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ynhub 1.02 changelog.

this isn't a all accurate changlog and there are minor changes/fixes that isn't
stated below..
however these are the most important changes in 1.02

last used column for clientbans.
leading spaces being removed when using certain commands not longer removed.
issue in the profile settings with set profile/set req. isp/ip range checkboxes.
wrong offset count when using �sr.
"suppress client kick message in mainchat" works now.
max spam warnings is saved properly.
when using �settextcommand on a raw command, a | (pipe) at the end will be
automatically added.
pipe converts properly to html equivalent (so it works in dc++) now in
�showredirects and �setredirect.
kick feed won't be sent if deactivated.
feed will only be sent if you've joined the chatroom where it is set.
chatrooms obey the "is operator" checkbox properly.
chatrooms with a space in them can be created through �addchatrooms command.
text commands that are triggered with a wrong set of parameters will still
mysql "is not a valid time and date" issue fixed.
userstats prune/clear issue with online users.

more client-tags will be recognized now. instead of just "unknown" they'll show up
as "beginningoftag".
a better memory manager has been added to get rid of memory fragmentation (less
memory usage)
multiselection/removal is now possible in the accounts/banlists.
new storage structure for banlists.
nick and client and dns bans can handle both left and right wildcards.
nickpattern for hublist pingers can be left or right truncated. the nickpatterns
also reserve the matching nicks to hublist pingers thus
ordinary users can't use these nicks and block the pinger..

statistics page (also a peak sharelimit/uptime).
chatrooms can now have a welcome message.
text commands can be enabled/disabled for muted users
min/max reciever levels for text commands.
command visibility for text commands, sets who can see the message being written.
command visibility for integreated commands + the option to force integrated/hub
commands to reply in pm
new command to list which text commands you can edit, �listtextcommand.
you can now apply a special profile both for unregistered users, and self
registered ones.
global hub password.
maxhits hub commands search amount settable.
banreason now visible when using the showban commands.
extended mysql userstats.
full userip2 support (autosend of userips, check your profiles)
a private message scanner has been added (to let you all get ride of all those
advertisers etc.)