweight,
handheld system that validates the effectiveness of a sanitation program Sample Pad
by detecting food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in
liquids. The system utilizes easy-to-use AccuPoint samplers, which auto-
matically mix prepared reagents to quickly generate results.
The Test
The AccuPoint system utilizes adenosine triphosphate (ATP) biolumi-
nescence to determine the cleanliness of test samples. ATP is a chemical
compound found in all living cells, including bacteria, food debris, yeast
and mold. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that produces light.
ATP bioluminescence occurs when ATP from a sample comes into
contact with luciferase, an enzyme found in fireflies, and luciferin, a
substrate. The amount of light emitted in this reaction is proportional
to the amount of ATP detected in a sample. Luciferase
After a sample is taken the sampler is pressed into its cartridge in the
monitor, breaking its seals and initiating the mixing of reagents. The
cartridge contains a buffering solution, which flushes the ATP onto
a pad containing the reagents. The reaction takes place within the
cartridge and a detector measures the amount of light produced. The
reading is displayed on the LCD display in relative light units (RLU).
According to preset limits, an icon is displayed indicating a pass, mar-
ginal or fail result. These limits are defined by the operator or by using
the system presets.
Sampler extender (optional)

Three samplers engineered for precise sampling in each

unique application—flat surfaces, water samples and
tight spaces such as small orifices and channels

78 Sales & Service: 800/234-5333 (USA/Canada) or 517/372-9200 • Fax: 517/372-2006 •

Food Safety Online Ordering

Sanitation Monitoring System

The Procedure Results

After the countdown, the data reading is displayed. Easy to interpret
1. Sample surface or water icons indicate a pass, marginal or fail result. Results can be recorded,
or using AccuPoint’s docking station, simply uploaded to a PC for
easy data analysis.

AccuPoint comes with Data Manager

software that allows customers to:
upload results to a PC, set pass/
caution/fail levels, create and print
trend analysis graphs, export data to
Use the Access sampler
spreadsheets, and keep a record of sanitation effectiveness to verify
for tight spaces
SSOPs. Results can be presented in a clear chart format showing the
actual measurement in color coded green (pass), yellow (caution)
and red (fail) for extra clarity. Accumulated results can be graphed
using bar or pie charts, over a variety of criteria, for clear pictures
of sanitation testing results and trends.

2. Insert sampler into cartridge to first stop

Ordering Information
Prod.# Product description
9600 AccuPoint Sanitation Monitoring System - Includes monitor,
NiMH battery pack, Docking station with power supply data
cable, DataManager Software and User’s Guide
9605 AccuPoint ATP Surface Samplers (100)
9606 AccuPoint Water Samplers (100)
9607 AccuPoint Access Samplers (100)
9610 NiMH Battery Replacement pack
3. Insert cartridge into device and 9611 Sampler extender
fully depress sampler. Close unit 9612 AccuPoint Cleaning Kit (5 swabs)
door and read results. 9613 AccuPoint Stand-up Holster
9615 AccuPoint Docking Station
9616 AccuPoint Communications Cable
9617 AccuPoint DataManager Software
9618 Hawking Technologies USB Serial Converter
9619 ATP Standards Kit

Sales & Service: 800/234-5333 (USA/Canada) or 517/372-9200 • Fax: 517/372-2006 • 79