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News-Herald Election Questionnaire

Date Completed: September 21, 2011 Office sought: Willowick City Council Ward 2 Political Party: Non-Partisan Race. Registered Republican. Name: Patrick Jesberger Age: 40 Gender: Male

Home Address: 524 E. 315th St Willowick, OH 44095 Length of Residency: 13+ years Campaign Website: Employer: Progressive Insurance

Occupation: Business Systems Consultant III Marital Status: Married

Name of Spouse: Jennifer

Children: 2 Middle School Aged Daughters Political office experience: None Non-elected Experience: Willowick Board of Zoning Appeals Appointed April 2010 Education: High School: Charles F. Brush High School. Lyndhurst, OH. Sept. 1985 to June 1989. Graduate. College: Lakeland Community College. Kirtland, OH. Graduated June xxxx Associate of Arts Degree Indiana Wesleyan University. Independence, OH. Graduated August 2006. Bachelor of Business Management Should you be elected, what are three specific areas youd like to change, address, improve or further research and how specifically would you go about it? Willowick is an attractive location to live because of the many services offered to our residents and the great people who have chosen to call Willowick home. In order to keep Willowick vibrant, City Council and the municipal administration will need to work together to find new, creative ways to fund our city services in the midst of increasing expenses, without raising taxes. I will bring my business background and vast experience to help Council and city Directors to explore ways to maintain the services offered in our city. I will advocate for additional resources for exploration of available grants. These have been very beneficial to our community in the past and are becoming a necessity for us in the short term future. More than asking for money, I envision my role as helping local business identify ways that they can be more efficient as well, such as hiring our military veterans. Small

News-Herald Election Questionnaire

businesses can receive tax benefits from hiring vets, and it helps our city by promoting employment. Regarding Willowick's roads, I will be watchful that our pace of resurfacing is not surpassed by the pace of deterioration. Further, I will collaborate with Directors and residents alike to ensure were addressing all the needs and getting the best bang for the buck when doing these types of projects. Finally, we must take action to protect our residents from rising sewer charges and the impact that our aging sewer system is having upon residents. I will work to explore more creative solutions to identifying our sewer issues and taking proactive steps to upgrade our sewer system in order to keep Willowick a robust community. Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? Willowick will not be able to continue to manage itself in the same way as it has in the past. I am running because I believe it is time to elect a person to Council that can bring fresh, modern ideas that will tackle our issues head-on. I want to work to be certain that legislation we pass today will not have a negative impact now and upon future generations of Willowick residents. Regular communication with residents is a vital component of the Councilperson role. This dialog will empower us as a community to thrive, not just survive. My involvement on the Board of Zoning Appeals has given me a keen insight into some of the city operations, and my regular attendance for the last two years at Council meetings has prepared me to face the challenges ahead. I will represent the residents of Ward 2 with integrity, energy, and enthusiasm, and I respectfully ask for your vote.