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Dettol, 滴露

Social Mentions Report
July 2011

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All rights reserved. Typepad and LiveJournal • Video sites including YouTube. national or regional • Images sites such as Flickr • Corporate sites and plenty of others • Websites from Greater China region Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co Ltd. Bliptv • Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace • Discussion forums • News sites. WordPress. www. whether .Search phrase: “Dettol”. 2011 ( Total of 30 days) • Coverage of Social Media: • Micro-blogging sites such as Twitter • Blogs including Blogger. “滴露” • Search period : from June 18 to July 18.woofaa. Metacafe. Vimeo.

com .Mentions trend over observation period Number of mentions 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2-Jul-11 4-Jul-11 6-Jul-11 8-Jul-11 10-Jul-11 12-Jul-11 14-Jul-11 16-Jul-11 18-Jun-11 20-Jun-11 22-Jun-11 24-Jun-11 26-Jun-11 28-Jun-11 30-Jun-11 18-Jul-11 Volume This graph shows the actual number of mentions fluctuation over the observation period. www.woofaa. Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co Ltd. All rights reserved.

www.Number of mentions from each source Number of mentions 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 News Blog Forum Video Twitter General This chart shows the total number of mentions from each source – news. blogs.woofaa. etc. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co .

www. Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co . All rights reserved.woofaa.Sentiments percentages Positive 11% Negative 3% Neutral 86% This chart shows the breakdown of sentiments in percentages.

com www. mozRank Pages earn mozRank by the number and quality of other pages that link to big5.allhabit.hoohoohoo.95  Column labeled Volume tells us websites where matches of mentions were found. It is sorted in descending order of total mentions Column labeled mozRank shows the importance of any given web page on the Internet.apepet. The higher the quality of the incoming links. Ranking ranges from 1 to 10.List of top sites This following table shows the top sites showing the searched phrase in descending order of number of mentions. with 10 being the highest.56 www.95 2. the higher the mozRank.01 4.woofaa. big5. Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co lady.67 bbs.57  Volume 18 8 6 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 Positive 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Negative 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Neutral 14 8 5 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 mozRank . Site name www.02 forum.82 www.apepet.07 9. All rights reserved.93 5.cctv.inv168.qooza.

In other . these other keywords usually appear with the phrase “Dettol” when the study was done. Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co Ltd. Words and phrases that are close to the selected phrase(s) are also shown on this page. www. Mentions that have the most volumes and are in the growing trend appear to be the biggest in this picture. All rights reserved.woofaa.Most Popular Mentions This picture shows mentions in volume and trend.

com .com 用醋也能給洗衣機增香 (June 21. 2011) “…遇到細窄的溝槽時 ,可以用棉花 棒蘸醋挑乾淨。此外,在洗衣機中加入滴露的效果也不錯。 ” Source: http://discuz.theZtyle (July 11 2011)“…醫生說所有皂液. 2011) “…用個盤.滴露.消毒 潔 手 液 含 酒 精 和 有 刺 激 性 的 用 物 都 不 能 用 … ” source: http://www. …” Source: www.woofaa. www.Selected Mentions Samples Positive Mentions: 衫去除 "嗡" 及 "汗" 味方法 ! (July 12. 加 D 洗衣粉及洗 衣用既 滴露 Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co Ltd. 2011)“…憑南華球迷會有效會員證 購買 , 「南 華 X 滴露別注版打氣毛巾 」 ,可尊享優惠價$20 / 條 。…”source: facebook. All rights Neutral mentions: 南華 X 滴露別注版打氣毛巾 (July - Negative mentions: kennis けんにし .allhabit.

we aim to provide you the most trusted source on measuring brands’ social metrics. We show you how to leverage the social web. they are discussing your brands in particular. focus on lead generation for different kinds and size of businesses. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations track social metrics. With Woofaa Social Media Monitoring Solution. Headquartered in Hong Kong. Chances are. We give you in-depth insights from wide coverage of the internet. Our team is thrilled to have found the future of word-of-mouth marketing and have many exciting ideas about where this is going. Copyright © 2011 Woofaa Social Media Co Ltd. All rights reserved. discover key social insights. good or bad. and English. you can:       Monitor your brand’s reputation and benchmark against competitors Listen to and address customer concerns. and online forums. using Twitter. Woofaa Social Media Monitoring Solution provides trusted and insightful metrics to measure your social media exposure. Contact Us: hotline@woofaa. Woofaa provides your brand or your company with social media monitoring service that covers both social networks and consumer-generated-content websites. Simplified Chinese.About Woofaa Social Media Monitoring Solution: Today. anytime. pinpoint where the mentions are and what they are Track effectiveness of your campaigns and measure return on investment (ROI) Gather consumers’ and market insights for product development Prevent and act upon negative coverage Conduct market research About Woofaa Social Media: At Woofaa. millions of consumers all over the world are sharing activities and opinions about everything.woofaa. anywhere. Facebook. Our service supports the three most prevalent languages in the Greater China region: Traditional . develop strategies to effectively engage your audience and turn social media into your winning edge.

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