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News Herald Questionnaire

Date Completed: 9/20/2011 Office Sought: Newbury Township Trustee Political Party: Non Partisan Race Name: Glen Eric Quigley Gender: Male Age: 64 Home address: 10985 Music Street Newbury, Ohio 44065

Length of residence: 35 years Occupation: Retired Martial Status: Married Name and ages of any Children: Kimberley Schwartz 43 Tracey Fronk 40 Eric Quigley 38 Public Office Experience: Township Trustee Township Trustee Geauga County Recorder

Campaign Website: Employer: Self Name of Spouse: Mary Jane Quigley

Newbury Township Newbury Township Geauga County

2000-2004 2004-2008 2006-2008

Elected Elected Appointed

Non Elected Experience: Newbury Township Board of Zoning Appeals Newbury Township Volunteer Fire Department Corporation Trustee & Department Officer Chief Administrator Geauga County Achieves & Records Department Geauga County Data Processing Board Geauga County Records Commission Newbury Concerned Citizens, Chair Education: High School: College:

Cleveland Heights High School Kent State University

1964 1993 Business Management With Distinction

Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?

Maintain Newburys rural atmosphere by proactively protecting our environment and property values. Placing the needs of the residents first versus outside influences. Defend and fairly enforce our existing zoning resolution to ensure low density development and halting the drift toward the unnecessary industrialization of our township. Ill work to adopt legislation to permit townships to maintain local control over their roads. Provide conservative management of the Townships budget. Ensure honesty, fairness, transparency, and easy access in order to address the concerns of the residents. Restore open communication between the Trustees and the residents and re-initiate monthly articles in the Knightlines.

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? In many ways past performance is an indicator of future performance. As Trustee I initiated a Rapid Response Team that streamlined the process to bring balanced growth from the drawing board to reality. Successful examples include Newbury Plaza, Impullitti Landscaping, Stephen Douglas Corp. and Silver Lake Wellness Center. Restore open communication between the Township and the residents. As Trustee I was responsible for starting the township website and writing monthly informative articles in the Knightlines. Because of my forward thinking multiple developmental problems were solved. The Newbury School was able to turn its treatment plant from an aging liability to an updated asset. Mangia Mangia was able to tie into a newly created sewer district, the plans for Newbury Center moved forward and the School parking lot was improved and paved all at no tax payer expense.

In partnership with my then board members I applied and secured funding for Oberland Park adjacent to Newbury School, which adds to the recreational opportunities for Newbury's residents. Procedures and policies for Newbury's Cemeteries were updated and implemented. Older headstones were repaired and through the Geauga County Sheriff's Office Inmate Release Program non violent offenders were used to provide maintenance again with no expense to the tax payer. I teamed with the Kiwanis Lake Association and the Restful Lake Associations to secure grants for permanent improvements to their community centers, increasing a sense of community pride and fellowship. Ill work with the Sheriffs office to patrol our township roads and the fire department to ensure the safety of our residents. I will not enroll in the townships health insurance plan saving the taxpayers approximately $10,000.00 annually. Ill communicate with business owners to determine their needs and develop a strategic plan to enhance our tax base. Ill work to protect our water supply from contaminations by oil and gas drillers. I have been a resident for over 35 years and not only have I served the community as an elected official but have been involved as a Chair Newbury Concerned Citizens (who successfully fought the placement of an asphalt plant in our town), testified at hearings regarding an asphalt plant adjacent to the Little Punderson Community, Cub Scout Den Master, Jaycee, Youth Soccer Coach, 4 H Horse program advisor, Geauga County Fair Adult Coordinator, Vice President Geauga County Horse & Pony Association, member Geauga Farm Bureau, member Geauga County

Veterans Memorial, Geauga County Children's Alliance, volunteered for programs that supported Women's Safe, Geauga County Hunger Task Force, Geauga County Department of Aging and a supporter of Newbury's Recreation Board. I have been and will continue to be dedicated and committed to Newbury's success, protecting and advancing our communitys mutual goals and always protecting the taxpayers interests.