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Date: Contract No.: The Seller has agreed to sell, and the Buyer has agreed to buy, the following commodity subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth. This contract shall come into force on the date of its signing by both Buyer and Seller.



1. COMMODITY Commodity Quantity Unit Price/ MT Remark




9. INSPECTION: All HMS will be inspected by a third party independent inspection agency and certified for quality and quantity including loading photos. The inspection agency will be either SGS or Bureau Veritas, the buyer will be responsible for the cost of the inspection services. Determination of weight by independent inspection company at the loading port to be final. 10. CONTRACT TOTAL /VALUE: 11. DAMAGE: Any damages of containers during loading to be for the Sellers responsibility Any damages of containers during discharging to be for the Buyers responsibility. 12. RADIATION/EXPLOSIVE FREE MATERIAL: The Seller to guarantee radiation /explosive free material condition for all commodities, if radioactive material is detected during discharge or at the Buyers mill, the Buyer has the right to take all necessary steps to eliminate radioactivity or explosive materials in accordance with safety procedures and the Seller shall refund the Buyer of all damages.
13. PHOTOGRAPHS: The Seller will provide The Buyer with an additional set of digital pictures of each loaded container clearly showing the steel scraps loaded as visual proof (before, in progress, and after loading) by digital camera. 14. CONTAINERS:

15. FORCE MAJEURE: Neither the Seller nor the Buyer shall be responsible for any failure or delay in performance or delivery which is caused by riots, war, government regulation and/or any

SALES CONTRACT conditions beyond each partys control. The party to this contract whose performance under its terms is prevented by a force majeure event must notify the other party with seven (7) days of the effective date of occurrence, which notice is to be confirmed by a certificate issued by the local chamber of commerce including particulars of the event and expected duration. Failure to submit such a notification will prevent the partys exoneration from contractual obligations under force majeure. The performance of either partys obligations will be in such a case postponed for the period of the existence of the force majeure event plus a reasonable period for remobilizing production and shipping. No penalty shall be payable for the duration of this delay. 16. ARBITRATION: All disputes which may arise between the parties in relation to this contract shall be settled by the court of International Arbitration rules (ICC) located in Los Angeles, California. The party making claim shall notify the other party by registered mail demanding arbitration. Within 30 days after receipt of that letter each party shall nominate one arbiter who shall together appoint a third neutral arbiter. The arbitration shall take place in Los Angeles, California. If the validity of the arbitration clause or jurisdiction of the arbitration court is contested by one or the other party, the arbitration court shall be competent to make a final decision for the attested issues. The judgment of the arbitration courts shall be final. All claims must be submitted no later than 30 days after container has been discharged from ocean vessel. 17. OTHER TERMS & CONDITIONS: Trade terms used in this contract shall be interpreted according to Incoterms 2000.