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The ABC Company sales force has been provided with smartphones and portable printers a in the graphic. Which two short-range technologies can support these types of devices? (Ch Bluetooth Cellular Infrared WiFi Satellite 2

What precaution should a technician take when checking a dot matrix printer that suddenly s functioning? Avoid the fuser unit, which can become hot. Avoid the corona wire, which can retain a high voltage. Avoid the print head, which can become hot.

Avoid the platen, which can retain a high voltage. 3

A technician needs to stop the print spooler on a Windows XP computer because the printer failed. Which set of commands should the technician follow? Choose Start > Control Panel > System. Choose Hardware tab. ChooseServices.

Choose Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. ChooseServices. Choose Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools >Computer Management. Choose Services. Choose Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes. Right click the icon for the printer Choose Properties. Choose the Advanced tab. Choose Services. 4

A Windows XP computer that once had three operating systems installed now has only one system. However, when the computer boots up, the user is still presented with a choice betw old systems and XP. Which path allows the user to make changes to the BOOT.INI file?

Click Start > Control Panel > System. Click the Advanced tab. ClickPerformance Opt

Right click My Computer. Choose Manage. Click System Tools. Double-clickDisk Man Right click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. D click Storage. Double-click Disk Management. Click Start. Right click My Computer. Choose Properties. Choose theAdvanced tab. Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery area. Click Edit. 5

Refer to the exhibit. The IT department requested a new set of memory chips to upgrade the laptops. A picture of the memory chip required is attached to the purchase order so the corre can be bought. Which type of memory module is the IT department expecting to receive?

DIMM DDR2 DRAM LT-RAM SODIMM SORAM 6 Which security technology will control access to a data storage facility? enforcing network logins fitting equipment with security screws using cable locks using card keys 7

A new technician has joined the IT team and is about to service a heavy printer. Which two precautions should be taken to avoid any injury when transporting the heavy printer to the se area? (Choose two.) Avoid lifting the equipment using the strength in your back. Lift the equipment using the strength in your legs and knees. Avoid bending your knees when lifting the printer. Bend your back to pick the printer up. Avoid lifting the printer close to your body.

A technician is trying to explain USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 to a user in terms of speed. The user problems comparing the two standards based on the values expressed in Mbps. Which expl can the technician use that will best describe the relationship? USB 2.0 is twice as fast as USB 1.1. USB 2.0 is twenty times as fast as USB 1.1. USB 2.0 is forty times as fast as USB 1.1. USB 2.0 is one hundred times as fast as USB 1.1.

A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician w to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired configuration Use jumpers on the motherboard to configure the drive as slave. List the drive as slave in the CMOS. Connect the drive after the twist in the PATA cable. Use jumpers on the drive to configure the drive as slave.

10 Several messages sent to the network administrator are reporting that access to a secure se HTTPS is failing. After checking recent updates to the company firewall, the administrator lea the firewall is blocking HTTPS. Which port should be opened to solve the problem? 22 53 80 143 443

11 A junior technician finds preventive maintenance very boring and would prefer to fix real prob However, what is the most important reason for the company that the preventive maintenanc done?

It is important to train the junior technicians to become good technicians by giving them t preventive maintenance duties. Preventive maintenance helps to protect the computer equipment against future problem Preventive maintenance allows the IT department to regularly monitor the contents of us drives to ensure computer use policies are being followed. Preventive maintenance enables the IT manager to check on the location and state of th computer assets. 12 What two dangers exist when working on laser printers? mercury poisoning electrical shock hexavalent chromium ingestion burns lead poisoning

13 What is one thing a technician can determine about a system when using the command ipco user e-mail address operating system configuration system network configuration system password

14 A computer had updates installed and was rebooted. Nothing is displaying on the monitor th connected to the computer. What could the technician do to reset the monitor settings?

Use the BIOS. Use the Windows installation CD. Use internal DOS commands. Use the F8 key.

15 A user on the network needs to be able to add and remove files in a shared folder on an NTF formatted server. Users should never be allowed to assume ownership of the shared folder. permission should the administrator assign to the user? modify execute read write

16 Which interface can transfer data at a maximum speed of 480 Mbps? parallel serial SCSI USB 2.0 IEEE 1394

17 A technician has been asked to connect a new scanner to a computer. Which interface provi fastest transfer of data? USB 2.0 SCSI (Ultra-320) Parallel (IEEE 1284) Serial (RS-232)

18 Using RIS, a technician is having difficulties performing a remote installation. Which two prob would cause the remote installations to fail? (Choose two.) The unattend.txt file is corrupted. The computer does not have a PXE-capable NIC installed. The third party drive imaging utility is faulty. The setupmgr.exe was not used to connect to the remote computer. The network shared folder that holds the OS files is not accessible.

19 A company has a preventive maintenance policy that requires every computer have a new re point created every six months. How can a technician create the restore point?

From the CLI enter the command restore /cn. Go to Start > Control Panel > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > Crea restore point. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > Crea restore point. Right-click My Computer and then go to Properties > Restore > Create Restore Point 20 What are two characteristics of the IEEE 1284 parallel interface standard? (Choose two.) These cables usually have 9 pins or 25 pins on both ends. The maximum cable length is 50 ft (15 m). All ports that are used by this standard are also known as D-shell ports. The two available operative modes are EPP and ECP. Bi-directional communication is allowed.

21 After information has been gathered from a user about the failure of a printer, which two actio should be performed? (Choose two.) Change the communication cable. Ensure all cables are connected correctly. Reinstall the print driver. Clear any type of paper jams. Clear the printer queue. Look for any type of upgrade on the web.

22 A user wants to upgrade the video adapter in a computer. What is the first issue the user sho consider when selecting a newer video adapter? Is there an available compatible expansion slot on the motherboard? Does the price of the video adapter include a comprehensive warranty? Are video adapter drivers available for the operating system that is in use? Does the video manufacturer have a reputation for reliable and high quality products? 23 Which Windows hard drive partition is referred to as the C: drive? the first volume partition the first primary partition the first extended partition

the first logical partition

24 A technician is helping a customer select additional RAM for a computer. Which two items sh considered when updating RAM? (Choose two.) The new memory must run at least as fast as the existing memory. The total amount of memory must not exceed the size of the swap file. The new memory must be compatible with the motherboard. The new memory must run at speeds as fast as the cache of the CPU. The new memory must be compatible with the video card.

25 A technician has received several reports from employees about receiving e-mail from webs request private bank information. Which type of security should be implemented to block em from accessing these suspicious websites? virus protection spyware protection adware protection phishing protection

26 A network administrator needs to restrict access to the network. Which type of firewall allows those packets that are part of a known connection? stateful firewall proxy firewall packet filter content engine

27 A network technician is installing network service in a new office. What is the distance limitat single data run for UTP cabling without adding networking devices? 33 ft (10 m) 100 ft (31 m) 330 ft (100 m) 500 ft (154 m)

28 Which technology allows a user to securely access a company LAN across a public network MD5 SHA


29 A technician has been performing routine preventive maintenance on a PC. After maintenan performed and the PC and monitor are turned on, the monitor displays a black screen. The t does a visual inspection and determines that there are two video ports at the back of the PC possible problem should the technician investigate first? The monitor was damaged during cleaning. The video connector has been disabled. The computer requires two monitors for video. The video drivers need to be updated.

30 Engineers are designing a security scheme to allow only authorized persons to access the fa a national bank. Which security control measure provides the most secure solution for emplo identification? card keys security guards security key fobs biometric devices


Refer to the exhibit. Which type of technology is most suitable to bring Internet services to th that are shown in the graphic? ADSL Infrared WiFi Satellite

32 The network manager decides to implement a simple security solution to the company WLAN wireless security technique should the manager take to hide the WLAN id from any access p Configure WEP only on the access point. Install WAP on the wireless clients. Configure MAC address filtering on the access point. Disable the broadcast of the SSID on the access point. Decrease the antenna spectrum on each wireless client.

33 A home laptop owner was warned that the brand new laptop just purchased has batteries tha be fully discharged on a regular basis and then recharged. Which three types of battery shou treated this way? (Choose three.) alkaline HgO Li-ion NiCd NiMH

34 A technician is trying to allow user access to a printer on a small network. Which solution is t in cost? wired print server dedicated PC print server computer-shared printer wireless print server on-demand PC print server 35 Which external connection technology would a technician choose for a customer who wants connect a device capable of a data transfer rate of 700 Mb/s to a computer? USB 2.0 802.11 (Wi-Fi) Serial (RS-232) IEEE 1394b (Firewire)

R ABU, 25 AGUSTUS 201 0

Chapter 11 Exam - IT Essentials: PC Hardware And Software (Version 4.1)


1 A customer is interested in video editing and has purchased a FireWire hard drive for storage of videos. However, no FireWire ports are available on the motherboard. What type of adapter will the customer be interested in obtaining? #eSATA 2 A motherboard has a 64-bit bus. What does this mean? #The processor can handle multiple sections 64 bits at a time. 3 A technician fails to successfully boot a computer into Safe Mode. The technician then successfully boots the

computer using a Windows boot disk. What is the most likely cause of the problem? #hard drive failure 4 What is the purpose of the copper or aluminum between a processor and the fan on a computer motherboard? #It conducts heat from the processor so that the fan can disperse the heat. 5 You are monitoring a new technician installing a device driver on a Windows-based PC. The technician asks why the company requires the use of signed drivers. What would be the best response to give? #A signed driver has passed Microsoft's quality lab test and prevents a system from being compromised. 6 A new sound card has just been installed, but no sound reaches the speakers. What are two common solutions a technician might implement? (Choose two.) #Connect the speakers to the correct port. #Unmute the sound through the operating system. 7 A computer system keeps losing the date and time or requesting to go into the Setup program during the boot process. What are two possible solutions? (Choose two.) #Replace the motherboard battery. #Verify that the motherboard battery is secure.

8 A technician is helping a client select additional RAM for a computer. Which three items should be considered when updating RAM? (Choose three.) #The memory must be compatible with the motherboard. #The new memory must be the same type as the memory already present. #The speed of the new memory must be the same or faster than the existing memory. 9 Which two problems are caused by inadequate cooling and ventilation? (Choose #The computer does not #The computer clock no longer keeps the correct

CPU two.) boot. time.

10 What manufacturing process makes a multicore processor operate faster than a single-core processor on the same motherboard? #The multicore processors are designed with lower Level 2 caches on the chip, and they make better use of the cache on the motherboard. 11 On what media is information stored when an SSD is installed? #static RAM 12 A motherboard flash BIOS has been updated. After the

update, the computer restarts, but does not boot. The technician examines the motherboard documentation and discovers the motherboard has only one BIOS chip. What will the technician have to do to fix this problem? #Obtain a replacement BIOS chip. 13 Which two motherboard features must be compatible when selecting a new CPU? (Choose two.) #chip set #socket type 14 A technician begins gathering data from a customer by asking open-ended questions. Which question is a proper open-ended question? #Were any recent updates performed? #What happens when the PC is powered on? 15 A customer needs help selecting a new power supply for an existing computer. Which two questions should a salesperson ask to help the customer? (Choose two.) #What is the size of the case, and which type of motherboard is in the computer? #Which components are currently being used on the computer, and what new components may be added to the computer?

16 Which three computer system capabilities should a

technician consider when installing a video capture card? (Choose three.) #processor speed #amount of RAM #VGA adapter specification 17 A technician is upgrading a computer motherboard and has successfully replaced a single core CPU with a dual core CPU. What should be checked to ensure that the dual core CPU now operates correctly? #Ensure that the front-side bus settings match the speed of each CPU core. 18 When testing the 6-pin PCIe connector with a multimeter, what should the voltage read? #12 V 19 Which tool would be the best to use to test the voltage output on every pin of a SATA connector? #multimeter 20 A technician needs to retrieve a DVD from an optical drive that is jammed and fails to open. What is the best method the technician could use to retrieve the DVD? #Insert a pin in the small hole next to the eject button. 21 What are two probable causes of a computer failing to

recognize a newly installed storage device? (Choose two.) #The front side bus speed is set too high. #The device jumpers are set incorrectly. 22 When a computer boots, the hard disk is not recognized. What are two possible causes of the problem? (Choose two.) #The power cable is not attached properly to the drive. #The data cable is loose or disconnected. 23 Why is a solid state drive more reliable than a traditional drive? #It uses power-based memory instead of magneticbased memory. 24 What type of motherboard bus carries memory locations? #address 25 A technician suspects that a hard drive is beginning to fail. Which two conditions would support this suspicion? (Choose two.) #The hard drive is making unusual noises.. #The hard drive has a gradual increase in the number of bad sectors. 26 A technician is concerned that a computer is overheating. The computer reboots without warning. What can the

technician do to improve the circulation of air through the computer? #Add one or more case fans. 27 Which two ports are used to connect external media readers to a computer? (Choose two.) #FireWire #USB



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