Election Questionnaire Info

Completion date: 9/22/11 Office Sought: Riverside School Board Political Party: N/A Name: Candace L. Edmonds Gender: Female Age: 53

Home Address: 12 Wilmington Dr. Painesville, Ohio 44077 Length of residence in that community: 11 years Campaign Website: www.candyforschoolboard.com Occupation: Owner/Operator of T.L.C. Home & Office Cleaning, Inc. (28 years) Independent, Certified L.E.A.N. Start and Prime-Time Health Coach (2009-present) Also: Part-time Continuing Education Teacher @ Lakeland CC (less than 1 yr.) Marital Status: married Spouse: Mitchell Edmonds

Name and age of any children: Daughter: Holly England age: 35 (married to: David, daughter: Olivia age: 12.) Son: Curtiss Edmonds age: 31 Public office experience: none Non-elected experience: (committees, boards, etc.) My husband, Mitchell, was an Administrative deacon for six years, for a previous church we had attended. I learned much about running, operating and maintaining a building that was undergoing everything from major reconstruction and redesigning to redecorating. I was on the decorating committee. I listened and shared advice with him and gave prayer assistance regarding the care and needs of congregation members, both young and elderly. I learned how to maintain good relationships through both easy and stressful times. Education: High School: Graduated from Thomas W. Harvey Other: Have been certified to run two Health and Wellness programs: 1.) Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Start (Acronym for: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition) designed for parents with children ages 3-12. 2.) Dr. Sears Prime-Time Health (designed especially for baby-boomers through seniors.)

If elected, three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how would you specifically go about it? 1.) I would like to see a better Community Relations Program. I will research how to improve communications with those who may not be in the school ‘loop’ if you will, and make ways for them to communicate their thoughts and ideas to the Board without necessarily having to attend a board meeting, as many cannot do this for a variety of reasons. (Though I do encourage those who can, to attend.) Possibly, a ‘School Board Connection’ website and/or a special number for those who faithfully pay those property taxes that keep the school running – to express their views, and know that the Board will be aware of them. I believe that they deserve something like this. I will continue to research ways, and am open to yours: www.candyforschoolboard.com. 2.) I will work to help you to regain your faith in Riversides’ school board. I have spoken to at least 100 people about the last levy that did not pass. They willingly shared many ideas and feelings. Many had experienced layoffs, job losses, or had all overtime cut. My own husband has had his overtime cut drastically, and we have definitely had to make cuts, prioritize expenditures, eating out less, and shopping for sales. Some said they would have voted yes, but due to past poor decisions and purchases that the school had made, they no longer trusted the present board to use the money wisely. Some expected that it would, “just be given to teachers/administrators in some sort of raises,” which, “wouldn’t be right with our economy as it is.” Some are sure that busing was just been taken away from them, in order to coerce them into passing a levy for far more money than they felt they could afford. I recently went to a board meeting. After leaving, I had to admit, the school is in dire straights. If you decide that you would like to vote to pass the levy this time, or even if you don’t, I strongly encourage you to also vote in two new fiscally conservative candidates, (I’m one, that’s for sure!) to look after your hard earned money and make sure that the funds are spent wisely and that enough is also kept in reserve to hold us for about 5 yrs. It’s time for new board members, with new ideas, and the ability to vote NO when necessary! This hasn’t been happening for quite a long time. Add that to our economic downturn and Riverside has found herself in a quite a pickle.

3.) I would like to look into starting ‘citizen committee’ groups to show our kids at Riverside that when you go through tough times, the tough get going, and that free enterprise is more than just an option, it’s what has made our country great. There are many new and fun ways to bring in revenue that would help the school and the kids to raise funds, should their beloved athletics, or other things need to be cut. (I also want to look into ways that busing can become ‘self funded.’ I’ve heard that this is being done in California by selling sign space on their buses.) Some of the women that I spoke with had spunk and a willingness to get involved in groups like these. It would be great to see the school and the community working together for a common goal through these troubled times that we are all working and praying through…which brings me to the most important thing, and that is starting MOM’S IN TOUCH prayer groups (held in private homes) to be praying for Riverside and all the families in our district.

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