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Texts in a Digital Age

Presented by Kevin Hodgson Sixth grade teacher William E. Norris Elementary School Southampton, MA A mentor text is a piece of reading or writing that can be used to teach a writer about some aspect of writers process or craft. What happens when students are composing digitally? How can we use traditional texts to inspire digital writing? What affordances does technology bring to writing? Writers Voice (literally and figuratively) Authentic Audience Compositional flexibility Collaborative elements Use of technology for meaningful purpose Make your Own Adventure/Ending Stories The Choose Your Own Adventure Wiki: Norris students wiki stories: Digital Science Picture Books The Magic School Bus Series: Bringing Digital Pictures to Life (at the National Writing Project Digital Is website): The Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Story The original story from Norris students Voicethread chapters: This I Believe National Public Radio: This I Believe online home: Dawn Reeds This I Believe unit: Claymation/Stopmotion Moviemaking Wallace and Gromit: Making Stopmotion Movies (my online resource site):