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Answer: a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use Insulin WHAT IS INSULIN? Answer: a hormone that unlocks the cells of the body allowing glucose to enter & fuel them Diabetics > too much glucose in the blood due to inadequate/ineffective insulin Cause? UNKNOWNstill a Mystery both GENETICS & ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS such as obesity & lack of exercise appear to play MAJOR roles Diagnosed!when blood glucose level is greater than 126 mg/dL (7.0mmol) fasting or greater than 144 mg/dL (11.1 mmoL) non-fasting (2009 DATA) 2010-2011 DATAFBS --- at most, 90 in Am (fasting)!FBS --- at most, 1302 hours after supper!!! Signs & Symptoms: Polydipsia (excessive thirst) Polyuria (excessive urination) Polyphagia (feeling very hungry) Weight loss (unexplained loss) Sores/wounds that heal slowly Blurry eyesight Chronic fatigue/Tiredness 3 Main Types: Type 1 --- Insulin dependent; body fails to produce insulin Type 2 --- Non-Insulin dependent; results from Insulin Resistance (the body fails to properly use Insulin) combined with relative Insulin deficiency Gestational Diabetes --- affects

only pregnant women Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT)> occurs when the level of glucose in the blood is higher than normal but not in the diabetic range People with IGT are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the near future> DENIAL MODE/DENIAL STAGE Demographics/Stats about Diabetes Mellitus 2010 --- 221 million WORLDWIDE List of Countries with the Highest Cases of Diabetes India --- 31.7 mil (2000); 47.6 mil (2010); China --- 20.8 mil (2000); 28 mil (2010); USA --- 17.7 mil (2000); 22 mil (2010); Indonesia --- 8.4 mil (2000); 12.7 mil (2010); Japan --- 6.8 mil (2000); 7.5 mil (2010) Source: WHO Annual Report 2010 Prevalence of D.M. in the Western Pacific (WHO) 1.China --- 20.8 mil (2000); 42.3 mil (2030) 2. Japan --- 6.8 mil (2000); 8.9 mil (2030) 3. Philippines --- 2.8 mil (2000); 8 mil(2030) 4. Korea --- 1.9 mil (2000); 3.4 mil (2030) 5. Malaysia --- 950,000 (2000); 2.5 mil (2030) source: WHO Annual Report UNITED STATE OF AMERICA every 21 seconds, diabetes hits an American Philippines 500 New Diabetics every 24 hours(diagnosed) WHAT IS CONSIDERED NORMAL MAY CHANGE!!!(normal values)1985 --- FBS > 140; 2HPG > 200; 1999 --- FBS > 126; 2HPG > 200; 2003 --- FBS > 126; 2HPG > 200 RISK FACTORS 12 Ksof D. M. KALAHI (RACE) Pacific Islander (Philippines)

KAPAMILYA (FAMILY HISTORY) if at least 1 parent is +; HEREDITY Loads the Cannon KATANDAAN (AGE)D Older, D Riskier KATAMARAN (SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE) No/lack exerciseSIESTA (after meals), Facebook, YM, Twitter, MP4, elevators/escalators vs. stairs KATAKAWAN (High caloric diet & bigger servings) unlimited*p/c method* KATABAAN (Obesity, with Acanthosis Nigricans & HDL < 35 & Triglycerides > 250) fatty liver; male with a waistline of 35 inches & above KABUNTISAN (Gestational Diabetes) KAPUSO (Cardio-Vascular Disease/HTN) 5 years prior to onset of DM, increase in BP is already present KALASINGAN (Alcohol excess) more than 2 bottles of beer/day, more than 2 shots of liquor/daypulutan not included yet KATENSYONAN (STRESS)constant exposure to daily stressors KABALIWAN (Severe Mental Disorder) those with schizophrenia & major depression KASIGARILYUHAN (Cigarette Smoking) PHYSICAL ACTIVITYLAUGHTER YOGA Theme: Let Us Enjoy By: PAOLO MARTIN TRINIDAD, Founder, PINOY LAUGHTER YOGA No. 1 Stress Buster Professional Background (Mr. Paolo Martin L. Trinidad)> Founder, PINOY LAUGHTER YOGA> 1st Certified Laughter Yoga Professor of the Philippines> Trained in Bangalore, India> Student of Dr. Madan Kataria (founder of Laughter Yoga International)

Do you know that 10 Minutes ofPINOY LAUGHTER YOGA is alreadyEquivalent to 30 Minutes of Jogging or any heavy work out? Benefits: > Prevents Cancer > Perfect Cardio Vascular work out > Antidote for Depression > Controls Hypertension > Increases Stamina > Improves Eyesight > Increases the Immune System > Improves Memory & Concentration Other Benefits: > Massages Internal Organs > Lowers Cholesterol Levels > Improves EQ & IQ > Improves Skin Condition > Eliminates Body Pain because of the Endomorphines Produced (natural opiate) FORMULA: > 3 Mins. Deep Breathing Exercise > 3 Mins. Clapping > 4 Mins. Laughing > 5 Mins. Laughing with Actions(of Facial muscles, lips, cheek bone, eyes/orbit in circular motion) > 4 to 5 Counts of Deep Breathing (in between clapping, laughing activities) Professional Advice: 1. For BEST RESULT, Find a Partner/Group 2. Vocalize (ha, he, hi, ho, hu) 3. BEWARE of Flying Objects(dentures, saliva/oro-pharyngeal secretions) 4. Be CONSCIOUS of your ENVIRONMENT 5. Throw ALL Negative Energies UPWARD 6. Have Pity on Fellow Human Beings 7. Dont OVERDO It. 8. Failure to Heed Warnings may lead to Myocardial Problems