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Preserving documents and objects from Alaskas past, sharing the states historical collections, and educating Alaskans about their cultural treasures are the mission of the Alaska Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums. We help citizens learn about the cultural and historic potential of our great state. Knowledge about our past and present enables our best future. Students, researchers and all others are welcome. In keeping with this mission to better protect and share our collections and to improve our educational programs and services, the Division is working toward consolidating and integrating the work of its three sections: the State Library, the State Archives, and the State Museum. A new building fosters more efficient and effective educational outreach for all Alaskans.




The vision for a new facility that will integrate the three units of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums is becoming a reality. At its heart, this project is about protecting the existing collections of the Alaska Library, Archives and Museums. It will provide additional space for treasures within Alaska and beyond that will eventually find their way to us. The new combined facility is crucial to ensure the safety of the collections. Many of our treasures, if damaged, are irreplaceable, yet they are housed in buildings that can no longer adequately protect them. Existing hazards to the collections include: overcrowding; flooding; water damage; friable asbestos; insect infestations; and uncontrolled or inadequate systems for humidity, fire protection, heating and lighting. The new State Libraries, Archives and Museums Building will provide the communities of Alaska with a facility capable of receiving and protecting their valuable artifacts, historical documents, and archival materials. At the same time, the facility will provide seamless access to the collections for the communities of the world. The State of Alaska has the dual obligation to provide educational access to, and protection of, its current and future collections. The peoples of Alaska have the right to view and learn from these collections for generations to come. We are now in the final phase of the process that will lead to a new Libraries, Archives and Museums facility. Improves digital access Creates a new digital portal

KeY PRoject GoAlS

A New Building
Provides appropriate protection for Alaskas treasures Collocates State Libraries, Archives and Museum functions in a stateof-the-art facility

New BUildiNG FActS

118,000 sf of new construction translates to twice the current space allocation for the Division 61 basement level parking stalls 33 surface parking stalls Doubling of the current museums exhibition space Tripling of the current museums collection storage area No projected increase to Division staffing levels No projected increase to Division operational costs Currently funded at $32.4M Remaining funding required is $94.5M

Staff Integration
Creates efficiencies that allow for increased statewide outreach for education Provides better access to the combined historical and state services collections

Digital Archives
Creates a common digital archive protocol


P R o j e c t
to dAte
Spring - Summer 2011 - Design development - Finalize construction timeline - Secure project funding for construction Winter 2010-2011 - Schematic design - Statewide outreach campaign - Contractor selection Fall 2010 - Concept Design Report published Spring 2010 - Design contract awarded
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t i M e l i N e
Next StePS
Spring 2009 - Pre-design program planning conducted 2008 - Legislature provided additional design funding November 2006 - Needs Assessment completed 2005 - Partial design funding secured 2003 - 1.8 acres acquired, added to existing Museum site Fall - Winter 2011-2012 - Final construction documents - Initiate early sitework construction - Procure long-lead items - Secure remaining project funding for construction Spring 2012 - Summer 2014 - Construction Fall 2014 - Grand Opening

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How cAN YoU HelP?

Request a presentation by a Division staff member to your group Write about the project in your groups newsletter Share this information with everyone you know
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Let us hear from you Stay current with project activities and updates by visiting: www.alaskalamp.

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Brian Meissner, Principal ECI/Hyer Architecture & Interiors 907.561.5543 Linda Thibodeau, Director Libraries, Archives and Museums 907.465.2911 Kimberly Mahoney, Project Manager DOT&PF 907.269.0822