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marks: 1
what is the type of screwdriver in the figure?
choose one answer.
a. hex
b. phillips
c. flat
d. stick
e. hammer

marks: 1
which of the following is/are not example(s) for a lan?
choose at least one answer.
a. a wireless network that connects one�s pda to a home pc via bluetooth.
b. a company intranet that is used to facilitate communication between
c. a network that connects computers of all the departments of the ucsc.
d. a network that connects different offices of a company which are situated
in colombo, kandy, jaffna and galle.
e. a company extranet that is used to connect customers and suppliers

marks: 1
what are the functions of system software?
choose at least one answer.
a. to analyze data
b. to execute programs
c. to collect data
d. to maintain security
e. to manage the way information is stored in the disks

marks: 1
which of the following could contain static electricity?
choose at least one answer.
a. clothes
b. computer casin
c. hands
d. tools
e. ground wire

marks: 1
what is the commonly used medium to send signals from a remote controller to a
choose one answer.
a. microwave
b. infrared
c. radio
d. ultra violet
e. laser

marks: 1
which of the following need to be considered when upgrading software? whether
choose at least one answer.
a. the motherboard supports the new software.
b. the cd-rom supports the new software.
c. other software already installed are compatible with the new software.
d. the floppy drive supports the new software.
e. the processor supports the new software.

marks: 1
what is the agp bus used for?
choose at least one answer.
a. this is the fastest bus in the computer system. this bus is used to
pass information between the processor and cache or main memory.
b. this bus is used for high speed peripherals such as network card, video
card and scsi adapters.
c. this is a very slow speed bus and was used to connect slow speed devices
such as modems and sound cards.
d. this bus is used to connect the high speed video cards.
e. this is the slowest bus in the computer system and it is used to send
information to the processor.

marks: 1
software can be broadly divided into two areas. what are they?
choose one answer.
a. networking software & security software
b. systems software & application software
c. business software & games software
d. utility software & file compression software
e. backup software & intrusion detection software

marks: 1
these slots are used to plug in video cards. a video card helps us to make the
display of a computer system. the monitor of a computer system is connected to a
video card. this is a standard created by intel. this is a high speed bus designed
to be used for high-performance graphics and video support. what is the type of
slot described here?
choose at least one answer.
a. pci
b. isa
c. agp
d. memory bank
e. vga

marks: 1
application software are programs that are written or developed
choose at least one answer.
a. to maintain a backup copy of all information.
b. to database management.
c. by an individual, company or organization to perform some specific tasks.

d. to create, edit and print text documents.

e. to develop graphs, illustrations, presentations and drawings.