Since before time was logged by hands of clocks or digital time which is fake time people have pondered existence. How was it All put into motion? Is the creator a person, place, or thing? The Creator of the boundless universe is none of these things. The Creator existed in a state of nothingness which was and is a form of existence which many still can’t comprehend? However We will explain the unexplainable which most religious doctrines have failed at defining the creator because they define the source of all things as a he or a she, when the creator of All is none of those things for all things exist within the bosom of the omnipotent All.

What is existence? Existence is defined in websters online dictionary as totality of existent things being all fair existences of heaven.

So is heaven the dwelling place of the creator? No. But before I explain that lets define the word heaven.
Heaven : the expanse of space that seems to be over the earth like a dome : FIRMAMENT —usually used in plural.

The creator of All exist Formless without form and is not in heaven but is the vastness of the heavens establishing existence in all things seen and unseen.

The Sacred Wisdom Of Pa Neter Tahuti

The universe is mental and physical held in the mind Of all which are in all. All is physical and all is spirit! But what is spirit? Spirit is the boundless potential Vitality to create ( Pert Em Heru ) There are many Degrees or vibrational modes to Spiritual existence or spirit beings. The question cannot be answered, just by saying the spirit is this or that, body or exoplasma, the reason is, that it’s definition is practically that all is a Form of the Creator which cannot be explained or defined or explained in religion or by faith but by science which is the key. Spirit is simply a name that mortals give to the highest conception of Infinite living mind, called All. What is nothingness? 1.Nothingness is a state of quarks; the quad cycle which is called quadity that manifest both Universally-Macrocosmically and worldly-microcosmically- the first degree of Darkness-initial degree of nothingness. 2. The state of biaps; the dual cycle which is called duality – the second degree of darkness – split of energies into positive and negative currents both of which are necessary for life thus also occur physically for humanity as the splitting of the daughter cell called mitosis, 3. The state of quarks; The tri-cycle called Trinity as it is the counter balance and undetected counter point of a quark. 4. The state of zedes or zeles; the solo, single or monad-cycle of aloneness merely the 1st essence, 1st being, or totality of All beings which should not be confused as implying loneliness but instead represents being fulfilled, unique and complete within itself yet with the probability of being added to or bonded to as such when an atom bonds to hydrogen making it stable thus

bringing about helium; one of the noble gases, the third degree of darkness when energies though completed looked for a way to stabilize themselves an experience which microcosmically happens amongst humanity when you seek to find a partner with whom to spend your life or a portion there of. This is the state where the weight or sums of things or of a thing are able to add as this preweight or nothiness, yet it exists, Thus by ensuring that you who are children of The Most High Heavenly One: An Naay Re know these truths, We The Guardians Angelic Helpers do allow you as members of humanity to become engrossed in tat which will allow you to have Accurate Universal Outformation, Precise Overstandings of the Beginnings of All Things and the Exact Perceptions of that which moves within you and without you: The Universe. Original Books of the Bible Papyrus 1

The Universe Can you name the various forms of existence? Yes 1. Physical existence ( Maduy Kawunfin ) 2. Existence of force ( Kawunfin Shil Shaduy ) 3. Spiritual existence ( Nafuslal Kawunfin) 4. Mental Existence ( A’glu Kawunfin ) 5. Existence of Truth ( Kawunfin shil Hagug ) 6. Existence of Reality ( Kawunfin Shil Ya’subet ) 7. Existence of The Source ( Kawunfin Shil Pa Manush ) So Existence is a state of being? Yes it is lets refer To our reference point to see what it says.

Holy tablets Chater 1 tablet 1 verse in part Neb quotes The message is life, The conveyor is existence. 3 sets of 3 or 3x3 = 9 or triple Darkness. 1st set before light, before energy, before matter, 2nd set before time, before spqace, before place, 3rd set before body, before soul, before spirit.

So existence was a state of being before creation took place? Yes existence came 1st. Holy tablets Tablet 2 verse 1 Lo! In the very beginning was the word. Existence ( Kawunfin ) was the word, Creation ( Pa Istakhlaag ) came after. Is there any other text other than the Holy tablets that Speaks about this existence of being formless without form? Pert Em Heru ( The Book of Coming forth by day ) Prior to motion there was a primeval state of being Without any form and without existence in time and space.

Mental Chemistry Scientist tell us that we live in a universal ether. This is Formless Of it’s self but in us and around us, according to our thought and word. Are there any other creation stories other than Ancient Tamareye stories? Yes. Many tribes of Africa have creation stories which have been passed down since For thousands of years as oral traditions amongs tribes, nations, and clans. One Such creation story is the one passed down thru the ages by the dogon of mali. The Dogon believe that the original germ of life is symbolized by the smallest Cultivated seed, Digitaria Exlis, Commonly known as fonio and also called by the Dogon Kize Uzi. The Littlest thing”. This seed quickened by an internal Vibration, Burst the enveloping sheath, and emerges to reach the uttermost confines of the Universe. At the same time unfolding matter moves along a path which forms a spiral or helix. Just asd on the vegetal plane seven seeds came out of the first, so in the same way on the astral plane. From the first star came 7 others bearing the names of the seven corresponding seeds. The preceding events took place inside an enormous egg, aduno tal, A world situated in infinite space and containing the appointed model of creation, Nommo the son of amma. This egg was divided into 2

twin placenta, daughter cells, each of which should contain a twin pair of nommo. In one placenta, however, the male person did not await the usual period of gestation Appointed by amma but emerged prematurely from the egg. Moreover, he tore a fragment from his placenta and with it came down through a space out of the egg; this fragment became earth. Refer to Holy tablets chapter 3 tablet 5.

Sirius A & B

Dogon village in West Africa This is a small taste of whats to comes from a series of Nu papyrus Being ensribed By: Pa Neb Nyansapo NoopooH- Yu-Hu

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