Worshipping Community of Darlington-Bellevue St Cuthbert’s Church cnr Darlington and Hillsden Rd, Darlington

2 October 2011 MISSION PLAN PRAYER: Thank you God for the bold ministries inspired by ‘Daring to Live God’s Promises’. Open up the Mission Plan for more people to explore this year.

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 NOVEMBER 10am - 4pm
This fun and active weekend in our parish, features a popular Book Stall, the Festival of Flowers and Morning and Afternoon Tea from 10am to 4pm in the Church and grounds. Funds raised are used to support YouthCare Chaplains in local schools. During the weekend, many hundreds of people are offered our hospitality. HOW YOU CAN SERVE: To serve on the Book Stall, please contact Sue Young on 08 9299 7354 or smyoung@iinet.net.au and offer to help by:  Donating books (please leave them outside the Parish Centre)  Sorting out books before the Festival  Setting up, working on the stall for a two-hour shift, and packing up.

To serve with the Festival of Flowers and Catering, please contact Gill Wood on 08 9299 6452 or gill.wood@bigpond.com and offer to help by:  Donating flowers  Bringing cakes, slices, biscuits and other treats  Setting up and packing up  serving food and drink for a two-hour shift

We pray for those sick and in need: Colleen, Ric, Damon, Bec, Rose, Lyn, Eigil, Noah, Ann, Keith Margaret and Brett In the Diocese we pray for: Archbishop Roger Herft, Bishop Tom Wilmot, Bishop Kay Goldsworthy, Parish of Woodlands-Wembley Downs, Terry McAuliffe and people. In the Province we pray for: Parish of Coodanup, Diocese of Bunbury ; Parish of Bluff Point, Diocese of North West Australia. In the Anglican Church we pray for: Primate of Australia , Archbishop Phillip Aspinall; Diocese of Tasmania, Bishop John Harrower, clergy and people. In the Anglican Communion we pray for: Archbishop Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury; St Asaph (Wales), Bishop Gregory Camero.

IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY, Thursdays: 29 Sept. and 6, 13, 20, 27 Oct, at 5.00pm for 5.15pm Facilitated by The Reverend Tess Milne, these sessions will explore the spiritual practices associated with St Ignatius of Antioch. Ignatian spirituality is a spirituality for everyday life. It insists that God is present in our world and active in our lives. It is a pathway to deeper prayer, good decisions guided by keen discernment, and an active life of service to others. A CAPELLA SINGING WORKSHOP, Monday 3 October 7.30pm Come along and enjoy an hour of singing a capella, that is, without instrumental accompaniment. Contemporary western culture expects that there will also be accompaniment when people sing, particularly in church - but countless cultures around the world sing tunefully and in harmony using simply their voices. We will be learning some music that can be used regularly at the 10am Eucharist. RAISING EMOTIONALLY RESILIENT CHILDREN, Monday, 10 October, 6.15pm – 8.30pm The Church of the Resurrection, 37 Woolgar Way, Lockridge This two hour seminar from Anglicare WA can show you the benefits of coaching your child to improve their resilience, concentration, friendships and even help them through difficult times such as divorce or grief and loss. To book, email marc@space.net.au or call 0431 169 795. Storytelling Workshop, Monday 17 October 7.30pm For the whole of Jewish and Christian history, the faith has been transmitted by storytelling. Long before bulky bibles and wordy websites, we passed the faith to the next generation by repeating stories until they were embedded in their spirit. At the 10am Eucharist, we are taking the time to tell bible stories to our children, and inviting them to respond to the story. This workshop will teach you how to tell a biblical story, publicly or privately.



Vicki Mizen would like to invite you to attend a memorial service for her late husband, Ken Ireland, who died in Brisbane on 20 August 2011. The service will celebrate and farewell Ken, followed by refreshments in the Parish Centre. Please RSVP to Vicki for catering purposes: preferably email vickimizen@westnet.com.au or mobile 0438 500 733. (NB Vicki has now moved house)

PRAYER LIST If you would like prayer for illness or any other trouble, please write your name in the book at the rear of the church or email stcuthberts@bigpond.com. If you would like us to pray for someone you know, please ask their permission to add their name to the prayer list. Out of respect for people’s privacy, we do not disclose personal details unless specifically requested to do so.

Thank you to all those who offered feedback about the Pastoral Care Guidelines. We are now able to move forward with confidence. The newly-configured Care Team will provide formal, organised assistance on behalf of the Worshipping Community to people who are: a) ill, convalescing or have ongoing health concern or b) are dealing with an emergency or crisis in their life. Would you like to be part of this team? We anticipate that it will consist of around foursix people who meet monthly, and serve on the team for two years. The team will function best with a mix of age and gender. Please make contact with the Rector to discuss your possible involvement.


LA and Chalice Bible Reader Prayers Morning Tea Greeting And Offertory Children’s Liturgy Cleaning Counters

2 October Exodus 20: 1-20 Psalm 19 Phill:3: 4b -14 Matt:21: 33-46 9 October Exodus 20:1-20 Ps 106: 1-6,20-24 Phill: 4: 1-9 Matt:22: 1-14 16 October Ps 99 Exodus 33: 12-23 1 Thess: 1: 1-10 Matt:22: 15-33

8am Shirley Bernard 10am Rosie Fred 8am Trish Shirley 10am Charlotte David 8am Sheena Britt 10am Martin Fred

8am Pat

8am Bernard

8am Mary

8am Brenda

School Holidays

Val Genevieve

10am Michelle A

10am Martin

10am Shereen

10am Krys


8am Bernard

8am Ian

8am Jill

8am Sue

School Holidays

Rona & Brian

10am Helen



Fred TBA

8am Britt 10am Rosie

8am David H 10am Kerry

8am Pat 10am

8am Pam 10am Ellie

School Holidays

Jill Gill

Martin Fred

Office: T: 9299 7274 E:stcuthberts@bigpond.com Mustard Seed: Rosie Zuiderduyn E: rosiezui@bigpond.com Rector: Fr Chris Bedding T: 9299 7274 E: rector.darlington@live.com.au Day off: Friday Emergency Contact: 0405 525 476 Wardens: Charlotte Blackley 9295 4241 Brenda Marissen 9299 6723 David Bryde

‘Hills Anglicans’

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