History SpiceJet is a budget airline operating in India and is a reincarnation of ModiLu ft.

It was formed by Ajay Singh, Sanjay Malhotra and the Kansagra family. It aim s to compete with Indian Railways for those passengers who travel in the air con ditioned coaches of the latter. On 15 July 2008 billionaire Wilbur Ross suggested he would invest 345 crore (US$ 76.94 million) in the airline. SpiceJet accepted an offer in principle from a US -based private equity firm that would make these funds available. Indian media baron Kalanidhi Maran acquired 37.7% in the business in June 2010. Destinations SpiceJet flies to 22 destinations across India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It commence d international operations with flights from Chennai to Colombo, Sri Lanka on 7 October 2010, and flights from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal on 9 October 2010. corporate overview SpiceJet s mission is to become India s preferred low-cost airline, delivering the l owest air fares with the highest consumer value, to price sensitive consumers. W e hope to fulfill everyone s dream of flying! With India's economic and business growth, the percentage of traveling populatio n is burgeoning. More and more Indians are traveling for both business and pleas ure and everyone needs to save both time and money. SpiceJet's vision is to adre ss that and ensure that flying is for everyone. The power to fly for everyone With a dynamic fare structure, SpiceJet offers fares that are affordable and sig nificantly lower than most airlines. With contemporary interiors, modern graphic s and vibrant colours, SpiceJet is very much like today s traveler - practical yet stylish. A SpiceJetter will feel this is the smart, international way to travel, I've made the smart choice . SpiceJet is committed to make sure you feel good at the end of a flight, arriving at your destination - fresh and on time. The power of performance. From aircraft to crew and ground staff the focus is on performance. Each SpiceJe t employee is groomed to be smart, friendly, efficient and well-informed, ensuri ng that any interaction will make you feel welcome and looked after. Experienced pilots, well-trained cabin crew will make every flight a comfortable one. The p hilosophy is no-frills but high-performance. The power of safety SpiceJet invests heavily in safety, impeccable maintenance and a high level of e xpertise. Experienced pilots, engineers and maintenance crew go through rigorous training and are hand-picked for their technical knowledge and expertise. So yo u can rest assured that there is no cut-back in this key area of modern day flyi ng. The power behind the power to fly SpiceJet's key management personnel are all senior, seasoned professionals and h ave significant international experience in both launching and managing low-cost airlines. With thousands of cumulative man hours in the industry, the managemen t is committed to bring to customers in India all the benefits of the global rev olution in the skies. SpiceJet aims to make travel comfortable, affordable and r

offers safe. SpiceJet Cargo is a nationwide Airport-top -Airport product with offices at major SpiceJet destinations such as Ahmedabad. Agartala. the exceptions being Valu able Cargo and Goods classified under Dangerous Goods.raghuraman@spicejet. SpiceJet Cargo offers the capability to ferry between 2 to 3. SpiceJet s mission is to become India s preferred airline with the hi ghest consumer value through honest and ethical conduct of the business. get ready for the power to fly! Spice jet Cargo SpiceJet Cargo. This includes respect for human values. You can book cargo directly at our offices across India. V. Chennai. Mr. and is fully capable of providing professionally handled cargo and logis tical services to all parts of India. Welcome on board India's newest. Mumbai. or through our authoriz ed agents. The array of products and services offered by SpiceJet Cargo includes General Ca rgo Services that cater to all types of general cargo.efreshingly efficient experience for all. The following tables display inf ormation on office locations and respective contact numbers of SpiceJet cargo pe rsonnel. Delhi. Direct bookings with SpiceJet Cargo will require payments to be made in cash. Hydera bad. The maximum acceptable di mensions for each package are L48''XB52''XH34''. Kolkata.5 tons of cargo per flight with 167 scheduled daily flights. Bookings should be made at least three hours prior to flight departur e time. individual dignity. The cargo team is backed by years of expe rience. Madurai. Applicability . Kochi. Goa. ethical and professional conduct. on-time and effici ent air freight transportation across India backed by SpiceJet's state-of-the-ar t infrastructure and professional expertise. India. Guwahati. Bangalore. a division of SpiceJet airlines.Raghuraman m General Manager . and adherence to honest. Bagdogra. smartest and most affordable low-fare airline. this amounts to a total capacity of ap proximately 300 tons on a daily basis. The Company s philosophy on corporate governance revolves around fair and transpar ent governance and disclosure practices. Coimbatore. with individual package weight not exceeding 100kgs.co CODE OF CONDUCT FOR BOARD MEMBERS & SENIOR MANAGEMENT Introduction SpiceJet Limited has a vision for total customer satisfaction and enhancing stak eholders value. Pune and Vizag.Cargo v. Jaipur. and are subject to availability of space.

Related Parties: Senior Officers should avoid conducting company business in any significant way with a relative (as defined in the Companies Act. Gratuities and Gifts: The Company s policy prohibits the receipt of gifts and grat uities. They should not divulge or communicate such information to third parties except when authorized for the business reasons. or is in conflict with or prejudicial to the inter ests of the Company. Compliance with the Code: Any Senior Officer who knows or suspect violation of a pplicable laws. The Code Following are the covenants of the Code of Conduct for board members and senior management Honest and Ethical Conduct: Senior Officers are expected to comply with all appl icable laws. Company's assets should be used onl y for legitimate business purposes. rules or regulations or this Code of Conduct. Insider Trading: Senior Officers should abide by company s insider trading policy in compliance with the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations 1992. safeguard an d use discreetly. supplier or trader. must immediately r eport such information to the HR Department. read and understood t he Code of Conduct. preserve. particularly from individuals or firms with which the Company has busine ss dealings. This will help safeguard company s as sets and reputation. The Board of Directors of the Company shall designate appropriate person to dete rmine appropriate action incase of violation of the Code. Exclusivity: Senior Officers are expected to devote their full attention with in tegrity and honesty to the business interests of the Company.This Code of Conduct is applicable to the Members of the Board of Directors of t he Company and Senior Management. The Senior Officers shall confirm that they have received. Anti Harassment Policy: The Senior Officers should adhere to and facilitate effe ctive functioning of the Company s mechanism for redressal of complaints of harass ment of any nature as per laid down policies and principles. without intimation to the Board of Directors. Protection and Proper Use of Company's Assets: Senior Officers are responsible f or effective control and appropriate use of all Company s resources entrusted to t hem in the official discharge of their duty. Confidential Information: Senior Officers have to secure. or wit h a business in which a close relative is associated. a s adopted by the Board of Directors of the Company. honesty and ethical conduct. rules and regulations and all applicable policies and procedures ad opted by the Company with the highest standard of personal and professional inte grity. confidential information in the best interest of the Company. and agree to comply with the Code annually in the format spe cified. 1956). Disclosure . They are prohibite d from engaging in any activity that interferes with his proper discharge of res ponsibilities of the Company. defined as members of core management team exc luding Board of Directors but including all functional heads (hereinafter collec tively referred to as Senior Officers). To the extent possible all such gifts or hospitalities m ust be declined so as to ensure that Senior Officers are not put in an obligator y position vis-à-vis the company customer. The only exception is the receipt of complementary items that carry Company s name printed or embossed on it so as to clearly establish that it is a sales promotional item.

52 million€USD€(2009) Website SpiceJet.IATA SG ICAO SEJ Callsign SPICEJET Founded 2004 Commenced operations 23 May 2005 Hubs * Indira Gandhi International Airport€(Delhi) * Rajiv Gandhi International Airport€(Hyderabad)[1] (begins 21 September) Secondary hubs * Chennai International Airport * Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport(Mumbai) * Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport(Kolkata) Focus cities * Bengaluru International Airport€(Bangalore) * Cochin International Airport(Kochi) * Pune International Airport * Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport(Ahmedabad) Fleet size 33 Destinations 22 Company slogan Get More When You Fly Parent company Sun Group Headquarters Gurgaon[2] Key people Kalanithi Maran. . CompetitorsAirlines Ltd.€CEO Revenue €$400. COMPANY Airlines Ltd.€Chairman Neil Mills.com DECAVI Kingfisher JETAIR Jet Airways (India) JAGAIR Jagsons SPILTD Spicejet SYMBOL Ltd.

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