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Title The Mastermind Behind Anonymous -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Summary Bershadsky is found to be the man behind the muse!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Body / Content Tel Aviv / New York, September 28, 2011 -- When one thinks of terms such as anon ymous, music and the Internet; it brings to mind words like hacking, WikiLeaks a nd Torrents, right? Well, you re in for a surprise! This Anonymous is the current release from Israeli composer and musician, Alex Bershadsky. Anonymous is a menagerie of muse - a carefully crafted project that spanned more than two years. If Alex Bershadsky did wish to remain anonymous, the album is d oing the opposite for both him and the team of professionals behind the album! I ndeed, Alex Bershadsky has been captured as the musical mastermind behind Anonymou s. In a follow-up to his 2007 debut album, Junk, Bershadsky displays an astonishing amalgam of jazz, rock, fusion and pop within Anonymous. The album is a new pinn acle of achievement as Bershadsky tirelessly chases his own artistic goals and s eemingly unlimited creative boundaries. In Anonymous, I tried to stay close to the sound I imagined, says Bershadsky, as h e describes the album s evolution. The album reflects Alex s years as a well-trained scholarly musician, as well as the creative exposure to various genres of music over the decades. In addition, it has already gathered reviews from many top mu sic magazines. The first single from the album, Ma oz Tzur , is a bus tour de force, combining lyrica l and melodic flourishing harmonics and high-register chordal playing, overdubbe d with a charged fretless solo. - Nick Wells, Editor, Bass Guitar Magazine. Alex Bershadsky is sure to secure himself a slot in the minds of bass lovers and players everywhere - Damian Erskine, Bass Musician Magazine. "The Israeli fretless jazz/fusion bass wizard ..." - Bryan Beller, Bass Player M agazine. Some key tracks on the album are Closer, It is arranged as a dichotomy of suspense ful piano, drums and pulsating bass. When you see Smells Like Teen Spirit listed o n the album, don t be afraid! Alex takes this Nirvana song and creates a less aggr essive form of the classic in a whole new light. Another key track is The River S ong, which features Alex s vocals within a hook-filled, melodic journey that progre sses through complex chord progressions and brass interludes. Alex carefully chose the title, Anonymous because it reflects something that some one may not receive credit for. While the creative catalyst for this album origi nates in Bershadsky s performance and composition skills, it was a consummation of the incredibly talented team he assembled; which included top-notch recording s tudios and the gifted abilities of producer Ian Freitor.

The sessions were recorded both at Ian Freitor s The Playground Studios in New Yor k, as well as at the esteemed Bennet Studios in Englewood, New Jersey. As well, the musicians on Anonymous were the crme de la crme. These included Ian Freitor on keyboards, Eugene Maslov on piano, and Shlomi Cohen on Saxophone. In addition, the virtuosic skills of Eran Asias and Gal Gershovsky - on drums and percussion - and breathtaking trumpet performances via Justin Mullens. Anonymous is the result of two years of intense artistic composition, and a life time of Bershadky s scholarly study of music and muse. I believe that music channel s itself through the musician - In Anonymous I tried to capture a more personal atmosphere, explains Bershadskey. If anything the album captures the mastermind b ehind Anonymous, the team of professionals that brought it to life; and the mena gerie and muse within it. Bershadsky s work is distinctive for each listener. It i s anything but anonymous, it s only titled Anonymous. Press Release Distribution by Contact: Liran Shafir Alex Bershadsky New York, USA +972-54-4567800 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------tags / keywords bass player, playground studios, bennet studios, bass player magazine, bass musi cian magazine, bass guitar magazine ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Category Arts & Entertaintment