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Using Tryptic Soy Fast Green Agar, the ISO-GRID/NEO-GRID Approvals: AOAC Official Method #986.32
Membrane Filter Systems are used to provide a method for determining
a sample’s total bacterial count. Tryptic Soy Fast Green Agar
Tryptone 15 g/L
The Test
Soytone 5 g/L
The ISO-GRID/NEO-GRID systems are based on the principle of Sodium Chloride 5 g/L
hydrophobic grid membrane filtration. A sample’s total bacterial count
Fast Green FCF 0.25 g/L
is enumerated through the use of a unique membrane filter containing a
Agar 15 g/L
grid of 1,600 squares. First, a diluted sample is prefiltered to eliminate any
food particles present. The sample is then filtered through a hydrophobic Final pH: 7.3 ± 0.2
membrane, and the membrane is placed on Tryptic Soy Fast Green Agar. See Equipment and Accessories - ISO-GRID / NEO-GRID, pg. 95
Tryptic Soy Fast Green Agar is specifically formulated to provide a total
bacterial count.
After incubation the membrane filter is examined, and all squares
containing one or more green or blue colonies are counted. The total
number of positive squares is converted to the corresponding most prob-
able number (MPN) using one of the methods described in the Methods Ordering Information
Manual, and the total bacterial count MPN per gram is calculated.
Prod.# Product description
For Use With Either the NEO-GRID or ISO-GRID Test System
Test Procedure
6905A TSAF Agar
1. Prepare a sample homogenate. 6810 1-Place Filtration Manifold
2. Filter 1 mL of the homogenate through the prefilter and ISO-GRID 6800 3-Place Filtration Manifold
or NEO-GRID membrane filter. 6801 6-Place Filtration Manifold
3. Place the membrane filter on the surface of Tryptic Soy Fast Green 6821 Rubber Tubing (10 feet)
Agar plate. 6822 Side-Arm Flask Assembly (1 L)
4. Incubate inverted for 48 hours at 35–37°C. 6824 Vacuum Pump - ¼ hp (Gast)
Refer to the Methods Manual for complete instructions, and other 6828 Forceps
available test methods. For Use With The NEO-GRID Test System Only
6848 NEO-GRID Test System - Contains 48 individually
packaged membrane filtration systems
6825 NEO-GRID Silicone Stopper
6826 Filta Tips (box of 100)
6827 Filter Bags - 24 oz Whirl-Pak (box of 250)
6829 1.0 mL Sterile Serological Pipettes (bag of 50)
For Use With The ISO-GRID Test System Only
Please see page 95 for the required ISO-GRID equipment and

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