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The News-Herald Election Questionnaire Date completed: September 20, 2011 Office sought: Munson Township Fiscal Officer

Political Party: Democrat Name: Judy Toth Age: 63 Occupation: Office Manager Marital Status: single Five Children: Kate (Brian) Garmey; Jeanne (Tony) Lewis; Jennifer (Vince) Baroni; Daniel (DeAnn) Toth; Susan Toth. Seven grandchildren: Lukas, Connor, Megan, Nicholas, Kaylee, Brendan, and Dominic. No prior public office experience. Volunteer experience: Over the years have actively volunteered across the community in the scouting program and in various church, school, and township activities Education: 1966 Graduate Chardon High School If elected, what are three specific areas you would like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it. The fiscal officer of the township is responsible for keeping accurate records of all accounts, transactions and proceedings of the township. This provides the support base for the everyday smooth and efficient functioning of the township. Our bookkeeping is currently in good order and the township follows best practices and consults with the prosecutor when there is an issue regarding legal compliance. I will continue to uphold these standards. If elected, I plan to make financial information very accessible to the trustees and department heads there are several excellent reports available in the UAN accounting program. Secondly, the township is in the process of implementing a records retention schedule, and all of the townships records will need to be reviewed with special attention to accessibility and identifying those records of historical value that should be archived. My familiarity with the records and with the operation of the township will prove an asset. Additionally, I plan to prepare the annual GASB financial report, an extensive task, which the township has been contracting out. Employer: Munson Township Gender: Female

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? I have been an employee of the township for the past 27 years, and as office manager, currently perform duties for both the trustees and the fiscal officer. I have practical experience with contracting, payroll, bill reconciliation and payment, and recordkeeping, and am familiar and very comfortable with the Auditor of States uniform accounting network computer program. I thoroughly enjoy bookkeeping and record keeping, and am effective in a supporting role facilitating others to achieve their goals. I have a firm respect for the foundation of township government, for the checks and balances built into the townships fiscal management, and for the complementary, but separate, roles of the trustees and fiscal officer.