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Subject: Misrepresentation Everywhere the FACT Everywhere WHEN SPOKE the FACT / TRUTH...1st in INDUSTRIAL WAY ..But 2ndly When Protest or Fact Prevail..the RESULT

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I support anna. List of problems and situations people often come across

I wholeheartedly support Anna for this movement.

Corruption and bribes have become very common and almost appearing as fundamental rights to most of the government officials. "Stop offering bribe" is a very common sentence often we hear from our leaders, well known personalities and stars. I think we need to be practical here and should know the realities.

Corruption Is Both In Government and Private Sector’s, In Government Sector in Name of BRIBE and In Private Sectors in Two or Many Name’s “OIL” and “Selfish Act”

Here is list of problems/issues and situations people often come across –

1) Passport application No matter how well and neatly you filled up the application, spelling mistakes are inevitable either in your name or your father's name/address. Any mistake in your passport is a penalty in terms of money and effort but it’s a reward for officials. This is not the end of story..Needless to elaborate.

2) Flat/house registration

3) Flat/house mutation

4) Driving license

5) Road Tax deposit/Papers - motor vehicle dept

6) Railway ticket seen any of them ......!!!!)










7) Shifting home within or to another city

8) Receiving shipments from Railway station

9) Mobile/valuable lost case reporting to police station

10) Sale tax

11) Vendors to get payment from government sectors

12) Inspection and clearance and certifications from government dept.

13) Import/Export duty - Custom clearance

14) Interstate consignment - VAT related paperwork

15) Utility connection (gas/water etc)

16) Reporting a harassment case to police against local mafia/gunda

17) Didn't receive admit card in time for a competitive exam

18) Son/daughter just got 5 marks in a subject in 10th/12th board exam. Paper review process.

19) Footpath is 90% occupied by hockers

20) Not able to manage escalated education fees for my child.

21) Hospital asking for high registration fees

22) Unable to bear medical fees

23) Bed not available in Govt hospital

24) Admission fees very high in private hospital - don't know where to go

25) You know patient is already dead. Doctors kept the patient on ventilator/life support. Medical bill started crossing several lacs.

26) Patient is not recovering. Hospital not releasing the patient.

27) Private College/University not publishing name and rank details of candidate appeared for exam

28) Death certificate and police clearance and cargo booking

29) Cremations and government appointed helpers and issues

30) Collect ration from ration-shop

31) Traffic police stopped your car and asked you to wait till senior officer comes

32) You are enjoying a cup of tea from road side tea stall close you your home/flat, suddenly police raided the area and you are picked up and locked inside police station. Nobody is listening to you and you have to prove that you are innocent.

33) You are on long drive with your family and while passing a small city; your car is stopped at police kiosk.

Your papers are OK but still you are asked to wait till senior police officer arrives. You waited for couple of hours but no senior officer arrived. You don't how long you will have to wait.

34) Situation as described in 33. You asked police how long you will have to wait. They threaten you and asked you to keep quite.

You stared an argument and at the end you are detained/thrashed for no reason. At the end, if you are lucky you would be given a choice to pick up charges they can book against you (theft, robbery, rush driving and attempt to murder etc). Men in uniform with guns but without well education is a big threat to society.

35) Report a corruption case/illegal deal happening close to your home/flat.

36) Situations 31 - 35 are so serious that if you start arguing logically, you will be pushed to an extend beyond your imagination.

Your family may end up losing you.

37) Birth certificate

38) Common medicines which are supposed to be there in government hospitals at remote places are often go out of stock.

But those are available nearby private medical shop.

39) No regulatory bodies in many cases. Nexus between regulatory govt bodies and private companies/service providers to extract public money.

40) Ruthless corruption in government aided projects. Very common and regular way of siphoning public funds.

41) IT Training institute Opening as like umbrella with backend Politicians..TAX along with installment date fixed but Timely and do proper output and if there Problem okay if Student there Chance to Earn when Enrollment Amount PAID and at given time many lapses from Institute Side then Why Institute don’t Compensate..as After payment Why a Student is harassed or Breakup fees etc are Over Charged..They Will Make RULE and We Customer as own self so would Suffer…ask Media to invst NIHT and Infouniv Duration 2006 – 2007 2008 – 2010 (March – April Scenario the Change )

This list is endless. People, who are running small/medium/large businesses, know ground realities very well.

How often our leaders, stars themselves reach government offices by availing public transport and be a part of common people's queue ?

Actually, our leaders, stars get these jobs done by agents/third parties and many of these are not applicable to them.

Even if the need be, they do it through VIP quota. They go to 1st world countries for ailment and then come back to INDIA after recovery and then start advising people to have faith on government hospitals.

Privileged, rich and powerful people having political affiliation often live in a virtual INDIA and therefore never encounter above listed issues so do not admit presence of such issues. What common people have to face is the ground reality and real face of INDIA.

A very strong lokpal is needed to curb corruptions and I do support Anna.


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