September 9, 2011 Russell Township Trustee (non-partisan) Male, 63 Martin Winston 7634 Kinsman Rd Novelty OH 44072 20+ years

in Russell Editor, Newstips Bulletin Married – Judie Ian 24 Maureen 30 [personal gripe: not listing schools – too long ago to matter anyway] AREAS TO ADDRESS AND HOW: 1. Russell residents don’t know what’s going on in local government. I intend to establish new programs to reconnect with residents with information on issues, invitations to participate or respond, etc. with only minor involvement of online venues (since these are ineffective at reaching most residents; ink on paper works better and I have alternatives that are a lot less costly than mailings). In my first 100 days, I intend to start bimonthly print newsletter to residents (projected cost $322 per issue, printed and delivered). Truth be told, our Trustees do a terrible job of communicating about important issues. And truth be told, they do an even worse job of listening. “Let’s put an end to the era of Trustees who don’t tell you what they’re doing, don’t listen to what you want and who believe they were elected to lead rather than to represent.” 2. Find a solution to failing septic systems in older neighborhoods that solves their needs without inviting or allowing any widespread sewer presence. One answer in its simplest terms creates a hybrid solution with original septic tanks continuing to handle solid wastes while a special class of small-footprint sewer plant processes liquids. That answer must be carefully addressed because inattention can allow it to create far greater issues than it solves. Longstanding residents who have spent decades living in Russell and who appreciate what that makes living here different and generally more favorable than neighboring communities recognize that the extension and expansion of sewers is one of the greatest threats to life here as we know it. That overriding concern governs the choice of plants in this context. An appropriate small-footprint sewer plant must be deliberately capacity-limited to handle no more than the needs of a single aging neighborhood. That has to be addressed in the choice of technology as well as the placement of the plant in terms of gray-water outflow. It also means deliberately and severely limiting the “208” (approved) area that it is allowed to serve. If possible, it should also be limited by specific actions of the Geauga County Commissioners. Homeowners’ association requests to the Township to begin the several processes necessary to accomplish this solution should not happen until they have assurances that all such requirements can be met. This approach affects each and every home in the relevant area; no homeowner can opt in or opt out. The construction of any size sewer plant is expensive, as is laying pipes to the plant. All such costs are paid by the property owners, as are the costs of connecting from the street to their septic tank outflow. In balance, a number of cost-reducing grants and long-term low-interest loan programs can reduce the immediate cost impact. This is not an approach that any party should take lightly, nor should it be allowed to become a recipe for breaking large-lot zoning. Under the dire circumstances facing Russell’s older neighborhoods where original septic leach fields are no

longer usable and there is not enough available property to support new leach fields, this is an alternative to higher-technology septic solutions and their extremely high costs. 3. Russell’s residents are on average the oldest in Geauga County; Trustee Jim Dickinson tells me that in 2015, a third of us will be 65 or older. (Me too). We can’t be surprised by the needs that will emerge from that since those needs will be happening on a somewhat widespread basis. I have already had some discussions with Geauga Sheriff Dan McClelland and made inquiries to state and county offices to try to determine how the Township should adapt the ways we equip and train our police, EMS and fire crews. We need to collect information and ideas to identify first the challenges and second how to meet them. WHY ME I’m the best of three choices. I have been involved in many Township issues beginning with working to block the proposed golf course relocation in the early 1990s - and been effective from the outside but can be more effective from the inside. I do more homework on issues than any recent Trustees, which leads me to find better answers – some of them in unexplored alternatives. I can accomplish a great deal through engaging third parties (especially businesses) in cooperation as an alternative to legislation (for example, Russell residents now have several trash/recycling service options that are less expensive than the prices they would have paid if the single hauler contract had not been overturned – an activity in which I was instrumental). I understand the priorities of this Township better than Justin Madden, who has only lived here 6 years. And I am more effective at creating positive change (and subverting negative change) than incumbent Kristina Port has proven to be.

Martin Winston, Editor Newstips Bulletin
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