The Fly (1958


The Fly is a sci-fi horror movie which might give off a feeling of a bad comedy. The movie try to find out when the human should be considered a monster or the other way around.

„You've committed murder just as much as Helene did. You killed a fly with human head . She killed a human with fly head.”
Francois Delambre, The Fly (1958)

Does it mean Helene has killed her husband with fly head or the fly with her husband's body? People have the need to identify the fine border of when the human being is indeed a human or just a bloodthirsty monster. Helene was loyal to her husband Andrew who at the end of the movie could be considered a monster, for who it was hard to control it's instincts. On the other side Andrew still had his own will, which tried to suppress his instincts. His strong will and

feelings he had for his wife allowed to kill the creature he possessed within. This leads to the conclusion that Helene is indeed a murder who by killing the monster also killed her husband. The Fly movie as many other movies is portraying problems which were present in the society at the time. Making a movie is like subtle conditioning people to accept and inform about society problems. In the 1950's the medicine was getting a real 'upgrade' but at the same time many old diseases which should have been forgotten have returned because of the resistance to drugs. In the 50's some other diseases like Marburg virus and Ebola virus started to appear, but had a real outbreak in the 60's-70's, also AIDS and E. Coli have caused deaths of many people. The skin of people who survived Marburg virus is always going to peel off making those people look like feared monsters. This could be a connection between transformation in the movie and the one which was happening in the real life. The movie was well throughout, but some of the scenes will leave the audience with questions like „Where did it appear from?” (the rock used to kill the fly), „Why she let it escape so easily?” (when the fly was caught in the net or against the window) and „Shouldn't it be a more serious scene?” (when the fly is screaming „Help me!”). Those scenes are going to be engraved in peoples minds and if we take that into account they could be as well done on purpose to lessen the horror and make it appeal to wider audience.
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