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visitors guide INFO E - flanders - belgium
History 4-5 Ladies and gentlemen,
on foot with guide 6-15
Itinerary A - Bruges City of Monuments 6-9 Bruges is a city that has a lot of stories to tell. This art city and
Itinerary B - Tranquil Bruges 10-11 tourist centre has earned its fame in Europe through its impressive
Itinerary C - Bruges and Europe 12-13 architectural and cultural heritage. In 2000, the historic city cen-
Itinerary D - Surprising Bruges 14-15
Museums Bruges 16-20 tre of Bruges was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The
Groeninge Museum 16 UNESCO-roundabout, inaugurated in 2006, is a constant reminder
Arentshuis 17 of this prestigious recognition. If you walk through Bruges with its
Guido Gezelle Museum 17
Folklore Museum 17 medieval street pattern, meandering canals and green ramparts,
Sint-Janshuismolen & Koeleweimolen (windmills) 17 you will soon understand why the city has received this excep-
Bruggemuseum - Gruuthuse 18 tional honour and why it attracts huge numbers of visitors every
Bruggemuseum - Archeology 18
Bruggemuseum - Liberty of Bruges 18
year. With comfortable hotels in historic buildings, an esteemed
Bruggemuseum - Welcome Church of Our Lady 18 kitchen and a broad variety of recreational facilities, this cosy yet
Bruggemuseum - City Hall 19 cosmopolitan city has all it takes to live up to its reputation as a
Bruggemuseum - Belfry 19
top destination for congresses and city breaks. Bruges is a city in
Hospitaalmuseum Saint John’s Hospital 19
Hospitaalmuseum Our Lady of the Potterie 19 constant evolution, a city with ambition, a city that does not shy
Diamond Museum Brugge 20 away from new challenges. Bruges is keen to ensure its cultural
Choco-Story 20
future, investing heavily in major restoration works, contempo-
Lumina Domestica 20
Places of interest 21-22 rary architecture and cultural infrastructure. Both in the fields of
Basilica of the Holy Blood 21 architecture and music, Bruges’ concert hall Concertgebouw has
Beguinage 21 an undisputed international reputation. Moreover, various other
Lace Centre 21
Saint-Saviour’s Cathedral 21 cultural institutions also organise numerous events in the fields of
Family brewery De Halve Maan 22 dance, theatre, music, visual arts etc.
Lake of Love - Minnewater 22
Smedenpoort, Gentpoort, Kruispoort & Ezelpoort 22
Almshouses 22
Contemporary Architecture in Bruges
Concertgebouw (Concert Hall) 23
Toyo Ito Pavilion 23
Conzett Bridge 23
Barge Bridge 23
Discovering Bruges
By boat 24
By horse-drawn cab 24
By minibus 25
By bike 25-26
‘On the town’ in Bruges 27-28
Events 2006-2008 29
The wet- and woodland of Bruges 30-32
Sint-Trudo Abbey Male 30
Tudor City Park 30
Provincial Estate Fort Beieren 31
Provincial Estate Tillegembos 31
City Park Beisbroek 31
Sint-Andries Abbey Zevenkerken 31
Boudewijn Seapark Brugge 32
Olympiapark 32
De Toverplaneet 32
Speeldorp 32
Children’s Farm De Zeven Torentjes 32
Lissewege 33
Zeebrugge 34-35
Daytrips 36-37
Practical Info
ATM’S 38
Cinemas 38
Internet 38
Church services 38
Exchange offices 38
Shopping and market days 39
Addresses 39
Parking city centre & mobility 40
INDEX Streetnames 41
CITY MAP Bruges 43-44

Attraction or museum suitable for children

Wheelchair access

Accessible with assistance

Bruges is also the ideal setting for sports lovers: the green ramparts are the ideal surroundings
for jogging and the Sint-Pietersplas, the canal Bruges-Ostend and the Baldwin Canal are
perfect for water sports.
At “In&Uit Brugge”, the one-stop information point for tourism and recreational and cultural
activities, conveniently situated on the ground floor of the Concertgebouw, you will obtain all
the information you need to discover the stories Bruges has to tell. Each story will allow you
to explore the city from a different point of view, at your own pace and in function of your own
interests, e.g. the museums, music, gastronomy, or a walk on the green ramparts.
In order to reduce traffic in the city centre and to promote the use of the bicycle, a mobility
plan was introduced. However, this does not mean that the city centre is no longer easily
accessible. If you decide to come to Bruges by car, we advise you to park in one of the
(charged) underground car parks or in one of the (free) peripheral car parks that are well
served by public transport.
This visitors’ guide contains a wealth of information on things to visit, allowing you to enjoy the
beauty of Bruges to the fullest. On behalf of the City Council and of the population of Bruges,
I wish you a very pleasant stay in our city, that - although it reads like a historical novel - will
surprise you upon each reading.

Patrick Moenaert
Burgomaster of Bruges


Home of the Bourse (Exchange)

Relics in the Bruggemuseum - Archaeology show that The mercantile fortunes of Bruges continued to
as early as the second century A.D. a Gallo-Roman prosper. However, by the 11th century the harbour
settlement existed on the site of the present-day city. function of the city was threatened by the gradual
The settlers lived from agriculture and from trade with silting up of the river estuary which linked it
other parts of Gaul and England. directly to the sea. This problem was resolved by
the natural formation of the Zwin channel, which
The name ‘Bruges’ appears for the first time in the offered Bruges a new outlet to open water.
9th century and is derived from the old Norse word
‘bryggja’, meaning ‘landing stage’ or ‘jetty’. By the 14th century Bruges had developed
Fortunately, the Vikings were never able to practice into one of the most important trading centres
their plundering and pillaging skills on the city of in North-West Europe. Its success was based
Bruges, probably because of the presence of a strong primarily on the manufacture and sale of high-
fort (on the site of what is now the Burg), built by the quality cloth. The large number of commercial
Counts of Flanders. transactions carried out by foreign traders in the
city led to the foundation of the very first Bourse
(Exchange), which was operated by a wealthy
family of Bruges merchants, the Van der Beurse
family - hence the name.

Economic prosperity had a magnetic effect,

notwithstanding periods of plague, political
unrest and social inequality. By 1350, more than
40,000 people lived in the historic centre of the
old city. The boundaries of this area were defined
and protected by the construction of a series of
new ramparts (the ‘second’ or ‘outer’ ramparts),
punctuated by a number of fortified gateways.
Several of these old city gates still exist, whilst
the ramparts between them have been turned into
a haven for walkers and cyclists. Four authentic
windmills serve as a further reminder to the
glories of yesteryear.

Top of the class

The 15th century was undoubtedly the Golden
Century for the city. By this time Flanders had
become part of the territory of the Dukes of
Burgundy and Bruges was one of their favourite
residences. The production of luxury goods - in
the widest sense of the word - offered a new base
for further economic growth.

brief history of the city

851 - …
from primitive settlement
to international trading centre (…-1200)
851 : the earliest mention of the city in existing records
862 : baldwin 1 arrives in bruges and begins work
The House of Burgundy was famous for its successive occupation of Austria, France on a castle on the site of the burg
patronage of art and culture, a fact from and the Netherlands, but none of these 958 : the first recorded annual fair in bruges
1089 : bruges is accorded capital city status within flanders
which the city was also able to prosper. foreign overlords did much to improve
1127 : count charles the good is murdered in the
Many famous artists found their way to matters.
church of st donatian, first city rampart is built
Bruges, including Jan van Eyck and Hans 1134 : the creation of the zwin, an estuary channel
Memling, the leading members of the Even the foundation of an independent
linking bruges with the sea
Flemish Primitive school of painting. The Belgian state in 1830 failed to bring 1150 : dirk of alsace brings the holy blood of christ to bruges
architectural patrimony was enriched by improvement. As the 20th century
the building of the monumental town hall, dawned, Bruges had been reduced to Bruges as the economic capital
a series of impressive ‘nation’ houses the status of a poor and economically of north-west Europe (1200-1400)
(forerunners of the modern-day consulates) insignificant city, which even the 1245 : foundation of the beguinage
and several fine churches. Industrial Revolution seemed to have 1290 : construction of a covered mooring area
passed by. for ships on the market square
The unexpected death of the popular 1302 : 18 may - the bruges matins (revolt against french rule)
Duchess Maria of Burgundy heralded a This process of impoverishment 11 july - the battle of the golden spurs
was indirectly brought to a halt by a 1350 : reconstruction in stone of the belfry,
change in the fortunes of the city.
after a wooden construction has been destroyed
Relations between her husband, Maximilian cultural event: the publishing of the
1376-1420 : construction of the late-gothic city hall
of Austria, and the local population quickly book ‘Bruges la Morte’ by Georges
deteriorated into political anarchy. The Rodenbach. In this novel (which at Burgundian period (1384-1500)
rich Burgundian court left Bruges, never the time was much criticised by local 1427 : the bruges bear, and the lion are incorporated
to return. To make matters worse, the people) Rodenbach portrayed Bruges in the city’s coat of arms
continued silting of the Zwin channel as a sleepy yet mysterious city, steeped 1430 : the burgundian duke, philip the good,
threatened to cut the city’s only other in the atmosphere of a bygone age. founds the order of the golden fleece
important economic lifeline. The resulting international interest led 1436 : jan van eyck paints the triptych ‘madonna with
to a revival of the city’s fortunes. Its st donatian and st george and the donor,
Little by little, the international trading outstanding cultural and architectural canon joris van der paele’ (now in the groeninge museum)
1468 : marriage of charles the bold and margaret of york
community began to withdraw from Bruges, treasures were rediscovered and its
1488 : maximilian, emperor of austria, is held prisoner
taking their wealth and prosperity with narrow, intimate streets now turned out
in the craenenburg on the market square
them. During the 16th century the city still to be one of its greatest assets. 1489 : hans memling decorates the reliquary of
maintained a reputation as a centre for the st ursula (hospitaalmuseum saint john’s hospital)
production of fine art and luxury goods, but This new dynamism was underlined by
its position of prominence in these fields the construction of a new harbour at a new era (1500-1600)
(as in the field of cloth production) was Zeebrugge and above all by the careful 1506 : jan mouscron, a local cloth magnate, purchases
gradually taken over by the thriving port of and responsible development of the the statue ‘madonna and child’ by michelangelo
Antwerp. tourist industry. UNESCO recently added (now in our lady’s church)
the entire historic city to the World 1528-1531 : lanceloot blondeel designs the chimney-piece
Down and out…? Heritage list, and the Bruges of the for the palace of the liberty of bruges
During the centuries which followed, a 21st century is set to become a major 1548 : the scientist, simon stevin, is born
1559 : bruges becomes a bishopric
period of slow but irreversible decline set international centre of living culture -
1562 : marcus gerards draws the first official town
in. Under Spanish rule, Bruges was finally culture with a human dimension and a
plan of bruges (now in the gothic chamber of the city hall)
cut off from the sea. The wars of religion human face. 1580 : the ‘breaking of the images’ - the iconoclast fury
also took their tool. The city fell under the
a modest town with a maritime calling (1600-1800)
1604 : the silting up of the zwin denies bruges direct
access to the sea
1794 : bruges is occupied by the french

a poor town in a poor province (1795-1895)

1814 : 11 february - bruges is liberated from the french
1830 : belgium becomes independent
on 1 may the poet, guido gezelle, is born
1885 : dutch becomes the official language

a provincial town with ambitions (1895-1970)

1896 : construction of the port of zeebrugge
1902 : first exhibition of the flemish primitives
1914-1918 : first world war
1940-1945 : second world war
1958 : first golden tree parade

the new town (1971-...)

2000 : world heritage site
2002 : bruges, cultural capital of europe

discover bruges
on foot

itinerary A
Bruges, City of Monuments

The number in the margin refers to the

corresponding number on the city map and
the number at the end of the line is the
house number.
Please turn to page 9 for the map for this
walking tour.
Walking is the best way to discover Bruges. The city is rather small,
This walking tour starts from the new information
you can easily walk across it in half an hour. With this brochure, you
centre In&Uit Brugge, [Concertgebouw] situated in
can explore Bruges at your own pace. ‘t Zand square, your one-stop information point for
It contains four walking tours of an hour and a half each. If this is details on culture and tourism and for ticket sales.
your first visit to Bruges, we advise you to pick the first, leading as it ‘t Zand square is dominated by the new concert hall
does along the most spectacular sights. The other tours involve an “Concertgebouw”, a majestic, contemporary landmark
indepth exploration of other, most interesting city quarters, i.e. the for the city.
ramparts, folkloristic Bruges and hanseatic Bruges.
Take Zuidzandstraat, one of Bruges many pleasant
shopping streets.

20 St Saviour’s Cathedral:
WALKING TOUR A Bruges, City of Monuments = 5 km Bruges’ oldest parish church (12th- 15th century).
Worth seeing are the gobelins, the choir, rood loft
WALKING TOUR B Tranquil Bruges = 3,7 km with organ (1619-1717), choir stalls and numerous fine
paintings. Cathedral Museum: old paintings and
WALKING TOUR C Bruges and Europe = 4,2 km retables, brass tomb plates and reliquaries.
WALKING TOUR D Surprising Bruges = 4 km Steenstraat
Simon Stevinplein:
During the summer season (weekends in June and September, daily Statue of the famous Dutch scientist (° Bruges 1548,
in July and August) you can sign up for the daily guided tours (start † Den Haag 1620), also one of the leading counsellors
at 2.30 p.m. at In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], ‘t Zand). The tour of Prince Maurits of Nassau.
lasts about 2 hours.
practical Oude Burg
Walks start in front of In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], ‘t Zand at 2.30 p.m. To participate, 22 Hof van Watervliet, Oude Burg 27:
you must buy a ticket at In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], ‘t Zand.
nicely restored 16th-century residence.

ITINERARY A Bruges, City of Monuments


Groups can visit Bruges under the direction of a qualified guide.
Obviously, you will have to book beforehand in written at Toerisme
Brugge. We also offer a free booklet for all your trips and excursions
for groups.
price per guide
a 2-hour guided tour with maximum 25 pers. € 50.00

Kartuizerinnenstraat Museum of the Holy Blood: exhibition of is also the sculpture representing The Lovers,
10 Former Carthusian Nuns Church reliquaries, vestments, paintings and a symbolic work of art referring to the
(1716), the monastery is nowadays used as a other artefacts. numerous young couples coming to the City
military chapel. Hall to be married.
12 Bruggemuseum - City Hall, Burg 12:
Wollestraat one of the oldest gothic city halls (1376-1420) Blinde Ezelstraat
Markt of the Low Countries. On the first floor is the Leave Burg square by Blinde Ezelstraat.
38 prestigious Gothic Hall, with an impressive Just look up and behind you to watch the
39 Bruggemuseum - Belfry and wooden and polychromed vault ceiling and exquisite vaulting between City Hall and Old
Halles, Markt 7: historic wallpaintings (historical museum). Recorders’ House. Across the bridge you
the city’s most remarkable landmark. Climbing In the Historic Room a collection of items, arrive at the Fish Market.
the 366 steps of the winding staircase is a documents and paintings relating to Bruges’
challenge: on top of the tower you are history are on display.
35 Fish Market, in this complex (1821), fresh
rewarded with an amazing view. On the seafood from the nearby North Sea, is for sale
second storey is the former medieval 32 Old Recorders’ House, Burg 11A: every day (6.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.) from Tuesday
treasure-room, today a museum. The Belfry’s Renaissance building (1534-1537). Inside is through Saturday.
carillon (47 bells with a total weight of 27 the Bruggemuseum of the ‘Brugse Vrije’
tons) is one of the finest in the world. (The Liberty of Bruges), with a.o. the superb Steenhouwersdijk
Concerts are played on it three times a week. oak chimney piece (1529) and alabaster Groenerei
frieze, conceived in honour of the emperor Vismarkt
31 Provincial Government Palace, Markt 3: Charles V, royal portraits and justice scenes. From the Fish Market you walk along the
neo-gothic building (1887-1921), canal, via Steenhouwersdijk and Groenerei.
former seat of West Flanders’ Provincial 01 Old Country House of the ‘Brugse On your way you will see two of the city’s
Council. Vrije’, Burg 11: oldest stone bridges (Meebrug &
The original Country House was built in two Peerdenbrug). Go further down Groenerei to
Jan Breydel & Pieter De Coninck eras (1520-25/1722-27). From the 18th have a look at ‘De Pelikaan’, a typical
Statue of two popular local heroes, who century till the eighties it was the seat of the almshouse (see page 22). Now turn around,
played a leading part in the resistance against Court of Justice. Since 1988 it houses the City to go back to the Fish Market.
the French occupying powers in 1302. Administration Centre.
Walk through Breidelstraat to arrive on Burg Huidenvettersplein
square. Here, a number of historical buildings 30 Provost’s House, Burg 3: Number 10 at Huidenvettersplein was the
deserve your attention. baroque building (1665-66), former seat of 17th-century Tanners’ House. Now you come
the seigniory ‘Proostdij van Sint-Donaas’. to Rozenhoedkaai. If you were allowed to take
5 Basilica of the Holy Blood, Burg 15: only one snapshot while in Bruges, here is the
Under the trees in Burg square the former
double chapel. On ground level: St Basil’s St Donatian’s Cathedral used to stand spot to take it!
Chapel (1139-1149) in roman style. The first (ca 900, destroyed in 1799). Remains of the
floor chapel, converted into neo-gothic style romanesque choir gallery were excavated in Dijver Continued on p 8-9
in the 19th century, contains a.o. the famous 1988. The gallery was tastefully integrated in
Relic of the Holy Blood (worship: every Friday). the cellars of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Nearby

b r u- g e s
on foot

continued 14 Bruggemuseum - Church of Our Lady Wijngaardstraat

itinerary A O.-L.-Vrouwekerk (13th- 15th century, recently Wijngaardplein
Bruges, City of Monuments restored): this church, with a 118 m high tower,
contains an extremely rich art collection. 01 Beguinage
Highlight is of course the white marble the ‘Princely Beguinage of the Vineyard’
03 College of Europe, Dijver 11: Madonna with Child by Michelangelo. In the
03 was founded in 1245. Sisters of the religious
institution for postgraduate studies where choir gallery, you can admire mausoleums of St Benedict Order have taken the place of
selected students from several countries Mary of Burgundy and Charles the Bold, as well the former beguines. The Beguine’s House
study the economical, political and legal as a number of remarkable polychromed tombs provides a good picture of the day-to-day
aspects of the European Union. (13th- 14th century). P.S.: no sightseeing life of the former inhabitants. Via the street
during church services! called ‘Minnewater’ you reach the park
20 Groeninge Museum, Dijver 12: carrying the same name.
offers a fine survey of Dutch and Belgian 01 Bruggemuseum - Archaeology,
painting (15th- 20th century). The Mariastraat 36a: Interactive museum built up Lake of Love
masterpieces by the so-called ‘Flemish around archaeological finds in and around The ‘Minnewater’ (Lake of Love), today a
Primitives’ (Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling, Bruges (renewed in 2004). romantic spot, used to be a dock for so-
a.o.) are without doubt the highlights of called ‘barges’ which operated a regular
this museum. Quite remarkable as well is 25 Hospitaalmuseum St John’s Hospital, transport service between Bruges and
the unique collection of works by Flemish Mariastraat 38: in the hospital church (13th- 14th Ghent.
expressionists. century) and the adjoining Cornelius Chapel, six
authentic masterpieces by the world famous 27 Poertoren
02 Arentshuis, Dijver 16: Flemish painter Hans Memling are on display. Close to the bridge spanning the Lake of
the Frank Brangwyn-Donation which is kept In the former hospital wards you can also see a Love you see the ‘Poertoren’, a former
here, consists of etchings, paintings, water- collection of paintings, furniture and other items ammunition dump (1398). Walk back to
colours and furniture. related to the hospital’s rich history. The 17th- Wijngaardstraat now, then turn right into
century Old Dispensary is also worth a visit. The Noordstraat.
21 Bruggemuseum - Gruuthuse, Dijver beautifully restored 19th-century hospital
17: former palace of the Lords of Gruuthuse buildings are used today by the Oud Sint- Almshouse De Vos (1713) a typical
(15th century) which was converted into Jan Foundation, for exhibitions and conventions. almshouse with its own little chapel
a museum in 1955. The furniture, kitchen (recently restored). A few steps down the
equipment, silverware, tapestries, lace, Katelijnestraat same street you see a restored 16th-century
ceramics, glassware, weaponry, music- and Stoofstraat chimney with oven-vault.
measuringinstruments, etc. provide a good Walplein
picture of everyday life led by the former Arsenaalstraat
inhabitants and bourgeoisie in the past. 12 Brewery De Halve Maan, Walplein 26: Katelijnestraat
this brewery, already mentioned in 1546, produces
Gruuthusestraat ‘Brugse Zot’: an excellent, highly fermented
Guido Gezelleplein beer with malt, hops and special yeast as
Guido Gezelle, Gezelleplein: statue of main ingredients. The spacious and cosy
Bruges’ most famous poet (1830-99). See tap-room is as good a place as any to try
also Gezelle Museum (itinerary B, nr. 22) the beer. During one of the guided visits
you will learn more about production
methods and the history of the brewery.

Bruges, City of Monuments

if you come by train, you can start this walk directly by making your way via
oostmeers and the begijnenvest to the minnewater park. the walk can then be
started from the park rather than at in&uit [concertgebouw] ,’t zand.

City Academy of Fine Arts and 02 Groeninge
Bogardenkapel, Katelijnestraat 86: Hof Arents
Former chapel of the Bogardenschool, a 17th- In the ‘Hof Arents’: Knights of the
century orphans’ school for boys, which is Apocalypse, a series of sculptures (1987) by
currently being used by the Stedelijke Rik Poot, representing earthly terrors such
Academie voor Schone Kunsten (City Academy as death, war, famine and revolution. In the
for Fine Arts) and Cultuurcentrum Brugge same garden, the Bonifacius bridge is an
(Bruges Culture Centre) as an exposition area example of romanticism turned to stone: a
for modern visual arts. dreamlike setting for idyllic pictures!

18 Diamond Museum Brugge, Gruuthusestraat

Katelijnestraat 43: Discover the exciting world Heilige-Geeststraat
of diamonds at the Bruges Diamond Museum. Episcopal Palace
You can also follow a demonstration of (16th century),
diamond cutting every day 12.15 p.m. Heilige-Geeststraat 4:
former 16th-century mansion.
Nieuwe Gentweg
Almshouses ‘Meulenaere’(1613) Sint-Salvatorskerkhof
and ‘St-Jozef’ (1674) with a beautiful inner Zuidzandstraat
garden. ‘t Zand

itinerary = 5 km

discover bruges
on foot

itinerary B Sint-Jansstraat 24 Lace Centre, Peperstraat 3a:

Tranquil Bruges Korte Ridderstraat (Kantcentrum), housed in the tastefully
restored almshouses founded by the Adornes
21 St Walburgha’s Church: Splendid family. Lace demonstrations every afternoon
The number in the margin refers to baroque church (1619-1642), built by (except Sundays), whereas in the
the corresponding number on the Brugean Jesuit Pieter Huyssens. Noteworthy museumshop all materials for lacemaking
city map and the number at the end are the marble communion bench, the high can be purchased.
of the line is the house number. altar and the pulpit. In summer, the church is
open to the public every evening Balstraat
This walking tour will guide you through a (illumination and music). Lace school for youngsters,
very quiet neighbourhood, where you will Balstraat 16.
discover beautiful churches, almshouses, Hoornstraat
the windmills and many other picturesque Verversdijk 27 Folklore Museum, Balstraat 43: thematic
places. Leave Markt square towards St-Annarei reconstructions of old time interiors such as
Philipstockstraat. Blekersstraat a cobbler’s workshop, grocery store, kitchen,
The oldest pub of Bruges is situated in this pharmacy, classroom, hatmaker’s workshop,
street. confectionery, cooper’s workshop and
08 St Peter’s Chapel, Keersstraat 1: museum inn called ‘De Zwarte Kat’ (The
former chapel of the candle-makers, today Jeruzalemstraat Black Cat). Collections: pipes, lace, clothing,
shared by the United Protestant Church and the St-Annaplein traditional devotional items, baking tins, etc.
English Church. 16 St Anne’s Church
The present church, consecrated in 1624, Korte Speelmansstraat
Cordoeaniersstraat took the place of a former gothic church Carmersstraat
St-Jansplein razed to the ground in 1581. Luxurious 03 English Convent, Carmersstraat 85:
41 Choco-Story, Wijnzakstraat 2: interior, with a.o. marble rood screen, typical domed church (1736-1739).
on the corner of this street, you will find the choir and confessional stalls, lustres and
Chocolate Museum ‘choco-story’. This new baptismal font. 31 St Sebastian’s Archers’ Guild,
chocolate museum has been opened in Carmersstraat 174: the members of this
Bruges, on the corner of the Sint-Jansstraat. It Jeruzalemstraat ancient and honourable long-bow archers’
offers a fascinating look into the history of 07 Jerusalem Church, Peperstraat 3: guild treasure valuable paintings, important
chocolate and there are also free built in the 15th century according to the archives and reminders of the membership of
demonstrations and samples! plans of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Belgian and British monarchs.
The same building also houses the lamp Worth seeing are a.o. the precious stained
43 museum Lumina Domestica, glass windows and the mausoleums of the Kruisvest
Wijnzakstraat 2, which explores the rich history church founders (Anselmus Adornes and his De Nieuwe Papegaai
of interior lighting. spouse). Nextdoors is the ‘Kantcentrum’. This mill, originally used in Beveren-IJzer,
served as an oil-mill. Reconstructed here in
1970. No longer in use.

ITINERARY B Tranquil Bruges

32 Sint-Janshuysmolen Kruisvest
So-called stilt windmill (1770), Bonne Chiere
in use on this spot till 1914. Wooden stilt-mill (1888),
Working again since 1964. which originally came from Olsene
(East-Flanders) and was rebuilt in
During the summer season, Bruges in 1911. No longer in use.
wind providing, the vanes turn
at full speed. The miller will 26 Kruisvest-Kruispoort
gladly show you around. Old fortified town gate (1402),
unlike the other remaining gates
Rolweg built in white sand lime bricks. Was
22 Guido Gezellemuseum, part of the city’s 13th/14th-century
Rolweg 64: birthplace of the defensive girdle. Rebuilt on several
famous Flemish poet occasions.
(1830-1899), today a literary
museum. Langestraat
H. Verrieststraat Groenerei
Stijn Streuvelsstraat 35 Vismarkt
35 St George’s Archers Blinde Ezelstraat
Guild, Burg
Stijn Streuvelsstraat 59: Markt
the crossbow archers of
St George’s preserve valuable
archives as well as a unique
collection of crossbows.

B itinerary = 3 , 7 k m

discover bruges
on foot

itinerary C the notion ‘bourse’ (stock exchange) which 04 Episcopal Seminary,

was adopted in many languages. Potterierei 72: former Cistercian abbey called ‘Ter
Bruges and Europe
Duinen’, with an impressive 18th-century church.
28 Burghers’ Lodge, Academiestraat 14: 13 O.-L.-Vrouw van de Potterie,
The number in the margin refers 15th-century building, former meetingplace Potterierei 79: former hospital (13th century), today
to the corresponding number on of well-to-do Bruges burghers and foreign museum. The museum, located in the historical wing
the city map and the number at merchants. From a niche in the façade the displays works by Brugean artists and craftsmen from
the end of the line is the house Bruges Bear, one of the oldest and most the 14th century on (paintings, gothic and renaissance
prominent inhabitants of the city, looks furniture and sculptures, an important collection of
down on the street. silverware, old Flemish breviaries, etc.). On leaving
the chapel go left, then cross the first bridge.
This walking tour leads through the Jan van Eyckplein Across the bridge go left again and follow Langerei,
former Hanseatic Bruges, i.e. the city 38 Old Toll House, Jan van Eyckplein 2: Annuntiatenstraat and Collaert Mansionstraat towards
quarter where most foreign merchant in this recently restored building (built in St Giles’ Church.
houses and consulates were 1477), toll was levied on the goods brought
established in the 14th-15th in by ship from Bruges’ outer ports. It now 17 St Giles’ Church,
centuries. Leave Markt square via houses a provincial information office. In 15th-century building. Inside are a.o. four remarkable
Vlamingstraat. the same square, you can admire the paintings (1774) by Brugean painter Jan Garemijn,
statue of Jan van Eyck, the famous 15th- depicting the history of the former ‘Trinitarian’-
century Flemish painter. Close by are brotherhood. The church organ is considered one of
Woensdagmarkt (statue of Hans Memling) the best in the city.
33 Royal City Theatre,
and Oosterlingenplein where the German
Vlamingstraat 29: The Bruges City Theatre
Hanseatic League had its headquarters. St-Gilliskerkstraat
(1869) is one of the best preserved
Leave Jan van Eyckplein towards Gouden Handstraat
theatre buildings in Europe and has Spiegelrei. Spaanse Loskaai
recently been restored to its former glory. Then to the right across the bridge, Augustijnenrei
The sober but elegant neo-Renaissance towards Potterierei. Pottenmakersstraat
façade conceals a majestic auditorium Ezelstraat
and a foyer in eclectic style. This historic
setting is regularly used by the Bruges 12 Carmelites’ Church, Ezelstraat 28:
Culture Centre as an important platform baroque church (1688-91) with a 17th-century plague
for contemporary dance, theatre and house in the garden.
23 Joseph Rylandt Concert, Ezelstraat 3: named
24 House Ter Beurze, Vlamingstraat 35: after the Brugean composer (1870-1965). Formerly
in front of this house local and foreign used by the Anglican Church, the building now serves
merchants talked business and changed as a concert hall. The façade shows a baroque and
money. The name of the Van der Beurze exuberant sculpture group (1987, by Stefaan Depuydt
family, owners of the house, gave birth to and Livia Canestraro) representing the art of music.

ITINERARY C Bruges and Europe

Donkey’s gate Sint-Jakobsstraat Kuipersstraat
(Ezelpoort) Recently restored 06 City Library De Biekorf
14th-century city gate. Little City Music School, Kuipersstraat 3: Bruges Cultural
remains of the original St-Jakobsstraat 23-25. Centre and the Biekorf Hall.
construction that was rebuilt Naaldenstraat
several times. Go back now Eiermarkt
through Ezelstraat, towards 20 Bladelin Court, Markt
Sint-Jakobsstraat. Naaldenstraat 19: built ca 1440 by
Pieter Bladelin, treasurer of the
19 St James’ Church Order of the Golden Fleece. The
Built about 1240 and largely walls surrounding the charming
extended in the 15th century, inner garden show nice stone
thanks to generous donatians medallions representing portraits
by the Dukes of Burgundy. of the former inhabitants.
Extremely rich collection of works
of art, a.o. mausoleum of Ferry
De Gros († 1544), treasurer of the
Order of the Golden Fleece.

C itinerary = 4 , 2 k m

discover bruges
on foot

itinerary D Fishermen’, referring to the link ’t Zand

Surprising Bruges between Bruges and the sea and ‘The Smedenstraat
Cyclists’. Created in 1985-86 by the Kreupelenstraat
artistic couple, Stefaan Depuydt and
The number in the margin refers to Livia Canestraro. Chapel of Our Lady of the
the corresponding number on the Blind, Kreupelenstraat: 17th-century chapel
city map and the number at the Zuidzandstraat with a unique pulpit (1659) and a beautiful,
end of the line is the house Steenstraat polychrome, gilded statue from the 14th century
number. Markt of Our Lady of the Blind. Adjoining is a worship
This city quarter is dominated by St-Amandsstraat
the new Concert Hall. Geldmuntstraat Kammakersstraat
This walking tour starts from the new Muntplein Smedenstraat
information centre In&Uit Brugge, In the quiet Muntplein you can see 33 Blacksmith’s Gate,
[Concertgebouw] situated in ‘t Zand square, ‘Flandria Nostra’, a statue of Mary of (Smedenpoort): constructed in 1367-68, and
your one-stop information point for details Burgundy on horseback. subsequently renovated a number of times.
on culture and tourism and for ticket sales. Above the gate hangs a bell that was used
Muntpoort to announce the gate’s closing hour in the
’t Zand Geldmuntstraat evening. The bronze skull recalls the treachery
13 Concert Hall 29 Prinsenhof of a citizen of Ghent, who in 1688 secretly
A fourth presence on the skyline that has On the site of the present-day plotted to open the gate to let in the French
been dominated for centuries by the Belfry, Prinsenhof building, the Bruges invaders led by Louis XIV.
the Church of Our Lady and St Saviour's residence of the Dukes of Burgundy
Cathedral. The design is by the architects once stood. 14 De Bond, Buiten Smedenvest 1:
Robbrecht and Daem. The Concert Hall was This old cotton and wool mill (1861) just outside
a triumph of technical ingenuity, shaped by Ontvangersstraat the city ramparts is now used by the Bruges
a highly personal vision. Be overwhelmed by Moerstraat Cultural Centre as a creative space for the
the perfect acoustics during one of the many Beenhouwersstraat exhibition of recent work by trendsetting
performances in the Kamermuziekzaal or the Stadspark Sebrechts contemporary artists from home and abroad.
Concertzaal. A green oasis in the city centre.
Walk along the city fortifications
Group of statues at fountain Speelmansrei parallel to H. Consciencelaan.
In all, there are four groups of statues:
‘The Bathing Ladies’ (symbolising the 34 Speelmanskapel Waterhuis
Flemish cities of Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp (Minstrels’ Chapel) A 14th-century building that represented an
and Kortrijk), ‘Flemish Landscape’, ‘The The former guild chapel (1421) of the important link in the Bruges water supply
minstrels or musicians. network until the mid-18th century.

ITINERARY D Surprising Bruges

Boeveriestraat ’t Zand [Concert Hall]
18 St Godelieve’s Abbey In&Uit Brugge
Boeveriestraat 45.
09 Capucin Church,
Boeveriestraat 18.

Dumery Bell,
Former fire alarm bell from the
Belfry, placed here in memory
of the Dumery bell foundry (18th
century), which was located in this
neighbourhood. Near the end of
the street, on the right side, are a
number of typical almshouses: ‘Van
Campen’ (1436), ‘Gloribus’ (1634),
and ‘Sucx’ (1436). The names refer
to the families who founded them.

D itinerary = 4 k m

museums and places of interest

Groeninge Museum

This museum offers a rich and fascinating array

of (primarily) Belgian artworks. Highlights
include the world-famous collection of Works
by the Flemish Primitives, paintings by various
Renaissance and Baroque masters, several
interesting pieces from the Neo-classical and
Realistic periods of the 18th and 19th centuries,
milestones from the Symbolist and Modernist
movements, masterpieces by the Flemish
Expressionists and a varied selection of Post-
1945 modern art.

With the new exhibition space Forum+ [Concertgebouw], the

Municipal Museum of Bruges want to create a platform for
contemporary art. The focus is on monographic sculptures,
installations etc. Moreover, this stunning location offers a
magnificent view of the city.

9.30 a.m.-5.00 p.m.

closing day

price Arentshuis, Forum+ [Concertgebouw] and

audioguide incl.
Individual € 8.00
Reduction € 6.00

Dijver 12 | City centre

map: E10

price Forum+ [Concertgebouw]
Individual € 3.00
Reduction € 2.00

’t Zand 34 | City centre

map: C10


Home of the Masters

municipal museums
Combined ticket*
Closing Day Reduced rates for ticket for 5 museums (ran
dom) € 15.00
+ bicycle + drink € 15.00
3 museums
Monday (except Easter and - groups of minimum
Whit Monday) 15 persons
Bruggemuseum-City - young people * for sale at all municipal
Hall, Bruggemuseum- (13 to 26 years old) museums and at In&Uit Brugge
Liberty of Bruges and - senior (+60) [Concertgebouw]
Bruggemuseum-Belfry are - children under 13 for free not combinable with other
open on Mondays! offers.
All Municipal Museums are
closed on New Year’s Tickets till 4.30 p.m. / Belfry till 4.15 p.m.
Day, Ascension Day and The admission charges of the municipal museums
Christmas Day will change in the course of the year 2007.

Arentshuis Folklore Museum Sint-Janshuismolen, Guido Gezelle Museum

This magnificent 18th-century The restored and picturesque Ever since their completion The literary and biographical
mansion, located at the 17th-century almshouses, in the 13th century and until museum of Guido Gezelle
entrance to a picturesque which used to belong to the 19th century, Bruges’ (1830-1899), one of Flanders’
garden, is dedicated to Frank the cobblers’ guild, evoke outer ramparts were dotted best-known poets, is located
Brangwyn (1867-1956), a the atmosphere of the past. with windmills. Nowadays, in the house in which the
versatile artist of British Historic objects are used to 4 windmills dominate the writer was born. The museum
nationality who was born reconstruct a classroom, a ‘Kruisvest’. The St-Janshuis- has been completely renewed
in Bruges. The ground floor cobbler’s workshop and a molen, which dates from and redecorated in view
is the location for a varied chemist, a confectionery, etc. 1770, is the only mill that of the ‘Guido Gezelle Year’
programme of visual arts You can round off your tour at has remained in its original (1999). Documents, books and
exhibitions (associated with the museum Inn, position. Both windmills are souvenirs reconstruct the life
the Groeninge collection). ‘The Black Cat’. still operational and are used and work of this poet-priest.
to grind flour. The house has a large romantic
open garden and is located in a
9.30 a.m.-5.00 p.m. open
9.30 a.m.-5.00 p.m. peaceful, typical city quarter.
9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.
closing day 1.30 p.m.-5.00 p.m.
closing day open
Monday 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m. | 1.30-5.00 p.m.
Sint-Janshuismolen: 1/4 till 30/9
price including Windmills or Guide (April and September: only
price closing day
Gezelle Museum weekends)
Individual € 2.50 Monday
Individual € 3.00 Koeleweimolen: 1/7 – 31/8
Reduction € 1.50
Reduction € 2.00 (subject of change)
Dijver 16 | City centre Individual € 2.00
closing day
map: E10 Balstraat 43 | City centre Reduction € 1.00
map: H7
02 27 price Rolweg 64 | City centre
Individual € 2.00 map: I6
Reduction € 1.00
Kruisvest | City centre
map: I6

map: H4


Bruggemuseum - Bruggemuseum - Bruggemuseum - Bruggemuseum - Welcome
Gruuthuse Archaeology Liberty of Bruges Church of Our Lady

In the luxurious city mansion Under the motto ‘feel the In the past, the Palace of the It is difficult to miss the Church
of the Lords of Gruuthuse past under your feet’, you Liberty of Bruges housed the of Our Lady, with its 122 metre-
you will be welcomed like will be given all kinds of ‘do’ local courts of justice. It is high spire: quite literally a
a medieval nobleman. The and ‘search’ tasks, specially now the home of the Town towering achievement of the
mansion contains a wide designed to help you discover Archive and, as such, it is bricklayer’s art. Sadly, it cannot
variety of objects, ranging from the rich history of Bruges. The the repository for the written be climbed but the church does
old weapons and a guillotine, House offers an interesting history of the city. contain a marvellous collection
right through to antique mix of archaeological finds, After passing through the old of art.
furniture and kitchen utensils. replicas and reconstructions, assizes court, you enter the The absolute ‘top-of-the-bill’
Amongst the main attractions all presented in an Renaissance Chamber. The is the ‘Madonna and Child’ by
are the Hall of Honour, with educational but fun manner. most eye-catching feature Michelangelo. The choir aisle is
its tapestries, its imposing The daily life of each historical in this room - once used also a treasure trove of artistic
chimney piece and its richly period is highlighted with as a meeting place for the gems: paintings, carved wooden
decorated beams: all testifying reference to four different aldermen of Bruges - is the statues, the 16th-century tomb
to the wealth of the Lords of themes: housing, working, monumental fireplace in of Mary of Burgundy and Charles
Gruuthuse. The more than living and dying. A ‘do’ wood, marble and alabaster. the Bad, painted sepulchres from
500 years old kitchen and the cell rounds off the visit to This 16th-century masterpiece the 13th century, etc.
prayer chapel are only some of each period. In these cells was designed by Lanceloot
open church
the eye-catchers. you will be asked to solve Blondeel and is a real feast for
Mo-Sat: 9.30 a.m.-4.50 p.m.
archaeological mysteries. the eyes. Sun: 1.30 p.m.-4.50 p.m.
open open musuem
9.30 a.m.-5.00 p.m. open open Tue-Fri: 9.30 a.m.-5 p.m.
closed from 4 February until November 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m. | 1.30-5.00 p.m. 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m. | 1.30-5.00 p.m. (tickets till 4.30 p.m.)
2007 Sat: 9.30 a.m.-4.20 p.m.
closing day price Bruggemuseum - Sun: 1.30 p.m.-5.00 p.m.
closing day Monday City Hall and audioguide included (tickets till 4.30 p.m.)
Monday Individual € 2.50 Closed on Monday
price Reduction € 1.50
price Bruggemuseum - Welcome Individual € 2.00 price
Church of Our Lady and audioguide incl. Reduction € 1.00 Burg 11A | City centre Individual € 2.50
Individual € 6.00 Reduction € 1.50
map: F8
Reduction € 4.00
Mariastraat 36a | City centre
Mariastraat | City centre
map: D10 32 map: E10
Dijver 17 | City centre
map: E10 01
Combined ticket
dom) € 15.00
ticket for 5 museums (ran
cle + drink € 15.00
3 museum s + bicy

Bruggemuseum - City Hall Bruggemuseum - Belfry Hospitaalmuseum Hospitaalmuseum
Saint John’s Hospital Our Lady of the Potterie

Bruges Town Hall dates from The tower of the Belfry is no The history of Saint John’s The Hospital Our Lady of the
1376 and is one of the oldest in less than 83 metres high. On Hospital spans eight centuries. Potterie has existed since
the Low Countries. your way to the top, you will During this period nuns and the 13th century. Here nuns
The Gothic Chamber with its discover the Treasury Room, an monks received and took care of and monks were at the
magnificent 19th-century frescos impressive clock mechanism and pilgrims, travellers and the ill. In service of pilgrims, passers-
and its polychrome vault is a a carillon of 47 different bells. the medieval wards, and in the by and the ill. The hospital
work of art in its own right. After completing the 366 stairs, church, visitors can learn more was converted into a home
However, the Town Hall is also your efforts will be rewarded with about the rich history of the for the elderly early on and
the place from which Bruges has a breathtaking view over Bruges hospital, which over time continues to fulfil this
been governed for more than 700 and its surrounding countryside. acquired an impressive collection function today. Today’s
years. The reorganisation which of records, works of art, applied senior residents live in
was completed in 2005 provides open arts and medical instruments. modern buildings. The
9.30 a.m.-5.00 p.m. (tickets till 4.15 p.m.)
an opportunity to tell the story of The museum also owns six works wards have become a
the Town Council and its relations price by Hans Memling. In addition to museum. This institution
with both ‘higher authorities’ and Individual € 5.00 the wards the Diksmuidezolder has an impressive
Reduction € 3.00
the local people. (Dixmude Loft), the former collection of works of art,
Markt | City centre dormitorium and the adjacent old including objects related to
open map: E8 pharmacy can also be visited. healthcare, worship and the
9.30 a.m.-5.00 p.m.
monastery. The Baroque
39 open
price Bruggemuseum - Liberty of church, which used to form
9.30 a.m.-5.00 p.m.
Bruges and audioguide included part of the complex with the
pharmacy open 9.30-11.45 a.m.
Individual € 2.50
Reduction € 1.50
2.00-5.00 p.m. wards, is definitely worth a
closing day
Burg 12 | City centre Monday
map: F9 open
price Hospitaalmuseum Our Lady of the 9.30-12.30 a.m. | 1.30-5.00 p.m.
38 Potterie and audioguide incl.
Individual € 8.00 closing day
Reduction € 5.00 Monday

Mariastraat 38 | City centre price

map: E10 Individual € 2.50
Reduction € 1.50
Potterierei 79 | City centre
map: G4 37

Diamond Museum Brugge Lumina Domestica Choco Story
Private museum Private museum Private museum

Diamond Museum Brugge explains The Museum of Lighting lets you The chocolate museum in Bruges
the extraordinary history of Bruges experience the entire history of invites you to a discovery of the
as Europe’s oldest diamond centre. artificial lighting. This long story fascinating world of chocolate: here,
Visitors can learn all about the begins with the torch and the oil you can learn all about the history
mysterious world of the diamond, lamp and evolves over more than of cocoa and chocolate, attend a
one of Belgium’s most important 400.000 years to the electric bulb chocolate-making demonstration and
export products. and the LED. The visitor has access off course taste the finest Belgian
The daily Diamond Show to the world's largest collection of chocolates!
(diamond polishing demonstration) lamps. It comprises more than 6,000
at 12.15 p.m. is a unique interactive items. open
Mon-Sun: 10.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.
experience, - thereafter the visitor Closed 1/1, 8-19/1, 24, 25 & 31/12
will know all about diamonds open
Mon-Sun: 10.00 a.m.-5 p.m. from 1st March price
(please be present before 12 noon). 2007 onwards Individual € 6.00
Closed: 24, 25 & 31/12 Groups € 5.00
open Students € 5.00
Daily 10.30 a.m.-5.30 p.m. price Choco-Story included Senior citizens € 5.00
Closed: 25/12 and 1/1. Individual € 10.00 Children (6-12) € 4.00
Groups € 8.00
price museum Students € 8.00
Wijnzakstraat 2 | City centre
Individual € 6.00 Senior citizens € 8.00
8000 Brugge
Groups on request (+25 pers.) € 5.00 Children (6-12) € 6.00
tel. & fax 050/61 22 37
price demonstration + museum
Individual € 9.00
Wijnzakstraat 2 | City centre
Groups on request (+25 pers.) € 7.50
8000 Brugge map: F7
Diamond cocktail: on request
tel. & fax 050/61 22 37 41
Katelijnestraat 43
8000 Brugge map: F7
tel. 050/34 20 56 | fax 050/33 63 26 43

map: E11


Combined ticket
Diamond Museum
€ 10,00
+ Choco-Story
private museum
> for sale at Diamond Museum, Choco-
Story and In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw]

Basilica of the Holy Blood Beguinage Lace Centre St-Saviour’s Cathedral

Double chapel, with the roman The beguinage was founded in A lace museum in the beautifully St Saviour’s Cathedral Oldest
Saint Basil’s Chapel (1139-1149) on 1245. Nowadays, it is no longer restored almshouses ‘Jerusalem’ parish church in Bruges (12th-
the ground floor. The upper inhabited by beguines, but by (a 15th-century foundation 15th century). Of note are,
chapel was rebuilt in Neo-Gothic Benedictine nuns. Admire the established by the Genoese among other things, the choir
style in the 19th century. The Relic picturesque façades, the small merchants Adornes). It is in the stalls, the rood loft with
of the Holy Blood is kept in this pigeon tower, the big inner former family house that lacemaking organ, the medieval tombs
chapel. The museum displays the garden and the beguinage demonstrations are given every with murals and the extensive
reliquary of the Holy Blood, clerical church. The typical Beguine’s afternoon. The Jerusalem Church collection of Flemish art (16th-
vestments and paintings. House illustrates how the certainly is worth a visit as well. 18th century) and tapestries.
inhabitants used to live. The This 15th-century family chapel
open museum & basilica open church
April-September: 9.30-noon | 2.00-6.00 p.m. entrance gate is closed at has a remarkable interior with,
Mo: 2.00-5.30 p.m.
October-March: 10.00-noon | 2.00-4.00 p.m. 6.30 p.m. among others, unique stained-glass Tue-Fri: 9.00 a.m.-noon | 2.00-5.30 p.m.
windows and the mausoleum of Sat: 9.00 a.m.-noon. | 2.00-3.30 p.m.
closed open beguine’s house Sun: 9.00-10.00 a.m. | 2.00-5.00 p.m.
on Wednesday afternoons (1/10 - 31/3) Mo-Sat: 10.00-noon | 1.45-5.00 p.m. Anselm Adornes and his wife.
Sun: 10.45-noon | 1.45-5.00 p.m.
on Friday worship open Cathedral’s treasury:
upstairs: 10.00-noon | 2.15-4.00 p.m. price museum Mon-Fri: 10.00 a.m.-noon | 2.00-6.00 p.m
Individual € 2.00 Sat: 10.00-noon | 2.00-5.00 p.m. Paintings by, among others,
museum Youth, groups € 1.00 afternoon demonstrations
price Dirk Bouts, Hugo van der
Individual € 1.50 Seniors € 1.50
Goes, textural art, manuscripts,
Group p.p. € 1.00 closed
-12 FREE Sundays and public holidays copper memorial plaques,
Begijnhof 1 | City centre
map: D11
sculptures and silver and gold
Burg 15 | City centre price artefacts.
map: F9 Individual € 2.50
01 Groups (minimum 20 persons)
open treasury
students, children (7-11 years old)
05 senior citizens + 65 years € 1.50 Sun-Fri: 2.00-5.00 p.m.
Inhabitants of Bruges € 1.00
children up to the age of 6 FREE price
Individual € 2.50
Peperstraat 3a | City centre Studiants, senior citizens and groups € 1.50
map: H7 Steenstraat | City centre
map: D10
24 20

places of interest

Family brewery Lake of Love - Minnewater Smedenpoort, Gentpoort, Almshouses
De Halve Maan Kruispoort, Ezelpoort

This brewery has been in use Former inland port and landing (Blacksmiths’ Gate, Ghent Gate, Almshouses are old communal
since 1856. stage for barges, which provided Cross Gate, Donkey’s Gate) houses which were built by the
a regular transport service These old city gates were part of guilds for their members and
open between Bruges and Ghent. their widows or as a deed of
the medieval ramparts that were
11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. map: D12 built around Bruges in the 13th- charity by wealthy burghers for
October-March: 11.00 a.m. | 3.00 p.m. 14th centuries. These ramparts the poor and the elderly. The
are now a green belt around the oldest houses date from the
Individual € 5.00 city centre inviting the visitor to 14th century. They are very
One drink (Brugse Zot) p/p take a stroll or go for a cycle ride. often built around a communal
included garden with a small chapel and
Walplein 26 a well. The most remarkable
tel 050/33 26 97 examples are: Almshouse De
fax 050/34 59 35 Vos (Noordstraat), De Pelikaan (Groene Rei), Almshouse
map: E11 Zorghe and Schippers (Stijn
Streuvelsstraat), the Rooms
12 Couvent (Katelijnestraat),
Almshouse De Meulenaere and
Sint-Jozef (Nieuwe Gentweg).
These institutions have been
owned by the City since the
French Revolution. Most
complexes have been restored
and modernised and are still
inhabited by elderly people.
Most of the inner gardens are
open to the public.

places of interest

Concertgebouw (Concert Hall) Toyo Ito Pavilion walk or drive round. The bridge
is a contemporary example of
technology, an architectural
gem and a masterpiece of
The large concert hall for Bruges. Budget, significance and Toyo Ito was asked to once again inventiveness. The bridge is
impact mean that the building is inseparably linked with the connect, in a way that is sensitive perfectly integrated in the
“European City of Culture of 2002” project. The design criteria to the historical site, the Burg with Bruges landscape of the former
for the concert building related to openness and adventure, a tradition of 10 centuries of high- city walls.
innovation and a modern image but also to safety and quality architecture by designing map: H10
functionality. The architects, Paul Robbrecht & Hilde Daem, a new and modern construction.
had to take into account an existing, familiar and respected 01
The Burg is the spot where Bruges
cityscape but cherished the ambition to provide the city with began and is also the spot where the
a cultural landmark in a contemporary style. The result is a foundations of the former St Donaas Barge Bridge
sometimes surprising and creative ode to Bruges and the city’s church are to be found.
dreams which it inspires. The building has an overall size of 120
metres by 50 metres. An eye-catching feature is the so-called
By using innovating techniques
‘Lantern Tower’, which is slightly separate from the main volume
and clean architectural lines Toyo The pedestrian Barge Bridge
and is 28 metres and eight storeys high and overlooks the
Ito succeeded in creating an image links Bargeplein at the edge of
Zand. This tower houses the Chamber Music Hall with its 300
of lightness and progress but also the city with the entrance to
seats, whilst the main Concert Auditorium can accommodate
transience and evolution. The Minnewater Park. The bridge,
no fewer than 1295 spectators. New activities take place in the
concept links simplicity with a sharp with its girders painted red, is an
Concertgebouw almost every day, ranging from performances
perception of the location. The example of asymmetrical
by top international artists to private events, such as meetings,
receptions, business gatherings and product presentations. pavilion is more than an architectural, architecture. The Dutch
cultural statement, it is also a designers opted for a bridge in
tickets & info: challenge to industrial know-how and the form of a reptile that you can
TiNCK: tel. 070/22 33 02, Monday to Friday: from 9.00 a.m. to 7 p.m. & Saturday introduces new material applications. climb.
from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., or at In&Uit Brugge, ’t Zand
map: F8
opening hours In&Uit Brugge: Next to the bridge is a small
10.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. and on Thursday untill 8.00 p.m.
building containing public toilets
and partly protected by a shelter.
€ 5 discounts for youngsters, seniors and groups & -15%, -25% or -50% for mini Conzett Bridge Thus a new meeting place for
season tickets. tourists arriving by bus is turned
The new information centre In&Uit Brugge, [Concertgebouw] situated in ‘t Zand
into a very pleasant location from
square, is also your one-stop information point for all other details on culture and which to start a visit to the city.
tourism and for ticket sales. With the bridge over the Coupure map: E13
by the Swiss Jürg Conzett the egg of
‘t Zand | City centre 36
map: C10 Bruges (the city ramparts) is once
again complete. Now no one needs to

new architecture in bruges

Bruges is not only a world heritage city but also a city that is marking history today.
Within the framework of European City of Culture of 2002 a number of contemporary architecture projects were carried out in the centre of
Bruges. Four strong architectural elements bear witness to the Year of Culture and now stand face to face with the surrounding old city.

discover bruges
by boat | horse-drawncab | minibus | bike

Bruges by boat

During a roundtrip on the picturesque city

canals, you will discover Bruges from quite
a different and surprising point of view!
Tours last half an hour.
Starting points: see small boat symbols on
city map.

Tours run every day, from 10 a.m. through 6 p.m.

Individual € 5.70
Children (4-11 year old) accompanied by an adult € 2.80
Children (-4 year old) FREE
Groups + 20 persons € 4.80


Bruges by horse-drawn cab

Horse-drawn cabs leave from Markt

square. Tours last half an hour, including a
short stop at the Beguinage.

per cab € 30.00


City Tour Brugge Bruges by Bike

Visit Bruges on board one of Cyclists enjoy a privileged position in Bruges. In more than 50 one-way streets, they can
the comfortable minicoaches cycle in both directions. And if you didn’t bring your bike, you can always hire one here.
run by Sightseeing Line, A growing number of hotelkeepers also put bikes at their clients’ disposal.
with comments provided in
the language of your choice.
(individual headphones) bikes De Ketting Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Departures from Markt for rent price price

square (see schedule Full day € 5.00 Full day € 6.00
underneath). city bikes and holland bikes. Bike map FREE

month 1st bus last Gentpoortstraat 23 (map: G11) Ezelstraat 47-49 (map: D6)
January-February 10.00 a.m. 4.00 p.m. Railway station tel. 050/34 41 96 tel. 050/33 31 33
March 10.00 a.m. 5.00 p.m.
April-May-June 10.00 a.m. 7.00 p.m. price
July-August-September 10.00 a.m. 8.00 p.m. Half a day (as of 2 p.m.) € 6.50
October 10.00 a.m. 6.00 p.m.
Bauhaus Bike Rental
Full day € 9.50
November-December 10.00 a.m. 5.00 p.m. E-kar
bikes to be picked up at the price
price tours last 50 minutes ‘bagage’ department. Your Half a day € 6.00 price
Adults € 11.50 identity card and € 12.50 will Full day € 9.00 Half a day € 6.00
Children (6-11 year olds) € 6.00 city bikes & mountain bikes. Full day € 9.00
Families: 2 adults + 2 children € 30.00
be required as a deposit.
Cycling route map and city
Station (map: B13) Langestraat 145 (map: I7) maps are available
tel. 050/30 23 29 tel. 050/34 10 93
info Also bikes, tandems, electric
Sightseeing Line
Kanunnik Decoeneplein 6 vehicles, bikes adapted to
8310 Brugge handicaped persons
tel. 050/35 50 24 (10.00 a.m.-noon) Koffieboontje
fax 050/35 80 24 Eric Popelier Vlamingstraat 44 (map: E7) price 050/33 00 34 Half a day € 7.00 price
Full day € 10.00 Half a day € 7.00
map Full day € 10.00
Free city map incl. tandems City map FREE Pedal Power
and mountain bikes scooters and tandems also
also available buggies, available. price
wheelchairs, scooters. Base rate € 3.50
Mariastraat 26 (map: E10) Price per extra hour € 1.00
Hallestraat 4 (map: E9) tel. 050/34 32 62 Max. day price € 9.50
tel. 050/33 80 27 Reservation required. Stoofstraat 4 (map: E10) tel. 050/34 65 27

bruges by bike

QuasiMundo biketours Brugge The Pink Bear Bike Tours The Green Bike Tour
QuasiMundo biketours takes you on Bike tours in and around Bruges, with
guided bike tours in Brugge and to the Damme & the polders a Dutch-, French- or English-speaking
charming Flemish villages surrounding 2 tours in 1!! Get away from the traffic. guide. The tour starts at the frontside of
Bruges. Bruges railway station, after which the
Just 5 minutes outside of Bruges lies some city is explored. The tour then proceeds
trip 1 Bruges by bike of Europe's most exquisite countryside. via Damme to Oostkerke.
Guided tour in and around the city centre We'll take you to the historic town of
taking you to small parishes, windmills Damme, formally an outer harbour of practical
Every day from April till October (on request at
and places you would never venture out Bruges and now a beautiful medieval other times of year) at 10.00 a.m. Return early in the
to on foot. Under the expert guidance of a market town. Your good-looking* afternoon.
local guide. knowledgeable guide will help you
Reservation required.
10 a.m.-12.30 p.m. discover the area they call the Flemish
Polders. price 10 participants max.
trip 2 Border by bike Individual € 13.65
Discover the flat Flemish countryside With own bicycle, minimum 10 participants € 7.45
We stop at a charming cafe and give you
by bicycle. We cycle to Damme and the chance to try Belgium's famous beer info
Oostkerke, alongside bunkers and and waffles! We'll return via a delightful tel. / fax 050/61 26 67
straight canals. And of course, we also GSM 0479/97 12 80
poplar-lined canal and show you some
take some time to enjoy a beer in a sights of Bruges that many other tourists
typically Flemish inn. will never see.
1.00 p.m. (till 5.00 p.m.)

Departures from Burg square (map: F8), practical

10.30 a.m.-2.00 p.m.
in front of the Toyo Ito Pavilion.
Comments in English. price comments in English
Adults € 19.00
price booking recommended Students and persons under 26 € 17.00
Individual € 22.00 Kids under 8 FREE
Under 26 € 20.00 Own bicycle € 13.00
With your own bike € 15.00 Group arrangements possible. Price includes a
Children under 8 FREE guide, quality bicycle and drinking water.
Groups on request tailor made.
Meeting point: under the Bell Tower on the Market
Prices include a drink in a local pub, raincoat, water, Square
bike, guide.
info | reservation tel. 050/61 66 86 | fax 050/34 04 44
QuasiMundo | tel. 050/33 07 75
fax 050/67 04 83 |

‘on the town’ in bruges
houses of culture and

Brugge Plus vzw Sint-Jakobsstraat 36 3 exhibition rooms (De Bond, Jan

Brugge Plus is a young and dynamic non- 8000 Brugge Garemijnzaal and the Bogaerdenkapel).
profit organization that was built on the tel. 050/34 34 65 The Cultuurcentrum spares no effort to
foundations laid by Bruges 2002. Bruges offer a varied programme with stage arts
Plus helps outline Bruges’ cultural policy ranging from theatre, comedy, modern
and wants to jointly promote all cultural danse, classical concerts, rock, chanson,
institutions on a regional, national and Cinema Novo Festival world music, musical theatre to other
international scale. Bruges Plus intends to Annual film festival focusing on films from interdisciplinary projects.
enhance Bruges’ image as a dynamic and Africa, Asia and Latin-America. The festival
modern city of culture. To achieve this, is held in March. Sint-Jakobsstraat 20-26
Bruges Plus organizes cultural events, 8000 Brugge
manages the In&Uit tourist information Sint-Jakobsstraat 36 tel. 050/44 30 40
centre and develops joint cultural 8000 Brugge
communication programmes. tel. 050/34 83 54
Wollestraat 53 De Werf
8000 Brugge Arts centre De Werf specializes in
tel. 050/44 20 02 Concertgebouw Brugge vzw contemporary theatre, children’s theatre Sixty-eight thousand terracotta tiles and jazz music. In addition to offering envelop Bruges’ Concertgebouw in a a stage to external companies, De Werf
glorious warm red glow. The intimate also has its own theatre productions. In
Celebrations Entertainment Kamermuziekzaal (320 seats) and the the field of jazz, the arts centre is one
Take part in the wedding feast of Charles marvellous Concertzaal (1295 seats), of the most important organizers of
the bold and Margaret of York. Fools, renowned for their perfect acoustics concerts by national and international
troubadours, knights, dancers, a falconer, and extraordinary stage visibility, allow musicians.
witches, fire-eaters cheer up the merry for a perfect mixture of classic and
4-course dinner, sprinkled with beer and contemporary, of past, present and future. Werfstraat 108
wine to your heart’s content. 8000 Brugge
't Zand 34 tel. 050/33 05 29
Vlamingstraat 86 8000 Brugge
8000 Brugge tel. 070/22 33 02
tel. 050/34 75 72 Erfgoedcel Brugge Main objective of Bruges’ Heritage
Cultuurcentrum Brugge Unit (founded in 2000) is to stimulate
Cinema Lumière The Cultuurcentrum Brugge is a collective public interest in the cultural heritage
Cinema Lumière presents the best name for seven cultural locations in and around Bruges. In order to
art house movies in the best possible including the recently restored Municipal do so, it develops projects such as
circumstances: large screens, digital theatre and the MaZ or Magdalenazaal, exhibitions, websites, publications,
sound, perfect ventilation, comfortable a new platform for youth culture. Apart research and events, working closely
seats and neither popcorn nor from that, there are also two smaller together with heritage owner bodies
commercial breaks. locations (Biekorf and De Dijk) and like museums, archives, libraries, local

‘on the town’ in bruges
houses of culture and spectacle

history associations and with other Cactus Muziekcentrum vzw

cultural organisations. Bruges’ Heritage Music centre and non-profit organization The Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen with its
Unit does not own any heritage assets, Cactus is active in the field of 60 musicians boasts a varied repertoire
but focuses its activities on the cultural contemporary, non classical music as a ranging from classic to contemporary.
heritage that can be found in various concert club, music education centre and In all major Flemish cities, the concert
places in the city, e.g. the immaterial festival organizer. The centre focuses series by the Symphony Orchestra of
heritage, the religious heritage, museum on a variety of musical genres such as Flanders have received great public
collections and archives. roots, rock, reggae, hip hop, dance, acclaim. In Bruges, the concerts take
drum ‘n bass, nu-jazz and world music in place in the Concertgebouw. Conducted
Erfgoedcel Brugge all its diversity. by Etienne Siebens, the enthousiastic
Komvest 45 musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of
8000 Brugge Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 4 Flanders face the future with confidence!
tel. 050/44 87 11 8200 Brugge tel. 050/33 20 14 Westmeers 74 8000 Brugge tel. 050/84 05 87
Festival van Vlaanderen Brugge -
Musica Antiqua Rembetika vzw
The Festival of Flanders Bruges - Musica Non-profit organization Rembetika is
Antiqua is a festival of early music. mostly known for “Brugges Festival”, tapis plein vzw
Since the first edition of the festival, which it organizes every year in This project house promotes the
Musica Antiqua has been a pioneer in November. For 20 years and counting, contemporary and “common” heritage
the field of early music performances this festival’s line up has included the in a very original way, with creative
and instrument making. best folk and world music. on-street events, amusing anecdotes
Annual festival: end of July/beginning of and stories that will probably not even
August Amaat Vynckestraat 2 become a footnote in history books.
8380 Dudzele
’t Zand 34 tel. 050/34 87 47 Projecthuis Actueel Erfgoed
8000 Brugge p/a De Republiek
tel. 050/33 22 83 Sint-Jakobsstraat 36 8000 Brugge tel. 0473/38 19 07
tel. 050/68 67 94

events 2007-2008
The agenda events@brugge, available (free) at In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], ‘t Zand
contains a detailed daily calendar of plays, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

5 november 2006 - 29 march 2007 25 july - 4 august 2007 incl.

Winter in Bruges Early Music Festival of Flanders - Concours Musica
Antiqua song, strings and
2007 Woodwind
Centenary of the Zeebrugge Port Brugge
Zeebrugge info & tickets:
TiNCK 070/22 50 05
8 - 18 march 2007 incl.
Cinema Novo Festival 27 july - 11 august 2007 incl.
Film Festival Klinkers:
Cinema Lumière & Ciné Liberty summer festival in the city open-air music and film
City centre
6 april - 10 april 2007 incl.
Choco-Laté, Bruges’ chocolate
festival. Oud Sint-Janshospitaal, 11 august 2007
Beurshal, Choco-Story and city Benenwerk / Ballroom Brugeoise:
centre Big dancing party. Free admission

8 april 2007 9 & 12 august 2007

start of a great cycling Lace Days:
classic: Tour of Flanders Walplein & Wijngaardplein,
Markt Brugge Bruges lace-making demonstrations,
street entertainment, stalls,…
27 april - 1 may 2007 incl.
Looking inside Bruges:
antique & interior in harmony 25 & 26 august 2007
City centre, starting point on Markt Pageant of the Golden Tree: procession with images of the
history of Flanders
27 april - 20 may 2007 incl. City centre
Meifoor: fun fair
’t Zand & Koning Albert I park
8 - 11 november 2007
ascension day, 17 may 2007 Brugges Festival:
Procession of the Holy Blood: World Music
procession through the city centre City Theatre & Biekorf Theatre
with scenes from the old and the
new testament
info & tickets: 15, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 23 august 2008
TiNCK 070/22 50 05 Festival on the canals
Major event on the picturesque canals
6, 7 & 8 july 2007 of Bruges
Cactus Festival: City centre
Minnewater Park, Bruges -
open-air music festival in the
elegantly appropriate
setting of the Minnewater
Park (roots, rock, pop, reggae, rap,
dance, world music…)
Minnewaterpark More information
(City Park Lake of Love) about these events:
(tourism and practical information)

Info and Tickets
In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], ’t Zand
the wet- and woodland of bruges
enjoy the pleasures of a truly historic region

Sint-Trudo Abbey Male Tudor City Park

There are some places that always seem to offer
that little bit more. The wet- and woodland of
Bruges is just that kind of place: a historic region
which only the very best superlatives are fit to Charming country park
Former castle of the Counts
describe. To begin with, the region’s neighbours (ca 100 acres) with majestic
- the Belgian coast and the world famous city of of Flanders, with a 14th- 15th
castle in Tudor style.
Bruges - are both top-quality acts. But this is also century keep. Restored and
true of the wet- and woodland itself! In the wet- and enlarged from 1952 to 1972. open country park
woodland you will wander from one picturesque Today convent of the canonesses every day from dawn till sunset.
village to the next, stopping to admire the beauty of the Holy Sepulchre. Near the open botanical garden and bee-hives
of the lush countryside and to sample the local can be visited from 1.5 through 31.10
Abbey is the former town hall of Mo-Fri: 2.00-5.00 p.m.
colour - and cuisine! - at one of the many pubs and
Male (the ‘Hooghe Huus’) and an Sun: 2.00-6.00 p.m.
restaurants along the way. And when you have had
ancient pillory (‘pelderijn’).
enough of all this rural charm, there are welcoming Stedelijke Groendienst
cities with a human face near at hand to provide an Maalse Steenweg | Sint-Kruis tel. 050/32 90 11
attractive alternative. Mo-Fri: 8.30 a.m.-noon | 2.00-4.00 p.m.
Fortunate in their rich cultural and artistic heritage, accessibility Zeeweg 147, Sint-Andries
by bus: nr. 6 St-Kruis/Malehoek, accessibility
these cities all have one thing in common: they boarding point: Wollestraat (map: E9) by bus: nr. 5 St-Andries/Hermitage,
are all worth getting to know! Are you looking by car: via Maalse Steenweg (map: J8) boarding point: Biekorf (map: E8)
for an exclusive hotel, a simple Bed & Breakfast, by car: via Torhoutse Steenweg
(map: A10)
a charming holiday home or a guest room with
character? The wet- and woodland of Bruges has
them all. And with the wet- and woodland guide
from In&Uit Brugge [Concergebouw], ‘t Zand you
are certain to find exactly what you need. In other
words, a sure-fire recipe for a successful short
break or a longer stay!
New is the 1000-kilometer cycle route network. You
can cycle from junction to junction, exploring the
wet- and woodlands at your own pace. The new
maps ‘Brugs Ommeland Noord’ (wet- and woodland
north of Bruges) and ‘Brugs Ommeland Zuid’ (wet-
and woodland south of Bruges) will tell you all you
need to know to cycle from one marvellous low-
traffic area to another. The cycling maps cost € 6
each, but if you buy both together, you pay only
€ 11. Info:

Provincial Estate Provincial Estate City Park Beisbroek Sint-Andries Abbey
Fort Beieren Tillegembos Zevenkerken

Fort Beieren is the most recent Over 284 acres of Lovely country park covering some 200 Benedictine Abbey,
of the Flemish provincial parks. wellkept woodland acres, with deciduous and needleleaved founded about 1100,
It is situated between the with interesting flora trees, heath-land, footpaths, picnic- destroyed during the
suburb of Koolkerke and the and fauna, footpaths, grounds, deercompound and cafeteria. 18th-century French
Damme Canal. The 26 hectare playgrounds, horse-mill, Castle that serves as occupation and rebuilt
site offers a number of features rural inn ‘De Trutselaar’ Nature Centre. afterwards. Situated in a
of interest, including a series and the remarkable 14th- Permanent interactive exhibition at the large forest with several
of earthworks dating from 1704 century watercastle. Nature Centre. footpaths. The abbey
and the last vestiges of a castle church is certainly worth
St-Michiels open
demolished in 1956. These accessibility April-November: a visit. On the estate, you
cultural-historical remains blend by bus: nr. 25 Mo-Fri: 2.00-5.00 p.m. | Sun: 2.00-6.00 p.m. can also visit a farm and
perfectly with the numerous St-Michiels/Veemarkt March: Sun: 2.00-6.00 p.m. a cafeteria
boarding point: Biekorf
different natural elements, such (map: E8) and Station Stedelijke Groendienst | tel. 050/32 90 11 (‘Benediktusheem’) with
as overgrown ditches, open (map: B13) (Mo-Fri: 8.30 a.m.-noon. | 2.00-4.00 p.m.) religious bookshop and
watercourses, wind-twisted by car: via Torhoutsesteenweg sun-terrace.
(map: A10)
Marilandica poplars, an old Public Observatory
The sun, stars and planets can be Torhoutsesteenweg | Loppem
castle garden, romantic bridges,
dense woodland and open observed at the Public Observatory. accessibility
meadows. In short, the ideal You will be initiated into the secrets by bus: nr. 72
of the fascinating night sky with Brugge/Loppem/Zedelgem, bus
place for a leisurely stroll.
stop Heidelberg
the modern Zeiss planetarium, boarding point: 't Zand and
Koolkerkse Steenweg | Koolkerke an interactive exhibition and a Station
accessibility (map: C10 and B13)
by bus: nr. 4 Koolkerke wellequipped observatory.
by car: via Torhoutsesteenweg
boarding point: 't Zand and Station New! The ‘Planetenpad’: walking path (map: A10)
(map: C10 and B13) from the parking up to the castle:
by car: via Koolkerkse Steenweg
(map: I2) 835m.

open regular planetarium presentations

Wed: 3.00 | 4.30 p.m. | Fri: 8.30 p.m.
Sun: 3.00 | 4.30 p.m.
Group visits (min. 15 persons) on request.
price planetarium presentations
Children € 3.00
Adults € 4.00

Zeeweg 96, Sint-Andries | tel. 050/39 05 66 |
by bus: nr. 52 Brugge/Gistel/Oostende, nr. 53
boarding point: 't Zand and Station
(map: C10 and B13)
by car: via Torhoutse Steenweg (map: A10)

t h e we t - an d w o o dl an d of bruges

Boudewijn Seapark Brugge info

De Toverplaneet Children’s Farm
Boudewijn Seapark Brugge De Zeven Torentjes
A. De Baeckestraat 12 | 8200 St-Michiels
tel. 050/408 408 | fax 050/382 343
Attractive family theme park Wicked indoor playground and Former feudal estate (14th
with lots of games for children: cafetaria. century) with nicely restored
carousel, birds of prey and parrots, accessibility outside the city centre pigeonhouse and gothic barn
by bus: nr. 7 & 17 St-Michiels, boarding open
giant wheel, ... (nowadays used for cultural
point: ’t Zand (map: C9) & Biekorf, Wed: 1.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.
At the Dolfinarium (1.600 seats), Kuipersstr. (map: E8) Fri: 3.30 p.m.-8.00 p.m. purposes). Youngsters can
playful dolphins offer a fascinating Sat, Sun and holidays: 10.30 a.m.- participate in a whole range
show. In the new open-air bassin, 8.00 p.m. of educational activities.
the sea lions steal the show all day Adults: FREE entrance There is also a children’s
long. The panoramic aquaramas May be closed during hot summer playground and a cafeteria.
allow spectators to have a look Olympiapark weather.

under the water surface. open

Legeweg 88 | 8200 St-Andries Brugge free entrance during weekdays &
GSM 0478/22 69 29 weekends from 8.00 a.m.-sunset.
April - August: show every day at 2 p.m. Multipurpose sports centre accessibility info
(school days) and 4 p.m. with olympic-size swimming by bus: nr. 9, stop: Hertsvelde Children’s farm, tel. 050/35 40 43
May - June: school days at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (map: A10) Stedelijke Groendienst: 050/32 90 11
pool, rollerskate rink, lots of
Weekends and Holidays: (Mo-Fri: 8.30-noon | 2.00-4.00 p.m.)
show at 4 p.m. facilities for in- and outdoor Speeldorp Cafetaria 050/37 13 04
September: Wednesday, Saturday and sports. Club’s and Cercle’s open every day from 2 p.m. (Sunday
Sunday at 4 p.m. Other days: only for groups (Bruges’ two football teams) from 11.00 a.m.), closed on Monday
and upon request and Tuesday (in school holidays only
October - March: upon request for groups home games are played at the closed on Tuesday)
Jan Breydel stadium. Wicked indoor playground
There is always a show at 4 p.m. For extra and cafetaria with view on the
shows: please check Koning Leopold III - laan 50 Canadaring 41 | 8310 Assebroek 8200 Sint-Andries
playground. Also organisation accessibility
of birthday parties. School by bus: nr. 2 A.Z. St-Lucas/Assebroek,
Info & tickets: In&Uit Brugge Guided tours in the Jan Breydel stadium: outings upon demand. boarding point: Biekorf (map: E8)
[Concertgebouw], 't Zand tel. 050/40 21 21 by car: via Generaal Lemanlaan
accessibility open (map: I12)
The theme park is open every day in July and by bus: nr. 25 St-Andries/Olympia, Wed, Sat, Sun and school holidays:
August from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. boarding point: Biekorf (map: E8) & 1.00-7.00 p.m.
April: Easter Holidays: from 10 a.m. ’t Zand (map: C9)
to 5 p.m. by car: via Gistelse Steenweg or Adults: FREE entrance
May - June: every day, except on Torhoutse Steenweg (map: A10)
Wednesdays: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Diksmuidestraat 5 | 8000 Brugge
September: Saturday, Sunday and first 3 tel. 050/34 84 27 | fax 050/34 84 28
Wednesdays of the month: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. GSM 0496/81 65 63 |
by bus: nr. 14, stop: Krakelebrug,
De Veste
(map: E3)


Historical museum Lisseweegs Vaartje

1 3

Lissewege, a peaceful and The many unique pictures, maps, Quaint small canal, former trade
picturesque suburb of Bruges, is scale models and archaeological route between Lissewege and
undoubtedly the best preserved finds displayed in the museum Bruges, with beautiful flowered
and prettiest rural community on illustrate the history of more than banks in summer.
the Flemish coastal plain. Grouped 1000 years of the ‘White village’ of
around the church, the lovely Lissewege and the former Cistercian
whitewashed houses line the banks abbey of Ter Doest. Chapel
of a delightful little canal that runs 4
through the centre. All around are
July 1 - August 31: 2 p.m. till 5.30 p.m.
wide meadows and fields.
Small hexagonal
Oude Pastoriestraat 5, 8380 Lissewege
baroque building
(1687) with a.o.
statue of St Bernard,
Church of Our Lady founder of the
Cistercian Order.

Ter Doest
Impressive early-gothic brickstone
church (13th century). Quite 5

remarkable interior with fine

furnishings, organ-case, pulpit Former Cistercian abbey
and rood loft dd. 1652 by Walram (12th century) of which a massive
Romboudt, paintings by J. Van Oost, 13th-14th-century gothic barn, part
M. Van Duvenede and J. Maes, of the older farm with pigeonhouse
miraculous Madonna-statue (1625). (1651) and a monumental entrance
On top of the 166-feet tower, you gate (1662) still exist.
can enjoy an overwhelming view of
the surrounding countryside.
open Barn
10 a.m.-5 p.m.
the tower is accessible from May till October by train: train to Zeebrugge, which stops at
on request. Lissewege
July and August: 3 p.m.-5 p.m. by car: follow road signs to Zeebrugge
Church: daily accessible from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.
tower guard: tel. 050/54 77 67

VVV-Lissewege v.z.w
Oude Pastoriestraat 5
Tel. 050/55 29 55 | Fax 050/35 02 15


Linked with Bruges by a 7,5 mile canal, Zeebrugge is a Beach Stella Maris Chapel (1956) 6
seaside resort looking to the future. The international St Donaas’ Church
port, jutting far out into the sea, doesn’t prevent
holidaymakers from frolicking on the fine little
sandy beach. On the sea front, hotels and cafés give During the summer season, the Marina
tourists their warmest welcome. Zeebrugge is the beach invites to (sun)bathing,
most important Belgian fishing port. The Zeebrugge playing and relaxing. Autumn
wholesale fish market, installed in a modern complex and winter are the best seasons
in the inner port, is one of the largest and most to take a long walk along the The marina at Omookaai provides
sophisticated of its kind in Europe. Zeebrugge also has seaside. berths for some 100 yachts.
an attractive marina which can accommodate some tel. 050/54 49 03
Royal Belgian Sailing Club
100 vessels. Zeebrugge also enjoys a very convenient
geographical location, just a few miles away from Promenade
St-George Memorial Fishermen’s Cross
beautiful Bruges, the fashionable sea resort of Knokke, 2

and the picturesque village of Lissewege. 9

There is also a new cycle route along the coast, which

On the western dam, a
goes all the way from De Panne to Knokke-Heist
promenade reaches far out into The Fishermen’s Cross
and which constitutes a safe and pleasant
the open sea. At the foot of the commemorates the many
way to go from one seaside resort
dam the ‘St-George Memorial’ fishermen who perished at sea.
to another. The 86-kilometer
commemorates the Battle of
route introduces you to a
Zeebrugge (23.4.1918) on which
very varied coastal land- Naval Base
occasion the British Royal Navy
scape and takes you
finally put the German U-Boot
alongside dunes, polder 10
base out of action.
landscapes, sea banks,
ports and maritime
sights. Container terminals
City Community House
Marktplein 12

The City Community House in Railway Station

Marktplein is the seat of the Village 13

municipal administration. The Beach 14

premises also have a socio-

cultural function. During the summer months there
are trains that stop at the station
right next to the beach.
Pierre Vandamme sea lock

The Pierre Vandamme sea lock is

accessible for vessels up to
125 000 DWT (dead weight ton).
Length: 500 m, width: 57 m,
useful depth: 18,5 m.

11 12


The cycle route along the coast also serves as an 2

ideal starting point to discover the hinterland, as it is
immediately connected to the network of cycle routes 8

of the Westhoek (small part of Belgium that borders

France) and the wet- and woodland of Bruges. 1


6 16


Carferries Zeebrugge Boat trip in the seaport Seafront, Useful adressess
Maritime Theme Park
11 16 5

tourist info Zeebrugge

Services for passengers and cars. A roundtrip aboard the ‘Euro-Line’ Seafront is mainly known for its Toerisme Brugge,
vessel (capacity of 300 passengers) authentic Russian submaine, Zeedijk, 8380 Zeebrugge,
tel. 050/54 50 42
to Hull allows you to discover the port of exclusive in Belgium. Experience
Zeebrugge in full detail. As from the yourself how 75 crewmembers Open: Easter and Whitsun
P&O Ferries weekends + every day in July and
Leopold II-dam 13 | 8380 Zeebrugge beginning of September 2004, worked and lived/survived August (10.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. and 1.30-
tel. 070/70 77 71 | the visit to the outport for months on end of 6 p.m.)
Off-season: please apply to In&Uit Brugge
of Zeebrugge will this steel colossus. [Concertgebouw], ’t Zand
to Rosyth be replaced by Sensation in
Superfast Ferries | the visit to the the submarine: Port Authority Zeebrugge
tel. 050/25 22 52 inner port and experience an Isabellalaan 1, B-8380 Zeebrugge
tel. 050/54 32 11
the outport of attack. fax 050/54 32 24
Guided visits to the seaport Lissewege. Former Fish Market
as a maritime theme
park. In the vast building of Havenkapitein (Port Captain’s Office)
Visits can be organised every day, Groups: season from March untill November
P. Vandammesluis
2007 (on request) the Old Fish Market you learn more
except on Sundays and public 8380 Zeebrugge
Individuals: 2.00 p.m. and 4 p.m. about the various aspects of the tel. 050/54 32 40
holidays, between 8.30 a.m.- Easter holidays: daily fax 050/54 32 49
sea. A wealth of information about
11.00 p.m. and 1.30 p.m.-3.30 p.m. May - June - September: Sundays and Holidays
July & August: daily the evolution of the harbour of Zeebrugse Visveiling
Groups have to provide their own (wholesale fish market)
August: extra trip daily at 11 a.m. Zeebrugge, the fishing industry,
coach and sound equipment. Noordzeestraat 201
the origin of the North Sea, … 8380 Zeebrugge
On request groups can obtain a departure
tel. 050/54 41 20
(map: D2) Prins Albertdok, Rederskaai
guide for a visit to the seaport.
Fun for kids: P&O Ferries
Requests have to be addressed price Leopold II-Dam 13
€ 8.50
Pirate’s Paradise!
to the Port Authority (MBZ) at Individuals 8380 Zeebrugge
Kids between 3 and 12 € 6.50 tel. 070/70 77 71
least one month before the
Senior € 7.90 open
planned visit. Groups (+ 20 pers.) Every day from 10.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m. Royal Belgian Sailing Club
Adults € 7.90 July and August from 10.00 a.m. till 7.00 p.m. Rederskaai 1
per guide 8380 Zeebrugge
price Children € 5.90 Closed 8/1 - 26/1/2007
2 hours (film, exhibition and tour) € 60.00 tel. 050/54 49 03
fax 050/55 26 05
on Sundays only tour by bus price
During the main season party-cruises
Children -1 m (if accompanied by an adult) FREE Marine police (SPN Zeebrugge)
Requests have to be addressed to the Port at Saturday-night with discobar and Children -12 years € 8.50 Veerbootstraat 1
Authority (MBZ) at least one month before barbecue on board. Adults € 10.50 8380 Zeebrugge
the planned visit. 60+ € 10.00 tel. 050/55 60 40
dates Groups (as of 20 persons) fax 050/55 60 43
info | bookings Kids € 6.25
Tel. 0475/20 94 52,
Port Authority | Isabellalaan 1 Adults € 8.50
Local Police Zeebrugge
8380 Zeebrugge info | bookings Marktplein 12
tel. 050/54 32 11 | fax 050/54 32 24 Euro-Line | Charles de Kerckhovelaan 151 info 8380 Zeebrugge 9000 Gent Seafront N.V. tel. 050/47 29 35 Starting point: former fish market Zeebrugge Vismijnstraat 7-9 | 8380 Zeebrugge fax 050/54 47 14
(cfr. Seafront) tel. 050/55 14 15 | fax 050/55 04 13
tel. 0475/20 94 52 | fax 09/224 22 96 |
Municipal administration |
Marktplein 12 8380 Zeebrugge
tel. 050/54 45 97

th e w e t - an d w o o dl an d of bruges

Excursion Damme Flanders Fields Quasimodo Boat trip

WW I Battlefields Tour TRIP 1 Bruges - Damme

A panoramic mini-coach tour to the Very personal and laidback minibus-tours, On board the river barge
picturesque town of Damme. Comments visiting Passendale, Hill 60, underground ‘Lamme Goedzak’.
in the language of your choice (individual dugouts, abandoned trenches, bunkers and Starting point at
headphones). Return trip aboard the river craters, Menin Gate at Ypres and Memorials Noorweegse Kaai.
barge ‘Lamme Goedzak’. On disembarking, to British Empire troops, Tyne cot etc. (map: J2).
the bus takes you back to the departure From February to New Year on Sundays,
point in Bruges Markt square. practical
Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also on
Every day, from Easter through
Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 15 October.
April to October. departures from Bruges: 10.00 a.m. -
Tour season: 2-hour tour (April through September): 12.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. -
departure from Markt square, Bruges at 4.00 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
departures from Damme: 9.15 a.m. -
price trip lasts 2 hours
Adults € 16.50
Triple Treat Quasimodo 11.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. -
5.20 p.m.
Children (6-11) € 8.25 Chocolates, TRIP 2
waffles & beer price single way
info | Sightseeing Line Brugge Adults € 5.20
Kanunnik Decoeneplein 6, 8310 Brugge 65 + € 4.70
tel. 050/35 50 24 (10.00 a.m.-noon) | fax 050/35 80 24 Discover the ‘Belgian delights’ with a very
Children (3-11 years) € 3.70 | personal and laidback mini-bus tour along Groups (minimum 30 persons)
the delightful Flemish countryside: two Adults € 4.70
65 + € 4.20
grand castles, visiting ‘Chocolate World’,
Children (3-11 years) € 3.50
VIP Day Breaks sampling a delicious waffle, visit to a return trip
chocolate factory and discovering Belgian Adults € 6.70
65 + € 5.70
beers. Leaving Monday, Wednesday and
Children (3-11 years) € 4.70
Fridays from February till December. Groups (minimum 30 persons)
Exclusive and personalised day trips Adults € 6.20
from Bruges in luxury private cars with practical 65 + € 5.20
private guides, including all entrance fees Pick-up at 9.15 a.m. at Parkhotel, ‘t Zand (map C9). Children (3-11 years) € 4.20
(hotel pick-ups possible on request)
to attractions at the destination of your Comments in English (tour ends at 5.00 p.m.). Bus connection: nr. 4 St-Jozef-
choice: the three ‘Front’ cities, the Belgian Koolkerke,
coast, Ghent and the valley of the River price boarding point: Markt
Adults € 50.00 special bus "Bruges - Damme" nr. 43
Leie, Bruges and Damme, Antwerp and Younger than 26 € 40.00 to landing stage: from 1/4 to 1/10
Brussels. Prices include packed picnic lunch, entrance fees. from railway station: 9.33 a.m.-
11.33 a.m.-1.33 a.m.-2.33 p.m.-3.33
info and reservation: Hansa Incoming info | reservation p.m.-5.33 p.m.
tel. 050/39 56 94 | Quasimodo Tours from markt square: 9.39 a.m.-11.39
tel. 050/37 04 70 | fax 050/37 49 60 a.m.-1.39 p.m.-2.39 p.m.-3.39 p.m.-
free phonenumber 0800/97525 5.39 p.m. |

info | reservation
Toerisme Damme
tel. 050/28 86 10


Flanders Fields Battlefield Daytours The Old Piper

Tours for independent travellers and small groups Oldtimer-paddle boat (built in 1928), with a capacity of 160 passengers
(max 8 pers.). Minibus with air conditioned (sun deck: 90, inner deck: 70). The boat can be hired by groups,
comfort, no smoking permitted aboard. associations or companies of 20 persons or more. A daily (except on
“Less people - More sightseeing!” Sundays) two- or three-hours’ cruising between Bruges and Beernem on
the canal Ostend-Ghent.
Ypres & Flanders Daytours practical info
Fields Battlefield Tour TOUR 1 Departure 2- or 3-hours’ cruise possible every day (except on Sundays)
Minimum 20 persons required to operate this tour.
Departure times are negotiable, reservation (telephone, fax or e-mail) is required.
Fully guided English spoken day tour to the Flanders
fields. Visit the major battlefield sites including the starting point
“In Flanders Fields Museum” at Ypres (“Wipers”). Bargeweg (coach park), (map E14) near Katelijnepoort.
Visit the largest german cemetery, the world’s price
largest WW1 cemetery of the commonwealth: Tyne Groups (minimum 20 persons) 2-hours’ cruise € 7.50 per person
cot cemetery at Passchendale, The Menin Gate at
Ypres, Talbot House in Poperinge and WW1 trenches info | reservation (reservation required!)
rederij Hubrouck | Katelijnestraat 108 | 8000 Brugge
in Diksmuide. fax 050/34 48 71 | GSM 0475/47 64 43
In a “All-inclusive day tour”, with drinks during the day, drinks and |
normal lunch (not a packed lunch), museum tickets, insurance, etc.
All admissions, insurance and drinks, as well as lunch are included.
practical info
Pick-up at around 8.45 a.m. | Return at around 5.30 p.m.
Every day from Tuesday until Sunday included.
Polder-Cruise Bruges-Ostend
Adults € 59.00
Under 26 years € 50.00

Cruising aboard the Yserstar on the canal Bruges-Ostend through the

Last Post Daytours wonderful and romantic polder landscape. Optional visit to Ostend.
TOUR 2 practical info
Departure from 1/7 up to 31/8 | Departures from Bruges: 5.00 p.m.
Departures from Ostend: 11.00 a.m. | Duration: 1,5 hour (round trip)
Transport from Bruges to Ypres, Last Post - ceremony
at the Menin Gate and transport back to Bruges. starting point
Steenkaai, Brugge (map: A3)

practical info info & prices | reservations (not obligatory to make reservations)
Pick-up at 6.30 p.m. and return at around 9.30 p.m. Every day, on Seastar
request. Robert Orlentpromenade 2 | 8620 Nieuwpoort
price tel. 058/23 24 25 | fax 058/23 24 00
Adults € 40.00

Free pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. Info: In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], 't Zand
On request daytrips tailor made!

info | reservation map

free phonenumber 0800/99 133
tel. 050/34 60 60 | fax 050/34 60 60


ATM’S Internet Church services

DE POST Markt 5 THE COFFEE LINK saturday sunday

KBC Steenstraat 38 open Beguinage Church - 9.30 a.m.
FORTIS BANK 11.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. Holy Blood - 11.00 a.m.
Simon Stevinplein 3 Closed on Wednesdays H.-Magdalena - 10.00 a.m.
EUROPABANK price Our Lady 5.30 p.m. 11.00 a.m.
Vlamingstraat 13 For the first 15 minutes € 1.50 Capucines 6.00 p.m. 7.00 & 10.30 a.m.
AXA 1 hour € 5.00 St Anne’s - 10.30 a.m.
't Zand 1 Congresgebouw Oud-Sint-Jan St Giles’ - 10.00 a.m.
Mariastraat 38 | 8000 Brugge | (map: D10) St James’ 4.30 p.m. -
Carillon Concerts tel. 050/34 99 73 | St Saviour’s 4.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m. St Walburga‘s 7.00 p.m.
English Church - 6.00 p.m.
Sint-Pieterskapel, Keersstr. 1
Concerts on the Belfry’s carillon are United Protestants Church - 10.00 a.m.
played according to the following Sint-Pieterskapel, Keersstr. 1
Mon-Sat: 10.00 a.m.-9.00 p.m. | Sun: 10.30 a.m.-9.00 p.m.
Free Evangelical Church - 10.00 a.m.
schedule. price
Naaldenstraat 18
1 hour € 2.00
Oecumenical Chapel
concerts corner Langestraat-Predikherenstraat 8000 Brugge
Ezelstraat 83
October through mid-June: tel. 050/61 67 39 (map: G8)
Sun, Wed and Sat: 2.15-3.00 p.m.
summer season: SNUFFEL BACKPACKER HOSTEL Medical Assistance
Mo, Wed and Sat: 9.00-10.00 p.m.
Sun: 2.15-3.00 p.m.
€ 1 per half an hour
Ezelstraat 47-49 Doctors on call
tel. / fax 050/33 40 73
8000 Brugge 8.00 p.m. through 8.00 a.m. tel. 078/15 15 90
tel. 050/33 31 33 | Pharmacists on weekend-call
Cinemas (map: D6) 9.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m. tel. 050/40 61 62 or 0900/10 500
10.00 p.m.-9.00 a.m. tel. 101
price Emergency service S.O.S. tel. 100
Weekly programmes on display at for the first 15 minutes € 1.00
In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], + per minute € 0.05 Hospitals:
’t Zand. Movies in original version. Langestraat 145 (map: I7) A.Z. St-Jan tel. 050/45 21 11
8000 Brugge St-Lucas tel. 050/36 91 11
Subtitles in Dutch and French. St-Franciscus Xaveriuskliniek tel. 050/47 04 70
Red Cross tel. 050/32 07 27
Ciné Liberty Exchange offices
Kuipersstraat 23 (map: E7) Vlaamse Kruis tel. 050/33 26 28
Sint-Jakobsstraat 36 (map: D7) Anti-toxic centre tel. 070/245 245
Goffin Change, Steenstraat 2 (map: E8)
Kinepolis Brugge (map: A14)
Koning Albert-I-Laan 200 Pillen R.W.J., Rozenhoedkaai 2 (map: F9)

On-site tourist information point:

In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], ’t Zand
Open every day from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., on
Thursdays open to 8.00 p.m.


Shopping & market days Swimming Pools

Jan Guilini
Bruges is one of the most attractive shopping cities in (West) Flanders, with a large variety of
Keizer Karelstraat 41, 8000 Brugge
shops to suit every purse. The main shopping streets are situated between Markt square and the (bus: nr. 9, bus stop Visartpark)
old city gates: tel. 050/31 35 54
Steenstraat, Simon Stevinplein, Mariastraat, Zuidzandstraat, Zilverpand, St-Jakobsstraat, St-Amandsstraat,
Veltemweg 35, 8310 Brugge
Geldmuntstraat, Noordzandstraat, Smedenstraat, Vlamingstraat, Philipstockstraat, Academiestraat, Hoogstraat,
(bus: nr. 11, bus stop Sint-Andreaslyceum)
Langestraat, Wollestraat, Katelijnestraat.
tel. 050/35 07 77
More info on Olympia
Most shops are open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Doornstraat 110, 8200 Brugge
(bus: nr. 25, bus stop Jan Breydel)
tel. 050/39 02 00
The main supermarkets are situated just outside the city centre. (map: > J8 Maalsesteenweg)
9.00 a.m.-8.00 p.m. | on Fridays to 9.00 p.m. All opening hours are available at In&Uit Brugge
Market days in Bruges (Markt, ‘t Zand and Beursplein) [Concertgebouw], ’t Zand.
Wed: 8.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. in Market square (food and flowers)
Sat: 8.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. in ‘t Zand square and in Beursplein (food and non-food).
Sun: 8.00 a.m. -1.00 p.m. community Sint-Michiels – Ten Briele (food & non-food) Golf
Fish market
Tue-Sat, every morning: 8.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.
Flea market along Dijver and Fish market
Damme Golf & Countryclub
Sat and Sun and public holidays, 15 March - 15 November: 10.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m.
Doornstraat 16
8340 Sijsele Damme
tel. 050/35 35 72
fax 050/35 89 25

Cultuurcentrum Post Office City Library ‘Biekorf’ Concertgebouw Brugge vzw

Sint-Jakobsstraat 20-26, tel 050/44 30 40 Markt 5, tel. 050/33 14 11 Kuipersstraat 3, tel. 050/47 24 00 (Concert Hall)
Meeting in Brugge Provincial Government West Flanders Municipal Information Department ’t Zand 34
PO Box 744, tel. 050/44 46 66 Burg 4, tel. 050/40 31 11 Burg 11, tel. 050/44 80 00 tel. 050/47 69 99
Municipal Cultural Department State Archives Railway Station (inquiries) fax 050/47 69 79
Burg 11, tel. 050/44 82 70 Academiestraat 14-16, Stationsplein
Municipal Department Architectural tel. 050/33 72 88 tel. 050/30 24 24
Heritage Telephone inquiries Westtoerisme
Oostmeers 17, tel. 050/44 85 82 tel. 1207 Koning Albert 1 laan 120,
Direction of Municipal Museums City Hall Bruges 8200 St-Michiels
Dijver 12, tel. 050/44 87 11 Burg 12, tel. 050/44 81 11 tel. 050/30 55 00
College of Europe City Archives |
Dijver 11, tel. 050/47 74 77 Burg 11A, tel. 050/44 82 60
Police Station
Hauwerstraat 7, tel. 050/44 89 30

Office station All tourist inquiries by phone and written: Info & tickets for cultural events:
Tue-Sat: 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m. & 1.00 p.m.-5.00 p.m. Toerisme Brugge, TiNCK (by telephone and online)
closed on Sunday and Monday PO Box 744, 8000 Brugge tel. 070/22 50 05
tel. 050/44 46 46
fax 050/44 46 45


Parking city centre and mobility

parking centre ‘t zand biekorf* beguinage (begijnhof) pandreitje centre station
capacity 1400 200 250 210 1500
open Sun-Thu Sun-Thu Mon-Sun Mon-Sun 24/24u
07.00-01.00 a.m. 07.00-01.00 a.m. 07.00-00.00 a.m. 07.00-00.00 a.m. 7 days a week
Fri-Sat Fri-Sat
24/24 24/24 Buses to the centre operate every minute.
Evening rate € 2,50 when entering
after 7 p.m. and max. stay 12 hours
rate 1 hour € 1.20 (*€ 1.40) 4 hour € 4.30 (*€ 4.80) hour € 0.50
2 hour € 2.40 (*€ 2.80) 5 hour € 5.00 (*€ 5.50) max for 24 hours € 2.50
3 hour € 3.50 (*€ 4.00) 6 hour € 5.70 (*€ 6.20)

hourly rate € 0.50 thereafter per additional hour (maximum rate € 8.70)

Parking in the city centre’s main streets is metered each day Disabled badge holders are exempt from charges and parking disc
(including Sundays and holidays) from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The maximum restrictions if a valid badge is correctly displayed.
duration is 2 hours. In all the other streets in the city centre, blue There are resident parking zones in several streets in the district of West-
zone parking (with parking disc) is in effect. Parking time is limited Bruges (B8-B11). Only residents with a resident permit are allowed to
to 4 hours and the parking disc must be used. The blue zone parking park here. Vehicles not displaying this permit will be towed away at the
system operates from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., except on Sundays and expense and the risk of the driver.
(Belgian) official holidays in all the city centre’s streets. Tow-away signs are posted in the resident parking zones.

City Buses* Trains* Taxi compagnies Brugge city centre

Main bus stops: Bruges, situated on the important railway VOF Knudde-Buzeyn tel. 050/35 57 57
Station (map: B13) network London-Brussels-Cologne is accessible Rony's Taxi's BVBA tel. 050/33 38 81
City centre: by direct trains from the main Belgian cities and BVBA Taxi Abby Albert tel. 050/39 11 55
Biekorf, Kuipersstraat (map: E8). from various European capitals. Lezaire John tel. 050/31 10 31
Markt (map: E8), Dekeyzer Rita tel. 050/35 30 73
Wollestraat (map: E8), Framhout Giovanna tel. 050/37 15 40
tel. 050/30 24 24
‘t Zand (map: C10) Penninck Carine tel. 050/31 77 31
and for reservation Thalys or Eurostar
Bus nr. 12: Centrum (Markt/Biekorf) - Station - BVBA Taxi Georges tel. 0475/57 60 15
every day from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Katelijneparking: daily regular bus service Katelijneparking Jacques De Muijnck tel. 050/37 43 45
Station - ’t Zand - Markt: there and back: Brugse Taxi Services BVBA tel. 050/33 44 55
- from Monday to Friday: from 7.31 a.m. to 6.39 p.m. BVBA Schoonbaert tel. 050/37 48 50
- Saturday: from 7.39 a.m. to 6.59 p.m. Taxis Goossens Xavier tel. 0477/94 56 82
- Sundays and public holidays: from 9.11a.m. to 6.59 p.m. BVBA Martins Taxi tel. 050/55 06 50
info tel. 070/22 02 00 Taxi Richard tel. 050/54 42 59
Stands: Markt and Stationsplein Taxi Quick tel. 050/54 44 69
Ticket (presale): € 1.20 Markt: tel. 050/33 44 44
Ticket on the bus: € 1.50 Stationsplein: tel. 050/38 46 60
Daypass (presale): € 5.00
Daypass on the bus: € 6.00

* Detailed bus, train and ferry schedules are on display at In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw], ’t Zand as well as in the train station.

A Ezelpoort C5 Kardinaal Mercierstraat C4 Nieuwstraat E9 Speelmansstraat H6
Academiestraat E7 Ezelstraat D6 Karel Defloustraat A4 Nijverheidstraat I10 Speelpleinlaan J10
Achiel Van Ackerplein D6 Karel de Stoutelaan A6 Niklaas Desparsstraat E8 Spiegelrei F7
18-Oktoberstraat A10 F Karel van Manderstraat J5 Nikolaas Gombertstraat D3 Spinolarei F7
Adriaan Willaertstraat E7 Filips De Goedelaan B6 Kartuizerinnenstraat E9 Noord-Gistelhof E6 Spoorwegstraat B14
Albrecht Rodenbachstraat * H7 Filips Wielantstraat H13 Kartuizerstraat J6 Noordstraat E11 Sportstraat J5
Altebijstraat J9 Fonteinstraat B10 Kastanjeboomstraat E10 Noordzandstraat D9 Stalijzerstraat G10
Annuntiatenstraat F5 Fort Lapin H2 Kasteelgeleed B1 Noorweegse Kaai I3 Stationslaan A11
Arsenaalstraat E12 Freren Fonteinstraat G9 Katelijnestraat E12 Stationsplein C13
Artoisstraat C9 Katelijnevest E12 O Steenhouwersdijk F9
Augustijnenrei E6 G Kazernevest I9 Oliebaan H5 Steenkaai A3
Azijnstraat * D6 Ganzenplein* H9 Keersstraat E8 O.-L.- Vrouwekerkhof-Zuid* E10 Steenstraat D9
Ganzenstraat H9 Kegelschoolstraat B9 Ontvangersstraat D8 Sterstraat F6
B Gapaardstraat G10 Keizer Karelstraat B6 Oostendse Steenweg A1 Stijn Streuvelsstraat I7
Bakkersstraat C10 Garenmarkt F10 Kelkstraat F8 Oosterlingenplein F7 Stoelstraat I7
Baliestraat F5 Garsoenstraat C11 Kemelstraat D9 Oost-Gistelhof F6 Stokersstraat G4
Balsemboomstraat I8 Geernaartstraat* E8 Kersenboomstraat* H8 Oostmeers D11 Stoofstraat E10
Balstraat H7 Geerolfstraat F9 Ketsbruggestraat C13 Oost-Proosse H4 Strostraat G7
Bapaumestraat I7 Geerwijnstraat D8 Kipstraat E7 Oranjeboomstraat* D10 Sulferbergstraat E12
Bargeplein E13 Geldmuntstraat D8 Klaverstraat D5 Oude Burg E9
Bargeweg E13 Generaal Lemanlaan I12 Kleine H. Geeststraat* D10 Oude Gentweg F11 T
Baron Jos. Ryelandtstraat A5 Genthof F7 Kleine Hertsbergestraat* G8 Oude Zak C7 Ter Pannestraat E3
Baron Ruzettelaan F14 Gentpoortstraat G11 Kleine Hoedenmakerstraat* E6 Oude Zomerstraat* E9 Ter Lake G14
Baron Ruzettepark * E3 Gentpoortvest F12 Kleine Hoefijzerstraat* C9 Timmermansstraat H8
Beaupréstraat J9 Gerard Davidstraat A4 Kleine Kuipersstraat C8 P Torenbrug* F6
Beeldenmakersstraat F10 Gerechtshof I8 Kleine Nieuwstraat F5 Paalstraat B9 Torhoutse Steenweg* A10
Beenhouwersstraat C7 Gevangenisstraat F9 Kleine Sint-Amandsstraat* E8 Palmstraat D8 Tornooistraat* B5
Begijnenvest D12 Gieterijstraat C6 Kleine Sint-Jansstraat B8 ’t Pand F10 Tuiniersstraat J5
Begijnhof D11 Gistelse Steenweg* A10> Klokstraat B10 Pandreitje F9 Tuinstraat H14
Bekeweg B1 Giststraat D9 Kloostermuur J5 Paradijsstraat I4 Twijnstraat F8
Beursplein B10 Gloribusstraat C10 Kolenkaai C3 Park G9 ’t Zand C9
Bevrijdingslaan A7 Goezeputstraat D10 Komvest E3 Past. Van Haecke plantsoen* C6 ’t Zweerd* G9
Biddersstraat E5 Gombertstraat (Nikolaas) D3 Konfijtstraat I9 Pater Damiaanstraat C7
Biezenstraat D5 Gotje G5 Koning Albert-I-laan A13 Peerdenstraat G8 V
Bilkske H8 Gouden-Boomstraat B5 Koningin Astridpark G10 Peperstraat H7 Van Steenestraat I13
Binnenweg * G1 Gouden-Handrei F6 Koningin Elisabethlaan D4 Peter Benoitlaan A7 Van Voldenstraat B11
Biskajersplein F7 Gouden-Handstraat F6 Koningstraat F7 Peterseliestraat H5 Veldmaarschalk Fochstraat D4
Blankenbergse Steenweg A2 Goudsmedenstraat F10 Koolbrandersstraat D10 Philipstockstraat E8 Veldstraat A14
Blekerijstraat I11 Graaf Visartpark B6 Koolkerkse Steenweg J5 Pieter Pourbusstraat E7 Venkelstraat H7
Blekersstraat G7 Graaf De Mûelenaerelaan H2 Koolstuk J5 Pijpersstraat D10 Verbrand Nieuwland H8
Blinde-Ezelstraat F9 Grauwwerkersstraat D7 Koopmansstraat I8 Poitevinstraat D6 Verversdijk G7
Bloedput B7 Greinschuurstraat B9 Kopstraat D8 Pottenmakersstraat D7 Vestingstraat F13
Bloemenstraat H13 Groenerei G8 Korte Blekersstraat* G7 Potterierei G4 Violierstraat G10
Blokstraat D5 Groenestraat C7 Korte Raamstraat* F6 Predikherenrei H9 Vismarkt F9
Boeveriestraat B11 Groeninge E10 Korte Riddersstraat F7 Predikherenstraat G8 Visspaanstraat F12
Bollaardstraat C8 Gruuthusestraat E10 Korte Rijkepijndersstraat* H6 Prinsenhof D8 Vizierstraat H10
Boninvest H11 Guido Gezellelaan B9 Korte Ropeerdstraat* H6 Prins Albertstraat J8 Vlamingdam E5
Boomgaardstraat G8 Guido Gezelleplein E10 Korte Sint-Annastraat G7 Prof. Dr. J. Sebrechtsstraat D12 Vlamingstraat E7
Boterhuis D7 Guido Gezellewarande* H7 Korte Speelmansstraat* H6 Vrijdagmarkt C10
Boudewijn Ostenstraat* F7 Gulden-Peerdenstraat I13 Korte Sportstraat J4 R Vrijheidstraat G14
Boudewijn Ravestraat F11 Gulden-Vlieslaan C6 Korte Vuldersstraat C10 Raamstraat D6 Vuldersreitje I7
Braambergstraat F9 G. Vincke-Dujardinstraat* B4 Kortewinkel E7 Riddersstraat F8 Vuldersstraat H8
Brandstraat B8 Korte Zilverstraat D8 Rijkepijndersstraat G6
Breidelstraat E8 H Koudemarkt F10 Rijselstraat A14 W
Britse Kaai F1 Haanstraat C9 Kraanplein E7 Robijnstraat E7 Waalsestraat F9
Brugse Mettenstraat * J7 Haarhakkerstraat H4 Kraanrei* E7 Rode-Haanstrraat E7 Wagnerstraat G12
Buiten Begijnenvest C13 Hadewijchstraat H13 Kreupelenstraat B9 Rodestraat H7 Walplein E11
Buiten Boeverievest* B11 Hallestraat E9 Krom Genthof F6 Rolweg H6 Walstraat E11
Buiten Boninvest H11 Hans Memlinglaan A7 Krommestraat G2 Roompotstraat B7 Walweinstraat F3
Buiten de Dampoort* H3 Hauwerstraat B10 Kroonstraat B4 Ropeerdstraat G6 Wantestraat G14
Buiten de Smedenpoort * A10 Heilige-Geeststraat D10 Kruisboogstraat I12 Rozemarijnstraat* E8 Wapenmakersstraat F8
Buiten Gentpoortvest G12 Helmstraat D8 Kruisvest I6 Rozendal C6 Weidestraat H14
Buiten Katelijnevest F13 Hemelrijk H5 Kruitenbergstraat G9 Rozenstraat H14 Werfplein D4
Buiten Kazernevest J9 Hendrik Consciencelaan B10 Kuiperstraat E8 Rozenhoedkaai F9 Werfstraat D4
Buiten Kruisvest I6 Hendrik Waelputstraat A2 Kwekersstraat I8 Rubenslaan H13 Werkhuisstraat F11
Buiten Smedenvest * A9 Hertsbergestraat F8 Rustenburgstraat A3 West-Gistelhof E6
Burg F8 Hoedenmakersstraat E6 L Westmeers C11
Burgstraat* F8 Hoefijzerlaan B8 Lane B9 S Wevershof* D11
Hof Sebrechts C8 Lange Raamstraat F6 Sasplein H3 Wijnenburgstraat A3
C Hoogste van Brugge C10 Langerei G4 Schaarstraat G10 Wijngaardplein D11
Calvariebergstraat F4 Hoogstraat F8 Langestraat H8 Scheepsdalelaan B4 Wijngaardstraat E11
Camiel Van Den Busschestraat J14 Hoogstuk H10 Lange Vesting A9 Schottinnenstraat* F6 Wijnzakstraat* F7
C. v/d Walle de Ghelckestr. G14 Hooistraat H9 Lauwerstraat A5 Schouwvegersstraat B8 Willem de Dekenstraat E4
Carmersstraat G6 Hoornstraat G7 Leemputstraat B9 Schrijnwerkersstraat* F7 Willemijnendreef G10
Cesar Gezellestraat H12 Hortensiastraat H14 Leestenburg H4 Schrijversstraat E6 Witteleertouwersstraat G9
Chartreuseweg* A14> Houthulststraat C4 Leeuwstraat D7 Schuttersstraat* D6
Colettijnenstraat E12 Hugo Losschaertstraat D6 Leffingestraat G8 ’s Gravenstraat G3
Collaert Mansionstraat F5 Hugo Verrieststraat H7 Leliestraat H14 Simon Stevinplein D9
Cordoeaniersstraat E8 Huidenvettersplein F9 Lendestraat D10 Singel B10
Coupure G9 Leo van Geluwestraat A2 Sint-Amandsstraat D8
I Leopold I-laan A5 Sint-Annakerkstraat G7
D Ieperstraat E8 Leopold II-laan C3 Sint-Annaplein* G7
Dampoortstraat J6 Ijzerstraat E3 Loppemstraat E9 Sint-Annarei G7
Damse Vaart-Zuid I3 L. Coiseaukaai G1 Sint-Brunostraat I8 STREETNAMES
Daverlostraat H12 J Luikstraat D3 Sint-Claradreef E4
De Garre* E8 James Wealestraat E4 Sint-Clarastraat E5 (* not indicated on the map)
De Tuintjes J4 Jakobijnessenstraat F11 M Sint-Gillisdorpstraat* F5
Dhoorestraat I13 Jakob Van Ooststraat E7 Maagdendal E5 Sint-Gilliskerkhof F6
Diamantslijpersstraat F10 Jagerstraat* A14> Maagdenstraat B10 Sint-Gilliskerkstraat F6
Dijver E9 Jan Blockxstraat G12 Maalse Steenweg J8 Sint-Gilliskoorstraat F6
Diksmuidestraat E3 Jan Boninstraat D6 Magdalenastraat A11 Sint-Godelievedreef J3
Dirk Boutsstraat C4 Jan Breydellaan A8 Mallebergplaats F8 Sint-Jakobsplein* D7
Driekoningenweg* J8 Jan Miraelstraat E6 Marcus Laurinstraat J6 Sint-Jakobsstraat D8
Driekroezenstraat E11 Jan Moritoenstraat* G13 Mariastraat E10 Sint-Jan in de Meers C10
Driezwanenstraat G6 Jan van Eyckplein F7 Maria van Bourgondiëlaan A6 Sint-Jansdreef A8
Dudzeelse Steenweg G1 Jan van Ruusbroecstraat G13 Markt E8 Sint-Jansplein F8 Woensdagmarkt F7
Dweersstraat C9 Jasmijnstraat H14 Meestraat F8 Sint-Jansstraat F7 Wollestraat E9
Jeruzalemstraat G7 Middelburgstraat* F8 Sint-Jorisstraat E6 Wulfhagestraat C8
E Joe Englishstraat A4 Minderbroederstraat G9 Sint-Katarinastraat G14 Wulpenstraat H3
Edestraat J4 Joost De Damhouderstraat G7 Minneboplein* G8 Sint-Maartensbilk B10
Edward De Denestraat* G13 Jozef Suvéestraat F9 Minnewater E12 Sint-Maartensplein* F7 Z
Eekhoutpoort F10 Jozef Wautersstraat* A14> Moerkerkestraat H9 Sint-Niklaasstraat E9 Zakske D7
Eekhoutstraat F9 Julius Delaplacestraat J6 Moerkerkse Steenweg J7 Sint-Obrechtsstraat C11 Zandstraat* A10>
Eiermarkt E8 Julius Dooghelaan J5 Moerstraat D8 Sint-Pieterskaai C3 Zevensterrestraat C9
Eiland C12 Julius & M. Sabbestraat F4 Molenmeers G8 Sint-Salvatorskerkhof D10 Zilverstraat D9
Elf-Julistraat D5 J. Van Praetstraat J1 Mortierstraat C8 Sint-Salvatorskoorstraat D9 Zonnekemeers D11
Elisabeth Zorghestraat G6 Muntplein-Muntpoort D8 Sint-Walburgastraat F8 Zuidervaartje J3
Emman. De Neckerstraat B5 K Muur Der Doodgeschotenen* I8 Sledestraat* D6 Zuidzandstraat C9
Engelsestraat F7 Kalkovenstraat D6 Smedenstraat B9 Zeger Van Malestraat* A6
Engelstraat G9 Kammakersstraat B9 N Snaggaardstraat H6 Zuider Boomgaard I14
Esseboomstraat I8 Kandelaarstraat G8 Naaldenstraat D7 Spaanse Loskaai E6 Zwaluwenstraat C3
Eugeen Van Oyestraat G14 Kantwerkersplein* H7 Neststraat C8 Spanjaardstraat E7 Zwarteleertouwersstraat G9
E. van ‘t Padstraat H12 Kapelstraat E5 Nieuwe Gentweg F10 Speelmansrei C9 Zwijnstraat B9
city map bruges Big city map for sale at In&Uit Brugge [Concertgebouw],
’t Zand and at the railway station.

Historic sites and Churches Culture

legend places of interest

Ring: two-way traffic H10 01 Conzett bridge D11 01 Beguinage church D10 01 Bruggemuseum - Archeology
C5 02 City gate D10 02 Episcopal Palace E10 02 Museum Arentshuis
Pedestrian area or area with limited traffic
H11 03 City gate H6 03 English convent D11 03 Beguine's house
Tunnel for pedestrians and bikes G4 04 Episcopal seminary E8 04 Biekorf Library
E7 04 Genoese Lodge (Saaihalle)
No through traffic D7 20 Hof Bladelin F9 05 Basilica of the Holy Blood E8 06 Biekorf Theatre (CC)
E9 22 Hof van Watervliet G10 06 Church of the Holy Magdalena E7 07 Ciné Liberty Cinema
E7 24 "Ter Beurze" house H7 07 Jerusalem Church E11 10 Bogarden Chapel
Two-way-traffic H4 25 Koelewei mill E8 08 St Peter’s Chapel E11 12 Brewery ‘Halve Maan’
J7 26 City gate (United Protestant Church & English Church) C10 13 Bruges Concert Hall
Parking area
D13 27 Gunpowder Tower B10 09 Capucins A9 14 De Bond (CC)
Coach parking E7 28 Burghers' Lodge (State archives) E9 10 Military Chapel (Carthusian Chapel) D7 16 De Republiek

Parking mobil homes D8 29 Prinsenhof C6 11 Oecuminical Chapel (Lumière, Cactus)

E8 30 Proosdij D6 12 Discalced Carmelites D4 17 De Werf
Railway station
E8 31 Provincial Palace G4 13 Church of our Lady of the Potterie E11 18 Diamond Museum Brugge
Access road or entrance gates I6 32 “Sint-Janshuis” mill E10 14 Church of our Lady G1 19 Entrepôt (Youth and Cultural Centre)
B9 33 City gate D6 15 Orthodox Chapel (St Helen and Constantine) E10 20 Groeninge Museum
Bus-stop De Lijn
C8 34 Minstrels Guild’s Chapel G7 16 St Anne's Church E10 21 Bruggemuseum - Gruuthuse
Boats F9 35 Fish Market F6 17 St Giles' Church I6 22 Guido Gezelle Museum
E13 36 Barge bridge B10 18 St Godelieve's Abbey D6 23 Joseph Ryelandt Concert Hall
Horse-drawn cabs
F8 37 Pavilion Toyo Ito D7 19 St Jacob's Church H7 24 Lace Centre
Sight-seeing Line D10 20 St Saviour's Cathedral E10 25 Hospitaalmuseum St John's hospital
F7 38 Old Toll House
Celebrations Entertainment F7 21 St Walburgha's Church H7 27 Folklore Museum
E7 22 Free Evangelical Church D8 29 Organ Hall (Music Academy)
Boudewijn Seapark Brugge
Public or semipublic buildings I6 31 St Sebastian's Archers Guild
Almshouses F8 32 City Archives
E7 33 City Theatre (CC)
Meeting point guides
F8 01 Administrative Centre I7 35 St George’s Archers Guild
Bike Rental B10 02 Exhibition Centre A11 36 Magdalena hall

Public toilet E9 03 College of Europe G3 37 Hospitaalmuseum Our Lady of the Potterie

I8 04 Courthouse F8 38 Bruggemuseum - City Hall
Branch Toerisme Brugge
D10 07 Meeting Event & Conference Centre Old St John E8 39 Bruggemuseum - Belfort
In&Uit Brugge F9 12 City Hall F7 41 Choco-Story (chocolate museum)
[Concertgebouw], ’t Zand (C10) B6 15 Swimming pool Jan Guilini C10 42 Forum+ [Concertgebouw]
T. +32 50 44 46 46 / /
F7 43 Lumina Domestica
one-stop information point for details on A14 44 Kinepolis Brugge
culture and tourism and for ticket sales
concept & lay-out
kwink brugge
drukkerij pluspoint
j. darthet | d. de kievith | c. potigny | stedelijke cel fotografie | p. monney |
k. daem | b. dehaene | b. gouwy | l. daoudi | jerôme berquez | verne (cover)
coordination liesbet cartreul
toerisme brugge: liesbet cartreul
responsible editor
dieter dewulf, postbus 744, 8000 brugge
oktober 2006
Subject to alteration.

contact on-site tourist information point

toerisme brugge | po box 744 | 8000 brugge | tel +32 50 44 46 46 in&uit brugge [concertgebouw], 't zand

fax +32 50 44 46 45 | | daily 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. (thursday - 8.00 p.m.)

this publication is also available in a version for the blind or visually impaired

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