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Arrows, Sticks and Decorations

Matthew Lee Knowles 2011

Words and numbers surrounded by punctuation extracted from Robert Winstons book Bad Ideas?

The following hypothetical example: a, b-c (d-e) f, g, h. i-j.

Would be interpreted: a b-c a b-c d-e b-c d-e b-c d-e f d-e f f g g h h i-j

By the following logic: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. a b-c (around the first comma) a b-c d-e (around the hyphen, which connects b and c) b-c d-e (around the first bracket) b-c d-e f (around the hyphen, which connects d and e) d-e f (around the second bracket) f g (around the second comma) g h (around the third comma) h i-j (around the period)

Science goal george shaw preface doctors 1,909 1,909 to committee during chairmanship we issues from cannabis but society which 2,000 the public with policy-makers policy-makers with government among science there crops and encephalopathy it them and healthcare so so having evidence we science that increase public science was inappropriate and technology but recently the scientists so far thinking people and university raised issues the book namely namely that technology will people yet have we control this governments history shows shows as recounts that wisely nor community the scientists even live so view people that in least they used this write and publishers transworld and gaminara who imperfect my book we had series matts knowledge his historical and project it books her text and insight lira lira my wife has been as ever remarkable remarkable she thinking and encouraging her book rachel ward my secretary has supportive her depression other suggestions many general I readhead james wilsdon sheba jarvis brian wynne anne cooke jacqui roche the luddenham and panel and ferris of council finally finally I agent maggie pearlstine who published. Half humans clever our live though ultimately as realize we it as ideas more mechanisms we environment but threatening the destruction and us one warming the making farming but fuels I present chapter by chapter aspects by themes I stone stones stones our them are species the old a place and edge gave planet human technology which environment even species stemmed stone hand-axe with stone hand-axe with hand-axe with and when groups even prey early man hunting own would food but groups with individuals is brain moreover moreover nearly lipids and evolve what invented humans way of course the sharp hand-tool was sustenance but weapon with it aggressive species and weapon improved technology and it would them one took crafted crafted sharpened sharpened hand-tools have years the up excavated schoningen germany germany are are 400,000 years point yet device attach wood and speed force force effectiveness wielded fix stone sharpened edge at stick and weapon a dart arrow spear that distance yet stone hand-tools were crafted and occur it simultaneously during existence axe what glance an technology yet unprepossessing indeed indeed now forgotten object environment in the delicate-looking atlatl all in stick or antler into weapon a a stone-tipped spear dart fits fits when arc the target atlatls atlatls in forms have arrows atlatls as 17,000 years old in culture from about 14,000 BP BP note abbreviation BP BP which for before present the present the the present present in in before present does 2,009 when writing but 1,950 theres 1,950 theres a this all carbon and death so tissue such antler contains environment it or isotopes isotopes the are carbon 12 and and carbon fourteen carbon fourteen carbon fourteen carbon fourteen rate its its half life the half life the element is about 5,700 years years carbon

twelve is radioactive it carbon so of carbon fourteen to to carbon twelve in age why 1,950 then then that devised repeated globally including carbon so proportion carbon twelve and and carbon fourteen exist exist for government or forces might recklessly remarkably remarkably recent weapons because persisted and time for define the present as 1,950 well farming early technology one was to mind quite quite counter-intuitive it counter-intuitive it whippy it lethal as length they atlatl at target but sticks their victim and astonishing with the throwers arm arm even precision so so with time early atlatl like dart could launch an advance the weight attached atlatl such weight provided balanced adds gives with length it metres the important and experimented science system it advantages swinging vibration and effect allowing stealth and weight of course stones available how bow or atlatl to forcibly much sticks jean clotte the mind describes cave here here as pyrenees the thin crooked victims such arrows and as hand-held spears spears the atlatl DR L bachechi clues together 1,942 during war she about 1.6 metres around 13,760 BP BP the hip stuck thin sharp flake about long this behind possibly hit the formed so abscess this inflammation osteomyelitis osteomyelitis a months probably longer there is of course no a hand-held spear off a bone such the projectiles launch launch either or more probably with a spear-thrower of kind much osteology the bones and revealing persistent a hand-held spear spear for example led led hunter-gatherers to arms usually side as point we shoulder upper forearm living stronger so pulled an develops and decomposed from observations the used DR gjerdrum of barbara has ulna the bone of forearm this muscle which throwing is attached he early hunter-gatherers had region amounting players it baseball later atlatl but weapon do ulna from bones osteologists held an animal but underarm pointing upwards would enemy and position it day british troops going war marched underarm pointing upwards the several it opponent it the weapons withdrawal easier partly because by trunk he thrust an defensively a the attackers chest abdomen making parried to day infantryman foe were different it willingly. Themes then then run book one used ever the hand-axe human has in sense been downhill the the hand-axe led the battle-axe and battle-axe and goliath although ago the france virtually had be farming living cities writing writing communications communications the fire transport transport weapons weapons even medicine has vulnerable as stone hand-axe nearly hand-axe nearly aspects hardly invention so so as see farming previously as planet city-dwelling planet city-dwelling greatly infection when as hunter-gatherers writing hunter-gatherers writing writing one humans has thinking promote privacy we is because effectively and irreversibly scientific defence the relationships and being another generates in

two I vavilov the geneticist his book in particular how environment and citizens vavilov vavilov of course lived times but unfortunately as see even wisely or citizens a made we technology but knives discoveries chert a silicate have giza these egypt 2,575 2,575 2,134 BCE and thought when a hand-axe that hand-axe that on pre-historic bone atlatls it understand indeed indeed it axiomatic that globe independently simultaneously this hand-axe technology technology archaeological from far-flung places developed pre-humans developed pre-humans developed independently the design certainly certainly may world but same and technology scientists themselves and other that world but time once area scientists forward this fertilization although a test-tube a test-tube baby baby that melbourne or montreal or baltimore perhaps brown as sophisticated we inventiveness homo about 100,000 years years and changed but years a time the extraordinarily it william shakespeares collection 1,609 since telescope the microscope the engine vaccination vaccination the telephone aircraft aircraft television computer humans the H-bomb and moon now now using biology we forms a planet no ago speculating decades now foolish expert expert who years time exponentially this also understandably understandably seems people humans perception particularly societies that dangerous in crops we power and accumulated there cloning many measles mumps rubella and and foot-and-mouth disease eat attacks citizens as purposes I rees recent society that armageddon we successfully as lectures technology them technology it now planet our environment technology succeed I luddite and humanity overall overall we longer more in humanitys past past and welfare our gifts but wisdom we live scientists this and book though audience is scientists the problems dilemmas ultimately in view always innovation in respect I lectures it that technology it scientists engaged and people members public and other I scientists and for non-scientists better non-scientists better sides I believe may for long-term good good scientists myself I feel may science our public it ours its effects but harmful of course we refers but doing and and most importantly we science moreover moreover mere enough the research but citizens we live we work I good indeed indeed responsible that non-scientists have technology this understanding I believe is modern humanitys most welfare so technology it ingenuity and come this promote and ideas the straight-boned ones brazil they short dark-skinned short dark-skinned folk folk who arrows their sticks and decorations save bed the possessions merely pans a arrow a leaves for adornment they steel ring-pulls they outsiders unlike region they manioc nor them each day they rainforest most significantly the them this people known piraha seems human.

Us across planet ever it anthropologists anthropologists explorers own people carried or three early savage less intelligent even themselves but in far-flung parts globe closer own their a mind-boggling array inflections markers markers tenses tones they as and with our tales our gospels not that but texts possessing shame equally terrain and herbs roots berries their complex each individuals conduct relationships they were quite clearly our equals the equals too too they legs they tools they groups and yet at time their seeing describing human their tongue as as indeed indeed are japanese but but unlike language consists consonants seven women and vowels at time it tones stresses and syllable-lengtheners that singing humming whistling professor everett who manchester is than twenty-five years years he culture they members and myth when did they reply it way the is again again unusual unique even region it striking though though to colour if cup piraha like it blood or or or from they numbers either either just for one one two two and and many many their for all all each each every every most most and and few few concepts which according thought are cognition most all everett recursion recursion another for example the hat and and the street can statement the street this this according chomsky is rules it yet according everett the it if like I snake they units such as I dog the river the snake for everett the people they simple one-point simple one-point units units because world for people only real when river the xibipio meaning has gone experience they flame the light in view passes experience this reasons according everett why own and christianity although wife keren keren combines piraha told died 2,000 years ago the content their stocks and drawings when visit he boy within arrival playing plane it confound everetts claims crude rudimentary sketches but abandoned crushed path every arrived everett explained its enthusiasm but in short-term memory memory all lost most most peoples reactions to everetts findings types leaving community for later one piraha as on primitive primitive cultures years a mead whose samoans extraordinarily habits upon a career-launching book book later up but instance given of everetts findings time and visitors a tribal mickey-taking seems unlikely the us since since theyre so isolated and grouping it inbreeding but symptoms and piraha in case they outsiders is of course a option which some mid-point or forebears but not happily happily a intelligent twenty-first-century person entertain to human or humans simply humanity is idiocy as out a food clothes a self-made basket nuts if thing the corpse the us they leaves they fires they animals but radically vividly vividly strikingly us and by us us in place the book this of and into human invention from stone hand-axes to bombs it ideas ideas humanity yet us but been for word special special that is endowed species no invention therefore therefore can invent and about but piraha to return will assumptions.

Reluctantly dead-heading some garden bending task even gardener I myself rather churlishly thinking fours that led in turn to doing and it were linked it pain but place to gardener to see ones environment altered beautified use the premise and legs standing is it above superior environment a it it ahead spatially temporally to danger or trees or mates long us and us in turn the strategies to imagine to invent create create design dream standing upright in sense decouples immediate favours abstraction but place complex DNA and mutates indicates around 6.6 million some 0.71 per changed giving human somehow somehow that skyscrapers penicillin holocaust more prosaically it capacity a pelvis to ask why place is open but observations it around 6.6 million floor a adaptations once land these large fast predators walking posts to territory to weapons and and arguably arguably to predators walking legs bipedalism bipedalism may plains a sun and going than legs which shoulders a energy a produced these brain which it the extremely costly costly organ organ taking the bodys space resources even rest it leaves so meat and hunting which source for hunting and efficiently that theory at least this of cascade cascade perspective attractive but not unfortunately unfortunately very likely archaeological evidence though disputed at archaeologists suggests ago while ago plenty creatures from wolves live societies but language to biology which later probably probably permanent species but boon as concerned was heads so horizons and hands and thumbs to manipulate. Their motion-sensitive cameras captured chimps the congos nouabale-ndoki congos nouabale-ndoki national sticks this new back as termite-fishing tools tools but before the nest then longer probe-device actually out they beforehand pulling per dip dip it easy but but termite-fishing according termite-fishing according this study practice the sticks swarming large shiny termites in drama the itself they primates many the earths creatures tool birds birds for example build twigs discarded discarded bottle-tops and newspapers marmots dung two things however however are unique first first only tool second second only purpose footage chimp toolkits toolkits challenges assertions if jobs then use but simple two-piece simple two-piece kits ancestors new picture but line beginning about 2.5 million about 40,000 BP BP that toolkit including stones and as tree-felling and sewing the way choppers flakes 1.7 million elegant hand-axes 300,000 hand-axes 300,000 years later these these in turn ceded the sixty-three piece kits living 250,000 years at levallois-perret levallois-perret just peripherique and fashioned compound tools by together by by 40,000 years ago men clothes fashioning purposes burying distances most inventiveness furthermore furthermore were size from first upright-walking hominids the 1,450 millilitres man during tools but progress mirror tasks with certain it watching goal-orientated activity activity like banana not mimicry and not interestingly interestingly if task it

humans we tools we watched so did they savannah helping act but remarkable human human facility facility we neurons too too they yet for we dont fully grasp monkeys toolkits humans inventors it life able protein and and calorie-rich meat leaves we brain this efficiency which food less predators and survival when museum they uninspiring dull dull flat flat crude objects only purpose it conception creation use fashioning power as apparatus it imagine to moment picture yourself starving some life-saving fragments carcass to solution you you at trees to job you actions collecting stone angling stone taking further underlying environment an results an use ones surroundings to ones own ends we tools or inventing without self a sense as earlier that legs it industrialized overcrowded overcrowded demystified planet that overcomplicated manmade cocoon alienated common this separateness it claimed has planet we seas strip forests mess icecaps so goes because we dont really to or with our earth the of non-industrial societies fashion as tending natures shrine shrine clad skins they companions this zealand madagascar island whose meltdown such also I think overlooks over ones environment environment it began perhaps perhaps when legs it task contained potential also also for destruction but invent to world can biology. Tanna in vanuatu speech activity to as big man a melanesia one be among things a good speech-maker to speech-maker to is in cases synonymous doing a road or or water-source is water-source is as the way or tap which chief somebody-or-other spoke spoke when word ceremonies community their iapou meaning weak sick exhausted as jew I language in times when hebrew his letter to was the europe yiddish yiddish is german russian hebrew with in depending speaker this the mama-loshen the mama-loshen the the mother-tongue the mother-tounge a mother-tounge a used in instance to love the itself and cultures the power in ceremonies the phrase I wife carries authority as does in countries the talaq I you on occasions none language for purposes all long they about in entitled why stupid an to first-year undergraduates changes compared mammals we size and it at time walking pelvis and male this a large-headed child dangerous indeed indeed it born the brain in times bearing born the least twenty-one months months it it doesnt not doesnt not her but a one-year-old would the mothers internal organs so so uniquely mammals humans themselves we mammals and in the women the behaviour the cycle in mammals the organs indeed indeed most ovulating this species but or occult occult ovulation purpose it cooperation because males although can as prove it times instead ovulation which stable pair-bonding and pair-bonding and children given involved given such large-headed incapable large-headed incapable infants we ask why bother our biology surely surely would costs so been primate monkeys vervets beasts spending another the females who five along male seyfarth her the agitated and call as do

when previously the indifference subsequent monkeys such galagos whether whether theyd been not seyfarth groups their waal who described reconciliation behaviour in baboons in instance a infidelity her mother didnt intervene intervene but on concerned alert throughout attack afterwards afterwards de grunts followed session grooming relationships and relationships inevitably become groups it open hostile savannah we thrive and predators by groups it danger bigger predators better chase but but like evolution group downside groups for faction-fighting and feuds grooming alliances as geladas are living grooming hygiene grooming pleasurable stimulating endorphins the the bodys natural opiates but costly at sleeping and things the lives and brain or rather not whole but but according dunbar a college oxford oxford just neocortex in primates this brain as mammals the neocortex says dunbar has diet or occupied or food it does however however bear in the extra calorie-guzzling extra calorie-guzzling birth-canal-straining calorie-guzzling birth-canal-straining calorie-guzzling birth-canal-straining power it seems is maintain long-lasting social relationships by species dunbar individuals slightly college interestingly interestingly 150 contemporary hunter-gatherer societies societies the hutterites an from sixteenth-century anabaptists europe live 150 when number it ones when mormonism brigham young was utah he 150 these coincidental but time among cousins baboons chimps the to fifty-five individuals one anothers fur fur multiply around 6.4 hours day language solution it groups without the time-intensive costly time-intensive costly grooming this device a of grooming version 2.0 is 2.0 is large complex societies and size but but regardless purposes language invent and ideas it world sharing it UCLAS it UCLAS patricia tools the of say say a a hand-axe or hand-axe or scraper using comprehension on level to a tool-maker perhaps basic subject-verb-subject string sentences as in I the hand-axe and hand-axe and tools across areas from from 700,000 years ago suggests of information-sharing virtually information-sharing virtually isolation the absolutes delights like james engine and and pasteur bacteria as write I on scientists world this is of course a nonsense and book I series but I wont resist more there concept promoted better that some progress progress is a breakthrough breakthrough and responsible we as being human we plaudits but people many geographically and collaborating but competing there someone somewhere world is you the discovery as book is effort and course nearly researchers whether whether were looking domestication anaesthesia press there precursor some space some contact no isolation because animals and society language invent and possible no language no invention so about using archaeology robin but having language he he doesnt provide 150 he humans and and using size grooming language concludes species around ago this weak but so of course are language the parts the in right-handed people people and versa in people understanding hemisphere and language they at 250,000 years ago which

which interestingly interestingly coincides route richard klein professor university looks language klein the KE KE family family a london three comprehension this family along world have FOXP2 sadly sadly and the researchers really work the times the a scientific breakthrough when fact unsurprisingly a gene each jigsaw it sounds brain understanding klein brain including gene may history giving communicate the at leipzigs max gene dubbed dubbed perhaps perhaps over-enthusiastically the over-enthusiastically the the language gene have around 200,000 years quickly within of 10,000 20,000 10,000 20,000 10,000 20,000 years years this the language gene suggests it possibly possibly as argues the groups we talking doesnt leave traces in bone the or voice-box to jaw at site and these proto-humans to speak the site at kebara israel seemed when in 2,004 spanish bones that speech the neanderthals stalking between 130,000 and and 30,000 years ago lived language disputed flowers looked eldery and behaviour too too but ours an speech isnt an must of necessity have it and larynx a that doesnt survive record studies that as puberty giving voice theres voice theres no bone another skull in S crelin angles noting these proto-humans lacked them they basic combining simple and years they neanderthals demise demise handy is it later more more long-range studies larynx others brain arguing comprehension certainly certainly if now you tasks known as brocas and and wernickes areas areas but brains as them between brain you skull the size our groups all traits in turn are what wed expect language but goes perhaps why as 1,866 the language a language the inventiveness ever about. Chapter it communication among like at time or or based situation that all the purpose it seems is advertise ones membership using long-winded terms terms and and in context to on ones feet time to prevent ones opponents made of course this lords which brevity but life as as for example in court I direction conveys as I boots but certain formal formal complicated the speakers membership institution and enforcement lest unfairly I papers and myself this language we evolution using meanings but purpose a which its still kingdoms W W tecumseh production in species he argues speech identification many strangers sounds see the size with animals as expect being sounds our made this mammal the the deep-set position size and advantage in a fierce-sounding voice house perhaps were when 1,980 the marriages his torment the son you father your exist what me and fans however however is mimic from V bakshi party from in Im all films sellers people this him like comics rich rich and women on scale one staff complete twitches despite complexion bottle-thick complexion bottle-thick glasses sports this this individuals talent popular but why it about it language part children from days begin communicate but humans mimicry cousins and purpose among songbirds it mates male canaries for example produce

unsexy syllables syllables and call copulation solicitation displays displays well well many clubbing but hear ones partner singing in genes or imitate others songs kind to coupling a a wide-ranging repertoire saying plenty already dont already dont bother bother the brother tom army raised company tom officers mess sugar how you tom him to soldiers the of languages most oblige in that light-hearted tome tome nancy defined ones membership classes lavatory lavatory was of toilet toilet looking glass and not mirror mirror napkin napkin in to serviette serviette similarly similarly film scene usually flick when pub orders a well-to-do london accent and of fierce-looking inbred fierce-looking inbred him we identity and us we this the gilead after rivals the jordan to identity in passports they inventive so grain which was shibboleth shibboleth the ephraimites lacking a SH SH sound language instantly identity though exaggerated in account 42,000 of slaughtered but but we we in other may testament there us killer whales who groups enjoy groups social doesnt for whales certain calls and calls provide handy passport passport in of londons garrick club language purpose although although as identification it foolproof endowed mimicry we it in invent some language it is after all not humans but can speak speak and too then cognitive make-up but make-up but theirs the can I believe provide key. Say monkey century german see clever hans a abilities his owner herr osten a and high-school maths teacher claimed add subtract subtract multiply multiply understand fractions tell time keep german to it von crowds a being if tuesday then friday to times unfortunately unfortunately for least the challenged renowned head allegedly involuntarily this horse but seemed and away the communication it complex sophisticated efficient but be back 1960s when tanzania it limited it hearing advanced length pitch deaf the surprising using method DRS calls one hierarchy another superior another distance a grassland further call depending eagle a leopard this complexity but language in calls one only what meanings to called words words with call grammar grammar but kingdom too too kate zuberbuhler studying studying putty-nosed monkeys nigeria were meanings these a pyow pyow sound short hack hack to overhead more surprisingly they make pyow-hack make pyow-hack sounds pyow-hack sounds which when troupe encouraged area it churchill perhaps perhaps but rule and meaning a words of course weve course weve seen impressive the washoe sherman kanzi chimpanzees ASL american language do capabilities they numbers as subtraction they relations such than on of or underneath they two or or three-stage instructions instructions washoe washoe now age was first non-human to communicate the learned as children was was more more she signs and ways she as dirty good and as open drink even terms having humans washoe and when them said were black bugs she

herself the primates even language rico rico a for understanding words words was institute the engaging beasts party pronounced the team led fischer wanted words which objects and name rico one wary horse the themselves so they double-checked their fetched the disappoint tested later he right a in three-year-old humans humans rico rico of course may dog but species and breed has years and language other gaze a primates the impressive it down one block the lack may tribe harvard harvard universitys marc subject it patterns but level they rules such that the the or or a a is noun but like if happens then B hauser the critical cognition his on cotton-top tamarin monkeys in of one-syllable words voices in test random voices whenever broken the loudspeaker indicating wrong in test the one two words as same this recursion as rule an idea confronted test the miserably it arenas and and most crucially led language the species this abstract to consider what if lies creativity human immediate consider past future possible it is to chapter akin four and change this appealing but piraha they are self-evidently human human superbly inventive but recursion that W tecumseh tribe and dan everetts findings findings ever 2,005 everetts controversy because language the piraha or them challenges a long-held assumption chomsky the theory chomsky grammar based recursion is humans something a rule-system within brain though it everett chomskyan until that didnt fit fit puzzled puzzled he theorist edward sapir who 1,939 sapir did in fact they did this truncated immediate immediate world-view perhaps world-view perhaps abstractions ifs ifs buts buts whens maybes because simple jungle-based simple jungle-based hunter-gatherer jungle-based hunter-gatherer culture moment their thought and thought sharply thought everetts have perhaps inevitably argued language hes language hes just it maybe settled but now the the straight-boned ones existence perhaps important they sharply and inventors we species perhaps all our in and process the tool enabling world but well mythology at fruit and europe but regions and civilization in apples but vavilov who of stalins government and after torture die prison. Vavilovs life well in successful well-to-do successful well-to-do family prized having moscow he cambridge by then his heredity some met bateson monk gregor mendel mendels work which forgotten greatly bateson what to cross-pollinate thousands attributes his biology although lifetime what plants their height the peas the smooth were precise mathematically way mendel inheritance we know of course the DNA when earlier he elated recognizing research bateson to mendels pea most if all living heredity the vavilov meeting time was stuff he russia he to rough it by to vavilovs own features what inherited bateson importance the as genetics genetics indeed indeed it world had darwin and plants the society

but beginning and limited among studies scientists species the fly drosophila melanogaster such geneticists partly available but quickly moreover moreover they chromosomes on carried which microscope indeed indeed thomas today morgans today morgans elegant vavilov the biology vavilov mission he and as scientists his good he that in botany a humans so breeding after cambridge vavilov enthusiasm he aged twenty-nine but twenty-nine but setting the war and bread vavilov answer the rye the solve considerably than vavilovs expedition it which territory vavilov vavilov accompanied bearers an six pack-animals had pack-animals had remote demri-shaug glacier glacier an folly as kwiatkowski a harbor nowadays clothing satellite technology but his three-piece suit suit having mission vavilov region his work now later was interest he generations they or cross-bred to russia when 1,916 the turmoil and abdicated in war with chaos there 1,920 water factories shops shops universities abandoned in petrograd where working many starvation by compatriots although man vavilov position unlike intelligentsia men stravinksy prokoviev prokoviev chagall chagall kandinsky kandinsky nabokov gorky he europe dedicating goal over homeland his history flying agriculture vavilov nile but ranges where species vavilov reputation he world concentrating regions his africa the east persia persia afghanistan afghanistan mexico mexico china china mongolia mongolia japan india during potato in all he over 250,000 plant species a scientists thus thus within revolution vavilov union he breeding he all the lenin for crops and apple it researches the china that origins some later research oxford universitys department confirmed vavilovs findings findings today today there some 7,500 different world all small sweet type malus sieversii found kazakhstan on shan not or alma-ata the alma-ata the apples with genetics inspired bateson and world vavilov history he characteristics here union and country. Lysenko politics narrative lysenko is in ways the story he appearance with slim ascetic-looking visage visage but ambitious and and as successful he vindictive in vavilov his different lysenkos different lysenkos family education he never for example had university once husbandry he azerbaijan there planting he time and attention quite blue in newspaper pravda pravda published of lysenkos work work apparently crop here pravda a a barefoot scientist who matters but problems as reported this this admirable man aged just twenty-nine didnt twenty-nine didnt twenty-nine didnt trouble with irrelevant flies like geneticists but fertile this thinking ridiculing intelligentsia in colleagues who in high-flown study proletariat in environment it that vavilovs command resources remarkable colleagues lysenko lysenko building horticulture soon circles his his new new technology quickly lysenko germination but offspring perhaps proposal which ideals the perceived elitist elitist advantages

environment lysenko development in particular he termed vernalization vernalization effectively effectively the vernal or spring conditions conditions which crops as out this all a value when work vavilov automatically even sceptical indeed indeed he admirably open-minded as open-minded as be he understand lysenkos claims claims however seemed rather hand he development but conclusions all plants cross-breeding plants cross-breeding or cross-breeding or hybridization of grew however however vavilov expert gardeners gardeners like lysenko who thrive could yields although analysis vavilov technician feeling encouraged he protective treating protg whenever arose he community but but increasingly increasingly what discredited reputable lamarckism the inherited were flawed jean-baptiste flawed jean-baptiste lamarck lamarck a theorist had earlier at revolution that generations an an often-quoted giraffe which which it suggested grew starving similarly similarly according lamarck disused an organisms body shrink and atrophy too too would offspring so continuous gradual environment although scientists at biology but the state-controlled press press not literacy continued terms in kremlin he to stalins inner history at priority stalin soviet unions agriculture agriculture and him by chaos wall truly pre-eminent global power he economy in utopia nature technologists one agriculture which lines stalins lines stalins plan cultivation converting of cereal-growing fields fields the vavilov who herding were ignored so soil often housing and grain understandably the resistance many state stalin troops by completed more kazakhs a population had starvation in ukraine the horrific it that stalins reforms million land-holding peasant farmers the the so-called kulaks kulaks lysenko resources he experiments with crops one for 800,000 pairs tweezers and useful in run than others but by counter-revolutionaries faced counter-revolutionaries faced kulaks stalin offensive against country there peasants the persecuted those with lysenkos work stalin indeed itself in arrested and purged for personally but of sabotage sabotage and arrested and about lysenkos experiments pursuing fairly outsider by OGPU stalins OGPU stalins secret police had file no no 006,854 006,854 on vavilov an a counter-revolutionary cell team soon accusations quite team so to prove prove that was evidence evidence that group more and subjected pressure sleep deprivation threats violence produced produced confessions confessions incriminating process by biology lysenko genetics it it wasnt merely had failed recognize the environment lysenko generation this scientists meanwhile lysenko dooming process isnt process isnt it strange wrote wrote stalins right-hand stalins right-hand man 1,935 that support lysenko public he colleagues the USSR the lenin that year 700 the partys agricultural congress vavilov challenge lysenkos total centre he division to clarity the labels lysenko microscope looked contemptuously he way vavilovs team specimens scientific exception the over 3,000 people in swamping participants a inevitable while course lysenko arrogant he geneticists he his

neo-lamarckian views views but the mumbo-jumbo he peddling towards congress at discussions there intervention the genetics but that he let lysenkos earlier a quack quack suggesting mere astrology astrology if true muller argued argued it development such views he stated were racist the vavilov by time hitler those unfit reproduce and eugenics muller muller perhaps naively had this that of neo-lamarckism and neo-lamarckism and stalin of fascists. World after all his respected but but stalins bloodletting swing stalin shot vavilov his religious heredity and the anti-marxist view people for example wealthy families had the most genes a of vavilovs real arguments for present although momentum vavilov liberty for stalin but now whenever conferences stalin hall by academy he biology bent on vavilovs total humiliation he views a thug a lukyanenko the time fierce jealousy lysenko america new moscow kiev environment at interview lysenkos hatchet man lukyanenko lukyanenko made record such species homo sapiens could union he that marxism science and that darwin marx engels lenin it fashion but biology the that measures measures would vavilov by vavilov though post was destroyed after conference he office there are eye-witness accounts science although internationally a found in a fact-finding mission ukraine once friends family world four chernovtsy they business he moscow his travelled and family were state once questioning vavilov been disappeared disappeared over deprivation relentless tortures descriptions in stalins gaols reading and here suffice indignity on the evidence evidence of stalins machine machine he other counter-revolutionary activities activities over times usually hours sometimes night pictures emaciated emaciated prematurely aged vacantly individual fellow how after inquisitor a kvat he cell there there sympathetic respite although death the execution so rot by saratov in russia just minutes walk son who him were lodged not dead within saratov this good good honest man who millions died cell book we field another produced it was or is unique unique there manner and even benign benign elected data or ends technology when USSR the catastrophic estimates during stalins dictatorship vary but agriculture in factor was citizens in union as elsewhere people technology when failed there adequately there scientific truth truth as progressed no in lysenkos claims all today today lamarckism biologists scientific truth emphasizes inherited if were even occasionally darwins occasionally darwins notion of natural selection which evolution would challenged yet eleven the environment and therefore trans-generational that trans-generational that say some experience even actual letters letters of changed through possible it lysenko who agriculture and citizens may all the also primarily primarily to farming one technologies at history in locations we animals and method very slowly around planet our changes rising populations increasingly

societies new professions it environment but but vavilovs downfall of stalins plans signs there earth instead it but lost. Around 15,000 years ago as spell the the ice-sheets and hemisphere including including for example scandinavia scandinavia melted dramatically the separated in in south-east asia asia the mainland temperatures too on celsius within about 3,000 years years at age many out these huge sabre-toothed tiger tiger a rather flea-bitten fur-and-plaster flea-bitten fur-and-plaster model london mastodons mammoths the rhinoceros giant skunks giant and in america horses camels scientists responsible but found certainly plague and creatures the sudden and adapt although ages their slower there us because speed with earth including on species there age our our hunter-gatherer ancestors tools such arrows and sustenance as happened weather quickly creating agriculture using studies we place and when we how it not as see quite why whatever cause it activity which today in globe the animals in east an the fertile crescent stretching iraq people characteristics considerably later around BCE similar mesoamerica the mexico and china 7,500 BCE the basin both BCE and states 2,500 BCE this is indeed indeed a return namely namely that communication these ways in jericho the the worlds oldest settlement and periods the in mud-brick houses houses arranged a stone-walled cordon cordon they barley and animals some some 5,000 years later in of modern-day mexico mexico people cobs beans beans squash peppers they small semi-permanent small semi-permanent pit-house small semi-permanent pit-house villages villages each ground they activities also crops cultivated diet across planet at china inhabitants square sunken-floored houses moat they river and stage there writing the remains researchers and most remarkably the carved wing-bone of the red-crowned crane crane according new yorks metropolitan art some playable with octave but area this process if wheat a BCE then clearer wild propagate when heavy their burst spreading animals and beings too too einkorn tougher its tool incidentally incidentally einkorn nutrients the aberration a accident but it realizing plant in biologists they they selected selected its characteristics they to leaving harvesting when threshing the these mutant mutant seeds consumed some replanted so so when domestication they life that flesh large large sweet fruit edible bitterness when another there domesticated it almonds potatoes cabbages whose palate but but in inventiveness we all what was discovered discovered in discovered. Agriculture a of mans expulsion eden as genesis needs retelling but attention in and after toil he rests in sabbath this reason because adam gods adam gods creation creation does nothing he animals birds birds fish food but him certainly paradise

the adam so them hardly job beyond this the cushy he observe the knowledge this situation of course changes rule god creations casting garden cursed sake in life thorns thee and field in bread till ground gods ground gods curse farming no idyllic hunter-gatherer existence existence serendipitously drink sustenance henceforth in face that is through through back-breaking toil toil with civilization it all it evidence when museum theya arthritis one feet she murals these corn two a saddle-quern saddle-quern that is two stones one other arduously corn these the grinders backs strain while purchase it teeth caused sand in faces indeed indeed and persisted even sophisticated at the hunter-gatherer peoples about 1.78 metres men 1.65 men 1.65 metres women but adopted it incredible but but modern-day greeks their hunter-gatherer ancestors ancestors similar valleys with foodstuff which CE the worse the seven along loss enamel in childrens teeth severely under-nourished when breastfeeding conditions anaemia tuberculosis tuberculosis yaws widespread and around two-thirds of osteoarthritis whereas the hunter-gatherer population fifty now age around five by comparison kim kim hills studies venezuela a of hunter-gatherers often ancestors show with civilization civilization and and interestingly interestingly many disease viewed statistics cultivating expect alongside health agriculture agriculture is is plainly speaking a drag in the kung bushmen desert a planet we existence rising dust in practice the the kung spent hunting and trees these mongongo whose the kung with needs the protein rather legumes with nut the fruits indigenous around 100 300 fruits namibia why farm one researchers when nuts compared average twenty-first-century londoner londoner hunting club so leisured in fact that agriculture. America there description these ants of atta cultivate nests rather hand they media one faeces another leaves the impressive they plants slice chunks scrape bacteria and nests at stage the paste fertilized faeces and the ants particular fungus while growing the gardens removing find whenever colony she her some fungus the behaviour in in laymans terms terms at least is farming farming ants substance so-called substance so-called honeydew honeydew from insects such caterpillars giving return some arrangement having themselves and ease in convenience the winter then comes so occupation it place among kind and many many chain people people didnt choose didnt choose farming farming certainly mesoamerica because they couldnt have was it survival one many but others the of hunter-gatherer happiness specific fateful day or least it story in reality though though the blurred archaeological that between CE the goats and sorghum millet millet melons cowpeas until 1,973 tel hureyra in syria was village dating some 11,500 years years it people who gazelle sheep sheep cattle birds around around 11,000 years there until abandoned possibly climate it around 8,000 years ago at permanent mud-brick

houses houses cultivating animals agriculture existence crops best and tend harvest them but hureyra as elsewhere people in village-like settings farming some socities like along canadas pacific coast established villages but all from palestine coastal down usually crops yet centuries conversely conversely our complex proto-agriculture in proto-agriculture in australia mobile bands manage manage upon they weeds they shoots they crops they prey and fire farming planning staple grow and way for reason no no right-thinking human food his gathering until was long-established even long-established even then he be ill-advised to completely agriculture resources if meat then planting if pest on hand then spears so strategy agriculture agriculture come dominate. A seven year-old living green I lanes in my minds eye my childrens books books nothing london green london the smithfield these days the of slow-moving buses than cow-dung and drovers but of londons ethnic ethnic make-up turks make-up turks turks kurds kurds greeks greeks chinese length among traffic the kurdish grocers shops sight silky tomatoes bunches okra peppers beans it that in shops supermarkets food this origins but displays dont merely something they pride the the grocers way the worlds richest richest most gardens it tradition while all according of oxfords ashmolean museum near global hot-spots global hot-spots areas hot-spots areas climate these terrain the deserts and land these a build-up of population so survive theories idea that food forcing life the that very observably agriculture agriculture wouldnt have problem some order mark cohen for example professor york points to breast-feed children years successful successful breast-feeding prolactin and the mothers bloodstream high ovarian activity and ovulation tends suppressed so so breast-feeding is contraception no walk an move settling time in in cohens view view may abandoning breast-feeding as infants if supplemented the reduced so population such hunt thus living this agriculture with hardship uncertainties unhealthiness as crisis rather progress but why when available these these hunter-gatherers adopted place second second as overpopulation depending move just concerned archaeologist groube formerly new guineas department anthropology speculated east a existence with births couldnt births couldnt respond infections so children a subsistence his impressive because before and of farming farming but crisis we record moreover moreover such world for ocean there farming it food animal vegetable dwindled dwindled perhaps cultivation it wild but domesticable crops scarce there around 200,000 different world a nearly 250,000 varieties travels only and of these only domesticated today today around the worlds crop production wheat wheat barley barley maize maize sorghum sorghum soya beans potatoes potatoes manioc manioc sweet potato sugar cane sugar banana and efforts as

around 12,000 years ago areas domestication they abundantly they seeds they stored studies ofer bar-yosef and these proto-farmers had some twenty-three different them of these they barley the food before agriculture the them tools grain baskets it the plastered store-house to advances these at hunter-gatherer sites from 12,000 BCE onwards after climate their them their world hunting life but agriculture better humans a world and warmer less increase thus life so the spread spread of agriculture we we dont really off like contagion almost earth the spread those the hunter-gatherer lifestyle depended or themselves a group of course found the worlds least regions marginal jungles where today. Accum who 1,769 had herz herr the eighteenth-century epidemic shame many christianity and such he christian follower christ and accum derived akum meaning meaning not-jewish meaning not-jewish and not-jewish and later whether son isnt clear clear but hanover friedrich london englands london englands capital sciences and street this 1,745 its its run-down red-brick run-down red-brick faade theatre now anatomy anatomy criminals and lectures although on the uterus in street friedrich foodstuffs and place but school a instruments there wife accum follows MR chemistry practical analysis as house and possible all chemistry together purchasers accum for self-promotion and self-promotion and experiments his london some states he northumberland and minister lord palmerston as developed accum cultivation for and eighty no eighty no days a produce in street working davy appointed chemistry accum develop wide-ranging interests chemistry becoming company accum 1,820 a food and bread beer beer wine wine spiritous liquors liquors tea tea coffee coffee cream cream confectionery confectionery vinegar vinegar mustard mustard pepper pepper cheese cheese olive oil pickles pickles and economy it list but waves its beer that englishmen was head bread alum to whiteness accum agents having pickles red sweepings one france the merchants but england accums whistle-blowing accums whistle-blowing prompted practice it did however however commence drinking in wakley editor lancet published inquiry this 1,855 with hassall physician at londons royal hospital as witness revealing facts orphan barley which ailments publishing parties the leaves paying their employers teapots them to tea one verdigris or rust to it nearly act the new these society the ales on premises had century the revolution as observed resulted labour and production food producers processors another with brewing milling factories away materials away sold a miller who children wouldnt children wouldnt tamper it flour some far-off city location sold else was adulterate food anonymous there it and detected this century courts the assizes even countryside local foodstuffs fining heavily and grubby money money in century free watchword regulations the free-wheeling adventurer profit competition competition it argued would magistrate the

competition by some 50,000 bakers business and and three-quarters of it they adulteration competition contamination it that for time food industrial profit-led industrial profit-led process process this century in britain where war post-war war post-war leaders plentiful cheap voters in germany devastated war leaders starvation from on maximum day governments subsidies once concern british of E coli meat a of foot-and-mouth disease costing three billion and an antibiotic-resistant bacterium bacterium MRSA MRSA sweeping wards these these too too are began innocently enough with almost 10,000 years. Spring the all conjuring lively vibrant vibrant colourful away carson what shed witnessed pesticides the birds the fish the crops carsons crops carsons arguments government ripostes issued depicting obscure tree-hugger sick tree-hugger sick comment we had her out been years true true we droppings in century with discipline salts fungus unfortunately unfortunately our famine in of mid-nineteenth-century rural ireland farmers harvesting we culprit an infestans but other unknown blight in REVD M J M J berkeley effect but ignored fungus fungus it assumed could organisms not tissue this people and america england australia it spring in hoods or surfaces in light lacking chemistry he some influence influence was plant but observation in frits W went went led acid or IAA it plants but others potentially weedkiller IAA IAA being themselves proved benign but products the toxic DDT DDT as wool proved populations between 1,945 when when post-war populations fleas and 1,953 a further twenty-five synthesized pesticides DDT DDT in particular remained environment it chain concentrated insects and fish in 1960s as observed species sprayed nature species and wildlife since britain we pests but birds the thrush skylark threat equally insects the vole shrew countryside and us the crops of them sadly sadly the of crop-spraying is permissions DDT belonged the organochlorines were 1970s to organophosphates chemicals safer sheep 1,992 during humans there evidence albeit inconclusive that disorders chronic dubbed dippers dubbed dippers flu flu endless lords but link nevertheless nevertheless the optional and pyrethroids once again the old because quickly but chemicals potentiators potentiators to work these effective while ingredients they have side-effects about side-effects about united states environmental carcinogenic fourteen as extremely hazardous every formulations one in twenty-six different products it association in pesticides chemicals health concludes that it water consequently consequently there health although harmful the slow the cancer in suit in britain however however the placed under review in 1,992 the 2,000 when a continent-wide ban EU there ban toxicologist scientists and unchanged in respects since 1980s all studies she noted relied animals and respond the again because them in cases the albinos because spot during humidity

and way and way many procedure but together as says they population some overweight some smoke or vegetables we know of course that an individuals physical genetic make-up can toxins standardized world. Days you scenery first first many crop miles rape for example or maize second second dotted schools or or in cases pubs pubs a shabby farm-workers cottages shabby farm-workers cottages eye but up gated by city-dwellers as commuters when business the production the fields maximum output minimum cost the it by labour it profits and countryside it monoculture the vast bland horizons on hectares whereas farm comprising crops requires manpower and wages politicians progress agriculture europe our our well-fed children parents if an H E H E bates novel we way but our well-being although well-being although profit agriculture problem the eat most around 3,000 calories day although less a around 7,000 and 7,000 and perhaps 11,000 but 11,000 but intake hence business theres business theres a eat which us this ways none planet including it first first they packaging sometimes processes such the ready-peeled fruit chain sometimes containers most season and foods such crisps or biscuits have want finally finally and all they foodstuffs namely cereals by animals and those animals flesh flesh together together health in term the devastating our fifteen years time diabetes given body increasing stroke high pressure heart disease dementia dementia blindness failure and reasons perhaps seriously. Rose it linked it cultivation that true but why of handful did places and others one world the sahel is context this the sub-saharan belt east this the worlds most disasters for drought most starving most destitute yet ago this ghana mali songhai the is of course timbuktu which salt it world now now like ozymandias it it when musa the mali went hajj his 1,324 he route people wealth which which even the wide-eyed exaggeration onlookers was impressive he gold and four LB apparently wife his country an collapse the sorghum which ago and trade more olives figs mediterranean in forms these europe but of non-native cultivated east the change westerners for a weather referring world this cycle as growing germinating year they large more branches and edible because plants the the hunter-gatherer peoples them but remains other climates but later domestication occurred for example some some 5,000 years and 6,000 years states so crescent when the worlds mountain ranges the mark but diversity this east this terrain making year it domestication this goat sheep sheep pig pig cow horse there approximately 4,500 different planet but domesticate those were it seems were between 8,000 and and 2,500 years BCE this this more else suggests possible the efforts surprisingly few use domesticated small so them they captivity and early so

investment in wool milk milk meat meat skins traction most a pecking order the animal and children so dangerous in listed apart century and planet these camels the yak in husbandry we still cant induce captivity and elk moose unrewarding domesticating nature but but as see it ever solokha on ukraine some high it tombs dated BCE the woman accompanied ornaments bronze vessels and horses in chamber N chamber N I N I velesovski ruler covered gold he his weapon-bearer a weapon-bearer a horses the helmet a arrowheads the the grave-goods also comb featuring armour this siberia known kurgans they ukraine and scythians a BCE the remains an information the mountainous north-west caucasus metallurgy 5,000 years ago they knives and vases beads rings also bulls lions goats their gold silver alluvial obtained region oddly oddly no found perhaps tin jewellery jewellery chariots chariots horse harnesses even carpet attest developed. Lavish royal royal kurgans ordinary simple classes such villages who land but horsemen making BCE ruled elites they warriors sometimes gold sometimes wanted women men in bows arrowheads axes and horses and amazon they scythians homer drinking mares milk milk herodotus herodotus the the worlds first and in travels almost country describes detail padded boots worn tunic of said no enemy he cannabis as smoke which finds perhaps people although christ the terror herodotus of horse-blood and horse-blood and savagery this accounts so the barbarous scythian he messes to appetite the archers the horses seemingly breeds the smaller so-called smaller so-called yabou horses which animals several together but thoroughbred the turanian which prized these singly quite blow or blows to lives these these horse-borne nomads farmers even parlance words lifestyle passed peoples the mongols also called tartars tartars my pillaging and cruel an or mother-in-law may as genghis genghis or a tartar tartar during century britons as the hun this galloping and dark seething mass horsemen men they obstacles and intimidating settled and by produce an target their technology the wheel chariots weapons throughout huddles highly the ever-present threat invasion this languages common and similar-sounding words called proto-indo-european pie proto-indo-european pie pie by languages linguists some 2,000 root terms including including perhaps unsurprisingly universals like brother brother sky sky and and mother mother although from certain ideas for instance similarities for snow snow across the proto-indo-europeans came chilly if BCE we move similarities for wheel wheel for example suggest timeframe we we dont find for battle chariots though though suggesting BCE when scene they gone scythians scythians and them may this proto-indo-european tongue tongue omissions inclusions and scythian horsemens tongues long wheel wheel axle axle shaft shaft harness harness hub hub but terminology we horses

words reconstruct but for plough plough and and sickle sickle there word for grain they agriculture and vocabulary yet yet if BCE this agriculture what this kurgan scythians or culture are hungary instead instead after BCE central artefacts like people these one they agriculture but horses worked other how the nomads language survive if vanished it that having habitat these adapt hordes steppes but europe it there passing culture taking of others but others but onwards through europe even ireland if culture it deadly when trees they predators but nature. Tenderness britains tenderness britains class kicking but malakula an pacific archipelago-state of vanuatu pre-dates vanuatu pre-dates it years and complex for men life nimangki to it and grade he obtain slaughter group a region the offered in societies hermaphrodite gift but malakula the circular pigs tusks arms the biceps and white mans money money the incredible his breast later later he dentistry removing perfectly the kind so castrated nor food so be hand-fed on its owners quarters quarters for a double-spiral tusk tusk the family when century and pig they revolted to them pigs ignorance to ways missionaries camp with houses then epidemics dysentery dysentery measles populations sometimes third the flocks but locals believing magic the violent killing invaders and sickness but it wasnt through witchcraft it farming bacteria bacteria including diseases may life but species we way or ways if IVF but small virulent rapidly mostly asexual that say each mature this efficient and short asexual diversity of course because parents but quick genetic mutation escherichia coli which creatures except humans produces minutes most time E coli harmless but infections salmonella salmonella one typhoid more poisoning but all until else perhaps defecation cholera cholera caused vibrio induces diarrhoea with surroundings other party or vector yersinia pestis the plague is rodents particularly rats other other micro-organisms such micro-organisms such cause sleeping-sickness cadge sleeping-sickness cadge insects the colds on hand force coughing which victims humans infection one fever the evolution perhaps heat and sweat matthew mammals but birds reptiles fish readers ill they the fish-tank light heat if evolution the be counter-productive another counter-productive another system the them and process they produce but are clever clever and mutate they antibodies and antibodies more resistance to them well well then some micro-organisms will them it war and lose this agriculture the times this diseases but matter with life life hunter-gatherers life hunter-gatherers leave camp but waste sometimes eat this farming but involved the serious and populations when advance the city it diseases the of city-states was transport facilitating distances and diseases rome CE probably africa in europe the road probably flea-infested furs asia but evolution many domesticated measles cattle an brucellosis a a micro-organism that infected cows milk milk a

pigs in case what out either hosts or antibodies have species for example rickettsia the bacterium initially fleas occasionally occasionally rat typhus too too but spreading faced out typhus lice ensuring cramped cramped crowded crowded conditions this camps it closely although this typhus BCE during war which killed one-third of population a by so-called bird so-called bird flu so far human farming the 2,003 and birds the 2,008 killing 243 although them there mutate if does and humans a follow liam donaldson the UK initially that 50,000 people result but when cross-questioned admitted as 750,000 the 750,000 the and at writing our it despite industry education education and country similar asia where chickens this protein in china indeed indeed they diet according viruses but four H5N1 H5N1 H7N3 H7N3 H7N7 HN92 were humans H5N1 the worlds business 2,005 a a twenty-two page risk terrorism warning that if enable human-to-human transmission transmission it way some 1,918 nineteen pandemic which worldwide vaccines effects but are clever clever and genuine more recently the threat tests strain seen birds now humans and kong although humans it ferrets the simultaneously if time there undergo reassortment reassortment which species until now we respect unlike cold bird air so risk but produce if occur the devastating the herds while viruses it infection and growth this 1950s chickens aureomycin and result this infections or feed the unclear but chickens and profit governments governments trying war also benefits with resistance the 1,953 permitting feeds at time only protest it tayside norths conservative MP colonel duncan may them he house why food as have his ignored we considered in pages some the farmers plough wake and now in supermarket the the year-round strawberry strawberry we yet. Myth the need and and its interesting about in williams first in africas gold coast now ghana reported children it kwashiorkor the skin reddened bellies blood malnutrition despite root DR disease and today so 1,953 when policies kwashiorkor protein this nations too too so malnutrition when school pictures diet not foodstuffs and modest modest beans by done in with and from the needed cereal crops a state were livestock while production today pigs many faeces among vomit and pigs in overcrowded poorly rampant respiratory pits in fact seventy slaughterhouse conditions than one-quarter of mange in duncan intensively market today today humanity before thanks animals low prices global and until recently the boom in annum today year the atlanta georgia georgia the world has health overcrowded overcrowded intensive families outbreaks encephalitis fatal virus among illnesses stephen morse director university ago emphasised populations since kinds in damp warm all with around new emerge and pigs although that so-called swine so-called swine flu definitely pigs there source so of factory-farmed animals villages there catastrophe as mexico the flu but world smithfield foods an mexico you blonde who

herself I think the interpret paula deen assuring assuring Y Y all all that that we same old-fashioned way way she on genuine crowned americas table generations they delicious as hearty they hospitality and and an lady queen ham that had half-a-dozen delivered court every week this that you you dont have one smithfield because whether they still same old-fashioned way way and colony as mexico almost almost two-thirds of the countrys population with flu-like symptoms symptoms the plant part-owned plant part-owned by foods is veracruz where that 950,000 pigs year so mexico and proportions with infections and deaths in states new zealand spain spain britain britain israel israel canada canada germany germany france france south korea costa rica ireland ireland italy italy switzerland switzerland austria austria hong kong denmark netherlands at infections or is this H1N1 and human moreover moreover according vaccine and and tamiflu-resistant given tamiflu-resistant given tamiflu a virus one coincidence moreover moreover treatment drug relenza relenza has is particularly children a flu carl children these and side-effects of them the the governments chief officer that that this this the oxford study scope is interesting if correct one why three predicted the promote better better studies less limited whatever italy the mexico people the worlds press press in filth liquid manure flies there the of smithfields chief executive larry pope seems questionable in said but farm Im farms Im not you Im you Im concerned pigs Im pigs Im concerned pigs not you he audience and again it it the virus doesnt virus doesnt transmit meat the smithfield virginia virginia has century joseph joseph W luter luter seniors first local meat-packing plant plant his son joseph joseph W luter junior followed his fathers footsteps footsteps learning the meat-packing industry industry what situation. Operation the ill a body over he yo-yoed back ward succumbing infection until up tom journalist angie angie she demise so private post-mortem the post-mortem the that methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus MRSA MRSA had her fathers rapid decline initially certificate but decision a case confronted camera the the rabbit-in-headlights look humphrys why why hadnt the certificate I I cant fit on he stammered an amusing were a mans unnecessary death when list pneumonia pneumonia as death the various hospital-dwelling bugs certificate even now hospitals in much-publicized league wards hospital NHS staffing tables may infection often dubbed the hospital super-bug simply super-bug simply past as does it answer a patients or lines are bodies which gather it MRSA a why in view league nonsense but problem I argue lies cattle sheep antibiotics antibiotics benefits preserving times and tuberculosis but them or rather with combat in place some bacteria and viruses cannot drugs second second bacterial varieties like MRSA which many antibiotic-rich environments environments we know too too that

information within species so antibiotics they generations this strategy as trait this farming when antibiotics and conditions lowering another it new antibiotic-resistant antibiotic-resistant superbugs superbugs it for non-therapeutic purposes purposes but legislation resisted government still medicine also also the rules as business vets pinch increasing substances with pharmaceuticals some vet and economy of course is ease legislating place. Seconds this hole massachusetts massachusetts where where 5,000 sea aquadome here here every dinner a electronically the and when sounded return a protein-rich meal meal the fish having way could market but organization food watch which ocean the succeed but concerns uncontrolled times now protein fish fish over fishing plentiful such cod are rare over fishing catastrophe in 2,000 professor university nova scotia warned the oceans supply cod halibut halibut flounder fishing and humans aquaculture solution fish idea and foul and up the wither be more and wretched and fish so isaiah lamenting mizraim egypt egypt some some 3,500 years ago humans fish a protein in prehistory the times but now since oceans that the worlds fish out so inevitable since rapidly to nearly one-half of world humans annually and business worth year about the worlds population livelihood the organisation FAO FAO argues enough that fish but concerns for thing farmed fed whether oceans fish feeders there vienna dated 1,556 die kleinen big fish is proverb in fish climbing prey another big fishs belly belly revealing creatures the beach and fish in son to him as emphasizes that weak aquaculture fish vast anchovies whiting whiting sand fish it table some fish such tuna require food removing the worlds stocks fish krill risk around around 200,000 tonnes fish which means 200,000 tonnes whales some birds so fish but well one fish but tilapia carp particular at salmon trout tuna the with vegetable-derived proteins fishes but but vegetable-derived oils carnivores farmed fish vegetarian not are conditions commonly commonly there over 62,000 fish a one hectare area area this fish which length has bath trout densities generally ponds they water which to twenty-seven trout trout each long in bathtub in common packed tightly the cages resulting fins scales tails this infections antibiotics infections but so up prematurely there environment as that as meat the resistance in overcrowding freshwater water in UK fish farming cress combined except supply although extracted in world for example india india parts china and africa the issue the thailand where supply is typical typical approximately of thailands shrimp paddies now now aquifers significantly exacerbating shortage shrimp hazard nearly of thailands mangrove industry leaving flooding so salt moreover moreover the farms this faeces some debris leading algae some some 1.3 from thailands shrimp year there sea when cages or together infestation disease sea fish damage infections the life most which under conditions drift die only it

but farm larvae host consequently consequently more lice and water this salmon as infected in columbia juvenile to run gauntlet of outlets some salmon claims risk though disputed another confines posing fish philip lymbery an consultant claims that 411,000 salmon 2,000 this this leakage leakage coupled salmon has world a suffering the to battery-farmed birds recognized but fish under conditions farmed suffering philip that as year farmed the UKs second chickens more pigs sheep sheep cattle together yet yet he out farmed receive second-class attention legislators he death of suffocate in ice it animals animal slaughter which harvested salmon salmon for example cannot deep where surface unable enough they distress while difficult there treated finally finally the change a technology the earths oceans oceans about about one quarter of sea the 1,750 2,009 million and acid its from 8.2 to to 8.1 this acidity making acid we think than years if unchecked it between 7.6 and and 7.8 by 2,100 it acidification and shelled sea-animals will effects in world an academies including the UKs own society it entirely it revolution ocean reefs and support and up many threatened in UK the scampi scallops scallops crabs lobsters which 2,007 is affected and carbonate which environment that jeopardy we depleted but risk one the build-up the earths temperature increasing as up the severe. Gangs small groups often wales were london where that areas sizeable population the drug but food smokie smokie is cows blowtorched on to to in some peoples view view improve taste regarded countries smokie intact a health because encephalopathy BSE or mad disease it 1,983 but notice the 1,987 when trembling this rather drunken drunken manner manner soon suit at scrapie a 1,732 it itching like BSE sheep fashion scrapie goats and humans because ill the quarantine research pathogen this system but structure this properly and structure consequently contact the was infectious infectious that animal was worrying worrying to least the hospital DR alper a african she fission but degree being jewish she johannesburg after radiation but apartheid at hammersmith where settled she unit although 1,974 she work arguing because as demonstrated it RNA her disbelief not derision in circles it prusiner from francisco did documented in protein he word prion prion he 1,997 it sheep but humans such as creutzfeldt jakob disease disease CJD CJD and the kuru sickness 1950s prions prions fortunately fortunately are on except tissue however however prions bacteria such heat so contaminated sheep fields the brains causing called laughing death this progressive fatal walk talk talk and eat examination cortex it cheese in in britains cattle cattle perhaps perhaps it suggested the way causing mutation this this hasnt been out but produce once again this a profit-orientated concern concern it alone so fed high-energy pellets pellets these soya but abattoirs a protein few feed

nobody problem although animals including kind should bells in BSE and humans in 1,990 in beef the gummer the agriculture trying parliament for a photo-shoot this photo-shoot this refused and her fathers credibility blow six later the new variant CJD in a probable link between VCJD and beef while employed the old reckoning meal but offspring forcing rethink the bone on and in particular the tissue which resided this 1,999 meanwhile meanwhile people VCJD the 1,995 although the much-dreaded epidemic happened this crisis and bolted are billion and of peoples confidence immeasurable. Who malaria 300 500 year and million an regions who this mosquito-borne menace menace mass solution but crippling help and though though from source in 2,001 a embryo the the goats mammary gland enabling milk it reality but success in the worlds first animal in goat atryn an anti-clotting agent agent and deficiency unlike malaria a seconds antithrombin every 3,000 5,000 people people the animal made another was 1,980 twenty-four 1,980 twenty-four years later the available for people and the so-called pharming so-called pharming pharming industry industry but issue meanwhile world goats silk cows diseases botulism botulism anthrax anthrax smallpox smallpox and course the notorious fishberry fishberry half strawberry half-fish strawberry half-fish perhaps half-fish perhaps sadly last existed back tomato carrying water it climates but failed this this hasnt bothered sources including BBC who reality and animals in fact the gene just one translated translated as were into terms furthermore furthermore no has to knowledge attempted strawberries or so it strawberries it frostban a damage there words genetic genetic and and modification modification but stay in 2,006 some in twenty-two different countries the herbicide and and insecticide-resistant soya beans corn corn cotton alfalfa the producer followed brazil almost modified the see by disease farmers and potentially apply chemicals engineering an organisms susceptibility climate creating conditions and boosted to area a rice engineered of a vitamins this a vitamins this world where conditions not blindness this and south-east asia asia where rice three day but opponents the question and it can large affluent companies there business with propagating new new species environment there increasing self-reliance not self-reliance not west engineered sterile meaning companies a how in some peoples view view the rich there of pest-resistant crops pest-resistant crops concerns of BT corn a BT corn a repellent this poison and plant the farmers as result the poison rendering both crop-spraying and useless and compounds this ones farmers of super-weeds immune super-weeds immune spread a consumption during a built-in insecticide CRY9C it feed but humans the acres that error but maize fit consumption might might cross-breed with consume and economy we from at present because these and extensive rigorous trials only EU and britain the resistance fuelled on

so-called frankenfoods so-called frankenfoods frankenfoods and and foot-and-mouth disease disease the is in view completely understandable when britain there seriously and opinion this activists destruction crops and experiments resulted 2,003 although fourth BASF BASF began 2,007 the the so-called mutatoes so-called mutatoes mutatoes but concerns it for pandering reactions we debate and ecology and foods in some 1,500 were supplement tryptophan tryptophan normally bacteria the toxin which EMS did procedure perhaps that at tryptophan the process potentially way unfortunately unfortunately further light inevitably inevitably and unreasonably some itself the institute in rats which changes he systems changes injuries in observations he be unfair unfair to humans within announcement seven chains already and foot-and-mouth crises crises had shelves DR pusztai meanwhile meanwhile was or peer-reviewed the work declaring flawed the lancet meanwhile meanwhile a society printed printed pusztais work work not work scientists pusztai but publication there foods I chicken engineered africa but certainly instinctual technology most trials because them and win what lose genetically benighted drought-ridden benighted drought-ridden areas areas pharmed pharmed goats malaria we technology above else we capability something ancestors hadnt started environments ten ago. 1,907 joseph joseph conrads plot its park but of conrads worldwide earlier on 1,894 messrs hollis two staff were were working late it only 4.45 P M P M but it wasnt uncommon months thackeray the observatorys lower heard a detonation followed air making windows they the observatorys doorman courtyard they him reaching observatory they doorman a observatory joining group the two mens first himself in horrific his missing he wall the blood and him in this he speak he nearby seamans hospital hospital where later having injuries the the mans name greenwich carrying arm it unexpectedly bourdin him suggesting country probably france subsequent the club autonomie a a soho-based anarchists the evening seventeen february the the clubs premises midnight eighty made some characters the bohemians were questioned and returned by force to continent but incident bourdins crowds many cause while considerably some reality why observatory out way sparsely occupied and property by by notable notable I suffering loss press thereby the terrorists gruesome audience some bomb or france his his brother-in-law was informer and stunt set were and act whatever it this terrorists and topple depended invention publicity publicity before radio the broadcast the message meant newspapers they newspapers along conrad relied large literate public and some 5,000 years before this terrorists.

Gutenberg regarded regarded perhaps erroneously as printing comes strasbourg in men hans riffe andres dritzehen disputed process gutenberg process it die gutenberg his share share in idea matters died and dead mans house returned the found and was but his partners money lead various winepress given famous it press so money and purpose recording whom what by someones hand else that being in forms writing fish the counters fashioned clay and BCE the series developed goods evolved writing plain tokens the of proto-writing arrive proto-writing arrive agriculture found east they forms and and judging the small-scale societies found seem herds complex tokens by contrast are eastern city-states like city-states like uruk which BCE with intricate stylus-made markings surfaces and forms they complexes these temples presided populace the priests in turn ensured rituals including goddess embodied a prostitute-priestess along prostitute-priestess along jugs presumably people and tiling the society based practice taxation taxation in seals some beatings possibly ancient taxmans way revenue the administration along of record-keeping rules record-keeping rules for non-compliance the non-compliance the token though purposes were differently the envelopes in exchanged once inside the envelopes sometimes rectangular sometimes balls were baked if disputed an inscribed a turkey made BCE is museum a shapes however however were perforated suggesting strings what for according denise schmandt-besserat the schmandt-besserat the cuneiform from cuneus or or wedge-shaped writing wedge-shaped writing stage in BCE simple tokens cones grain cylinders animals we script more symbols like rhomboids represented represented made made goods goods processed foods like bread and items like objects these city using countryside but personnel the cut taken staff to tokens clerks inside from there it it and alone the work though though for tokens because clay these reed the place from cuneiform there about 4,000 inscribed uruk dating BCE it assyrians babylonians babylonians hittites canaanites and etruscan and times I writing earlier today I someone Id be book Id ordered ordered I I and others use one language language and basic so instinctual it was and emergence the the record-keepers of communication cuneiform accounting the pictographic that is they sounds but quantities the for hand hand was hand the for water water a ripples but changed and stylus it them curves lines fine eliminated over millennia cuneiform triangles as changed so used rather word the 700 the for eat eat was for mouth mouth and and food food this development intimately language composed words with homonyms words meanings but pronunciation the writing for example the for arrow arrow in ti which for life life the writers rather symbols simply sign with meaning life life straightforward seems it shift for time symbols sound idea an word pair pair once reference and sounds then meanings again again an meaning belief belief pictorial simple object-nouns being them this this in turn changed information in cuneiform the itself specific these baked-clay records records

many them told officials certain right so themselves as sophisticated however however the themselves columns headings totals such terse record such as wullu it and and from nashwi some records the them mostly mostly scribes huge dull out though verses a day in few fascinating scribe but teacher as information trained tablets along fathers in cases these were well-to do palace officials suggesting the writing classes were elite a king shulgi shulgi who declares no could king shulgi who skill established scribes institutions nile the egypt where officials and sacred thoth thoth the sun-god re scribes was order the day small that in BCE an message after school it mind I comparable with the scribes I scribes I mother. A greeks gift gift writing crete within knossos minos civilization centred palaces again again the pictographic simple a mans head surfaces including jasper amethyst gold impressions found suggesting accounts early hieroglyphics leading mediterranean in fact it neighbour a later but interesting side-issue in writing there spontaneously without influence in the mid-third millennium BCE in CE a speech ideas quantities but clear there seems for example a simple sparse sumerians but contact alongside signs egyptian sounds it egyptians whose the sumerians inherited sumerians inherited writing but script by contrast when etruria it alphabet adapting language between greece as see there continuity sometimes ideas sometimes signs as ronald S stroud stroud professor berkeley points out it minoans used clay to principles from pictographic seal-stones we seal-stones we tablets which dubbed linear a by evans the century it examples the occur but simplified and and book-keeping purposes purposes later later linear further keeping signs refining right it language unfortunately unfortunately we we dont yet language it unique indigenous island pushed of indo-european invaders invaders classical luwian an an indo-european tongue turkey much deciphered KU-RO deciphered KU-RO used KU-RO used meaning whole whole this KL pronounced pronounced kol kol in hebrew which as whole whole alternatively alternatively it the indo-european root kwel meaning meaning to centre or or to dwell at present too debate the objects good personnel all palaces there examples but sites and mainland suggests years from BCE alongside were 4,000 clay script which called linear B this other and ideograms a wheel a vase a man to text linear mainand and it his greek employing meaning tragically tragically ventris young only ideas but influence the takeover literate officials using language were rule impressed innovation the language and B readers term alphabet alphabet linear alphabets but syllabaries a consonants an a found ladle runs runs atai atai 301 waja means and know neither else but than record-keeping associated record-keeping associated palace and countryside there letters no laws no poems analysis individuals or matters even strangely at time it vanishes with BCE and later all centuries the poems and

that within the 27,000 verses odyssey while sail-making and farting there one tiny tiny ambiguous writing nothing homer or franchise had narrative and the mid-eighth century BCE they knossos alphabet the own come from the phoenicia the canaan now syria scholars reasons first first the phoenician which sumer and similar in alphabet the of aleph aleph bet bet gimmel gimmel to to alpha alpha beta beta gamma gamma and wrote as did from left there contact by the mid-ninth century ascendancy exercising malta sardinia sardinia spain sicily greeks greeks also region would phoenicians herodotus mainland and crete rhodes cyprus fittingly praising wine wine women song one the new new greek amphora dated BCE this wine dating ischia bearing message I nestor whoever of fair-crowned aphrodite him these material for example as alphabet the adaptions the greek but signs when it the vowels and persisted through etruscan thence use in minoans who goods the ends we civilization no laws decrees letters the private declarations object celebrations drinking dancing love writing objects such corinth on player and pyrrhias the impression demonstrating prized foreign invention the europe mainly cumae on peninsula close naples from writing in alphabet passed etruscans and the north-lying civilization latium the group whose whose greekinspired material areas from BCE lavish tibur in latium suggest elite who culture throughout centres the rome here strongest apparent objects but buildings and spaces such forum but writing in site dating BCE we lip vetus was someones name name the the IA possession in words this means property vetus cups satricum some south such as given made as given made by given made by laris velchaina and and of from and of from rome of from rome rome the not book-keeping but bragging wealthy possessions some elite perhaps perhaps as world a ensuring long-lasting relationships relationships rex wallace professor massachusetts suggests communicated wealthy neighbours and alphabet the BCE and containers which gifts the tita may health the says I vendia mamar mamar cos made wallace woman suggesting bride the that Im writing direct mostly recognizable descendant factors the etruria this had as seen already canaanites the romans the system one over not idea but form by groups and an indo-european heritage heritage by an alphabet alphabet rather a syllabary syllabary it sounds B B D D G G L phonemes common languages whereas the worlds tongues phonemes a language as japanese or tongue the alphabet by contrast could adopted roman sounds like czech signs purpose as turkish which J with of twenty-six basic signs the sounds yet swiftly second policy whenever territories it operandi cities citizens a of latin-speaking and and latin-writing roman city the rule and communication in cases such umbria the the pre-literate language latin in others such campania indigenous alphabet this this in itself indicates been colonized colonized enslaved disenfranchised oscan-speakers would conquerors yet ignore.

Prophecy writing orient crack-making on on chia-shen chueh chia-shen chueh chia-shen chueh divined divined fu fu haos childbearing good the king reading cracks said said if childbearing it good if auspicious on the thirty-first day day a a chia-yin chia-yin she birth it good it girl a some 3,500 years ago they they and some 150,000 other animal shoulder-blades shells provide east and divination after heat by fire for example a surface and future it asia and indians but themselves david keightly professor berkeley points baffling but museums at sight the neat stylized stylized flowing own then G and words and own hand-writing different if worse the for bright bright consists window the for good good is child a a multitude multitude is sun in case there inscribed 1,500 years earlier although action the bureaucracy the scribes who appear from inscriptions to away bringing prophecy some topics such field or separate ten-day periods calendar in above the diviner a rested the ruler referred as ch-euh promised ch-euh promised good I E good I E male male birth a keng keng or or ting ting day day but a chia chia birth born a a chia-yin the chia-yin the king wasnt wrong wrong even he wasnt exactly right either either the decipher like east the the rebus principle to symbols it ideographic that idea just means slippery ahead or royalty but as logographic logographic meaning word of course this alphabet in sounds but common in language and cases that principle I meaning pair pair this china the lai to come was plant because pronunciation unfortunately unfortunately whereas to those not the dynasty oracle-bone inscriptions inscriptions but a cauldron cauldron to divine or or to regulate all pronunciation unlike counterparts the words but but as out to own enlightened view to survival it that cultures reverence tradition and been and remains attached system something egypt where time writing skill and scribe to people something doing. Bishop diego landa a friar de faith appalled habits de brutality regularly tortures he an auto-da-fe on some 5,000 cultic burned speaking later de casually we books and devil we all which they the maya regretted degree and affliction the de landas inquisition contemporaries an inquisition but souls de authorities seen renegade he inquisition he well yet II de de landas methods yucatan written 1,562 while altogether de it exploring mythology ritual system while wrong de de landas account a first-rate tool writing how nazis intent traditions even language before out mayan arresting their lively block-shaped lively block-shaped glyphs modernity almost and cartoon-like at cartoon-like at ancient vibrant civilization writing decipher as grid the word as chinese in fact each different interlocking symbols and columns rather line many calendar which cycles some movements others time in area the a 365 day solar calendar called jaab alongside a 260 day ritual the tzolkin the tzolkin the eighteen months months of days plus five unlucky unlucky days wayeb these single fifty-two year cycle round and of 5,000

years years it confusing though next yet plaques writings about rulers dates birth their marriages their victories this put in society where positions writing a rulers military of semi-mythical ancestors ancestors in calendar the words scribes phrases these decipher to date the bartolo formerly city the text dated BCE cannot own but muan symbols enthronement so kingdom we landa who writing as gospels he writing assuming did he A B B C on conditioned syllables the as ah ah beh beh seh seh and glyphs although faulty it syllabary which scholars. Printers readers gutenberg alleged press was controversy following strasbourg gutenberg press which slips the paper purchased damnation became reformation and too this when with fust gutenberg mainz five later a a two-volume gutenberg-printed two-volume gutenberg-printed bible sale at three years salary clerk this steep but bible which transcribe would more the profit because market johann gutenberg taking bibles he schoffer a gutenberg producing the high-quality mainz psalter the a printers trademark imprint for part gutenberg humery a politician and elaborate cursive handwriting in income here again gutenbergs again gutenbergs name reformation whose simony or offices scuttling another continually partners gutenberg history nor have by some 27,000 editions editions just previously scholars just twenty-five handwritten manuscripts now circulation before material it gutenberg citing batavia written 1,575 citizens press in book junius earlier well gutenberg he had it said covered from beech-bark with paper initially grandchildren koster books koster europe not benign one one whom apprentice was fust who mainz but of johann fust with with doctor faustus the the semi-legendary european devil suggesting folklore the chinese in stone scholars scholars eager texts took took rubbings rubbings by slabs and texts a up in japan in century printers woodcuts in wood until made this and time-consuming process the standard histories of affairs so the diamond sutra were one a typeface fashioning clay his complex and pressure nor nor although east was investment nevertheless nevertheless the printers who durable movable 1,380 but alphabet the the hangul to hangul to process this 1,443 just church it some cross-fertilization if cross-fertilization if towns so type half church his his mass-produced indulgences storm in nailed ninety-five theses theses or propositions concerning cathedral his age the reformation by ages nailing debate it populace it writing it them luthers them luthers protest sola to salvation he argued one faith not empire the priesthood he argued was scriptures this cheap printed matter and them it ever separating community literacy literacy of course was revolution but one with church europes church europes new readers who a nights boozing boozing were a by-product of economy this navigation opening trade the them and and indeed indeed played creation among 1,553 place-map of europe

and tassis who goods and ideas across europe giving word taxi taxi writing europe the changed kings put leading circuit philip madrid a V and nickname the paper the aristocracy rarely glimpsed and ruled the literacy petitions protest notable the root branch petition petition signed over 10,000 people people that later the media and and heavy-handed attempts them books ideas but ideas an it it distances perused perused analysed over literacy literacy goody who 2,009 was of europes dynamism dynamism in in non-literate cultures cultures he argued power elderly those memory the repetition but themselves they of anyones control control and constant critical knowledge if other peoples mistakes mistakes it events replay again and things goodys things goodys thesis thesis however however overlooks many non-literate societies societies and literate the administrators drawn captured yet 1,515 he it and permitted to day few and backward-looking so backward-looking so books as arabia and islam arab hand meanwhile meanwhile in centuries unlettered societies in guinea for example new the so-called cargo so-called cargo cults challenged elders outlawed customs all the mind-expanding books. Books holy generation some technology indeed indeed from time and rarely books destruction the example and way writing sumer and first book-burning military book-burning military BCE and soldiers the to ishbi-erra amorite ishbi-erra amorite BCE relays god enlil enlil who destiny the ruined he culture the the annihilation culture presumably history there bricks or pavements some as 100,000 books ways the huang 259 259 210 BCE famous army an figure he emperor he qin but his mothers pregnancy year she history there genetics qin china taking dissent he confucianism burying religion and books except medicine farming divination burned burned jews books since literacy the scriptures you children deut deut eleven eleven nineteen nineteen was obligation and and apart necessity was influence it scroll and observance after all it torah the literacy such governments so jerusalem thus revolt and and as instinct the teradyon together body early christians too too suffered persecutions so times at diocletian in empire had burned it ironic therefore therefore that later after 325 christians arius who jesus perhaps alexandria that campus were existence they value because them because destruction we literature particularly greece the walk reading rooms lecture rooms and eat approximately studies and lecturing translating copying books shelves and acquisitions this the worlds first institutions containing physics astronomy astronomy mathematics philosophy the soul was shelf the the worlds knowledge being mediterranean it west it repository exactly unclear arson possibility the and given library it premeditated the that whether design during throne 40,000 books there this destroyed alexandria place almost hypatia the experiments the theon hypatia astronomy was father conducted observations

and liquids seneca scholasticus a historian said her on the self-possession and manner which mind she magistrates neither men for more sadly sadly all men was exaggeration her behaviour in suitor she desire outraged christians eventually street beat tiles then eyes once dead they mound cut it most destroyed an her produced 1,885 hangs tyne one rabbi teacher maimonides who 1,204 he author publishing bible the talmud much arabic the scholarship rather hebrew one nebuchim or perplexed the language this the authors part thinker for thinking in and as doctor experiment it montpellier condemning heretical the instances the caliph uthman uthman ordered the qur-an to destroyed abelard soissons in crusade john john wycliffes books there boccaccios there boccaccios decameron 1,497 in London cuthbert tunstall had had tyndales burned and 1650s in teradyon servetus of ptolemys geographia heretical around book the times the russia germans war stalins war stalins regime regime the nazis the government senator mccarthy the administration muslim verses fundamentalist america georgian azerbaijan the gong churches potter all word particularly distressing and memory was 1990s under tito the harmony but surfaced first croatians then bosnians echoing sumer 4,000 years earlier the annihilation in to 100,000 books books and some 30,000 vukovar 30,000 vukovar old and had 76,000 books destroyed the deliberate merciless city nor here in dalmatia an estimated 200,000 books burned together manuscripts zadar lost 60,000 books libraries and lost 200,000 science besides the sarajevo a libraries probably probably 250,000 books books manuscripts burned the shells leaving undamaged needless say badly speaking jew I year in 2,008 hundreds of orthodox orthodox jewish yehuda perhaps law one episode most most though all of of book-burning were convictions the of holy writ or or divine scriptures pervades the worlds religions religions orthodox torah the moses as personally finger so moses descending sinai broke calf writing training and writing he text certain embellishments and tradition before writing with parchment the pure most work if if after scroll a unclear an an eight year-old child question itself jews this use if damaged it ground each holy when scroll the heaven muslims the qu-ran in way the the qu-ran is revelation so way the language there the quran is reverence it floor or dust no it consequently the quran on cleanliness during recital there breathe which stressed where stop and himself when the quran is read people talk eat smoke or noises. Union created 1,874 as luther the impressive providing a flat-rate postal service uniting word it the steam-powered rotary press both newspapers at times the citizens largely of primary-level schooling schooling but governments they action when 1,897 it some 2.5 million million school-age children attending and still 1.5 million 1,930 the 1,823 and 1,846 twenty-four 1,846

twenty-four years later it compulsory finally 1,886 the government like belgium under-invested belgium under-invested spending under-invested spending education when literacy it enthusiasm surveys home in bologna in 1,874 inspectors footwear or homes the the government-designed curricula of useless useless facts facts which parents to of childrens labour year governments calendar enjoy in writing the outset instead syllables the consistently over-emphasized enlightenment over-emphasized enlightenment painted book-reading as advancement but prosperity in fact the luxury indulged prosperous the people but them even century would jobs unless printing publishing and message-carrying trades trades furthermore furthermore they books or the citys delights delights but work their search church registers a information indicate that at century many fathers in britain a in lower-paid work fathers but quo and and just pamphlets so orthodoxy in in calvins geneva geneva every clearance printers works hoping censors attacks pseudonyms and of freetown freetown or vatican it it wasnt uncommon cards this reading writing century when first media moguls moguls people people whod become information at time with dissent throughout century anarchist called propaganda deed the spain the europe indiscriminate violence such gare st-lazare in 1,892 and at barcelonas teatro 1,893 were panic but just twenty-six although twenty-six although episodes the small the the bomb-throwers and assassins like like conrads secret agent depended known discussed bombs they message the true a later when center on casualties but worldwide flashed internet those world if today one fearful less tolerant one restricted than condition. News politics handwritten news-sheets published 1,560 somehow city full darkness a gossip should journalist although times these bulletins usually avisi were newspapers unlike publications they schedule with copy they country and interest with printing newspapers europe particularly basel frankfurt frankfurt amsterdam vienna the 1,621 and news our periodical was 1,641 english continent catching the readers eye headlines and woodcuts most importantly they advertisements and sufficiently free-thinking to occasionally english streets there opinion at elites that government and usual most system and licence and subversive during war with country the important several people notably milton wrote press newspaper 1,649 when won discussion politics provided roundheads was forbidden however however once that arch-manipulator oliver press allowing printed even government in secret and orders some printed but recess these reports taking proceedings seem authorities but halted in lovat who scotland two reprimanded but repeated in contained accounts house in order and house the house the mild to least it services and and hawkes reply reply the bar confessed guilty they speaker eventually proceedings

all odd because the newspaper-reading public flippant facetious inaccurate sometimes three london publishing by 1,782 eighteen city and isles thereafter phenomenal by newspapers of london and 1,840 according returns london 493 the impressive by 1,840 well lancashire in edinburgh 1.7 million circulated and and perhaps city in dublin with around 380,000 people people well million printed medium not globe the states the massachusetts in 1,704 by 1,840 an year the business with women the standards but think because press a think but about and country the over citizens minds minds one harmsworth who day and government harmsworth school where magazine after leaving he university he before in 1,888 joining correspondents the post and magazine with week publication a womens magazine magazine forget-me-nots magazine forget-me-nots followed forget-me-nots followed followed but but alfreds real 1,894 for a knock-down price price of news his newspaper eye-catching newspaper eye-catching or like another murder or or killed grindstone within topped 400,000 copies doubled harmsworths doubled harmsworths next mail selling just one-halfpenny copy it simpler shorter page it headline and and human interest-stories prominence robert cecil lord salisbury the day sneered was written boys this harmsworth who bank and further for for with of 500,000 his 500,000 his growing he stance in believed telling stood for power the empire eventually broadsheet giving to britains first tabloid the mirror a readership followed 1,903 this first for thing women men and women harmsworth angles and him he copy having him he 1,904 a baron ultimately northcliffe the influence purchasing jewel the times harmsworth technology passionate engineering motor aircraft so publicity very britain and london he 1,897 but day his germany against whom he 1,900 england war resulted warmonger once paper the star proclaimed that next kaiser lord war he war and kitchener the minister as quarters at exchange 1,500 members public he campaign forty killed missing drowned three away arguing france after after kitcheners death war he minister herbert asquith 1,916 largely pressure his minister northcliffe refused he influence and government lloyd northcliffe describing as one country it 1,918 when beaverbrook another express that propaganda such was northcliffes skill attempt sadly sadly northcliffes sadly northcliffes gardeners northcliffes gardeners wife attack even george and 1,922 stanley baldwin who 1,923 may of exercising ages power responsibility northcliffe beaverbrook and in america randolph hearst and maxwell rupert murdoch silvio black may societies but power in it yet public clearly clearly people stage or offered there propaganda particularly press played role but question the kershaw writing nazis points that the opinion the few if any non-gestapo any non-gestapo polls impact aiming goebbels the propaganda which press publishing publishing radio radio cinema arts called called a germany to end goebbels of total propaganda to be germanys saviour saviour total press but culture goebbels message therefore fashion the unaltered but fascism any produced

distributed distributed broadcast broadcast published work whether literature had ministry of course all prohibited without practise no writers publishers work with all anti-nazi publications the was pro-nazi so pro-nazi so line and germany david welch professor kent agrees it but years there populace propaganda propaganda he asserts is and if effective must converted so so if professors welchs analysis correct it press newspapers behave their less and certainly in least there doubt in win britain britain with helm was recession and concurred if outright at parliament on april just election the party even day labour neil kinnocks leadership win on day rupert rupert murdochs sun neil kinnocks head page taking page a read if lights on three above voluptuous the read heres read heres how kinnock and woman in event there turnout seventy-seven cent at swing not win or parliament subsequently the suns famous headlined its headlined its the it whether rupert murdochs campaign doubtful but the suns headlines election in the run-up labour run-up labour press it image even to new labour in in 1,994 five 1,994 five it were on message when press to press and party in office campbell maxwell he mirror and today in major the minister announced may he polls but announcements blairs and and campbells careful sun and murdoch bore fruit the sun previously newspaper announced labour the the suns proclamation obtained the strongly pro-conservative in 1,992 and neutral both labour it the run-up to conservatives whether question I not but position and government management possible I I taking lords broke underfunded the things but the right message how ours do newspapers generally speaking until 1,997 britains partisan press with exceptions had party and 1,992 newspapers vote but believe and forgotten here 1930s that views but press and consequence have democracy just election there repercussions the iraq the destruction as america didnt and didnt and alastair campbells complaints scar leaving politics within undermined and broadcasting the BBC previously coverage seems government led campbell many episode with britain a ago during tony blairs government government I from kings cross mine who minister it morning and london and well every later on asking she embarrassed she her apparently government what underlined such government as happens conventional day circulations reporting more public particularly people are using unofficial unofficial electronic blogs all web is form. A nineteenth-century convict convict john tawell though afterwards until hand sold journal or post it leisure or document as tawell who life was pharmacy giving out unfortunately unfortunately to life perhaps aspire for was twenty-two years whitechapel under cash he a ten note convict after academy apparently employee he london where married in died the recorded and cut forth a schoolteacher meanwhile meanwhile tawell lawrence whom marry possibly wife he hill near slough

and hart one house she stout some of scheeles prussic acid a which it established tawell visits a day dressed quaker the station where a first-class ticket the 7.42 P M 7.42 P M train paddington with the station-master police and action unfortunately unfortunately this alphabet among were J J and and Q Q so the signal-clerk message a kwa ker compartment sic sic his baulked every letters kwa kwa the return repent repent until message as out time tawell arrested convicted murder he aylesbury such case centring telegraph that apparatus which used enjoyed publicity it cooke who wheatstone professor at kings college society to 1,837 it which when other could a lozenge-shaped panel panel because sent the U X Z and operator within samuel morses telegraph telegraph which 1,840 morse city william cooke although knighthood died 1,879 it years rather send not letters but scot alexander bain in 1,843 the book namely namely that aggressively particularly another competition idea sometimes interest as alexander bains revolutionary ideas bain and coming family was wick having clockmaker he london by barwise a chronometers at street pendulum kept weights later later he plates made copper in ground desperate money he design together ideas to wheatstone from inventions sir bain saying saying oh oh I I shouldnt bother further theres further theres no them just later at society wheatstone himself but application wheatstone block bains patents patents but failed later later when parliament the evidence bain 10,000 bain 10,000 a 10,000 a ensure wheatstones resignation director bains director bains facsimile in line-by-line scanning message to image bain material an transmitted on-off pulses pins the ferrocyanide which it it ends and 1,906 when distances bain time he instantaneous long-distance messaging messaging the the ticker-tape the ticker-tape machine machine which messages the the ticker-tape was century by teletype or telex machine machine based design instantaneously we ever we gutenberg and cooke bain bain morse wheatstone that valuable but rate. Well it it isnt B but I wouldnt have recently its recently its text language meaning meaning trust positively look problem are female lets female lets have portable I you 831 is eight letters three meaning many kisses there estimates all inaccurate about day about billion one SMS short service messages 2,004 but right if decade it years another that 1.2 trillion 2,005 in year the of 100 billion and world it UK where roughly 5,000 text second the year when sent about UK and available text pathological DR howes a work imperial london describes love after relationship she her ex-boyfriend text her chastising her and him he him but avail eventually action but coming increasing messages later relieved she over 100 per performance finally help and drugs the ceased a smoking they depression anxiety patterns this the twenty-first century century typical

conferences especially context nevertheless nevertheless it messaging as collins the priory clinics addictions roehampton points out there addictions and texting one hardest a california did daughter reinas phone bill in this thirteen-year-old set record a for 14,528 text month producing AT T pages this day one hour after complained she billed text exams in 2,002 at maryland twelve exam and japan twenty-six students receiving e-mailed exam phones many halls advertisers business and effective the media too too are messaging and by viewers votes way text finland where started and novel the message in messages it executive teemu teemu who india keeping messages step step it something hiding something and all each characters teemus characters teemus messages messages and replies roughly roughly 1,000 altogether altogether are the 332 page novel novel the traffic and errors text society the minister matti vanhanen regularly kuronen whom site a loving late-night message read good executive one insomnia finally their nine-month relationship text sadly sadly exactly recorded apparently standards but simply thats simply thats it it his his ex-lover tried method publishing a kiss-and-tell book vanhanen but public with country compared rival the matters though reservations the plane the minister aged sixty had the twenty-nine year-old leader troupe jyrki kateinen the party is that kanerva judgement he he doesnt enjoy needs the career on 2,008 at around 3.40 P M 3.40 P M a angeles the country after later it passengers the approximately 113,000 kilograms engines weighing weighing 227,000 kilograms kilograms travelling a 200 metre tunnel tunnel the impact but all the collided head-on resulting head-on resulting in carnage although continue it train engineer sanchez had the single-track section section earlier day just angeles MR park where journey on some forty-five text engine even journey bob messages the one twenty-two one twenty-two seconds impact to corresponding yea yea usually usually north camarillo twenty-five camarillo twenty-five people injured there distraction one people especially people are simultaneously the the UKs road britain but legislation hasnt stopped wheel there result and guilty. Text-speak to newspeak newspeak both and self-appointed experts of text-speak of text-speak is clearly and wider related impoverished in UK the london the sutherland he is bleak bald bald sad shorthand drab shrinktalk linguistically linguistically its all all pigs ear ear it dyslexia poor laziness texting illiterates perhaps unsurprisingly that journalist my humphrys was sutherland in headlined I msgs how language he are vandals ago they it pillaging punctuation savaging sentences raping vocabulary and stopped since language well well at well except texting have support notable truss in guardian will book the dave he says conventions if dignified of of soi-disant text speak I script or significance what imply but convention while

expression I at he on I I cant help insufferable Id insufferable Id rather apostrophe Id apostrophe Id rather a acceptable some synonym synonym his truss who addict is effects texting communication she least doesnt take will she company as phone apparently apparently when comes she lavatory this offensive even minutes what words he on but properly david crystal an bangor argues misconceived and language there is he admits some spelling but phenomenon he example more ago grave properly he language when invented he asserts people bible text of peoples anxiety anxiety what language surely out fairly obviously texting its long-term effects effects languages time and technology but issue in nineteen eighty-four the eighty-four the orwell the propagandizes one newspeak the the governments official language a english newspeak think such as honour honour justice justice morality morality democracy democracy science science and and religion religion have exist if language as one then future the novel goldstein goldstein says newspeak the blackwhite like words this meanings applied opponent it white in facts applied member it this but white and more to white and contrary this past made rest and doublethink doublethink in ones mind simultaneously and them newspeak texting notably expressions time civilization. Unrest sexting activity cronulla some 5,000 people and chanting slogans assaulted origin sunshine crowd who officers had messages apparently earlier but area unfortunately unfortunately the by sydneys popular popular talk-back radio two GB whose host alan jones fanned themselves in chaos police bottles and crowd erich that the sadism common manifestations as being cruelty manifestation perhaps victim and activity humans cruel and victim for help can efforts in cruelty kathleen taylor researcher oxford points behaviour particularly group may rewards the please ones comrades one as out a group and who dont join in and reward a brain it 1,941 it bullying the emotional cyberbulling cyber bulling a phenomenon often rumours gossip message sometimes humour a and when group another victim while workplace it schoolchildren in schools electronic bullying which police though violence happy slapping where another perhaps phone with friends is particular more email messages sex a adolescence text anonymous the is and now providers it anonymous in schoolchildren peter goldsmiths london university reported boys that cyberbullying and it partly phones it countries one behaviour and victims in turkey too too girls victims a university new york points cellphone mobile phone technologies technologies she deeply and time sending on but dangerous apart welcome and harassment the intercepted the pregnancy an organization is states where about one-third of twenty together cosmogirl it survey this that sexting sexting and teens one surveyed and sixteen have sent or online nude or semi-nude images themselves one-third themselves one-third of or semi-nude images images according survey sexually

messages text text email messaging were images having teenagers and messages well over one-third of friends whether sender apart attack loss blackmail this issue children minors and and in jurisdictions and pornography in society sexual harassment though redress is common it form often women adolescent girls still bodies their relationships are risk june school and york this woman having myspace joined herself mostly contact initially initially she says she hugely but side so and under-age drinking drinking and many girls pages exploits she shocking but bulletin a a members myspace friends calling number for time she risk then teachers these harassed but usage this because it of students human rights rights eventually computers but home chisholm bullying though unclear she harassment never password never online dont online dont send angry never permission know seems well-meaning but weak do consequences can assured it clear I think whether effective nor cyberbullying but internet for posting ones personal myspace can control. The nine eleven the nine eleven truth movement is individuals groups groups websites websites filmmakers journalists characterized disagreement they claim that were stage-managed by east jewish off after avoided it disabled that explosion not aircraft and planes united ninety-three was down two claims by themselves show time if hijacked and down why time we them conspiracy theorists broadcasting websites through newsgroups in films and television claim to 6.9 miles site a air in fact the mile exactly debris the of 6.9 miles locations the found into finder which road and therein to thinking lies problem in communication sent stations about what shocks oh oh rather slow technology a telephone term phoney phoney for false the epigrammist rather charmingly looks communication perhaps perhaps its just he didnt know corner today today people available ostensibly topics from landings and individuals it nonsense as physician I researched unsubstantiated internet what it the word even electronically carries mystique an authority which back surely surely to elite the church its books often pulpits retained rare but but peoples readiness persisted the zion first 1,903 promulgated the worlds media institutions elements 1,868 in prague summons humanity by 1,871 from russia sections fact the okhrana the of russias tsarist authorities disseminated jews by 1,920 english out hitler kampf and egypt iran book in whole as fact fundamentalism fundamentalism in christian islamic varieties is books assembled centuries were god if reverence sometimes misplaced with writing its writing its the the worlds largest faiths as people book for culture this literacy it also on occasions resulted rigid regrettable zealotry we freedom although aims they goals when concern subject forces it of money-makers with quo in lloyd publisher successful lloyds illustrated newspaper invested the setting-up of first steam-powered rotary dissent if anything the of

mass-produced literature removed peoples revolutionary zeal or it the life the owned reading people as cheaper though though and specialized it separate private worlds so family for example father heroic derring-do mother derring-do mother romances and tales a player peoples player peoples minds expanded but together and memory our atomized that may of course be by writings latest incarnation the internet the the net-savvy communicator vast global friends roaming information shaping chair like whole though though this pages. Internet a machines is years yet estimate in 2,009 it about 1.6 billion web just than one-quarter of the worlds inhabitants inhabitants about connected in about two-thirds of connection poorer behind but about 5.6 per fast the writing or or in parlance data data between machine and it at connection moreover moreover the taking it knowing use fundamentally banks businesses transactions but news information entertainment and lovers unquestionably unquestionably this valuable but but as rapidly so apparent one works even frequently most technicalities how information how on how others we use but surface the hidden and and just the internets users users so risks these profound they used for example we business a government government behalf it unbelievable but of 17,000 of citizens in post if enough the than 45,000 people people in histories the on details year and of 3,000 seasonal workers including numbers when envelope in cases the people and occasions including of driving-test candidates 2,007 one involved care yet contained 620,000 personal records including on 450,000 people or next-of-kin by by would-be servicemen women the office francis maude drew the governments own there has whitehall asking commons how of law-abiding citizens requirements admittedly admittedly the above mostly of CD-ROMS or drives do it but varied substantial and long-lasting ranging long-lasting ranging reputation now future moreover moreover if if using computer we stolen we knowledge other safety including harm one one high-profile threat paedophiles who to groom groom potential victims every number its its so-called identity or IP address messages machinery reading reading the sender blocks addresses of sizes from millions are providers ISPS ISPS that customers thus ISP it machine if abusive for example so-called example so-called spam so-called spam spam email viagra the from and address that then if to identify issued since times the these dynamic addresses the identified if cooperate it account in question but owner for example in caf an hotel equally equally an source for example in a persons private range perhaps street commonly commonly the identifiable consumers machine a malicious piggy-back malicious piggy-back program program under innocence tracing complex and unsuccessful task task for me the the double-edged nature raja a quiet studious internet chat-rooms to friends bespectacled family he

limitations corresponding world but radicals who war if if hed wanted to he simple effective poisons he jihad confessed and as write is a two-year jail sentence having terrorism it fate as is he used as used to unite to enlighten. Revolution social upheaval the orders the known in the twenty-five year-old marx zeitung a newspaper popular the areas burgeoning rulers he before and the papers circulation increase it paper and engels a his fathers textile firm as meeting marx history swapping ideas observations complaints editing one anothers works works marx and subsequently subsequently the the half-century-long division blocks marxs blocks marxs tenure last we revolution but matter the rhine areas abundant forests this privilege but landowners the perversity this 1,843 with germany and although as see coal and drop-hammers of era all value the the quick-burning chemicals out leaving leaving slow-burning efficient slow-burning efficient charcoal a factories to resource fines homes in article foreshadowing justice the the twenty-five year-old marx this how how he know could penalties so many marks fine firewood reflect the worth worth of free circulated circulated as emergent social-democratic movement be right europe marxs europe marxs tiny I alarmed implications nicholas allies who down marx marx of course was silenced just later the under marxs editorial control though edition but great mans subsequent europe the symbolic because coal the itself stood revolution the century and ideological carving-up war mans war mans exploitation stands too too behind today from world. Dwellers conservationist gambia while various life skills necessary wild she interesting far fires chimps cools and delicacies there phenomenon fire fire conferred advantages if way this of chimp-cookery gives fire probably it the spontaneously as action sunlight sunlight build-ups sunlight build-ups of gases from ago so fires develop them and them black observed starting starting bush dry combustible scrub while spread it deliberately it insects and haul but fire too too fire species destroying competitors providing light clearing visibility and prey it fire some australopithecines distant sapiens could makapansgat in africa 1.5 africa 1.5 million ago evidence cave in china puts only 500,000 years BP which erectus but 2,004 it some 790,000 years ago and tools the the so-called acheulean manufacture some burned while not the ancient camp-fires or hearths these interaction enabled these proto-humans and animals the identify unlike language or organization it record but but as avian arsonist arsonist kites kites when read it our ancestors careers control manipulate across but them fire reproduction so it sterkfontein the a thirty-year period archaeologist C K C K brain brain provides humans and beasts early cats ones

contemporaneous of human-made fire fire the us fire advantages by scrubland fires clearly cooked digest and longer leaving gathering fire itself evidence mammals including elephants off precipice a volume the debatable the binford among others has fires and human fly-tipping but fly-tipping but ignored fire advantage the legumes exactly domesticate in us these site which will how landscape but inhabitants who year creating hunted this this so-called firestick so-called firestick farming noted peoples was management of apogee and fire for start the fire either pottage like which hunter-gatherer esau twenty-five or bread fire settlements where them most all it resources in it man fire as did 10,000 12,000 10,000 12,000 years ago when bulge at land as settled the occupants re-enacted the original claiming claiming fire so aware soil this classic slash burn technique day although renewal as surpluses some fire using kilns potters vessels insurance harvest and metal it metallurgy perhaps certain ore-containing rocks volcano or perhaps when earthenware they metal at rate working goods and weapons. Identified as metal but ornament the applications the copper which BCE it form and heated it gold a knife sickle arrowhead gold points around around 1,060 eighty-five 1,060 eighty-five celsius but completely the about 1,150 degrees celsius though temperature eventually heat copper-containing rocks malachite such rocks though copper would hue when temperature the out thus moulds around persia we there regular technology and BCE like copper some the earths surface outcrops but them men surface one glava where jovanovic from belgrade uncovered twenty pre-historic mineshafts massif here carbonate prehistoric fifteen twenty surface extraordinarily work even dug they ore first face then rock causing quarrying similar peninsula israeli sites evidence metal the alloys heralding age ores together tin extract with celsius contamination material bronze bronze when cools most copper brass alloy but zinc as killing a properly bronze durable bronze sumer at UR in BCE but anatolia modern turkey the valley 500 given development dirigible balloons powered century it 500 1,000 500 1,000 years up or reinvented in europe around europe crude china later later during BCE decorated produced but powerful most stones iron around 1,350 degrees celsius an age so world iron BCE about then the anatolia it completely so do pure weapons it carbon producing metal quenching water cooling rapidly furthers steel around completely and objects I globe this appears however however not metallurgy as conquest behind fire from onwards fire tools desirable objets dart and weaponry the men did fire early to borrow borrow fire other swapping a slow-burning stick food seemingly australia in alfred radcliffe-brown concluded concluded the fire at blair and learnt either nicobarese a bamboo formerly formerly however however they produced some think radcliffe-brown was claims in piraha see one who by all all human groups stranger known but but

tellingly tellingly the fire what fire neglecting neglecting perhaps perhaps to relationships it it and what radcliffe-brown saw men at point few either so mysterious powerful culture zoroastrians over 2,000 years years the tamid the altar over priests in churches a lamp a lamp a tamid was oil until romans the perpetuity a life prosperity fertility secular festivals such as britains fifth november testify burn so so too too does barbeque an unnecessary inconvenient inconvenient inefficient meat usually heat or rain but ST johns day which until century was bonfire afterwards afterwards people home believing luck. St pauls school london we translate thucydides account war I greek and school benjamin jowett here four written BCE the boeotians now rampart employing engine with place it description they beam which exactly like flute and beam the beam of iron this used and beam and it the blast prevented escaping passed pitch these flame and rampart so it the flight and taken some slain two captured but home some of thucydides description description but a flame-thrower used the spartans siege delium fire warfare often cruelty like spartans but them the weapon in apocrypha the maccabees written BCE relates nehemiah cupbearer judah received fire allegedly allegedly this which when sun spontaneously again and hebrew nphth nphth that word naphtha naphtha when known and that in fire the sacrifice the matter and sacred and gifts nehemiah this nephthar nephthar which purification but naphtha centuries later historians strange greek fire a navy this enemies and water in CE emperor fire claiming that it only and them and all so so well-kept bulgarians in CE they they didnt know it so stuff usually sulphur saltpetre saltpetre naphtha tar that 1,139 this this didnt stop own frequently wind fortunately fortunately or unfortunately use century largely weapons most gunpowder initially life gunpowder gunpowder effectively fire was another as innovations something destruction fire masters too too the organically with fathers and hazard the BCE and individual marcus crassus built owners romes owners romes harshest fire which CE was himself in monuments but vendor it younger an trajan to appeal in CE for brigade trajans brigade trajans response comical remember bithynia part turkey where governor and especially city-states like nicomedia are factions give may and organisation such societies repeated rebuilding some empire the erosion making population this constant costly expansion to effectively in war the terror like weapons the scientist one fiedler it air or or later later carbon nitrogen both gases in more fiedler machine weighing kilograms but it having 1,900 the war a hooge two flanders just light at at 3.15 A M 3.15 A M the A M the operators the infantry after salient the attacks but effectively the back and target the himself sometimes unexpectedly consequently consequently the weeks and mercy inevitably inevitably the tactics but outdone at somme the about 2,000 kilograms kilograms with of eighty ninety metres metres

they no mans land land just line however however it shellfire so useless eventually abandoned fire present we causes and of 1,990 one the 1,990 one the understood setting wells causing extinguish and around. Black is water then call although matter an scatter yet hath clymd then be sublymd when child this wife this desire kelles desire kelles worke kelley the bizarre and contradictory this visionary he apothecary but difference most gold and this of course generally fire in times and ages philosophers four elements elements fire fire earth earth air water fire the alchemists dominant element but furnace by least kelley irish other worcester possibly name because university where degree he talbot from lancaster where authorities then wales apparently dunstan how tome the much sought-after learned treatise is puzzling the the philosophers the philosophers stone stone this stone the alchemists was gold more precisely ST ST dunstans book recipe red metals in 1,582 having wales edward dee again as talbot talbot dee connected a philosopher mathematician college cambridge cambridge john angels something time dee scholar equally hebrew latin greek he england with around 4,000 books books and elizabeth he cabbalist extremely occult and armada his for shakespeares prospero tempest but certainly wasnt clairvoyant clairvoyant although that talbot talbot was name he neck and public this this according accounts was forgery kelley entered dees service years acting conferences about time kelley dunstan together powder he gold in palace where dudley the leicester was noble prince occult and immediately laski of dees experiments john year with attendance apparently the philosophers stone gold they krakow and emperor rudolf II in prague the time rudolf II however however who magic was dee so trebon about away to research at in rudolfs polyglot polyglot cosmopolitan court some england but trebon because him this angel he said had had including spouses john was to least somewhat kelley he did however however share england it bed kelley gold his recipe though secret required fire just ingredients the powders he well having rudolf who scale but prague kelley rudolf frustrated frustrated had castle it enter rudolfs head trick he wanted but rivulet a prague might urgency kelley mouse he released failing goods he more this castle a scrubs imprisonment treatises but gold at up he turret but ground a scientist he fell broke legs and injuries alchemy chemistry and experimenters the gold and fire their primal element element wreathed mystery was mastered as illustrates many occult privileged foolish blinding science in alchemist ben ben johnsons play 1,610 which kelley subtle nature but ductile malleable malleable extensive extensive and are for them in fire and them and thence than earth act II scene one ben ben johnsons response today even knowledge many work which which incidentally incidentally in taxpayer sometimes obscure even conducting and exploring.

Nanotechnology tiny particles great benefits and risks there of alchemy alchemy which hidden those properties gold element but scale with dimensions say say around around one-thousandth of hair it reactive not soluble but catalyse or up many reaction an transparent and furiously it particles their mysterious and also sometimes sometimes unpredictable one billionth ten ten nine nine of metre to is the known E G known E G E G the mycoplasma see 498 are around 2,000 nanometres length the nanometres and approximately 25,000 nanometres thick to way a earth a less its so-called quantum so-called quantum effect kicks in at size the material this strength also also when size the changes alternating mechanical thermal attributes it new in 1,959 the nobel prize-winning physicist feynman of technology predicted future while terms nanoparticle nanoparticle or or nanotechnology nanotechnology he that we level we a persons body body miniature cameras and microscopes he elements in size would properties but recently as processes that size just postulated how useful it industry nanoparticles garment for example a shirt can so stain-resistant that unnecessary in areas nanocomposites in scratch-proof rust-free scratch-proof rust-free plastic manufacture these light and fuel metal be longer-lasting and friction leading efficiency research sunlight and emissions previously nanolevel so water consequently attached these delivery nanoparticles light the white spread easily and needed some nanoadditives which drinks there science aluminium efficiency copper properties which wear a a tungsten-carbon-cobalt composite bits cutting tools armour parts nearly nanoparticles they stereos mobile phones power-efficient phones power-efficient light-emitting power-efficient light-emitting diodes diodes cameras cameras laptop televisions great filters disposable viruses bacteria rates these fluids such plasma for industry and air for example bacteria warfare just clean sterile use and supplies provided guaranteed nanoparticles medicine apart tissues for example without injections cells destroy vessels and mutations nanotechnology treatment nanoparticles them enabling various anti-cancer drugs them nanoparticles diseases particularly screening nevertheless nevertheless it processes in general we efficiently however however the the twenty-first century century but but like book the risks and dangers jessicas european commissions nanobiosciences and in-vitro methods culture while organism the her co-workers report developing this result paresh toxicology national research jefferson jefferson arkansas arkansas recently studies including own on nanoparticles it nanometres their predict for example some forms for example spheres spheres of of nano-gold do toxic while others perhaps shapes may hazardous sometimes abnormal so them a valuable but dangerous it shape whether spheres rods rods tubes tubes or or cone-shaped for cone-shaped for example but important too too for example nanosilver embryos and pulex the

ponds but conditions nano-titanium conditions nano-titanium seemed harmless it some nano-particles disperse inhaled once cells they the bodys defence diseases this drugs but but as conditions this lightly very easily and system where brain one asbestos the cancer and abdomen so risks one ecosystems we behave but nanotechnology for example in creams in emissions or fabrics paints products it contaminated will controlled at material nanomaterials plants titanium plants while corn cucumber cucumber soya carrots nanoparticles circumstances as sea or land has vegetation these forms including humans all scale and review nanotechnology do an technology are before so nanotechnology in UK the council which britain the raises all result without fully humanity today almost us our buildings our comforts our transport our medicines have technology in it we lives and past our our new-found ability better but safe and ironically as see our destruction if vigilant and thought-executing fires ends but it wasnt until is crucial boyle a investigation the college london london has of boyles life work and study boyle boyle above all believed experiments the cork he 1,627 just alchemist the of devonshires family lismore and commemorates boyles origins experimentation. Experimentation boyles father ireland a fortune so wealthy aristocratic milieu educated college and europe according hunter it experience occasioned an awe-inspiring thunderstorm thunderstorm it life in dorset sadly sadly his existence and career his tradition but measurement later oxford where where assisted his fathers irish connections he comfortably enjoying many like- minded colleagues world during years boyle papers with air devising equipment the and air-pump using air-pump using this he suffocate and up a of boyles the boyles the stahl had combustion arriving the phlogiston model as burned in in stahls view view phlogiston burning leaving before the reason as observed that phlogiston it combustion this this wasnt down discipline but because as out they instrumentation physics string or even if trusted little trees chemistry chemistry on hand required heat and temperature as produced although take boyles and and stahls findings them they 1,714 when was it the french-born scotsman it blacks it blacks initial stones or or rather rather remedies would investigating stone black heated he water whereas other more not this of fixed air that water using scales black this fixed air given off concluding air but it later later after fortune he musings concluded that fixed air was animals the charcoal he had of course described dioxide black black who watt pioneer engine was heat during 1,766 he revolution one was heat capacity black that to temperature different heat the was latent heat the state that is liquefy liquefy solidify solidify evaporate condense without temperature in time black journals they scientist joseph priestley in rapidly people yet but nation corn iron cotton coal the provinces particularly midlands

lancashire yorkshire were the nations wealth wealth birmingham activity and of ingenious philosophers men science industry letters started regularly this society meeting evening or or later the clubs existence existence the monday closest moon the dinner when wine food idea the group whose as lunatics lunatics included priestley the wedgwood the edgeworth the boulton the darwin grandfather charles and keir no allowed and group does today their weather four years trying water and and time-punch clocks workers they combustion but fanciful the lunar societys ideas members epitomized priestley priestley individual of thirty-four he grammar a about 250,000 words long nearly book and the governments handling colonies he absurd I dissenter he said not england and cambridge he shelburne a III but on being he together society organized bastille the government which oppressive but downturn parish act conditions riot and and religious suspect an mob largely authorities went party but diners sensing trouble had left so so having hotel the attacked priestleys house it after a friends home home they library scientific apparatus and ablaze by riots twenty-seven riots twenty-seven houses attacked four destroyed and dead priestley london and later at of sixty-one emigrated sixty-one emigrated pennsylvania where 1,804 priestley combustion and in obtaining oxides he atmosphere assuming oxygen he air unwittingly unwittingly he only one-fifth of breathe among derby painted 1,768 which science a globe from expertise the bird nor us the viewers at eyes around him in laboratory the dramatically two horrified the eyes a couple apparently on are man who bird seems happening priestley of stahls faulty faulty phlogiston phlogiston model burned that lavoisier who observed before authorities so priestley chopped off that burned using heat he burned this weight dismissing good lavoisier fire concluding into fixed air air or dioxide this enquiry advanced ice was the eighteenth-century view universe governed candles the the furthest-reaching implications medicine but industry from volcanoes or fire they flame in century this and profit-orientated as profit-orientated as pulling pushing pushing pounding pumping a university instrument-maker and watt employed science this this shipwrights son commerce one 1,759 the record a combustion he philosophy and his off-the-wall theory conspiracy but time robison steam and carriage this revolutionary as water they lid or above in fire of cooker a a steam digester or bones described frais avec marmite ses usages in engine de machinis describing karlshaven soon patron the of hesse-kassel its hesse-kassel its grounds and steam but but papins steam air which purpose so all although ideas papin engineer it levels other of papins included submarine which outing to patron the landgrave who invention and succession several of papins papers acknowledged one engine very 1,712 papin papin who refugee got ideas suffering time as rivalries papin leibniz and newton president society such today papin died destitute destitute in unmarked paupers pit pit in an engine fire which dubbed the the miners friend friend

on industry so so in guises the the steam engine had time but watt when invention was familiar steam mundane its be. His fathers thriving manchester the life bored business contemptuous bourgeoisie he work the seal engels reputation thinker and capitalism while while marxs capital me for part an book engels book engels prose power bank among and washing-lines one washing-lines one small one-storied one-roomed small one-storied one-roomed one-storied one-roomed one-storied one-roomed huts huts in floor kitchen kitchen living and sleeping-room one everywhere offal that feet this of cattle-sheds factory everything origin belongs epoch later later engels industry many pale have eyes often time suffer nausea vomiting vomiting coughs coughs colds rheumatism the the glass-blowers infections engels of englands industrial poor in the middle ship and upon these belong as you to died writers misery in england a polluted overcrowded cities filled on factory-based labour subsistence it fire many first in place being in marxs rhineland rhineland this power and and criss-crossing abundant accessible coal a and super-efficient fuel fuel also also while institutions which nobles thwarting classes in war and own the the after-effects of helped protestantism protestantism to converted imbued life even money the protestantism meanwhile meanwhile encouraged businesses rather wealth this this in turn predisposed predisposed protestantism-owned businesses expansion but coal first first in 1760s came men drawing district but limitations factories sources most valleys which goods water water like wind could harnesses but controlled a flood an dwindle along the factory-owners profits factory-owners profits profits coal matter it portable so economic it man transformed steam and machines coal nature and master or believe in mythology hephaestus vulcan romans was metalworkers depictions crippled sometimes backwards or stick his features too too were deformed perhaps poisoning these society metalworkers such miners worked conditions exposed danger noxious heat in addition their it wasnt uncommon away the the earths valuable are as mines bergwerke suggests suggests buried mountains mining perilous because the earths surface in ores as flooding this surface and onwards as century german miners for of europes valuable found had problem a cart known hund or dog was them power cart but path these proto-railways had before englands forests depleted mostly shipbuilding in fuel the construction and manufacture uneven population meanwhile meanwhile meant south while the north-east prospector solution releasing trent along a two a two mile passage two mile passage railes and purpose these fixed wagon-ways meant packhorses geography hand most seaports so them strelley strelley realizing lands appealed agreement tired wrangling beaumont northumberland where fixed wagon-ways to blyth whence london he process but set and centuries of the mine-to-sea wagon-ways mine-to-sea wagon-ways built

killingworth which 1,806 a carriages but stephenson another important that newcomen who took papins steam-powered papins steam-powered piston engine whether the frenchmans work unclear but lines I century but flooding this in low-lying staffordshire where where newcomens steam mine this machine housed a forty-foot-high brick building required investment but land within years similar england and 1,729 his hungary belgium belgium slovakia france with the coal-mining industry flooding newcomens flooding newcomens pumps fixed wagon-ways in wagon-ways in loop the of iron-smelting at shropshire which models newcomens models newcomens engine amazing but had short-comings it short-comings it created pumping water but flat the engine with reciprocal up-and-down action action could efficiently at time coal drum the horses attempts unsuccessful flooding not of course only mine while injury usually rock were common by fire in explosion at at 11.30 A M 11.30 A M on 1,812 a of firedamp firedamp methane gas erupted felling county durham the use the and about away the shaft two shaft immediately shaft profuse dust bits air eye and stayed dark dust the away and miles the destroyed the fire luckily pit which area remained intact and later thirty-two later thirty-two dazed shaft but occurred distressed pithead the the miners wives childless too forty-five too forty-five explosions with pit a alive nine bottom 660 level but places the about so bottom ready rope just safely with bottom gas time the them but but though badly managed on their below threw prop and injury two made but hopeless both below the the ninety-two miners explosions eventually ST marys cemetery cemetery heworth heworth were earlier issac greener aged aged sixty-five a sixty-five a hewer was killed also sons aged aged twenty-four and and twenty-one the twenty-one the gordon aged respectively their father robert robert also died died joseph the mines records as trappers trappers trappers pass they immediately to corridors trappers at 2.00 A M 2.00 A M and hours for pence these mine except passing the mines in explosions the davy knighted year was catastrophes the lamp where gauze this propagating and ignite the feature the about enabling presence while lamp it first as invention but improvement the ideal the men working in semi-darkness had semi-darkness had affected nor foolproof for rusted or edges a occur in case just firedamp even when safe safe lighting used fire risk at wales a electricity a miners apart flood and limbs miners diseases and are in mined various diseases including pneumoconiosis emphysema emphysema tuberculosis cancer affect commonly and wales tens lungs while debatable there face the of non-mining communities income for example in 1,911 infant and because conditions those disease of problem mining jobs in states there year giving of 30.1 per per 100,000 workers workers this per 100,000 workers workers in china the is thirty-seven times states and nearly 6,000 coal-workers 6,000 coal-workers died 2,000 this worldwide.

1,791 almost epoch given change the in londons bermondsey opening flour fire but arson powered james watts new engines the was londons first factory it hour putting business as notes a march a pugin the time and of lambeth-based poet blake some quoted and misquoted polemic revolution jerusalem jerusalem in line the clouded the are darkend the culprits if any were found but upon newcomens engine massive jealousy-inducing massive jealousy-inducing advantage in boulton james industry he transport but but watts first machine once again the coal putting on englands congested waterways watts waterways watts contribution significant but perspective most discovery and it are small incremental jumps but credit watt not as seen the heat fire pressure nor industry but efficiency in upbringing watt waste for accounts recording of an overcoat he engine a stores this well but so if fuel a used full-scale functional industry although called the engine with heat and fuel watts fuel watts interest financial his money so inheritance his income watt perceived astutely astutely that the perfect engine would sell because economically maximum costs a kit inside piston connected quadrant shaped a quarter-circle this quarter-circle this beam pivoted centre the pump when steam cylinder and water this condense leaving piston atmospheric downwards causing pump simple were the practice it supply a steam a cylinder a injectiona steam packing airtight the high and house along it watt the universitys small-scale universitys small-scale model model which demonstration none worked he steam by quickly he up so pressure long engine watt problem studying various full-scale newcomen lost he fall and secure consulting black although watt black and watts backer was watt stroke he reduced which run some spot as as blacks work shown boilers rates to vacuum a needed watt steam this puzzle in theory it the cylinders temperature temperature its its heat capacity and weight but practice he required and job it expected he problem in vacuum watt steam didnt need point since water but low hot temperatures this vacuum discussions heat and steam it boiling which boil this this in turn was cylinder and it the problem in nutshell was this at piston but water cold injected not steam but vacuum when rose most it the in newcomens engine steam fuel vacuum watt him his this the cycles and wasted if the cylinder valve this separate condenser condenser was improvements heat loss another waste was one the insulating jacket jacket wood for while watt working pump-engine with pump-engine with owner john roebuck but lucrative and 1,767 when birmingham buckle-maker matthew boulton boultons boulton boultons sizeable a water-wheel which water-wheel which which as seen is energy he wheel but idea talking power roebuck another nevertheless nevertheless in 1,769 when mine roebuck a one-third share in watts patent patent boulton declined which trouble boulton backer persuading watt who engines to birmingham in partnership and scotland in test tin deep also also coal cost about 1,775 and performed often notes a place whereby the watt-boulton company sum this that despite

the countrys scenery scenery its business he there a rep debt board he simple reciprocal-action simple reciprocal-action engine owner a required but jerky inefficient treadle which a foot-driven pedal wheel by 1,781 after starts and engineer matthew wasborough watt solution which his sun-and-planet his sun-and-planet device device in time it society it two cog-wheels of size one these the sun as it was flywheel the other the planet was rod whose beam unlike sun the axis but an orbit orbit with up the beam see-sawed and it pulling sun and teeth the planet ever waste watt piston by apparatus so cylinder he strokes the to high-output industry industry although not as suggested to competition at stage although pull push pump the consideration because it but the high-pressure engine engine in chamber having condenser which cheaper lighter bulky trevithick transportation on hill outside outside trevithicks home camborne to the puffing devil the carriage a december but to over-liberal consumption gully the nerves enjoying refreshment at cinder nevertheless nevertheless trevithick that steam-powered transport possible and patent two later trevithicks canal steam when across country a a self-educated mine-pump self-educated mine-pump operator a coal-fired device tyne although years the the north-easts mining task yields falling prospectors prospectors meanwhile meanwhile were coalfields but profits to problem the stephenson now robert to 1,821 this railway the one about miles it inclines so 1,825 nor display stephensons display stephensons engine engine the locomotion was to twenty-one specially experiment we we today today would train tickets area such train it it wasnt exactly journey the cover nonetheless nonetheless stephensons train circuit shuttling stockton arriving at 3.45 P M 3.45 P M to a seven-gun salute celebration. Age on sides the shining on engines the whistling the track or column the river the trains so quack describing 1,860 we hyperbole I think for the fire-fed industrial consequences aided transportation and work people cities europes cities europes major became melting-pots for nationalities and new optimistic age ideas forged steam-powered forged steam-powered presses produced as five a newspapers while fast effective communication the place not because steam-powered ships goods ideas times it age and ambitious overreaching culture in in mens fashion fashion towering lavish side-whiskers seemed life outward certainty buildings like liverpools ST ST georges hall recalled without modesty the rome not civilization changes levels too too the huntington beaumonts business later more arrivistes when project the manchester his sefton both railway or or more accurately to lands that of even on stephensons on stephensons surveyors surveyors but struggled the machinery with trading it wealth too too rapidly puny in turn the stake the europe because fighting war of for costs with cent this was

incidentally incidentally the bankrolled louis-philipes takeover throne when when stephensons liverpool 1,830 it jubilation liverpool minister the wellington to exercise wellington wellington the iron duke took notoriously high-handed attitude orders and poor nevertheless nevertheless seeking cities the invitation which the days events events this the dukes train siding the huskisson his IV took track and by stephensons rocket line wellington manchester but ahead he late mainly hostile jeering mile and platform the out and liverpool the this fire-fuelled industrial revolution the nature like wind but other as industry the broken the room and market had customers factories entirety this the alienation alienation of kapital in days capitalism system with long complex distributors all pie this in over-production leading over-production leading surpluses price drops mass chain the workers they the wage-labour system system and freedom the the workers whole life day his calendar and of machine-led production production confined filthy insanitary insanitary overcrowded cities his forgotten the to wakes week when his co-workers might go en masse to blackpool while maintenance even a hard-won privilege privilege marx man pauperization or literally literally the wretched and the well-to-do were horrors after 1,835 the noted here slave there master there some here most there produce to man what give here miracles and savage when system we of marxs ideology ideology and justified but but 3.5 million lenin around stalin and tung and cost 13.1 trillion trillion if comprehend then young healthy crime simply another in in non-revolutionary britain the things the movement universal suffrage greater education the state but benefits in understand must costs. Poison it dombivli in in indias north-western indias north-western state maharashtra it some 100,000 residents residents mainly industry which industry the around because smog residents fields from into peoples houses floods doctors respiratory skin disorders according source the gases such chlorine so culprit maharashtra new indias crown crown its states together by factory-based manufacture manufacture governments region and industries but mumbai and mind chimneys sky industrial roadside in villages farmers health but livelihoods forced land they work a doing the pollution maharashtra revenue and GDP of states handcuffing with over-zealous legislation loss accordingly accordingly progress it breathing since 1,985 the accidents eighty its 83,000 industrial water fifteen air as cramped prospective countryside resulting degradation a china africa union so similar in fact that a top ten of of worst-polluted places places top sumgayit in azerbaijan where around twenty fifty per average in tianying in china the the countrys lead lead the sites in countries are people and common the mining heavy them china where death the of high-tar cigarettes cigarettes of course but to three-quarters of year it some 30,000 people riot it

peacefully when area they that as india local work when police the violent there link certainly dirtiness from 1990s western industry but world and one they pollution in countries lack regulation and corruption are factors but part in countries small waves buffeted financially new profit controls and that in maharashtra during recessions bigger and worse-hit businesses waste chemical areas facing costs have and sold sold it sea where dumped it environment acid rain that movement has europe but states where where coal-fired plants the countrys electricity electricity the rain occurring from coal-burning processes processes such oxide mix acids can ecosystems from insects and suffer too too one blackfly which and in predators takes volume leaving skin a inhabitable with significant knock-on effects industries acid other less ways in pennsylvania the memorial commemorating battle the war is rain in veracruz ancient civilization which tajin its ballgame believed warriors it out not rate the city just west but certain mexico case here here in inhabitants human scenario the is 2,240 metres volcano at height oxygen efficient so fuel particulate atmosphere ozone high because tropics not regions there time the penetration and city it concern the to childrens lungs smoke and adults DR lilian calderon-garciduenas and picture apart children they disease they developing alzheimers disease adults I world but recent so assessed undoubtedly undoubtedly acid mexico as world the miles one or state-wide legislation needed whatever problem it industry that itself is present in europe at least the museums in station combustion room fumes another heat third but fire and fire are present albeit subliminally in surroundings in walls in bathrooms in cookers fire society most fuels the lives combustion transport while explosions we keys but and in so we ancestors as pace factory-owners pace factory-owners looked production an night a lighting it solution but commodity it source and built maketh mans heart medicines urbane handsome he eastern citys various legations as shah mozaffer mozaffer ad-deen after ad-deen after months he orders all fulfilled it later when when reillys grateful time that heads the man couldnt be traced his company didnt exist and nor for matter didreilly sidney rosenblum who 1,893 the chameleon at seaman at clergyman alexander IIIs court court he police faked brazil after roadmender brothel janeiro he 1,895 most an officers pistol them but cook his biographer is sure whatever man it scotland yards special russia his knox darcy an darcy an a 10,000 concession the lands putative resources the government appreciating source and it was nervous oil baku in the russian-owned province azerbaijan persia india whose ongoing cat-and-mouse struggles dubbed the game kipling despite name the serious for britain the malaya for russia it own mostly islamic colonies colonies both hand and them with background reilly situation gauging region but the russians interest it on HQ he imminent russia russia he proposed could in persias northern provinces provinces the them.

About reillys recommendations 1,905 when prospector darcy was bankrupt he persia but hoped he europe trying shah britain determined darcy should them it rivals france russia should done reilly cannes where where darcy was dynasty disguised orphanage reilly yacht which which darcy was day the the agents own own deep-rooted fantasies neuroses according accounts he landowners but doctor getting seemed in way to down in story reillys discovery and back not door in nation the man whod brokered king seizing moment reilly gear begging orphanage taking caused he astonished darcy aside government they offering he this and evening before his orphans orphans history money it does however however record that darcy struck government this the anglo-persian oil company later petroleum in which on churchill the share oil again at 4 A M on 1,908 and britain decades worth resource its oil giving war one the oil-fuelled tank land reillys land reillys covert history an day not fuels continuing agent reilly his majestys secret service SIS SIS he 1,919 after operations he OGPU after 1,925 he moscow reilly homeland but ian flemings creation bond. Years to east which ships for roads and weapon crude the greek fire referred seven however however at purposes and surface widespread the earths oilfields oilfields and transport manufacturing manufacturing plastics agriculture is phenomenon and way the manned and illuminated around up the oil but century in addition this this marine-derived light sound irksome household a lanterns coal use but flammable so as keroselain keroselain or inventor canadian gesner this cheaper more fat so one despite advantages the to large-scale production production this sources some EROEI energy invested simply put if me one for ten ten Im ten Im in business if barrels if if on hand it me ten or eleven oil then then Im going bankrupt when term of course they source not cost but related as see this planet its cultures and survival it drake who haven connecticut there bissell who titusville pennsylvania pennsylvania demand around two two bissell drake appointing project and him colonel colonel so impressed odd though drakes career poin the drilling copying 1,847 he a steam-driven wheel wheel which ground a around thirty-five barrels oil along industry by barrels to day the barrels drakes barrels drakes first at forty barrel and interest the by wildcatter wildcatter prospectors so areas where heard and built freebooters freebooters long rush were hope this the worlds first and britains factories sea four later on states what the worlds first titusville pennsylvania pennsylvania running edwin drakes oilfield railroad but tailspin to where sometimes sometimes the the two three the two three wooden contents there days when appeared a in using months and process when dry the again and weeks drake ground and penury the industry and livelihoods appalled baptist book-keeper called john D rockefeller rockefeller the

the boom-bust cycle could he surmised be lines so case acquiring acquiring in the cleveland massacre massacre twenty-four massacre twenty-four of ohios twenty-six ohios twenty-six oil month his violent he acquisitions and with well-paid management company which oil some of rockefellers methods methods however however would disrepute these flagler upon read do you and first flagler companies which vital in pipelines for oil to oil a country keeping sites railroad and oilmens saloons saloons if prospector flush discovery was barrel then it and lower simply empire it was flaglers machinations machinations in end that loosened rockefellers grip industry america fairness the discovery at century of california oklahoma heightened peoples desire pie and public some autocratic secretive europe learned market with agreements there outcry in press the ruthlessness which shame because modestly and of capitalisms most employers nonetheless nonetheless in the break-up of oil its on in of well-known firms exxon mobil texaco and significantly perhaps perhaps the of rockefellers hated of oil-producing countries countries OPEC. Shift the empire financed family a sea he ships on directly without barrels and canal going 1,897 samuel father who life today today it shell and east the sumatra marcus philanthropist as student I hospital it that rockefellers monopoly things oils things oils use limited particularly 1,882 but occurred a engine in a starting-point for car which it we options the firearms propulsion gun in 1,680 inspired anatomy the gunpowder in special arteries arteries made leather a of explosion-driven pumps century then then in 1,791 the vapour although would at stage become become world-renowned for industry advances opposition barbers opposition barbers invention so when transport people propulsion but heavy inefficient roads the explode and smoke these the turnpike trusts who were in addition anxious operators the punitive red act of of road-based steam carriages forbade passengers and three one ahead waving the carriages ponderous approach with europe in carriage and paris at KPH the four-stroke engine followed a mechanism in combustion these engine the valve then then as rotates the upwards compressing space the it and crankshaft forcing pipe enthusiasm not wide-spread trying wide-spread trying own proto-motor-car in vienna inventor he didnt cease fumes and benz appropriately enough the a railway-engine driver driver tested car the available crowds enterprise the stemmed however however and states they rich though though and for class-based antagonism antagonism in 1,910 a from the england begged cars we them our danger our dust we windows our night if village it thing but people and us regrettably queen queen marys husband husband king V responded daimler the wales later VII first the mid 1950s this mid 1950s this size high appearance a tall it quiet 9.4 litre six-cylinder 9.4 litre six-cylinder knight knight

sleeve-valve engine horsepower perhaps surprisingly it california death high one 1,914 until 1,930 and wealthy speed-crazy wealthy speed-crazy motorists humble penniless victims licence date but opposition providing traps the great gear-shift in the tin lizzie otherwise the model T in 1,908 an lenin ford worker in launched the cost 890 average americans annual was 500 570 was 500 570 by 500 570 by just 290 290 in britain the country and inhabitants as work towns countryside mechanized areas and result many whom particularly midlands found themselves as land people bread and yet in protests like earlier nobody of oil-based power society the dependence heightened an oil-fuelled victory vehicles the striking when france it it by had 56,000 trucks trucks 23,000 trucks 23,000 cars and 34,000 motorbikes motorbikes but now alongside rush there doom people out in 1,928 it it wasnt until 1,963 when on britains roads roads that cars the tone it towns said group without us we destructiveness the vehicle and dearly to defeatism buchanan buchanan london the work and motorized camper-van emphasized camper-van emphasized needed the cities existing above controls parking and a congestion tax should owners and and the emphasized in essential as happened buchannans happened buchannans predictions pessimistic the on britains roads 1,980 but later his his saturation saturation point on britains roads roads which 2,010 is reached. Tallulah a baghdad is war when it we war we buildings of it before country but troops we happier more age when pumbeditha one the worlds foremost CE just gaon the academy of kosher in law if a non-jew it purpose making jew the jewish oil apart and war alarmed supplies the lands in strategy britain britain through one T E lawrence lawrence funded revolt while themselves when britain there 1,920 the fallujah and some 10,000 iraqi slaughtered winston churchill now colonies came government establishing faisal something america a 1,901 and shell after diaz things the foreign-owned oil companies so venezuela where gomez a turpitude was his peoples mineral conglomerates by war the persia mesopotamia mesopotamia venezuela companies the change though though with instability it 1,925 when philby father kim stood palestine converted islam and saud ibn kingdom subjugating ikhwan a militia devoted lifestyle unfortunately saud the faith their such foreign outrages as mirrors cars cars telephones an all-out war broke depending kingdom under philby seniors guidance guidance king territory granting a sixty-year the al-hasa oilfield oilfield which the worlds remaining reserves the production in part part this kuwait but a gear-change in depended the oil natural rock which the earths crust crust the 1,913 after staff around anticlines another oklahoma seminole seminole in 1920s was prospecting whereby structures advances helped specifically specifically the engineer vladimir shukhov in 1,891 this this fuels such petroleum thus extracted and well the famous black

giant deposit county east texas a town henderson henderson the decrepit seventy-year-old wildcatter seventy-year-old wildcatter wildcatter colombus joiner he and simply hunch bought leases in on his pipes a power and fuel the the 975 acre farm and rather her promised property but dislodged he metres but again on try he noise but life on some oil-saturated sand at 3,536 feet excited on imminently and and 8,000 people daisy bradfords farm farm most sceptical but fun snacks jaunt and character a dreamer a a self-promoter a self-promoter a wildcatter all texas but watched hoping moment darkness forth so home at least theyd had whiskey a later after bed joiner oil a gusher within days other nearby a a fortune-teller told certain J malcolm crim a kilgore that well and did twenty and twenty-seven days later drillers oil as upwards the of 18,000 cheering townsfolk together together these over 20,000 barrels day thousands the pine-clad hells giant a oil forty-five wide totalling about 140,000 acres acres over oil east overnight in month kilgore of 10,000 residents residents the for fortune-seekers prices fortune-seekers prices roof a cost one one eventually eventually 31,000 eventually 31,000 wells drilled in waste because recovered about about twenty-six times time the governor ross sterling ordered shutdown sending in 1,300 cavalry it freebooting oil sold hot oil produced illegally sometimes other oilmens pipes pipes other a left-handed a left-handed valve left-handed valve valve so valve off off and it they open and house any appeared he inside crime crime violence powerless eventually eventually the rangers lone wolf gonzaullas gonzaullas handsome handsome in way powerful powerful wearing two pearl-handed pistols stetson he mayor gonzaullas 300 badmen badmen he church kilgores church kilgores jail unfinished and long heavy chain over month gonzaullas day eventually town by the mid 1930s the law the law the in the most up-to-date state texas in london rusk county but after 3.00 P M 3.00 P M on 1,937 as them an classroom a basement the erupted people teachers some recovered the understood the mercaptan which cabbage was added it quotas a move but legacy people producers they off alter prices shorten stations as fit while case the the worlds oil reason. War as it was oil and won we add by it the of dutch-owned indonesia indonesia and us navys targeting tankers which fuel nagasaki likewise likewise germanys likewise germanys attempts 1,943 which the reichs morale fuels manufactured coal this century for exporter in 1950s conditions many during period many taken with feedstock much plastics synthetic fertilizers with car sprayed cheap oil-based paints paints its light oil-based light oil-based fittings fittings so accessible patterns irrevocably in particular and britain city residents with suburbs many from oil-based materials materials with latest labour-saving devices devices washing machines refrigerators refrigerators equally economy to work or school or groceries they cars just them

everyone oil and disappeared oil source for obtained though flammable it toxic it quietly and time it fat what living put simply oil life one converted over years at temperatures tremendous earth into another it algae which in pre-historic lakes ago dragged crust these between 2,000 and and 4,500 metres a hydrocarbon-saturated sediment sediment occasionally it owing plates but rarely much finite relatively ground unlike oceans this planet it areas probably bays or flourish this gold the the worlds oil be topped up by planet nor the oil window at at 2,000 4,500 2,000 4,500 metres metres it had and the worlds oil oil more a war and 1970s it united states own off at time its increasing calling imported previously previously when 1,967 it gesture america everyone at europe had shopping but now in 1970s a occurred because the worlds surplus east the when in 1,973 egyptian forces backed union attacked day yom kippur this very short-sighted strategy strategy on year the chaotic but synagogue so rapidly as israelis the the saudi-led organization countries OPEC OPEC put cent when refused the prices as israelis partly america pushed back the europe the quadrupled there were near-riots at stations a a giles giles cartoon pavement with drive thats drive thats it it one foot and other she cooed nasty arabs the economies the goods which distribution shot roof the month the the big three of trade general motors ford chrysler suffered recovered interest soared and in by stage a oil president fuels as power as 1950s specialists geologist M king the worlds oil peak an 2,000 it view but seriously much others including colin J campbell campbell retired shell and princeton have 2,010 these that if the worlds history hour the millisecond we messages discoveries fillip bolstering that whenever world the another incredibly incredibly this when in 1,979 a a hard-line islamic export that the worlds oil stations and again in meantime the iraq saddam hussein exacted up shi-ite insurgency borders and ports iran of iraqs pipelines removing the worlds oil markets more hikes more recessions someone might in instability have alternatives investigating substance but the consensus trance the water to is well until recently it unimaginable through oilfields combined sea ramped iran the 1,991 ostensibly territory there the worlds supply supply a pumps and shortfall in america abundant village with cheap we world where cheap too too it if whenever was we it in century against world it bells as increased the rising in scandal as cent from arabia meanwhile meanwhile there rising because it couldnt the couldnt the massive al-ghawar oilfield up requiring extract ever-diminishing returns returns in hit fifty barrel when chapter in 2,008 it hit 100 100 now now in 2,009 it around forty recession to people these following nine eleven it nine eleven it flashpoint for is most people and anxiety americas anxiety americas greatest that al-qaeda will soil but saud turning good the an oil-based sub-plot oil-based sub-plot because sub-plot because connecting oil-rich central ocean bypassing good iraq iraq similarly similarly was from the east arabia dry hot development and crucial cash crop opulent

opulent mega-cities like be fly-blown trading-posts fly-blown trading-posts the trading-posts the confusion along end these region the israel the palestinians the saud wahhabism wahhabism the laden has arabia not endure the last nor it nor the air-conditioned shopping complexes the buildings the workers the support you theocracy it future. Fuels in medicine and chance many character the ingenuity yes yes but else a event a synchronicity a direction this advantage but complacency everything fine so goes because it been something up this reserves on journey I passengers both intelligent well-read intelligent well-read individuals individuals their mood theyre mood theyre always oil said one theyll one theyll find more the view there breach she said they them these viewpoints commonly better are wrong its wrong its that they they the fine will oil because resource there may of course be levels there out dead dead wells of high-pressure water water or content but EROEI energy invested it use there offer but viable most useful and are they an oil-fuelled world immediately take gas like oil it pressure it cleanly it pipes and ground but out at states and in gas-fired electricity plants this worry unless advance gas extracted in pipelines it costs but overseas it liquefied shipped low-temperature containers containers decanted state the energy which cheap abundant oil but out and and as seen gas vulnerable both forces when off and action in 2,009 just weather hungary hungary slovakia slovakia bulgaria indeed and germany france supplies the russia via ukraine gazprom the company to serious and europe in scenario the bully using weapon at profit russia revenue while sufficient but disagreement russia insurgents and nervous for now an reached but but essentially essentially until union hydroelectric station the nature clean serene harnessed planet hydroelectric revolution and 1,870 once built using gases currently currently hydroelectric the worlds electricity electricity most china canada brazil but impressive water energy and profound also also dams concrete and footprint dams locations where height in countries britain exploited so consumption many time too too inoperable if could in a best-case scenario scenario clean world we oil oil in and around wind cleveland ohio ohio who 1,929 was electricity a largely self-educated man he commercially making process he making lead-acid batteries generated in of 1,887 eight brush turbine his windmill erected garden was wood amazing sounds the reliable running years brush stored because slowly it kilowatts but household the lived a problem but valuable britain island in KPH and offshore so europe the speed so speed the eightfold moreover moreover the up on energy all good but problems big winds and fast over KPH the out at spectrum even all at present present the about two three megawatts energy it turbines perhaps offshore which electricity but water particularly water presents problem indeed indeed a practicable practicable so installations even environment it

gigawatts and of 6.5 gigawatts power using about 3,200 wind turbines but used for example because high or time it harnessed this gig watts which the UKs total present so problems wind install their carbon the expensive and batteries fixing impracticable they shipping and shores both offshore they problems most people for example do spots where useful but discontinuous high good and weather thus challenge because risk tripping tripping it wave energy this idea mills century tidal rises when wheel various 1920s but 1,967 the channel has tides up to 13.5 metres metres the estuary cutting sea water turbines when closed eighteen basin once out the again allowing sea at rance reversible tide producing megawatts britain tides so big even so there work one estuary where metres various 1,950 but the UKs energy needs it environment other sea which them one raft patented cockerell the pontoons hinged piston although well it modified theoretically electricity waves produce 1.6 megawatts megawatts with generated but corrosive storms installations and method and shipping as them biomass turbine typically typically biomass wood by-products from industry domestic waste or sawdust it site it process too too as fertilizers biomass underused perhaps perhaps one-third of the UKs straw production eight year could the UKs current needs chicken litter cow excrement all wasted could way it annually once again the fertilizer at present most fertilizer where rivers used manure slurry gas which effect the growing energy-producing crops greater for example the source as production five electricity even efficiency it around five six per the UKs total just 350,000 hectares land and plant the greater one is gasification gasification where monoxide methane produced when chips thus energy in biomass but than 2,000 hectares for energy-producing crops crops biodiesel 1,900 at year diesel oil and later henry corn but seriously then then 1980s the states largely dioxides carbon monoxide nitrogen ozone the use as seen biodiesel friendly being fuels for example its cent it engine thus wear and modification but deposits it power and diesel solar weather but opportunities solar photovoltaic PV PV panels panels which energy are emissions but parts and and pollution-free the pollution-free the rigid rectangular and one two metres across some more the energy currently currently however however PV inefficient converting only seven fifteen per electricity imperial windows which buildings particularly improved since europe just just 0.3 per enough at theoretically to europe according arnulf jaeger-waldau of european commissions institute energy a to europes dependence oil it 2,050 but warming needless say such costly and needed it terrorism solar pipes in granada in spain on about 1,000 metres level is station europes station europes first plant this system which nitrate the huge fourteen diameter when the suns rays maintained around celsius the at night-time or overcast the large covering hectares the to 200,000 people people though cost hydrogen off britains north clean cheap source a lighthouse whose cuts this source another another in 2,006 plugged gervasio of

university who battery based hydrogen some appropriate hydrogen only by-product of vapour this schoolchild hydrogen hydrogen simply put combines electricity which work nevertheless nevertheless the resisted hydrogen hydrogen isnt really fuel so energy you itself and and under conditions you back EROEI EROEI once again hydrogen universe but earth its earth its elements as water hydrogen be cracked cracked away it but electricity it water but heat and gas in this hydrogen transportation it space so hydrogen the tanks it pressures but vehicle hydrogen corrosive all costly it narrow and gas the source for car is used on street the dioxide however however the sequestered so road carbon coal the power worse still the source cent while sources like above are needed one capture carbon capture also sequestration is present among bed for example into mines and carbonate it years alternatively alternatively it particles this released research stage but used in required which efficient if state the gas which then for example be solvent later later further stored one site for example if bed and it what leak the acidified which life in diluted so problem but shallow the anglia for example is deep however however the quickly uncertainties time while capture I termed geo-engineering broadly geo-engineering broadly broadly two proposed one sequestration but us scrubbing scrubbing the atmosphere such researched one leaves the engineers IME IME has trees which efficiently each these trees trees would have leaves leaves shaped poles supported post they massive fly-swats in a double-decker bus as these trees trees could around 3,650 tonnes year a about 0.03 tones year the about 100,000 of transport most UK but still isnt clear leaves nor energy and and carbon-efficient the be the our suns rays space the the earths surface surface enhancing us injecting atmosphere or us but technology for significant so capture but planet contributing emissions about about 1.5 gigatonnes year natures year natures own the earths peril peril geothermal the suns surface produced 6,400 kilometres earth this particles a rocks the layers in core the rock called magma around mantle which about 3,000 kilometres rock the crust roughly land some the earths tectonic meet the the earths central began during water which celsius the country geothermal 1,892 and years although regions a the earths crust surface which energy geothermal energy source electricity very high-temperature steam water at around 150 350 degrees celsius pumped surface usually underground to turbines some heating I yet about world which meet 0.3 per demand iceland iceland kenya sources more country but insignificant less than 0.5 per us four plants california california producing the countrys geothermal electricity nevada nevada hawaii utah is option given out and the worlds needs years we ask are doomed are revolution shall homes live supplies be clothes our buildings our culture and water some thing as emergency our economy in and to extent europe world with communities the councillors school governors magistrates magistrates in the ten and year-round strawberries

strawberries as parks sealing declines there lost recently recently two series cranford candleford have small close close simple communities living oil if changes however unsettling can simpler less excessive more life driven values then welcomed the clear we behaviour there answer or answer for car as write nuclear britain with reactors there troubles in particular disagreements lives nonetheless nonetheless it constructions most sites will 2,013 changes necessary there society but power that light so obtainable at cost by other alternative alternative energy all this environmentalists such theory james lovelock and moore a a co-founder of greenpeace have backing the case because energy greenpeace british governments plans the countrys nuclear capacity it questions it poor that waste nuclear waste a heat which turbines there pollutant by-products like dioxide building them but that arguably arguably would emissions around rods containing uranium need changed and time but solutions spent be recycled recycled to uranium since 1,957 the around 9,000 tonnes tonnes the authority posiva posiva has method involving iron encasing bentonite which years tragedies power but type infamous features no way although union just attack so planes it energy many waste according who around emissions solid fuels used indoors account deaths how is unfortunately unfortunately open doubt it is of course extraordinarily estimates and abound but journalists including pittsburgh post-gazette that post-gazette that kills 20,000 people year rings true and materials mostly thorium which wattage gordon accident we but non-radioactive elements atmosphere including beryllium arsenic arsenic cadmium cadmium chromium nickel one 1960s this use such industry where so high-profile and accepted there power the fusion in the suns core core hydrogen exothermic that say it heat the planet because hydrogen scientists tritium the reaction which started forces together the neutrons helium helium excess released but occur exceptionally required greater kelvin at temperatures the the deuterium-tritium gas plasma a hot electrically gas in plasma the separated with nuclei which called ions ions for fuse their temperature or energy must charge one plasmas how state while established any burn of course the lasers the tokomak the word tokomak tokomak is russian toroidnaya kamera katushkakh a coils in machine the a ring-shaped vessel vessel heating electricity typically amperes further plasma although fields the more the france run collaboration it megawatts something fuse the fuels lithium lithium deuterium tritium that plentiful no produced the process but rapid taking years a decay the fusion the temperature it true but complex and machine so so for moment nuclear fission with uranium which will supply will going at point therefore therefore it line it book namely namely that potential also also for undoing this energy deaths power thirty-one power thirty-one in chernobyl some afterwards but destruction then maths in alone 2,007 2,007 the was 3,786 factor 3,786 factor in mined the pollution the dioxide

and years weve been coal and power quite clearly looks safe so why isnt that understood why facts another answer. Auckland a malls a rugby they incomes most them and socialize they networking because new zealands newest community they tuvalu a ocean separated ocean the interact flung auckland they links but tensions some years it choice tuvalu neighbour and emergency in tuvalu saufatu saufatu sapoaga addressed sapoaga addressed words we change for nation sea threat tuvalus threat tuvalus plight plight as bid in 2,003 to protocol is publicized for supplements images the islands eroding shoreline its its leaf-huts its leaf-huts flooded flooded its water are gift so so too too are migrants a a picture-perfect demonstration of man-made climate change noble jungle the atmosphere a our over-indulgence in fuels the the ice-caps are melting the rising and move that that in soundbite is change but toto university suggests atoll level these regroup in 2,005 kench tsunami some waves but island it change the recent gravelling-over of archipelago states road fall forcing outwards up shoreline much damage including vast unfilled holes was military who war nor seas or said uniformly uniformly to rising in japan shifts falls and gauges still level cannot upon in areas such finland melting centuries resulting year at time globally the planets ice-caps planets ice-caps and glaciers none secret it see but in todays hyper-fast todays hyper-fast world world where message and baldest starkest elements such headlines flooding do so so to pages do stations to clean safe safe boring ones and so of course do melting ice-caps another ice-caps another another poster-child for change we shock was right have this we fret just to sainsburys we sainsburys we arctic ice-caps have contraction chunks sea always been but imaging there high and people but public the and human-generated greenhouse conflated one other so goes and it but evidence or be within community a change human-generated change human-generated greenhouse two it argued for example that before the oxymoron global now for maximum some some 8,000 years ago and bears quite clearly survived survived the gases most dioxide in fluctuation and process are complex between temperature at of human-generated carbon peak conversely conversely during period roughly roughly 433 488 million ago carbon today and age so warming DR clark arctic ottawa does upwards or atmosphere he does however think temperatures rather reverse samples gas this dioxide which temperature but its gas-releasing effect effect science gases troposphere the the earths atmosphere atmosphere in us should rise but established in fact it atmosphere in turn some be it the urban island UHI UHI effect effect in heat it idea in thomas C peterson peterson of center published UHIs and the UNs intergovernmental change IPCC IPCC subsequently subsequently the mcintyre founder climate sceptics website http www www climateaudit climateaudit org org challenged challenged

petersons findings grounds not used and of 0.7 degrees celsius DR of britains hadley nights since a citys heat winds we that if exists there nights finding correlation he consequence the roger A pielke speed I academic to-ing and and fro-ing over scientists the different one of human-generated climate change with fringe there sceptics as of human-generated climate some speak or the peer-reviewed literature literature some industry none that however however undermines such not truth but enquiry that technology in countries there 2,012 this influence we because if correct our urgent according australia global year this the worlds current usage and celsius 2.4 6.4 celsius 2.4 6.4 C 2.4 6.4 C by 2,100 2,100 which consequences but dangerous the claim the images the controversy the interest this evidence think of 2,002 three and 2,002 three and facemasks the because as knows face-masks knows face-masks are worn or think indeed indeed of purported side-effects of mumps measles rubella which vaccine to extent the change all weather from floods now of human-generated global warming virtually a hurricane hurricane because word with disaster yet complex even cover or currents are understood climate is in stott professor london complex complex coupled coupled non-linear coupled non-linear chaotic chaotic our some 0.03 per the hair-trigger of system but factor and climate many balanced and heard voices world rather change if rising then defences relocate overflows if out we energy but of todays overconsuming global go whatever do we behaviour given that human-generated greenhouse temperature then an oil-poor world world but is of course that planet but reasons then thawed if scarce we themselves historically historically as shown that done temperature trees later later they farm within invention as seen and exception there destruction but true as challenges so itself. Physician heal certain weight-control drug pharmacies every every chemists shop alli or orlistat orlistat a fat though expensive a few months supply park those products however however may leaflet the listed side-effects of include wind spotting sudden motions fatty stools in diarrhoea the add many patterns in words the side-effects of means it attractive side-effects accutane side-effects accutane accutane an remedy can can in instances cause conjunctivitis visual vomiting and requip a syndrome I school removes hallucinations difficulty walking problems breathing chest sleep its gambling or drug considering treat one if theyre worth it it technology but technology or value medicine achievement helping too even plants however however my ingenuity pointing discretion and jewel on shows this particular in place in century medicines century medicines history of painful painful shots dark and ingenuity second second many of medicines greatest our so-called civilizations created such warfare the agriculture and cities third third medicines third medicines

undoubted produce both patients an the doctors omnipotence care lessens pain ageing death spreads choices and bill. Healing 2,500 BCE 1,922 healing medicine hour and minutes that is about years that have in sense been people earliest guarded the hammurabi produced BCE included physicians and treated a shekels a handsome not improbable reward reward if if alternatively alternatively he life he off and ministrations he replacement these classes seers sickness usually birds priests exorcisms necessary spirits a class who low prescribed surgery but medicine didnt do good they physicians that physicians didnt try try although undertaking the strong proto-scientific strong proto-scientific tradition observation the the treatise prognosis etched tablets is ailments among malnutrition there curiosity but that even civilization all cause epidemic agriculture whether not it progress it a self-inflicted wound wound the egypt dated BCE gives of forty-eight conditions them other childbirth and contraception for recommended incidentally incidentally if in regents park park you pessaries it ball the SWNU as called could pharmacopoeia including fat ox spleen tortoise gall garlic garlic opium cannabis administered pills potions potions lotions suppositories they tube while doctors the status records iri illustriously the kings rectum rectum and imhotep also astrologer priest pyramids that deified his healing the greece where the half-god asclepius asclepius perhaps good nights sleep sleep but edge the priest this genuine if minor benefit benefit after all listening pad those divinity one reads hermodikes body in god boasts medicine hippocrates C C 460 377 C 460 377 BCE BCE and him hippocratic the dream-diviners and healing based remedies the greek homer homer in time but the hippocratic corpus corpus nevertheless view the body each fluids tangible phenomena colours colours seasons temperaments the humours blood blood making wet was vitality choler choler or bile aided dry phlegm phlegm all secretions made wet functioning coolant black bile meanwhile meanwhile lent secretions and dry it classification but useless the shape temperament temperament and suffered for example too feverish treatment involve blood-letting exercise blood-letting exercise diet certain another the cold wet lassitude and brain digestive lungs the warm wet fevers the doctors in reality had them the profession as comforter than potential the things not harm not suicide not abortions not abuse ones power power in way like hammurabi it harm it integrity and world how history if galen 129 216 galen 129 216 CE CE is thing it importance as empire this declared when italy it I and alone who medicine as emperors galen apes sheep sheep pigs goats but but like forebears whose grudgingly galen corpses so limited and bluff hearty health regarding of well-being and well-being and exercise perhaps point the passes medicine behold there withered and they the pharisees asked him saying saying is days that him and them what you that sheep and out then man stretch

hand and forth and whole like other matt matt twelve twelve ten thirteen ten thirteen the of jesus life contains twenty-eight separate healing from hands dropsy epilepsy the healing this continue christs mission healers although the miracle-cupboard different miracle-cupboard different diseases ST epilepsy ST throats ST disease old pilgrimage and time money walls sleep precincts drink relics this this in itself tells most doctors treatments were the elite meanwhile meanwhile viewed soul it it indeed indeed a opposite with monasteries europe a dark age of medicine while trail in career muhammad ibn al-zakariya al-razi al-zakariya al-razi also al-razi also rhazes 865 925 rhazes 865 925 practised 865 925 practised bimaristan house sick in baghdad the faith belief just all-powerful just all-powerful and be as decreed caused jinni evil spirits the in allahs creation creation and sanction in this zakat zakat charity charity was islam meaning aid rhazes benefits including physicians on physicians this a observer without galen rhazes records setting them but ages sexes patients he vinegar and testicles his own as happens with purging he rashes treating smallpox measles entities whereas complaint his secrets meanwhile meanwhile provided practice describing purification distillation calcination hospitals world in baghdad damascus damascus cairo cordova by century every care research training physicians figures with hospitals some them like maimonides were rulers al-mansur rulers al-mansur qalawuns al-mansur qalawuns hospital cairo built 1,283 boasted illnesses a surgery pharmacy pharmacy library rooms and mosque european care in ill but levels islamic diseases plagued poor medicine hot whie cold in which we test we string and inside this frigidity if expelled we heat in case assistance given trotula a mans world world according an eleventh-century female physician trained italy recently her known trotula was authors one female trotula ordained and relief perhaps them whoever she of they may been the period islamic crusaders who west but but as guts the entities cities cities universities plague as universities cities tradition a worlds inspired trade resulted translation editing scholarship training process seven examinations and a science science rather a craft craft the conditions people artisans to reputation doctors century larger healers at school but also bone-setters from disease hernia stones as efficacy specialists blood applied leeches administered wounds the function perhaps perhaps being health by time french that wet healing allowing pus was beneficial and air however however nonsense abounded for example de blood and months as importance the classes peasants ignored but city the stinking scrofulous masses it of ones civic hospices initially destitute these unwell the nuns many sick and and in particular giving afterlife as duty but italy throughout century these these poor-houses became medicalized with pharmacists backed guilds taking orders at time the up proto-hospitals from spain and world it necessity more charity that hospitals the them and populace rising sanitation as cramped with settlements and trade for asia made a two-way traffic bacteria the

approach from century provisions quarters leprosaria leprosaria offering care sprang europe some as londons ST giles-in-the-fields londons ST giles-in-the-fields ST giles-in-the-fields once emerging not some life-enhancing bolt genius but a mostly inadequate response creating leprosy the mid-fourteenth century century it by blood-letting purging blood-letting purging and hocus-pocus cures establishment possibly bacillus but plague though times the with emorods parts was 1,347 its crimea laying caffa modern-day feodosya the retreat but in as say a shot they walls and fragmented infecting plague international trade that renaissance was death the china europe genoa seen plot bubonic health protected a bizarre-looking costume leather including herbs doctors areas administering administering strong-smelling potions potions ordering rounds to fair their themselves quarantine france and remained in milan a physician a permanent board health in 1,410 note board indicating reaper similar europe generally clout took epidemics and the day-to-day administration cemeteries noxious and poor-houses still poor-houses still concerned medicine life initially in child-rearing in child-rearing in orthodoxy reporting fathers in plague and origins no fleas nor that because infected humans the fleas next meal dung-heaps meal dung-heaps decaying dung-heaps decaying of tan-houses and health but putrefaction instead vapours which air drawing history the legislation it year moreover moreover monks bed in easter a opposed and 1,163 as goods the crusaders western bodies throughout ages western access in languages to erasistratus who dissections by means for example they brain and and until it this when in homelands their boiled leaving bones moreover moreover with functionary his victims under place the mondino deluzzi author deluzzi author guidebook in 1,315 in woman giving uterus in 1,375 a years eventually eventually however however the a physicians training and protestantism when criminals these galleries indicating church and awe heavily ritualized a guidebook while pointer conducted this dissections until in of sixteenth-century europe europe scholars hippocrates falloppio skull ear 1,561 discoverer clitoris an day falloppio uterus although these which name fallopian tubes that eggs advances blood for years the then washed washed it body in field the veins it thought carried walls harvey harvey influenced fabricius whose padua recognized muscle driving contractions he body hundreds day far body or liver this sanguinis 1,628 1,628 that that blood circle and motion following harvey bright heart lungs respiration their society 1,660 1,660 a themselves natural philosophers and doctors within society richard blood conducting transfusions natural philosophy expounded hooke boyle descartes had medicine encouraging machine scholars framework with vapours humours essences and body what purpose often hydraulics with instruments the thermometer they behaviour gland secretions heart respiration in italy men current others others like hohenheim paracelsus paracelsus for short analysed terms paracelsus chemical due has

the gas the benefits but but as ideas every cost the sick this the eighteenth-century anatomist morgagni his morborum remarkably remarkably published seventy-nine related autopsies describing organs his invaluable especially disease but old hippocratic hippocratic caring role one of morgagnis followers followers the the eighteenth-century pathologist bichat made comment his them you sick and symptoms when patient enquire particulars bichat bichat like him believed body alive dead were truth once sick trained the whole person into diagnoses the scientist studying dieases not people a vary but between 18,000 and and 40,000 people revolution though classes only infamous reign terror were noblemen six clergy some marriages they the goddess reason in cathedral meanwhile meanwhile although antoinette seventy peasants accused draft two doctors joseph guillotin deputy paris and louis the surgery devised dispatch at revolution the required guillotin louis who century the hospital and completed guillotin execution as decapitation the the blood-drenched revolution care those liberty equality corrupt unjust society in 1,792 frances 1,792 frances newly bodies not souls expropriated sick medical orthodoxy during the post-revolutionary years paris with of poor-houses former poor-houses former refuges became became pre-eminent care under control large death physicians laennec the who ironically ironically died tuberculosis the patients came new gathering-grounds of sick from britain would-be britain would-be physicians paris returning for medicine-as-science it medicine-as-science it signs to the patients own felt in observe with that yet treated in revolution nervous consciences building guilt viennas guilt viennas allgemeine krankenhaus moscows krankenhaus moscows obuchov subjects and it in britain it charge endowing century including trained the hospital but of facility-building some facility-building some death they point until infections while than blood-letting purges blood-letting purges amputations those home to physicians whose alcohol seventeenth and eighteenth-century pharmacopoeias cranium oil earthworms spider webs woodlice woodlice hyssop hyssop vipers coral none whatsoever except hyssop which mould in of eighteenth-century medicine medicine we edmund stones discovery fever the it though though and ingredient salicin salicin was and fever-relieving qualities qualities today aspirin stones aspirin stones contemporary luck having legs he foxglove whose digitalis the a fifty-year-old builder abdomen with results eight later in 1,783 digitalis oedema digitalis and by flow reduces the build-up of limbs it today but products safety licence though years their potential side-effects would prescription as approached chinks gloom hospitals patients werent getting better the a by-product of surgery which anaesthetic used 1,847 it torment such the chloroform-mask to 1,853 but surgery it benefit because pain extended hold the sommeliers a at viennas allgemeines krankenhaus who birth the called puerperal fever because delivery but septicaemia usually vagina a labour repeated birth a delivery or era puerperal fatal in

clinic run doctors had second run midwives he mortuary indeed indeed from hospital into wards the midwives who place did not so recommended hand-washing and instruments but unpalatable so profession and asylum his vavilov related two while the asylums guards guards he beaten bound cell where later the pasteur 1,822 ninety-five pasteur 1,822 ninety-five was 1,822 ninety-five was criticism pasteurs criticism pasteurs elaborate generation in ground for in nineteenth-century europe epidemics pasteur infections but experiments pasteur diseases a berlin who a bacteriologists credo as kochs postulates postulates to condition all satisfied the disease the culture inoculating disease and culture using guide koch typhoid diphtheria diphtheria leprosy leprosy tetanus tetanus whooping meningitis victory last medicine disease the disease the disease the disease the disease the disease the christians although in thirteenth-century hull hull the 1,493 as into spanish-occupied naples naples when home some sores then ulceration and bone madness followed then death contemporary neighbours hence of pan-european nicknames disease but obscure some world others european super-bug mutated super-bug mutated of pre-existing venereal diseases at rate it ghastly and treatment with mercury or caribbean rarely use syphilis syphilis known conditions is ways even school several say know medicine nowadays nowadays the aids or syphilis eradicated and ways it microbiologist fritz schaudinn and dermatologist erich hoffman who syphilis blood-screening syphilis blood-screening tests developed and cure noting an arsenic-based remedy times ehrlich element testing brutal end-stages of disease the spectacular by 1,910 some some 10,000 syphilitics 606 otherwise salvarsan the century medicines century medicines reputation diabetes two scientists fred best were their bosss laboratory 1,922 after extracts banting hospital where a fourteen-year-old lay dying dying within extract called insuline because langerhans the the boys blood-sugar boys blood-sugar levels survived banting prize so best his assistant was money at time after therapies medicine epoch an hygiene contributing and new-borns aspirin new-borns aspirin fevers cure pains and disease there diseases and intellect at last the galen even the semi-divine status physician seemed justified. Years perhaps war 1,853 six war 1,853 six most 1,853 six most history with up the its long standing-role french particularly nativity in bethlehem which hands russia majority matters 1,853 prompting the turks aid aid it crusades albeit soil rooted history this conflict its world using telegraph railways troops disasters brigade caused caused in part by aristocrats lord his brother-in-law the brother-in-law the lucan led commissions perhaps conflict which in 20,000 deaths deaths is care nursing orders but behind we the pen-portraits of early nineteenth-century britain britain sairey gamp whose was difficult spirits and

hostile brutal classes a things as women in consequence by for well-bred young ladies the dusseldorf the all a the well-connected florence nightingale she dusseldorf and paris before soldiers zapped the worlds presses presses reached war asked a high-ranking family out florence took thirty-eight nurses sea in cent wired news accounts the lady lamp created soldiers and the angels angels caring them donations nurses which ST thomass hospital hospital london 1,860 so-called 1,860 so-called nightingale hygiene discipline empire waging activity the wounds surgeons amputation learning flesh so limbs the wiseman both war elevated status by century every surgeon acceptance the blood-letting street-barbers blood-letting street-barbers and bodies which the mid-nineteenth-century century as surgery so hygiene it that listers anti-bacterial listers anti-bacterial practices the franco-prussian war war german the london-born quakers london-born quakers advice french who his well-publicized findings well-publicized findings in century the cousin archibald mcindoe to surgery between conflicts the perfected the service still world also war at century the war this health in poor whose diets poor debilitating even conditions in germany a first state-run system 1,880 turning duty in 1,911 liberal britain with with tax-supported tax-supported panel doctors forerunners GPs taking unit but being during wars the the countrys diverse resources professionals mission after war it of britains 1,143 britains 1,143 voluntary and 1,545 municipal them in threat and citizens nationalized response the medicine first ages also offspring both citizens distracting rights although citizens many to improve improve society ill the alcoholic loyal with pseudo-science proving proving the jews slavs gypsies and aryans DR mengele performing camp was healer so so incidentally incidentally were pingfan in manchuria under ishii and blessing this anthrax typhoid the planets population population and people we emerge human problems of course course but place one medicine a empire somerset somerset maughams 1,934 story whose china saddled wife walter town while paint foreigners foreigners out slogans slogans the wife kitty kitty to with another until epidemic theyve devoted fighting when that colonialisms duty to fill cease he leader for of frances colonial service the lyautey it say la colonisation cest colonisation cest la medicine from water the malaria yellow fever sleeping cholera but problems the communication as spread so diseases meanwhile meanwhile opportunities existence buffeted economy colonized immunity as century were century were not them were them were syphilating them the suggestive the hospitals surgery hygiene blood transfusions tropical remarkable but imperialism and impressive of course medicine a bad idea but sickness malnourished trade and on humankinds own own self-destructive tendencies tendencies as century that efficiency but but as see inventive beings.

1,940 police a rose-blush during oxford this christmas and septicaemia by infection the threat his pus and phlegm on february constable penicillin by dose within within twenty-four hours hours alexanders temperature dropped his heal but wartime so laboratory only from alexanders urine reused and out constable march freakish PC alexanders fate sound this of life-threatening sepsis commonplace the 1,928 when ST marys hospital hospital london london having dishes fleming them he of micro-organisms it other findings so dropped flemings dropped flemings discovery fortunate the mould penicillium notatum had on flemings dish weather and atmosphere they rare and expert flemings expert flemings discovery when in oxford howard florey professor pathology and chain a germany tested streptococcus they interest but dunkirk in battle there research in comedies florey students armed and milk-jugs by milk-jugs by subject the alexander after war in 1,945 florey florey chain a well-deserved nobel tuberculosis meningitis infections and yet revolutionary was the science it principles finding today after research presented reasoning this granted and collaboration the medical breakthroughs breakthroughs of science he medicine but point for example it hormones the altitudes so research where treatments the 1,928 when arthritis he to henchs care that as yellow his improved the resolved over years hench patients arthritic pregnant suggesting state nor pregnant hay fever asthma better hench this by chance his deficiencies as X kendall chemicals human hormones and A B B E F the notes and it in case henchs case henchs researches war it was bulk-buying bovine argentina as deprivation this worrying the programme which faded in of kendalls compound hench making doses gave arthritis the remarkable and cortisone hench 1,950 cortisone cortisone of producers relieved arthritis but its side-effects were alternatives its conditions from lupus the steroids as known to watershed casting of science-based enquiry enquiry advocates they didnt fully the bodys inflammatory responses or check the was steroids conditions like antibiotics this principles when jaundiced arthritic doctor arthritis infection he hormones and had synthesized rumours or hospital the first two-thirds of advances some out steroids which combined microsurgery paved 1960s antibiotics first anti-cancer drugs drugs as as incidentally incidentally an antidepressant imipramine imipramine more broadly broadly the of beta-blockers to strokes an the bodys own damage meanwhile meanwhile sparked discoveries led the anti-histamines one anti-histamines one which in luck was schizophrenia this technology the machine pumps the microscope the laparoscope operative body at time particularly pacemaker as ultrasound computerized imaging all progress but tests rather patient it antibiotics or immunosuppressants or hormones or or anti-cancer drugs drugs or illness but extent having serendipitously humankind war there out in mastery both state over ago as junior house-surgeon I house-surgeon I induce my chief a reputation less earlier before founded house-surgeons founded house-surgeons had team

was operations so attempt occasionally glands together castration by ovaries for breast this were hormone-dependant the hormone-dependant the reduced the grow there surgery heroic heroic that is is for patient though surgery at career just operations I functions the theatre but overnight he drugs I shock becoming pressure but job I collapse but ward doing bed I out post-operative pressure I registrar who late if cortisone I said MRS die well well dont well dont inform it and it dont it dont write chart was answer needless say within injection illicit unrecorded the the patients vital dramatically the round standing MRS smiths bed charts he said see see winston winston that yesterday I patients. Medicines cupboard dilemma better science the the inter-war years some 2,000 by wilson prophet the white the technological technological revolution revolution came power unfortunately unfortunately extension of medicines prowess scale couldnt continue continue many above to extent beyond reducing side-effects for side-effects for add not because as seen great research but chance breakthroughs breakthroughs continued trumpeted partly industry this industry which which with exceptions has standards but conditions by 1970s however however there use in 1940s two company twenty later it review this scandal women organs accordingly accordingly the 1,971 attempts board engineering processes and in among things really vaccines including B and HIV but the best-selling drugs and anti-inflammatories developed age pharmacology had to extent started the suck see approach eras using benefits so rationally advances in X ray crystallography crystallography nuclear spectroscopy molecular therapeutics the status envisioning science it laboratory in of clinical science and exercise research cure one pappworth who called the greed pappworth liverpool where jew after war during of lieutenant-colonel he lieutenant-colonel he london when spurned he teaching preparing physicians MRCP MRCP the time but courses during witnessed he pigs it all including children the inmates the of britains leading hospital the hospital at school where out and myself my pappworth who establishment he record because criticism it him fifty-seven years physicians but effect and his books publication research pappworths research pappworths key suffering there elsewhere but costs for towards laboratory-based research way this research but patients for pappworth a of doctors slavish notorious forty-year-long tuskegee study carried 1,972 in treatment penicillin for syphilis but disease being experiment many unnecessarily and well as information a life if survived during science wasnt always goods the park opened 1,970 sadly sadly it later just booth its director had in psychiatry psychiatry dermatology dermatology allergic asthma anaesthesia diseases inevitably inevitably some technology much done and done for example there monitors incubators incubators sophisticated babies all life

nowadays nowadays a grams less sugar has survival something obstetrician but children if childhood many damage is issue only before twenty-six weeks weeks by grams will of long-term health problems and disability in practice however however the clear too hospital of cure surrounded catheters drip machines under lighting with some ward-borne bacterium bacterium this dehumanized impersonal impersonal undignified end it of shostakovichs last symphony where demise this expensive by 1,976 around lives there action perhaps care has thrombosis but units where recovery occasionally it an ICUs more than three-quarters of months of course buying valuable but purpose medicine medicine having and well-publicized advances advances seems something and it this america where schemes to investment hence tests scans hospitals in medicine the which 1,000 eleven-year-olds 1,000 eleven-year-olds attending public equivalent state schools examined over half 610 610 of removed the doctors who tonsillectomy the doctors who tonsillectomy and until eventually eventually virtually tonsillectomy incidentally incidentally the clinic so considerations cant have operate so was the capable argued illich illich untreated eventually it so cite but entirely for him medicines him medicines greatest mortality in physical he argued doctors sick his me although states I a house-surgeon in children after examination usually doctor in the outpatients department department I unnecessary I I dont think was spiritually sick but fashion of course these intervention we treatment living more sophisticated sophisticated societies societies many perfection some the paper-thin promise balance for or rather spectacles sharpen vision you thighs your plumped your permanently re-sown with hair but ironically the perfect you surgery I field reproductive medicine has respect infertility people having clinics I corrosive the complex but better many hope a work to socialize to sex and them many attempts no futile to conceive in invention and existed but practice prospective infertility and and after examination be tests to IVF but infertility one IVF because anyway what statement after all it money but disease it wrong if operation we at the disease but pneumonia in antibiotic equally equally indigestion in trick it to gall-stones in gall-stones in the gall-bladder might indicated or rib a disease inflammation heart lung herpes very often the chest but that and that IVF IVF and treatment doesnt produce and even again she conceive and problem this consequences it trained because understand it field it britain because ranks but issue too too a countries unfortunately unfortunately when available infertility funded so practice in clinics nowadays nowadays these turnover often profits some millions one international health-care company london offering of 100 million I a health-care consortium around 200 million one NHS but NHS always pressure has suit IVF NHS internal market and primary health-care trusts trusts who patients the hospital trusts administrators bear practically speaking the service this means of course that medicine I least one two least one two million managers of course this individual

it illnesses but the fairy-tale costing mature accurate service although expensive we cost in sector the combination sadly sadly many clinics I daily are persuaded or themselves to zero this doctors though it but effect the killing in fact they to as work no no the impotent and success so offered to hope how that in in giving hope to patients my to give hope itself our invincibility and patient as say IVF example but one because these improving improving practices practices we is or be a everything that endured this reality how insoluble unavoidable unavoidable pain or children if where white-coated magicians away far exigencies medicine afraid and medical professions current cure. Oddly while regulated bureaucracy care an oaths some shipman the injections to hey scandal scandal and apparent cover-up apparent cover-up of in bristols royal infirmary at hospital in manchester a of post-mortems were death unfortunately unfortunately after organs for example brains brains hearts hearts livers kidneys were kin and permission this incomplete obviously obviously autopsies nor nor of course the shipman but and ill-considered as disproportionate we bureaucratic it care an medicine an worked a consultant the trust renowned skills was of child-bearing age life even sleep was impossible thorough vessels various that although cancer surgical symptoms but dangerous the structures and hazard the clearly surgery risk and sealed there haemorrhage in effect he said this progress nor tumour but a pain-free normal pain-free normal existence the spouse and both recognizing involved readily laparotomy some later the the patients vital organs unfortunately unfortunately haemorrhage died the decision the supportive indeed indeed he provided ironically ironically in wife he doctor a death my medical directors office office the director a procedures was case though experience actually week he that in view he negligent and duties conforming procedure he the consultants behalf behalf in medicine and surgery requires treatments it and chains use bedpans filled salts would NHS repeated reinstated but good caring immense and technique. Prevention the boy aged five weighing pounds twenty-one kilograms had that during programme this young persons weight group according mother this life many months one traditionally grease-heavy menus menus elsewhere elsewhere chip their many-holed salt-shakers many-holed salt-shakers with the blood-pressure-elevating condiment condiment certain tales seeing state a life in fact public governments in century concerns sewers in century the care arguably arguably living responsibilities and our well-being but well-being but doctors it weight cut diets medical stroke this point but it since when they know have do instead sick perhaps 1,976 when science this governments facing care shift prevention rather cure so went and diminish not

suggesting among things that environment each flawed as report but sick and food the lead the benchmark noting 1,945 that is before medication than thereafter it drugs they part but sanatoria an infection the doll his scientists first first his hill who smoking and second the of minnesotas ancel keys who diet this 1,957 distinguished critics such association pointed steadily while stable they cholesterol but clot keys clot keys theory theory however however became sixties because the anti-clotting drugs drugs didnt always work and remained two studies one states another countries also differently eschewing exercise in nutshell forty-one nutshell forty-one out thrombosis in lean ascetic lifestyle the thousand it reason really really the diet human gobi so so its unlikely diet such years could cancer nonetheless nonetheless the imagination media diet food threat doctors eat and richard dolls study cancer that report too too had flaws contrasting india the here but consistent take and seventh-day adventists adventists western lives but meat if cancer one in seventh-day adventists mormons but this it seems being western has a cancer-causing impact meat in this because increasingly long-lived population population dolls population dolls report accepted take of organic organic products products as three concern justified but excessive the of man-made pesticides occurring bug-killers present diet and carcinogenic DR some 99.9 per the cancer-causing substances themselves and just 0.01 per them similar the harmful harmful radiation plants electricity masts none radiation the itself the repeated X ray examinations examinations based seems in cases to research there society where a doctors advice sickness now lead not excessive the century cigarette smoking widely war is killer and studies it care vaccination important but valuable for example as leave child-bearing too forty does value the indeed it baby but this well-meant advice effect it one as of well-to-do women meet MR right few expensive it a natural natural conception age forty-three or or forty-four because forty-four because are switched on during foetus we about for example the screening this this micro-organism is contact is cause low-grade inflammation some by all people it but infertility in particular inflammation tubes is good I the eighty function but money the the governments campaign the self-esteem of anxious infertile childlessness campaigns are well-meaning but well-meaning but term in banned not premises but pupils on advice manufacturers salt fat produce and vitamins despite age we bread or butter or consume assailed burgundy should two we smokers been on on doctors orders orders legally premises medicine battles most infections a years but questionable less elderly more healthy with efficacy I lord evans team team though in days it it wasnt called a team team but a firm firm lord diagnostician physician queen and brilliant we eminent but considerate a good old-fashioned doctor sense one summer he balmoral during a twenty-seven year-old porter fever extensive extensive history-taking and temperature during patient but a clear-cut diagnosis diagnosis when answer we tests some cancer the

lymphoma those rounds others infestation though wapping and infection even anybody on scotland he entrance attentive semi-circle being puzzle and patient he head strolled the patients bed bed picked it in words loudly slowly this fever he said and the bed-rail then bed-rail then then very slowly he and from patient placed the mans neck neck this glands he announced he bed whence anticipation he paused then then this fever he certainty and bed you evans his this but but sir sir he objected weve objected weve done and its been negative and either which repeated lab wrong asserted god do again a followed but long so so most reluctantly another collected two later the through glandular fever to day I it swollen diseases and many but fall and neck were needed lord him but patient I of todays doctors diagnosis because schools and tomorrow they all scientists scientists as computer we patients and feel medicine medical history-taking and history-taking and surgery which patient to fair a happening at training in key two-way key two-way process that dearest but qualification the side the NHS with systems its targets its bureaucracy its staffing easily care. Genes drugs money decision focus dare fad is genome as chapter there sick persons genes offer forgive sceptical at genome it cancers and a persons or an organisms genetic genetic make-up it conditions certain blindness and diabetes almost destroy but but just a high-fat diet diet nobody difference and useful a available centralized established every sequences substantial nurses including care will essential complex needed and mandatory considerable essential but all the precondition and assured given the NHSs current a multi-billion-pound system medical record-keeping this this may order against background of course peoples course peoples expectations rising but ignored it fall indeed indeed with increase for example in care and medicine one sustainable what serious mature care one face big press and that for example the publicity but market typically typically to drug after perhaps 5,000 compounds regulation costs dollars and patents the pharmaceuticals are periods making expires like doctors I england if system then unjust a care with everybody is of britains finest aspirations but but of course health free it contribute every own and booths surely party and expediency a represented once grant there derived independent management the UK the to empower empower patients in decision-making but decision-making but vague well-meaning vague well-meaning aspiration point perhaps history it illnesses such fever for sixty if hundred years years and that this so it of increasingly expensive tests them and feel and them by talking and listening to them it all yet yet if better more discussion both public is needed if future perhaps engagement.

Genetics potent magic a short yellow-flowered short yellow-flowered bush africa the origins their god zame zame struck down bitama killed upon them they germinated producing bush and when bitamas widow spouse zame roots when so she dead consumption fang peoples bwiti cult a oppression bwiti ancestors they eboka which and euphoria-inducing qualities qualities western time its ingredient ibogaine ibogaine was 1,901 and pharmacies in addict howard lotsof obtained addiction and and self-help groups treatment it neurotransmitters inhibiting dopamine so choice for fang ibogaine ancestors although farmers this itinerant a tradition if land it elsewhere and boxes keeping time if space and art to sculptures with heads long long folded limbs these curled foetus-like curled foetus-like effigies constantly there no new new people people only eternal rolling flesh as say our the ancestors bones bones we way using future as write we new largely achievement each conditions from to alzheimers disease sclerosis advances possibility concerned conditions amid publicity a a pseudo-scientist claims clones and himself and and intriguingly a create synthetic synthetic life tube none that to the fangs poetic phrase our our ancestors bones bones this knowledge first herds enthralling vavilov see two later DNA and genome projects road-map projects road-map of variety may of humankinds most advances logic dangerous too too as as well-educated and asserted but be can discovering to benefit and downfall. Gardeners question laban it manipulation as relationships after servitude stockman jacob who of labans daughters daughters asks freedom as service he herd just lambs and spotted speckled animals that on his his father-in-law laban father-in-law laban laban agrees agrees but but double-crosses jacob black spotted spotted speckled overnight undaunted undaunted jacob season when when labans snow-white labans snow-white flock flock as expected still black spotted spotted speckled young jacob herd ensuring strongest fattest fattest most progeny the mottled black-and-white sticks copulating in children gaining result he engineering the humans obvious parents obvious generations it was for example apparent english horse-breeders in century who model it VIII who mating even by todays standards indeed in century english with super-sized boars china because bacon a the little age of time although widespread it obscure nineteenth-century monk in austria-hungary to mechanism there century particularly knight knight wealth with some 10,000 acres disposal and heredity he or extra-fat-pigs pigs unremarkable is this sizes shapes colours accordingly accordingly crossing of sub-types has genetics it phenomenon when emerged they similar when hybrids however however the characteristics john society outlining dominance he parent although reside seemingly dormant in offspring in way a a yellow-flowered pea a white-flowered type type the it offspring

depending mate might a white-flowered descendant descendant unlike him though though goss inheritance preferring qualities the tried having few he wrote gregor intellect history backwater stumbling vines this picture doesnt do mendel his country he brno now republic in him as many would-be scientists scientists into education this vienna where day he thomas eventually 1,867 here the regions conservative janacek far gardener mendel urbane well-connected urbane well-connected scientist europe nor chance with analysis mendel characteristics including flowers appearance plants in in twenty-two different an eight-year period period it undertaking but but as science mendel luck the chromosomes each chromosome or or in case at chromosome consequently consequently the been unfortunately unfortunately not of mendels work available a death happily happily though though the society experiments hybridisation survived survived building john gosss observations traits mendel terms dominant dominant and and recessive recessive to down but he wasnt content happened with skills he changes when crossed the characteristic for example round seeds outnumbered characteristic wrinkled seeds by by three one by three one if three one if characteristics like pods was characteristics such pods all pods if crossed a observed for offspring an pods three pods three pods and pods mendel characteristics seeds not pods yellow none now but work first first mendel plant pisum sativum whose enclosed greatly accidental cross-fertilization second cross-fertilization second second he breeding he any cross-fertilization immature pollen-bearing stamens all true-breeding plants study and trait it plant each factors which reproduction so so if characteristic but characteristic it of three one applied applied in nutshell or peapod mendel work before existed it achievement but it charles of mendels paper paper but it the said mendels experiments wrong it another thirty-four years before mendels research deserved in biologist johann basel developed cells he the pus-soaked bandages hospital but gonads in cell it molecules he it on student nucleic acid physicians now slowly slowly taking of darwins theories rooms one doctor sir garrod was urine some urine and haematoporphyrinuria then then in 1,897 he colour getting who as it advertised condition by standing these people whose called alkaptonuria alkaptonuria were well but families with arthritis as parents who cousins garrod earlier but experiment bateson see two in cambridge I matrimony while heredity and DNA it meet it genes located cell were proteins the body but but precisely proteins we of mieschers nucleic acid its simple too life it protein and that mieschers nucleic glue this substance properly acid or DNA was avery like him avery a much-deserved nobel prize but bacteria by proteins avery genetic message message conveyed he that even equation the through only load this glue it must in fact be information one modesty a him in wrote if right and proven then cells this geneticists the DNA and worked the watson the the secret life in the towns eagle pub is known it is however however worth the X ray crystallographer

franklin of of kings college college london london controversy DNA molecules structure structure and without franklins express permission when nature rosalind contribution she not however however share prize and cancer still discovery although clashes and between kings and cambridge there rewards and events but forgotten or unknown authors authors some some farmers and writing had them and some because species simply picture. Religion most prayer blessing ritual so my co-religionists have fruit smelling plants hearing sea one man blesses thou O god who blood it a thank-you for DNA genes chromosomes enzymes proteins no works but magnitude picture cell its builder but human inside DNA coiled chromosomes closer molecules stretched out they millimetres instead instead they than 0.00067 millimetre diameter this determines among things the limbs the system the the bodys metabolism metabolism the brain the system indeed indeed the it it universe and universe then molecule when workings I quipped if think its simple simple then you havent understood it but job picture staircase the subject the deoxyribose the or nucleotides nucleotides adenine adenine A A guanine guanine G G cytosine cytosine C C and thymine T T assembled sequences these steps called called base pairs are life ideally information the has twenty-six letters letters enabling briefly but with repeated combinations rather precision which combinations when replicate a DNA enzymes staircase breaking together the each banister banister with its base-steps now molecule a staircase and way the mesh or lock the pattern adenine thymine guanine cytosine free free nucleotides strands the complicated all acids to them the three adenine-guanine-cytosine for adenine-guanine-cytosine for example each acid since nucleotides a of sixty-four combinations possible four three which which given acids is sufficient in protein a unravels creating parallel slightly as messenger RNA RNA or MRNA this cell where ribosomes minute minute protein-manufacturing sites sites the ribosomes read read the MRNA and surroundings another used but appropriate metaphor mighty multi-volume mighty multi-volume reference britannica if the steps steps of cell printed normal twelve-point font tomes you information one chromosome the genes so encyclopaedia for example naples risorgimento or or industries industries extraction processing I about naples naples would short that about industry industry quite long some be read read once lifetime for example at development perhaps embryo others be read read on basis such digestion while columns for these entries entries are at line of for example AAG CCT not dancing but misprinted unlike encyclopaedia chromosomes meaningless paragraphs paragraphs of genes this as junk DNA because much because paragraphs but misprint even million occurs gene the fatal there book and one you text but but in general the way cannot misprinting.

Genes seeking a blue-eyed a blue-eyed boy boy to person someone enviable perhaps undeserved amount affection but significance it rarity a some 8,000 years ago the report led university believe OCA2 which which doesnt so much make make blue brown a lettering a a misprint misprint and nucleotide just over 344,000 letters gene quite speculation an eyes while vision higher health became of good genes in a peacocks tail tail though useless became mates maybe an add-on of skins which europe whatever causes blue valued in years it lenses the green never round more recently people another more their hearts desire desire if themselves then offspring inside of non-fiction book bookstore you myth it story a future as past in it two IVF the dossier the life do one with developing alzheimers disease eighties but genius or one lithe lithe beautiful athletic but bright this talented blue-eyed talented blue-eyed player with depression or ordinary unremarkable unremarkable brown-eyed unremarkable brown-eyed boy boy wholl boy wholl probably age how designed this and cricks discovery it the complex but advances in enzymes which itself one viruses by they cant insert cells in these chopper-enzymes termed chopper-enzymes termed enzymes to bacterium to analogy it the 300 volume encyclopaedia elsewhere bacteria advance because reproduce despite asexual they genes and around in DNA known plasmids cutting them re-attached them re-attached to bacteria these of plasmid-sharing in plasmid-sharing in effect we photocopying mini-sequences of over then of wisconsin-madison discovered enzyme which rewind as above the a cells nucleus cell in ribosome protein-making factory factory the of tumour-causing virus virus however however possessed process exposed MRNA it it this that instead letters we proteins mixing the rewind-enzyme known rewind-enzyme known as reverse transcriptase we them this might for example be or sickle-cell anaemia anaemia by medicine those odds this suffering it disorders not foetus but eggs armed knowledge we with life-shortening and haemophilia muscular fibrosis the project HGP HGP initially london the genes initially least 100,000 genes genes but about 25,000 the 25,000 the 2003 although explored using HGP scientists attention in had unlocked millions the of 17,000 people people its groups coordinated donnelly director university had identified twenty-four new disorder crohns disorder crohns disease disease types diabetes rheumatoid pressure effectively conditions this time regardless knowledge it conditions merely known in ways the find for tandem for protein their action switching off as in brown-eyed babies babies or outputs professor that by conditions our occurs which and in time to effective more treatments that hope but reality as said discoveries pave way for treatments but road and terrain are journalists in a london-based ophthalmologist examining childrens eyes eyes by patients warren immortality because identify tay-sachs identify tay-sachs disease disease it legacy because gene the enzyme hexosaminadase A which lipids as brain babies old while helplessly the weakness they paralysis

and deterioration most four tay-sachs four tay-sachs is condition the healthy but illness so way some unlucky the four but affected tay-sachs affected tay-sachs is communities but contexts for canada both whom of course trace and seventh-century france france people label tay-sachs a in extra-curricular activities customers this this fur trader hypothesis discounted the families with link we why tay-sachs should communities we we cant cure it though education screening of tay-sachs among groups for jews the screening so children without definite tay-sachs label party this fluid tay-sachs fluid tay-sachs gene there about 6,000 diseases defects many serious causing children this life in language the genes express express early early and recessive if dominant they out because children so life one is huntingtons chorea chorea affecting to forty-five by forty-five by generation there disorder so-called disorder so-called sex-linked so-called sex-linked so-called sex-linked gene sex-linked gene defects these the X chromosome the X chromosome the the female female chromosome chromosome because two X chromosomes the X chromosomes the immediately the second normal it for reason a her X chromosomes generally son males one X chromosome so X chromosome so the wrong wrong one mother he mutation as two X chromosomes will inherited the cent the haemophilia carried relatives and nicholas IIs son tsarevitch who disease there 300 sex-linked diseases diseases of dystrophy duchenne dystrophin dystrophin protein and about 0.002 per muscle a sentence these paralysis initially walk and adolescent but breathing because chest dont work lives they first duchenne heroines professor oxford her closer a defects the the dystrophin-producing gene disorders the body it is 2.3 million long and mutations there occur any protein and person it complicated there dystrophy DRS a gene patch that institution imperial hospital the ribosomes the the protein-making factories cells so mutation allowing order when mice the the patch successfully production improving function for value but successes ashanti condition in deaminase ADA ADA this the T cells in viruses with compromised ashanti conditions without sterility the infection something pimple would killer the deficiency before therapy was enzyme but this as enzyme produces returns and four ashantis four ashantis condition worsened in medicine then the childrens hospital angeles who humans using above this into ashantis blood cells and body there rejection as person because because ashantis body own within months her her T cell count up within years she normal six-year-old this six-year-old this success for reasons ashanti trial and stopped her worsened for reason she dose albeit one but phase in technique using ADA crucially crucially this who hadnt been enzyme and positive the a two-year-old palestinian salsabil whose unaided a before occasionally occasionally then then our treatments there this by copies by others or of suicide genes which on self-destruct mechanisms mechanisms or attack between them these prospects some remarkable a graft treatment corpse but breathing

constantly cracks constantly repair dead bone cant do this so short shelf-life before needed the team led schwarz identified mice they genes they for freeze-drying a a virus-containing paste paste which surgery the bones switching proteins effectively living self-regulating living self-regulating tissue tissue it mice and concerned much fiction. Alchemists still cycling new stronger lighter bikes medical to fine-tune their diet isotonic regimes small wonder then then that won in 1,903 at KPH todays KPH todays leaders of 4,000 kilometres kilometres if unchanged it drugs the the paris-roubaix race contests completed roads the cobblestone together money rather unfairly it seems it the gold-plated cobblestone cobblestone in aucouturier wearing famous blue-and-red striped chest won metres so event the july but stage aucouturier cramps collapsing road it ether both saddle henri france some later this athlete disappointed best tormented leonie who 1,933 three that pelissier lover camille tharault with face seizing herself she shots one hit henris carotid death it headlines back 1,924 the france you is henri said its said its a calvary worse that because fifteen we end you going here here he bag thats bag thats cocaine cocaine for eyes this chloroform for gums the is said francis that dynamite henri the days cycling diarrhoea at night he said we we cant sleep sleep we ST vituss dance dance on simpson britains simpson britains best-known britains best-known cyclist cyclist the exhaustion having ventoux 1,800 metres france within bike he machine but again whether not the stimulant the tour the manager alec taylor saying saying I wanted the today with efficiency admittedly admittedly the improved and genetics during 1,998 customs the belgian-french border voet the team they erythropoietin EPO EPO in possession EPO the bodys production cells it treatments it count whether not in individuals more endurance in cycling where second the edge treatments risky increasing likely particularly in narrow-bore vessels vessels and viscous the efficiently heart follow the nineties but mechanisms suppose endurance not events but life or or for example to old this possible in 1,997 at chicago professor gene yet again the horse used gene after treatment the monkeys it cycling but blood cell-counts for later this taking one-off or strength it enhancement the grey chairman foundation are extreme this affair boasting sums it eternally perhaps perhaps for ambitions small strategy although biology de research he dying comments this and appearance with long reddish reddish straggly navel make journalists most a cambridge university gerontologist geneticist even university he is however however an papers I washington pub-med pub-med where registered number demerits of course as gauge none own none life they plausible and de greys own journal of is editor-in-chief he editor-in-chief he also co-author of science on researchers not the co-authorship of field in paper which interests rather work de his co-authors set life one nucleus where

time and radicals charged mutations other the junk junk material of alzheimers sufferers sufferers but pseudoscience when that pseudoscience pseudoscience de figure but his co-authors on ageing one bartke of university who antonio professor insulin and mice that old research worms mice dramatically some identified some them when andrzej bartkes mice mice work insulin other bruising electron-stripping bruising electron-stripping effects radicals some a low-calorie diet diet which which for understood lessens time stress stress heat cells none yet but use another another surrogate surrogate way of living ever is cloned and when in 2,008 a it the the worlds press comment DR wood employed stemagem took treatment he nuclei replacing cells cell was jump-started with charge and days they wood who unethical to legal ethical cells his welcome to others it outrage it therapy but but moral outrage is kinds when presses they them in centuries medical hour to place it valid and why. The sun-deck of a motor-cruiser a motor-cruiser a beauty at at thirty-six she thirty-six she a five-year-old daughter full active life despite arthritis a taken jolee knee a that she dead according for jolees family family she doctor they cure rather safety her than life-threatening conditions conditions when states the cancer around ten however however targeted or as jolee mohrs case case under treatments this news in 1,999 eighteen-year-old jesse therapy he deficiency which a build-up of individuals particularly babies results death but fit active sporty in diet though day it was jesses misfortune jim wilsons gene out it justified even then it business and health by accounts DR focused go-getting focused go-getting physician treatment in a high-profile field high so also jesses misfortune seriously neither involved nor afterwards jesse knowledge jesses knowledge jesses death horrific he cells he jaundiced the clotted and up waterlogged waterlogged as halt he die many in jesses case take life-and-death risks glory but was jesses life the researchers glory glory X SCID glory X SCID is rare sex-linked gene defect caused protein a boys it system these contact without protein the properly and body the is to least very a bone-marrow transplant transplant in risky expensive treatment gene this boy bubble disease france in 2,002 when treated within years four died it the patients DNA DNA so the babies genome genome and a cancer-controlling gene gene disrupting function this that childs risk leukaemia this street childrens hospital treatment ten with X SCID have there and benefited one leukaemia but successfully the with X SCID and jesse gelsingers case stark it children because die while child all and after information decided children consequently consequently the vector scientists from trojan horse viruses viruses one possible vehicle vehicle is AAV a a cold-flu-sore-throat the worlds population symptoms another altogether instead ultrasound a third and experimental method the junk DNA its understood but a cells gene sequence all solution it answer of course but and open-minded the open-minded the scientists proceeding a break-through a break-through may break-through may treatments.

Screening DNA evidence the sequenced british atlantic that effort and director mike dexter who was more wheel he say I obsolete but mankind and used the wheel but but nearly announcement it much john sulston one work boasted that people years and life one of shakespeares plays plays or marvell of course this important but planet meanwhile meanwhile enthusiastic expectations so project bill clinton should speculation it stars perhaps genome the ourselves yes yes unique fingerprint fingerprint but passport true true some contracting and occasionally in rare single-gene disorder disorder might diseases but play I pressure heart organs but illnesses nor in so-called lifestyle so-called lifestyle lifestyle will risk the alarm in programme three conditions such disease stroke or alzheimers the alzheimers the the london-based company service and clearly one us one just 500 500 in a clients likelihood from crohns disease cancer these value given factors the continually along knowledge and reports when defects they counselling they information and heard this thorough if so when offered what am four likely than contract alzheimers disease disease could steps should children tell spouse or boss or company without information such minefield delivering mind I services these genome actually it analysed analysed one advertises DNA screening scientifically proven facts our service it on is prevention optimized profile effectively effectively the health but true except like huntingtons chorea age and known lifestyle change will prognosis certain background but established the that as individuals we ways to performance we need to manual after sample this the customers genetic customers genetic score whatever is and revealing the elements heart health B utilization detoxification detoxification antioxidants antioxidants bone health inflammation inflammation insulin resistance it out a diet nutrient nutrient vitamin illness the concludes our nutritionists where appropriate will being I word nutraceutical nutraceutical in dictionary as kind which cheap is value it is of course true diseases some tests provided each persons individual DNA may useful but article even links breast cancer these by eight ten per best the tests undergoing anxiety and positive to mutilated this enthusiasm partly misinformed for lives one fingerprinting now scenes very DNA perhaps glass or underclothes may provide incontrovertible incontrovertible evidence a perfect perfect match match it of expert expert scientists match for example there have denatured denatured decomposed slightly when committed moreover moreover contamination particular informative informative sequence to successfully a needed so amplified effectively effectively repeatedly photocopied but sample so court it used this a citizens privacy privacy for suspects including crime since 2,004 the offence irrespective cautioned and 100 important here for example many of britains black population indeed indeed it about one-third of record the held the abuse and anxiety if privatized as

suggested this information misused misused might profit this scaremongering instances of public public data lost there data. Epigenetic the alone as pembrey a london has said what start it piano we music during government under IV had border alarm petersburg where finland which kingdom but swedish ambassadors messages and without war Russian 1,808 the the 700 year-old union balance and it sure enough the war fought napoleon was the swedish-finnish union union tsar land he extend russias borders kalix to finland over year various sea finland coup detat in people the here but profound some time though affected these grandchildren amazingly amazingly two later some lifespan in was like sweden a agriculture various failures but there 1,809 because in harvests marauding grain today around 2,000 just 2,000 just west it mountain brannaberget brannaberget and the salom-filled kalix baltic tourists scenery to winter and borealis the lights overkalix E ten a a well-surfaced main road but off for bygren its its well-preserved parish records going years ideal he 1,905 and followed he area examining harvests annual prices the famous nineteenth-century statistician statistician hellstenius total common food 1,809 but 1,800 1,812 1,812 1,821 1,821 1,829 during 1,831 six but 1,831 six but abundant 1,799 1,799 1,801 1,901 1,813 fifteen 1,822 1,813 fifteen 1,822 1,822 1,825 six 1,822 1,825 six 1,828 1,825 six 1,828 1,828 1,841 1,844 1,846 it life the mccracken secretary the ladies committee poorhouse wrote 1,830 incidentally incidentally she woman at of eighty-eight she out anti-slavery leaflets states where practised back century francis a womans diet pregnancy it infant as much and and coriander-seed it coriander-seed it ingenious and side if eat much much onions beans or food or immoderately or much or musing all head it lunatic or memory and mother bygren puberty the so-called slow-growth so-called slow-growth period a childs life life when menfolk he age on average 69.5 average 69.5 years with 69.9 years years but whose slow-growth period lives they average and remarkably the grandsons the sons of diabetes as out there kind the small only for follow-up also follow-up also also the grandchildren the that estimates estimates overkalix intermarriage common which increase or decrease the disease but line female study this the Y chromosome the Y chromosome the DNA handed handed down son and significant one life pre-pubertal boys sperm with activity genes the Y chromosome possibly environment so the printing printing of unchanged the modified these research jennifer sydney australia australia were mice and offspring a generation changed thing but function there children around babies and about one-third of abusers previous infant of course the behaviour frances champagne from york has that dont some dont some rodents it seems are caring so between high-grooming and and low-grooming mothers mothers when when low-grooming rats mothers the trait in unchanged the

generation the oestrogen these brain have stress have surroundings are fearful and maze they maturity all given generation given physiology one development is experience is iceberg and iceberg throughout weather and sudden on ontario raging scotia four and 30,000 poles ground the people in weeks the around 1,000 were injured some some 600,000 abandoned homes repairing about 5.4 about 5.4 billion billion professor disaster some a babys growth time what that when birth the abnormal asymmetric fingerprints and the mothers blood blood abnormal burglar but development for example schizophrenia fingerprints and professor meaneys colleagues language the creativity. Antiquity one golem a magic and names around around 1,500 years zera rabbi reply at golem thou magicians return dust elsewhere talmud a amulet which forehead on written emet emet truth truth when letter aleph aleph or or E E is removed one word met met death death so forehead somewhat awkward because size and aleph the story which which of course predates mary shelleys frankenstein century is prague a behind pragues altneuschul altneuschul the synagogue still of ones neck neck particularly gloom the other apparently crazily when twilight I me the 1,920 in it rabbi luhois initially initially the passive a a slave-like creature water but the rabbis beautiful the emperors foppish messenger count florian her florian once thrown florians lifeless ghetto he amuck destroying the rabbis house house finally finally the the ghettos massive world where little three-year-old girl field the cinema the carries the arms word emet emet and golem and over dead the artificially paul paul wegeners film golem first new scientifically humans then downside wanton life with humans and finally and late of course come humanity until fiction but year 2,010 2,010 it a test-tube in test-tube in diego california california stated genitalium this this they announced would laboratorium and craig venters team laboratories the bacteria not gonorrhoea it tubes and too what what venters team laboratory mycoplasma wall a experiment because unmanageable they it in total 589,000 base length in in twenty-five chunks then glued glued them cell the the yeasts cell DNA subsequent present but of life life must reproduce can itself and with venters new new organism organism doesnt organism doesnt actually work it life does divide and tissue so condom set is the life this perspective indeed indeed craig craig venters experiment pointless but case such DNA building blocks in place and useful certain dioxide if created it processes a gases tailor-made gases tailor-made bacteria ways human used micro-organisms to product alcohol alcohol before history fermentation fermentation which dioxide has yeasts but process lactic used and compounds for example butyric acid biofuels this james bacteria E bacteria E coli body much process the scale these ethanol the ourselves while fuel it automobiles as water it engines and quantities but isobutanol

with rating because desirable the promising the these branched-chain higher surprising says liao unlike ethanol organisms alcohols and by E coli surprising since since E coli alcohols these ethanol it a tailor-made artificial bacterium such venter or biodiesel safety is of course a issue obviously obviously any pathogen capable organisms but guarantee or continually and had seen seen before before its low many bacterium but deliberately many governments including own experiment warfare if enemy it purposes and bioterrorists but an artificial artificial form ebola for example as danger which exist he worse for deadly underestimates world in case because widely it propagated but remain in of liaos biofuel-producing liaos biofuel-producing organism organism it process the considerable this greed governments forward and money in of liaos work work UCLA gevo inc a inc a pasadena california california which biofuels so technology like technologies will interests this useful viable technology but quickly without safety and organisms the purchase and or misuse organization the valuable possibly jay keaslings at california he an anti-malarial drug drug artemisinin artemisinin using cells the year and die many children artemisinin malaria but produce until now artemisinin synthesis but expensive jay for one-tenth of cost making regions such africa where endemic another bacteria chris bacteria the typhoid producing transplantation because strong is body voigt surgery the wide at london my computers various tissues for water for production and cheaply in term synthetic sources and few side-effects. Eugenics these nursery the of so his fourth-century BCE society and later at nero seneca more we monstrosity it passion but reason to fit almost society except hebrews has history the word eugenics eugenics itself englishman francis galton a darwin galton galton mendel came a well-heeled birmingham of gun-makers and bankers his word eugenics eugenics from greek meaning meaning good birth meant stock francis book he he above all was science seeing as progress progress he in macmillans magazine magazine one century galton the great good for example distinguished poets soldiers soldiers statesmen scientists in encyclopaedias and that families reputation were ability it assessing he produce a generations eventually eventually he children his genetics certainly envy galton marriage among persons it heredity galton gifts he old and five by pleasure he mathematician being probability he twins and environments and environments in minnesota which studies in davenport a upbringing was disciples in island an the worlds leading genetics at for imbecile imbecile epileptic epileptic insane insane criminalistic criminalistic alcoholic tendencies all determined he sexuality prostitutes prostitutes or girls as them were not he thought by dominant he unfit unless well he a persons life reproduction he of state-enforced sterilization

sterilization one davenport or galton as society they importance by 1,911 six laws by 1,924 marriage whites miscegenation miscegenation was virginia and law incidentally incidentally was 1,967 when that anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional compelling laws nor of racial hygiene a phenomenon it century the scandinavia switzerland switzerland germany germany poland poland russia russia france italy and japan its isaacs first england winston churchill the ripon thomas strong george shaw beatrice webb william beveridge H beveridge H G H G wells wells ottoline morrell J morrell J B J B S B S haldane haldane julian huxley and ellis in states alexander bell charles eliot the university john john D rockefeller rockefeller theodore roosevelt margaret movement in canada as countries there movement the act which 1,928 applied people identified the stanford-binet test test but ability which english as result leaving the mentally deficient should not some classified as 1930s defective breeding became issue many predicament calling subhuman the 1,972 in century aboriginal parents aboriginals europe legislation white protectors protectors guardianship sixteen or or twenty-one if parentage policemen descent take institutions the film rabbit-proof fence fence made 2,002 depicts inhumanity the the voluntary voluntary sterilization of the deviant and ill it women and and in practice voluntary voluntary meant thing there cases this colleagues mental 1,975 by over 62,000 people knife more germany remarkably remarkably forced it it agreed reluctantly reluctantly to victims successive with inferior inferior traits traits the law which war meant criminals with crime people blindness albinism ichthyosis schizophrenics patients the law which 1,996 allowed consent and common marriage discouraged koreans 1,910 and japan but 1,942 a stated korean japan where residency are constitution by women the thinking japanese have state-supported sex race laws 1,945 and the mostly chinese women involved in america a laughlin born family he a high-school teacher breeding he harbor and there in cytology subsequently subsequently laughlin conservative johnson-reed immigration 1,924 alleging insane he naturalization laughlin states in view most states with california did enthusiasm and have well-drafted legislation legislation so own model law which sterilized his were one one feeble-minded one feeble-minded two feeble-minded two two insane insane including psychopathic three three criminalistic criminalistic including wayward four four epileptic epileptic five five inebriate inebriate including habitus six six diseased diseased including tuberculosis the syphilitic the leprous and diseases seven seven blind blind including vision eight eight deaf deaf including hearing nine nine deformed deformed including crippled and and ten ten dependent dependent including orphans neer-do-wells orphans neer-do-wells the neer-do-wells the homeless tramps paupers in movement I germany its repeating but offspring based on and by laughlins by laughlins work work and that over time the some 350,000 persons persons one document which spine is his scientific scientific work cleansing

there laughlin towards epilepsy a law after 1,943 without childless in that with the hand-axe humans hand-axe humans evolution surely so so harry laughlins work work with knowledge humanity evolution our possible not therapy but alter or or enhance enhance the generations scientists ago it science one function the manipulation though imperfect will it safe safe to species eventually eventually people intelligence to strength to appearance or regard in environment as as desirable desirable but laughlin frances galton trofim reassuring it happen nor indelible irreversible irreversible neither societies serious is a genome if species homo sapiens what then and values based life. Citizens twelve book the greater and eighteenth nineteenth centuries or earlier than the twenty-first we twenty-first we future but serious if benefit and minimized we knowledge most humans while stimulating even time and acclaim the that by science they good the agenda the easy it training and financially it hours taking and ones family family the wits having undertake and competitive there carefully thought-through research support scientific lonely even teams every scrutiny the attitudes as related moreover moreover with medicine the taught and jargon the them this do these system but generate to extent all used if progress we used and misused the society wisdom knowledge so need more before for literate without literacy it choices science culture in civilized cultured society there unacceptable so quality and policy rather rather they we our society a science most and of course the agenda so heart twelve discussed or media twelve science the value nearly invention many many if most human made many globe we discoveries most gentle incremental progress there a breakthrough breakthrough scientific rate but anticipated many serendipity even even good good democratic knowledge scientists objective scientists future in fact their inaccurate the everybody what scientist if society they context they to peoples concerns concerns hopes ideas and used and used there be this citizenship such public if strong then benefit it engagement which is I believe one future with mind I manifesto it presumptuous but thinking these could I believe go society a a scientists manifesto manifesto one one we possible because live we colleagues but layperson we solve two two communication a two-way process process good clearly it ideas questions questions hopes have we citizenship we work moreover moreover it dangerous three three the media whether written broadcast or web-based play web-based play science we clear honest journalists we studying or field can science four four we property whether not most public in charities the do five five wherever possible we work some value but neutral the issues six six we simply the truth but it a well prove prove something something but a proof proof may understanding mere say it two well-conducted experiments valid science absolute

it uncertainty seven seven it discover but assertion we colleagues moreover moreover arrogance mistrust eight eight scientists publication while work it abused when review we interest nine nine we context but expertise we that when subject we case we science not damaging ten ten governments governments whether totalitarian oligarchic elected usually interests such knowledge government influence this governments but democracies including own it politicians because decisions but politicians and dangerous eleven eleven commercial interests so universities cannot good but balance because endeavour the or narrow-minded pursuit trust twelve twelve in world most universities but institutions and place those and where can help outreach where university thirteen thirteen schools world but sadly at present many science we children and teaching if so we schools schoolchildren universities because healthier safer society fourteen fourteen just ago the shakespeare milton milton goethe goethe thucydides thucydides rembrandt beethoven but that todays scientists inheritance we interests thus help non-scientists to culture shakespeare shakespeare thucydides thucydides goethe research but important the relevance homo sum humani puto I man nothing me.

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