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Unit G321 Opening sequence of your chosen genre, in this case it will be an opening of a of Thriller Length Two minute maximum duration Deadline December 2011 Group Members Sharna Mandil, Carl Caperina, Ian Bukenya Brief overview of content (approx 50 A schoolboy wakes up to find himself in a words) deserted bathroom, his vision blurred he looks upwards to see a shadow of a ghostly figure above him. Slowly as he starts to come round, and his vision restores, the ghostly figure is no longer there. He gets up and starts to hear bizarre noises, including whispering of his name, and creaking of the bathroom toilet door. He looks into the mirror and sees a ghostly figure behind him, he quickly turns around but nobody is no longer present. He tries to open the door but it is locked, so there is no escape. He gets on the floor and looks under the toilet cubicles to see if anybody is there and sees a pair of feet under one cubicle, scared by this he quickly gets up and kicks the door open to see nobody in there. He turns around quickly, and the ghostly figure is right behind him and says 'I told you I'd find you', and the film rewinds to '24 hours earlier'. Target audience 15+ (15-35), mixed gender as the genre appeals to both gender.

Possible suggestions:

scheduling/publishing Showed on television on films such as Film4, or Sky Thriller, as many people watch these channels, and Film4 show many Thriller films. you We have researched into the franchise of ‘Saw,’ and the Thriller ‘The Grudge’. We researched into the franchise of ‘Saw’, as it is a psychological Thriller and has a similar story line to our opening sequence. And also we researched into the film ‘The Grudge’, as the antagonist character, is very similar to our antagonist character in our opening sequence, as the character in our film is a

What comparable products have researched? What is the rationale behind this text?

ghostly chilling young girl, as is the girl in The Grudge which is where we got our initial idea for our character from. This will provide a frightening, mixed-pace atmosphere for our target audience. What representations will be operating in A young chilling looking girl, brings a sense of your text? Are these justified? fright and suspense to the audience, who s the dark antagonist. How will you test whether the product is We will create questionnaires before and after successful? How will you check that it production, which we will give to our target accomplishes the intended effect? audience to fill out. What generic codes and conventions will We will be using noises such as, creaking of be operating in your text? doors and whispering to create a tense atmosphere, something that is usually done in Thriller films. We will also be using an antagonist and a protagonist, another convention Thrillers use, to create a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ characters. There will also be tension in the atmosphere, and it will be mixed paced, so some of the sequence will be fast-paced and some bits slow, something a Thriller does to create suspense in the atmosphere. What is the overt (obvious) message The message in our production, goes with our incorporated into the text? film title ‘The Unexpected’. The message we are trying to portray is that we should always expect the unexpected, and that anything could happen regardless of where you are and what the situation is. Are there any hidden incorporated into the texts? messages We have gone against the typical stereotype of a Thriller, and use the woman as the dominant character rather than the male. We did this because it makes our opening sequence more interesting as we haven’t gone with the typical stereotype, and brought a bit more diversity to our production. Identify any resource constraints (time, Time: we may only have a short time in which money, equipment, human resources) that we can film our opening sequence might affect your production and your Money: for our production we may need to hopes for your product buy our character some costumes, and face paint to make our character look more scary and to fit the actual part.

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