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TopSolid 'Cam

The passion of machining

The Integrated CAD/CAM/ERP Solution

TopSolid 'Cam

TopSolid'Cam is a CAD/CAM application used for creating tool paths to drive

digitally-controlled machine tools for milling and turning operations. Machine
simulation, collision check, spindle synchronization, raw part updating and
visualization of material removal are important elements of TopSolid'Cam for
tool path programming.

TopSolid'Cam is the preferred solution of sub-contractors in the aerospace,

automobile, machine-tool and general mechanical engineering fields.

The Integrated CAD/CAM/ERP Solution

Productivity and quality
From individual orders requiring quick turn-around to time-critical production runs, and
milling via turning to wire EDM, numerous machines, tool paths and machining techni-
ques are used that permanently need to be synchronized with their manufacturing envi-
TopSolid'Cam is an essential tool to successfully fulfill these complex tasks.

Productivity and quality determine the competitiveness of Another important requirement is the identical repro-
manufacturing departments and production facilities, the duction of parts at any given moment in the process.
objective being mass production at maximum speed which Comprehensive manufacturing documentation is
requires additional time-savings in the following areas: needed, comprising plans of different process pha-
ses, tool sheets and workshop documents.
Q manufacturing preparation prior to machining: link with CAD
solutions, parameterization of parts and processes, machine A PDM solution with appropriate classification ensures
simulation that these documents can easily be managed.
Q efficient environment control: tool libraries, management of
tool presetting devices TopSolid'Cam is a revolutionar y and integrated
Q link with DNC and data transfer solutions CAD/CAM solution that fulfils your productivity and
Q part check through offline programming quality needs.

These measures help to avoid unnecessary downtimes of pro-

duction machines, which have become ever more powerful
and, at the same time, difficult to amortize.

Ship's propeller machined with 5 axes by UIGM (Le Creusot,

France). Process planning in the engineering department with

Manufacturers increasingly use multi-function high-speed machines in order to

increase productivity. These robot-like machines are highly complex and require
technical and optimized tool paths (cycles, high-speed machining, collision detec-
tion). Without simulation of machine performance and machining stages of the raw
part, manufacturing departments would soon be presented with impossible tasks.

TopSolid 'Cam

Manufacturing simulation close to the reality

TopSolid'Cam provides power ful functions for the generation of tool paths as well as
impressive material removal simulation functionalities and machine kinematics (for any
number of axes and turrets). Functions for retrieving CAD data and comparing models
render the software highly flexible.

TopSolid'Cam offers state-of-the-art functions for:

Q simulation of machine kinematics with any number of axes
Q design and simulation of fixtures
Q collision check during movements
Q rough part updating to identify the part's state after each
operation in order to optimize machining cycles
Q rough part management during machining operations by
simulating material removal

TopSolid'Cam is easy to use, intuitive, and provides all standard

functions for manufacturing:
Q raw part library
Q tool libraries
Q tool path and cycle library
Q visualization of tool paths TopSolid'Cam provides a rich and complete tool library.
Q operation tree
Q interactive and customizable procedures

TopSolid'Cam can be used for creating profiles

and for surface modeling (pipes, drafts, parting sur-
faces, connections, etc.) as well as for general
mechanical design (holes, pockets, grooves, not-
ches, chamfers, etc.) thanks to its integration with
TopSolid'Design, one of the leading CAD solutions
on the market.
Kinematic simulation of revolving tool tables becomes child's play with

The Integrated CAD/CAM/ERP Solution

Parts are increasingly being digitally transmitted
where the resulting quality of the part may be ques-
tionable. TopSolid'Cam provides all standard interfa-
ces (IGES, STEP, ACIS, Parasolid, etc.) as well as native
interfaces (CATIA, PTC, UG, etc.)

In addition, TopSolid is capable of cleaning and

repairing data. This is done either automatically or
using the functions for modeling and revision of profi-
les and surfaces.

Users can compare the topology of digital models

and rapidly identify modifications performed in the
design department. If the changes do not interfere
with the part's shape, the machining schedule is
The comparison of models allows the automatic reallocation of machining
automatically created ! schedules.


Each part has a history and characteristic elements (fea-
tures such as holes, chamfers, pockets, bosses, notches,

TopSolid'Cam recognizes holes, pockets and notches

and automatically assigns an appropriate and parame-
terizable machining schedule consisting of reusable pro-
cedures. This drastically simplifies bidirectional data
exchange between design and manufacturing depart-

Very advanced TopSolid functions automatically

recognise the machining elements and associate
a machining schedule.
Q Operating systems: Windows 2000 and XP Q Control of raw parts during machining
Q Exact modeler for solid and surface models, Parasolid Q Automatic recognition of surfaces, pockets, holes,
kernel grooves, etc.
Q Windows native Q Tool libraries for turning and milling
Q Interfaces: XMT, IGES, DXF, DWG, JAMA, STL, STEP, SAT, Q Realistic machine simulation with material removal
VRML, TIFF, JPEG, AVI, Catia and collision check
Q Continuous machining from 2D to 5-axis milling, wire Q Workshop sheets and manufacturing schedules
EDM Q Control of tool presetting devices
Q Retrieving and cleaning all 2D and 3D data Q Standard and specific post-processors
Q Machine library with integrated kinematics Q Technical data management
Q Fixture libraries

TopSolid 'Cam

Parameterized machining
The art of manufacturing has been in existence for centuries. Today, the know-how of specia-
lists must be passed on to the machine in the form of intelligent tool paths that are adapted
to the part geometry, optimized in terms of time and that can be easily reproduced.

Companies often manufacture several parts which differ only in

terms of their dimensions.

Thanks to the parametric solution offered by TopSolid and the

complete association between the geometry and the tool
path, the production plan is automatically recalculated and
contains all required tools, tool paths and operations.

Any changes in the geometry are recuperated in the machining



TopSolid'Cam is one of the few CAM solutions that
provides a precise and detailed operations tree
which enables visualization of the entire machining
schedule with all important information at a glance.

All operations and their characteristics are clearly

detailed in a tree.


TopSolid'Cam provides a rich library for milling and turning that
contains tools, fixtures and tool elements such as flanges, vices,
chucks, leveling pads, supports, etc. as well as an associated

Consequently, each tool can easily be found among thou-

sands with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The database containing tools and tool elements is very extensive and
can be easily enriched.

The Integrated CAD/CAM/ERP Solution

TopSolid'Cam provides a wide range of tool paths and machi-
ning strategies which the operator can combine and parame-
terize as needed in order to save precious time.

Pocket cycles now include trochoidal milling strategies; rou-

ghing cycles for hollow parts allow plunge roughing.

Especially worth mentioning is that TopSolid'Cam automatically

calculates cutting conditions on the basis of the amount of
material to be removed.

The surface finishing function renders the same surface quality

results as polishing.
Many machining cycles are available to optimize machining


TopSolid'Cam incorporates powerful functions for
generating manufacturing processes which
enable the storage, retrieval and subsequent
reuse of company know-how.

Good company practices are memorized and stored in the

machining processes.


Constraining factors such as material or spindles do not neces-
sarily mean that rapid processing is not possible.

In particular, tool paths suggested by TopSolid'Cam can be

used for high-speed machining (tool path optimization by
adding loops as needed, spindle rotation control and feed
speed on the basis of the amount of material actually remo-
ved, milling path overlaps reduced to a minimum, etc.) HSM strategies enable maximum exploitation of the machine.

TopSolid 'Cam

Various machining techniques

Manufacturing needs to be quick and simple. It is particularly important that machining
of single-profile 2 ½ D parts is quickly passed on to the workshop and the machine. This
is ver y simple with TopSolid'Cam - Profiles, points, the stock model, the machine and all
tools are ready for simulation.

Thanks to its unique functions for topology recognition (surfaces
to be machined, pockets to be hollowed, hole types, chamfers,
connections, etc.) TopSolid'Cam is ideally suited for the speedy
machining of parts with regular geometries (notably general
mechanical parts and special machines).

With only a few clicks of the mouse the operator can finalize the
machining, simulate the operating machine and transfer the
ISO code.

Machining in general mechanical engineering is a speciality of



Since machines are becoming increasingly com-
plex it is not easy to find the right fitting.
TopSolid'Cam calculates fittings, available works-
pace and machineable part areas. Additionally,
the software proposes a series of automatic fittings
by analyzing the features.

The correct part position is automatically found and proposed.

All machining operations result in the removal of material from the stock model. TopSolid'Cam constantly updates the
model representing the stock model so that the subsequent machining operations take the correct stock into account.

The part and the stock model are visible at all moments in order to simulate live-
time machining.

The Integrated CAD/CAM/ERP Solution

Today's machines are becoming increasingly complex.
They are capable of dealing with both milling and turning

Increasingly a powerful CAM software is needed to deal

with the multiple tool turrets, holding fixtures and the com-
plex machine kinematics of these multi-function machines.

Companies cannot afford the slightest loss in time and the-

refore require a high-performance CAM solution. Since it
integrates, in one and the same environment, turning and
milling functions (on 2 axes and 5 axes) as well as the
TopSolid'Cam manages all machine types, notably those with multi-
sophisticated simulation functions that are capable of ple heads.
visualizing any type of machine kinematics, TopSolid'Cam is
the ideal solution for controlling these types of machine.

Missler Software's experience and privileged relationship

over the years with machine constructors ensures that ope-
rators are equipped with the most reliable and efficient
post-processors which in turn means a more efficient pro-
duction process for you.

Thousands of post-processors, developed in conjunction with

machine manufacturers, are available.


In order to drive 4 and 5 axis machines, the operator must
be familiar with all the angular positions necessary for the
complete creation of the part. TopSolid'Cam manages all
access issues related to parts which can only be produced
on 4/5 axis machines.

The unique algorithmic functions of TopSolid'Cam allow the

identification of suitable tool paths in space, to avoid colli-
sions and to simulate movements as well as material remo-
val with 4 or 5 axis and more (redundant axes).

TopSolid'Cam offers several strategies for the definition of

tool paths in 4 and 5 axis continuous mode:

Q Transforming a 3 axis path into a 5 axis path

Q Five axis sweeping
Q Swarf machining TopSolid'Cam perfectly manages 5 axis continued and 5 axis posi-
Q 5 axis contouring tioned machining.

TopSolid 'Cam

Managing the manufacturing environment

Machining a part once is no longer sufficient for competitive manufacturing. Production
departments need to be able to repeat production runs to enable mass production or
to produce the same part at different times of the year. The manufacturing department
plays a crucial role and with the help of TopSolid'Cam operators can control parts,
manage presetting devices and efficiently create workshop documents on time.


The compilation of manufacturing documentation containing
all relevant information requires the generation of a certain
amount of paper documents. Thanks to the integration with its
CAD core TopSolid'Design, manufacturing documents such as
tool sheets, operation descriptions, plans of different phases in
the process, etc. can easily be generated based on the tool
path definition.


TopSolid'Cam provides a library with more than a thousand
post-processors for all machine types and adapted to each

TopSolid'Cam integrates high-quality post-processors, which are

the result of more than 20 years of experience with NC controls
and which require little adaptation. Rapid local adaptation of
standard post-processors is ensured by a post-processor gene-
Workshop documents are essential to make up the machi-
rator. ning folder.


TopSolid'Wire is a programming aid applica-
tion used for controlling wire electroerosion

TopSolid'Wire controls tool paths either directly

via the solid model of the part or using profiles.
It calculates tool paths for 4-axes machining
with mobile machine tables, uses machining
speed tables supplied by manufacturers, opti-
mizes threading and wire cutting and also
automates cutting strategies.
4 axis electroerosion on a solid is possible with

The Integrated CAD/CAM/ERP Solution

Generating tool paths is not an isolated process within the enterprise but part of an inte-
grated process which needs to be managed with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or
technical data management (PDM) solutions. Missler Software offers an integrated
CAD/CAM/ERP solution with its product lines TopSolid and TopManufacturing to meet
these requirements.


TopSolid'PDM is a completely integrated technical data mana-
gement solution which manages and controls users, processes
and user rights for all document types in TopSolid and under
Windows (OLE links, Visual Basic). This holds particularly true for
manufacturing documents but also for all machine programs
which need to be carefully classified and archived.

Workshop documents which are essential for production re-runs

can be found immediately. All documents can be flexibly
parameterized to fit into current enterprise processes.

TopSolid'PDM manages all technical data from engineering and

SEAMLESS ERP INTEGRATION manufacturing departments.

Passing on information within the enterprise as well as the trans-

fer of information and feedback from production and manu-
facturing departments is crucial to a company's productivity.
TopSolid'Cam is integrated with Missler Software's comprehen-
sive global information system TopManufacturing. The software
is easy to use, expandable and parameterizable and offers the
following functions:

Q management of quotations and orders

Q planning of provisional and final machine utilization (pro-
duction control)
Q confirmation of actual machining time
Q operation tracking via bar codes
Q quality assurance
Q calculation of cost prices TopManufacturing, Missler Software's ERP solution, is completely
integrated with the TopSolid CAD/CAM solution.

The quick retrieval of plans, geometries or documents within the
enterprise or in the workshop drastically enhances productivity.

The same holds true for communication with customers in order

to discuss fixtures or tool paths. For this, TopSolid'Viewer can be
used which is available on the Internet free of charge.

TopSolid'Viewer is available free of charge on the internet to com-

municate and visualize files.

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Missler Software

For more than 20 years Missler Software has been offering integrated CAD/CAM/ERP solu-

tions for manufacturers and subcontractors. Its fully integrated solutions are distributed

worldwide. Manufacturers and suppliers of the mechanical manufacturing, sheet metal and

wood industries can now benefit from the advantages of integrated design and manufactu-

ring. Thanks to its advanced technology and its fully integrated solution, Missler Software is

experiencing rapid growth in the global CAD/CAM market. More than 8000 companies world-

wide successfully use the TopSolid range.

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