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Turbogen TG80CG

The TG80CG is a highly efficient cogeneration system delivering a reliable source of high quality Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

A fully integrated, compact, lightweight and virtually vibration free unit delivering up to 80% system efficiency with 80 kW(e) electrical output power and 420 kW(th) thermal output power.

Includes stainless steel waste heat boiler to provide hot water for heating or air conditioning via absorption chiller.

Single shaft engine rotor incorporating an ultra-high power density, four pole permanent magnet alternator eliminating the cost and weight required for a starter motor and a reduction gearbox.

Utility or battery starting (black start). Microprocessor controlled engine management and system monitoring. A power conditioner provides excellent waveform quality, full protection and utility connection/disconnection as required.

Flexible operating modes: utility connected or island operation, single or parallel multiple units, baseload, peak shaving, load following and power export options.

Runs on a variety of fuels including: natural gas, LPG, propane, butane (fuel gas pressure 5.5 bar.g minimum) and liquid fuel.

Quiet operation with acoustic performance only 77 dB(A) at 1 metre in free field. Competitive capital costs with fast payback and low maintenance costs. Environmentally friendly with low emissions and Climate Change Levy compliant (UK regulation).

Electrical Gland Plate (2mm thick steel) Installer to drill to suit cable gland requirements

Engine Exhaust Duct

Cooling Air Exhaust Duct

Engine Air Intake Duct

Cooling Air Inlet Duct

Customer Connection Panel

Water/Gas Connections At rear of unit


System Control Panel

About Bowman Bowman Power Limited is an industry leader in the field of Micro Turbine Generators (MTGs). Founded in 1994, the company is dedicated to the development of high efficiency, low emission on site systems delivering significant environmental and commercial benefits for its customers. The Bowman mission statement is: To be a leading global supplier of micro turbine based cogeneration systems and secure power systems for on-site generation. All values at ISO (sea level and +15C). Assumes 50mm H20 inlet and 150mm H20 exhaust flue loss. *includes heat recovered from oil. (This data is provisional) Output available: 400-480V, 3phase, 4 wire, 50/60Hz Engine Derating: As per curves ref. February 2001 Issue A/01 Emissions (Gas Fuel) recuperated corrected to 15% 02 : Nox 25ppm GBC: If required will drop efficiency 1.5% points
3100 876

TG80 System Performance


Thermal* Electrical Output Power Generating Set Efficiency Overall System Efficiency

kW(th) kW(e) % %

150 80 26 74

420 80 14 >80

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