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are a Notified Body for the European ATEX Directive and have global acceptance within the IECEx Scheme. and continue to play. and we avoid entering the field of design consultancy. principally concerned with electrical and mechanical equipment intended for installation and use in potentially explosive atmospheres.baseefa. So if we can’t answer your questions on these subjects. We believe that customers value direct access to the individual engineers who will be working with them and we encourage contact by email. both at European and International levels.com for more information on all Baseefa Services . avoiding any unnecessary administrative hold-ups to your work. But we do have to follow certain guidelines laid down in the accreditation standards and by UKAS. as part of our Technical Advice Service in conjunction with certification work.Who we are Who we are Baseefa is a world-renowned certification body. staff members have played. Who we are What we do We have 4 areas of work: • Product Certification (ATEX and IECEx) • Functional Safety • DSEAR Compliance (and worldwide equivalent services for the user) • Service Facility Certification All of which are supported by • Baseefa Training Our vision: “helping to make the world safer” How we work with you Baseefa tries to make all its processes as simple as possible. Indeed. Please call us or visit our website www. which would obviously prevent us from acting as an independent certification body. or through selected modules contained in Baseefa Training programmes. We are happy to offer advice on an “as needed” basis. the staff at Baseefa has extensive knowledge of the application of industry standards in many areas. telephone or face-to-face meetings. Baseefa is currently one of the largest organisations in the world with a laboratory dedicated to this type of work and a world leader in the field. We are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). a major role in the shaping of the standards used in these areas. We are very careful about honouring the commercial confidentiality of our customers. it’s a safe bet that no one else can. Research work into explosions in hazardous atmospheres has been carried out at Buxton since the 1920s. With over 300 years collective experience. Making expert knowledge available to all our customers is a very important priority for us.

but are delivered with a particular flair that makes Baseefa Training different and the learning experience that bit more enjoyable and memorable. Please call us or visit our website www. Tailoring We are also pleased to tailor specific training programmes and create imaginative training solutions to meet your own particular needs. together with detailed information on Area Classification (Zoning) and Inspection Schedules Our Training Programmes cover all our speciality technical subjects. advice and guidance in this specialist area of DSEAR Compliance. Boots Manufacturing Ltd Pick ‘n’ mix Our clients have told us that they want effective training to meet specific needs and often do not always want to attend a whole ‘general’ course. Competency Baseefa is working with the IECEx Scheme to introduce a Competency Certification Programme which will demonstrate the competency of individuals involved in any capacity associated with installation and operation of Ex Equipment and provide a qualification with world-wide recognition. We are world experts in our subject and we have invested heavily to create training programmes. Baseefa Training Our most popular training programmes include: HAZARDOUS ATMOSPHERES: a general introduction for the equipment maker or user DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE: including the latest updates on how ATEX and IECEx affect your products and detailed information for designers and QA engineers INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: including all aspects of the UK DSEAR regulations. Our Pick ‘n’ Mix arrangement allows clients to tailor their own programmes using well developed and prepared modules. or at any suitable venue of convenience to you. The advice and guidance provided was pragmatic and practical and will without doubt help us address DSEAR issues in our workplace. Baseefa Training is delivered at our purpose-built training facilities in Buxton. We believe that if a person knows their subject they should be able to explain it to others simply. Baseefa Training programmes have been meticulously developed to help you to meet those international standards and to ensure you understand how to apply them. Baseefa provided us with an excellent training course that more than met our expectations. seminars and workshops to help this process. the course was well tailored to meet the needs of our personnel.com for more information on all Baseefa Training .Baseefa Training Baseefa Training We like to keep it simple and all our training programmes have this express aim. Safety and Environmental Manager. I can without reservation recommend Baseefa to provide training.baseefa. at our customers’ premises. Baseefa is at the forefront of international standards development.

explosions and similar events in the workplace. Other countries have similar requirements and we have successfully applied our specialist knowledge elsewhere outside Europe. defines the minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres. giving our customers manageable.com www. How we can help DSEAR Assessment An assessment of plant. These requirements were transposed into UK law in the form of DSEAR (the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002) which combines both the requirements of the ATEX User Directive and some of the requirements of the Chemical Agents Directive.baseefa. We are confident that our unique blend of professionally-qualified Chartered Engineers and Health & Safety Practitioners will be able to provide solutions to your current and future business needs. come and talk to us.baseefa. DSEAR Services What is the ATEX User Directive and DSEAR? The ATEX User Directive (EU Directive 1999/92/EC). policies and procedures against the requirements of the regulations with advice provided where necessary DSEAR Inspection Inspection and verification of your plant DSEAR Competency Assessment Confirmation that your staff are competent (as defined in the regulations) to sign off your plant assessment Area Classification Practical application of the various zoning codes to your plant DSEAR Training All of the above can be backed up by Baseefa Training Baseefa recognises that the individual needs of customers are different. DSEAR puts duties on employers and the self-employed to protect people from risks to their safety from fires. Consequently.com for more information on DSEAR Services www.baseefa. This includes members of the public who may be put at risk by such activity. pragmatic solutions to the problems encountered when complying with DSEAR and the ATEX directives.baseefa.com .DSEAR Services DSEAR Services Dangerous substances can put people’s safety at risk from fire and explosion. Please call us or visit our website www.com www. should our published range of DSEAR Services not fulfil your needs. We provide professional advice and guidance. sometimes referred to as ATEX 137.

This simply means provision of written assurance by a qualified third party (in this case. Test Reports Many customers make use of our excellent laboratory facilities for tests not directly associated with certification. It also covers the more specific requirements of a quality system standard for particular products (EN 13980 for ATEX and OD 005 for IECEx). Specialist servicing and repair companies can demonstate their competence and capabilities in this important area of work by gaining internationally recognised IECEx Certification of the facility from Baseefa. installed and used. For ATEX. for example. process or service conforms to the specified requirements. together with the manufacturer’s drawings. Our responsiveness and overall customer service is highly-valued by our present clients who include many international names who have remained with us for many years. Advice at the start of a project can avoid many potential problems later. A Quality Assurance Notification (ATEX QAN). When we produce certificates and reports. or Quality Assurance Report (IECEx QAR) is a time-limited document. Baseefa) that a product. Production Quality Assurance This is the comparison of a manufacturer’s quality management system against the relevant general requirements in the ISO 9000 series of standards. Type 5 Product Certification (as defined in the ISO/IEC Guides) is a combination of Type Examination with Production Quality Assurance. Technical Files A Technical File is simply the dossier containing all the evidence to substantiate claims of conformity. but we will happily work with a manufacturer on a voluntary basis to help create the file or to issue a voluntary certificate. Certification Type Examination This relates to the comparison of the design specification of a product against the requirements of a standard specification. subject to renewal at defined dates. these.baseefa. the question of servicing and repair may arise. additional ingress protection tests. Our Responsiveness We recognise the importance to all our customers of a thorough and responsive service. we will provide direct advice on how the requirements of standards and directives apply and should be interpreted in the context of particular products. backed by a system of regular auditing and surveillance of samples. Technical Advice Either in conjunction with certification projects. For all aspects of product certification. Service Facility Certification After products have been manufactured. dependent on continuing audit and surveillance. The results are recorded in a report. IECEx international certification is a true Type 5 scheme. whereas ATEX (strictly speaking a European legal device rather than a certification scheme) allows many variations. Where the directive requires. comprise the technical file for that product.Certification Certification Baseefa refers to all of its Conformity Assessment services as “certification”. An authoritative report backed by UKAS accreditation can then be issued.com for more information on Certification Services . you can rely on Baseefa to deliver with a friendly professionalism backed by years of experience and a reputation that is second to none. We can include elements of directed technical advice along with some of our Baseefa Training modules when we present courses for specific customers. Product Verification The actual manufactured product is compared against a standard or design specification. It will include a physical examination of a sample and the performance of any tests which may be necessary. the manufacturer can create the technical file for some of the lower categories of products. we offer an easy-to-use service for storage of technical files. This is achieved by Baseefa carrying out a physical examination and possibly the performance of tests when the standard calls for routine tests. Please call us or visit our website www. giving different levels of confidence in the final product. or on a totally independent basis. although Type Examination with Product Verification is equally valid.

com Website: www. Buxton.baseefa. so that the system designer can justify the SIL for the complete system. Safety Integrity Level (SIL) can only be applied to a complete system and not to a component of such a system.com P15 Iss2 04/08 . By using the CASS Methodology approved by the UK experts who work with IEC 61508 systems. Let Baseefa help you to gain authoritative documentation in Functional Safety.baseefa. but Baseefa can guide you through it to the parts that are relevant for your particular equipment. SK17 9RZ Tel: +44 (0) 1298 766600 Fax: +44 (0) 1298 766601 Email: info@baseefa. Derbyshire.Functional Safety Functional Safety Baseefa works with its customers to assist them to gain an understanding of IEC 61508 and also to provide them with a certified data set according to the standard. The standard itself can be a nightmare to try to digest. Rockhead Business Park. Functional Safety Please call us or visit our website www. The standard is written on a cradle-to-grave approach for complete safety systems. but has often been misused to award spurious “SIL” numbers to individual items of hardware. The ATEX Directive requires the effectiveness of “Safety Related Devices” to be assessed. Baseefa can produce an authenticated meaningful data set for any component of a system. Staden Lane.com for more information on Functional Safety Services helping to make the world safer Baseefa. IEC 61508 is relevant for manufacturers of hazardous area equipment in two areas: EN 13463-6 “Control of Ignition Sources” uses the standard as a reference for the reliability of the controlling function.

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