Presentation Two September 2011

Today’s Presentation:
 Land Use – Travis Miller  Housing Density – Emi Randall  Environmental Resources – Margo Lindahl

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Transportation Public Facilities Natural Resources and Open Space

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Housing Economic Development

Land Use

Growth Projected for 2040:
 The region’s population is projected to increase 22% to 2.4 Million  The region’s employment is projected to increase 23% to 1.2 Million jobs  The region’s number of households is projected to increase 25% to 970,000

Existing Land Use

With 2040 Population Projections

With 2040 Employment Projections



2005 Households
< 1 du per 5 acres < 1 du per acre 1-2 du per acre 2-4 du per acre > 4 du per acre

2040 Households
11% 9%

10% 22% 29%


26% 22% 29%

Regionally Significant Environmental Resources
Recent Environmental Consultations Resources identified Results of discussion  Upcoming Environmental Consultations on the 2040 plan

Environmental Consultations
Discussions with state & local agencies Alternative to allowing environmental impacts that require costly mitigation Consideration early on of effects of projects, plan, & related development on resources that may require mitigation Opportunity for improving transportation & guiding development

Categories of
Regionally Significant Environmental Resources

State-Conserved Area: State parks, wildlife areas, & preserves Scenic River (national & state designation) Regionally Significant Streams (least impaired streams) Endangered, Threatened, & Rare Species Wetlands

Review of Transportation Projects
County agencies advocated for projects that  manage stormwater effectively  avoid adverse impacts to streams  maintain or restore stream corridors maintain tree cover maintain day-lighted streams use bridge spans that allow for wildlife movement and flooding below

Major concerns are that..
forested tracts remain  stream corridors be conserved  roadway runoff be diverted from direct entry into streams  streams not yet degraded be protected  the growth of impervious surface be constrained

Upcoming Early in 2012 Joint state & local sessions Updated information for comparison & discussion

One Local Agency’s Comment
“Protection is in the interest of the

pocketbook. The cost of replacing or restoring natural resources should make it a no-brainer to see the need to protect them.”

Public Open Houses

 Sept 13:  Sept 15:

Union Township Civic Center

Crestview Hills City Building

 Sept 27:

XU’s Cintas Center

 Sept 28:

Butler Co. Govt. Services Bldg.

4 to 7pm

Travis Miller, Regional Planning Manager Emi Randall, Senior Planner Margo Lindahl, Senior Planner

…2040 is closer than you think!