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On the job training or OJT is one method by which students is given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from the school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum.

COMPANY Aristocrat production/bake shop

The Aristocrat Restaurant is a landmark along Roxas Boulevard in the city of Manila. With the Manila Bay in front and the Malate Circle behind, its location cannot be any better. Its a family restaurant that has served generations of satisfied customers. I am not very partial with Aristocrat Restaurant food though. What I am very particular about are the products in its bakeshop. Not the cakes but the breadsthe croissants, the turnovers, the chicken pie and, my favorite of all, the Japanese bread, a sweet bread stuffed with meat, mushrooms, carrots and peas covered with a creamy crust. When the kids were younger and we were still living in the city, Sunday trips to the Intramuros and Manila Bay areas inevitably led to visits to the Aristocrat Bakeshop. Because of the distance, we often bought enough baked goodies to last for at least three days. Thats one thing about Aristocrat breadstheyre good even after reheating. Just keep them well wrapped in the coldest section of the fridge then reheat in the oven. The Aristocrat Bakeshop is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can drop by any time to enjoy the baked products.

Services and Experiences

The trainee easily observed that all workers inside the working zone must wear their proper PPE during working hours. Even the sweeper or janitor who cleans the yard must wear complete PPE. Any workers who will notice without in their proper PPE will be given a punishment which is by cleaning the whole yard for one week and posting their pictures at the gate of the company; reminding everyone that those people were violators. Safety inside the company was really strict.

Another thing that the trainee observed was the rules and regulation that the company initiated. Before entering the company, regular frisking and baggage inspections were conducted. Car without stickers cannot enter inside the company except for the visitors. Trainees are not included as a visitor. Another was the NO smoking, sleeping and by standing rule. Any violators who will be caught will fine an amount of one thousand pesos. Gadgets like mobile phones and portable mp3 players are not allowed during working hours. Gadgets must be placed on the locker room. Requests like emergency calls are accepted making sure that the call was important and entertain able. Participation

The trainee participated in the normal operation of the company by maintaining the equipments used in the shipyard in their good condition. Daily check on the important spots of the cranes like the pressure of the tires, fuel levels, gear and engine oil, lubrication of the joints and the water level of the

radiator. Errors must be predict and must be solved before it happened. Any trouble happened to the equipment during the progression will cause a big interruption on the whole process of the company.

The trainee also participated as a tool keeper on maintenance department. Tools and parts of the machine must be kept to avoid misplacing it. Tools must be clean before they were returned to the tool box. Bolts, nuts and small machine parts must be placed in a closed container. Interaction

During the training at Keppel Batangas Shipyard, the trainee learned to interact with other people. We know that people have different characteristics and attitudes; however, making friends with the trainees coworkers doesnt make difficult.

Even though he was only a trainee, they dont treat him like others. And as a trainee, dont feel uncomfortable as he worked with them. From the interaction the trainee made with them, the later learned to work with patience. Although thoroughly working on something was time consuming, the quality of the output product is the most important. He also learned from his co-workers experiences and mistakes and apply them whenever he needed it. They also encouraged the trainee to go on with his studies until he become a professional.

Although I worked and interact with them for a short period of time, I learned a lot to them; the skills and techniques that they shared with me that cannot be find on the books. Challenges Challenge is test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding. And challenges are always present.

During the trainees on-the-job training, he met some challenges that push him to work much better. First is when one of his co-workers challenged him to be greedy in learning new things and skills. That is also

the time when the trainees supervisor said than if the later want high grade, he must work like a real employee. That was a big challenge for the trainee. He was only a trainee, so the supervisor must supervise him and not to let him handle a situation than he didnt know. And because of that, the trainee learned to put a dedication to his work.

Another challenge that the trainee met was the climate during his working hours on the field. The heat coming from the sun makes him uncomfortable. And there is a time, halfway of his training, when he got sick.

Lastly, one challenge that the trainee met is when his co-worker asked him to remove a bolt from a crankcase of a 4-cylinder engine. The trainee thought it was easy. But then, he was wrong. He asked other to hold the crankcase as he

twisted the bolt using a socket wrench. Still, the bolt doesnt pull out. He twisted it again using extension and pulled it as he can. At last, bolt was removed but the trainees hands were aching. He forced himself to twist the bolt because he said to his co-worker that he can do it without even knowing that the bolt was placed to the crankcase using an air lock and has a torque of 200 Newton. Problems Met and Solutions Offered Problems that the trainee encountered during his training were all related to the engine and pump failures.

Lack of materials to be needed must be resolved using alternative one. Like gaskets. In making gaskets, special paper called paper gasket was being needed. But as an alternate to paper gasket, paper folder can be used. It was fastened to the joints by means of gasket maker, a glue-like liquid.


This chapter presents the entire training period with the activities done by the trainees. This shows the accomplishments and skills being enhanced during the internship period that gave them the best training ground as a beginner. Accomplishment and Contribution

The trainees contribution to the company was mostly in maintaining the equipments on its good condition. He was able helped the regular employee in repairing and building the equipments used in the yard. Such would help them to minimize their work and finished it for a short period of time and with high quality. The trainee also do such house keeping on the times that there is no work. Cleaning the barracks can be a simple way to minimize accidents.

The trainee also shared with them new knowledge such as conversion of units and basic formulas. It would help them to compare the values using different units and to get values in a simple but accurate way.

Competencies Gained

The training inside the company is learning experience each day. The trainee learned to appreciate the lessons studied in school. He was able to realize the importance of theories and formulas that was discussed inside the classroom. And also to understand that everything that was thought inside the school can be a tool that can be used in future career.

As the trainee was working as a trainee at Keppel, he learned to become a hard-working person. Time to complete the output product is not important, but the quality. He also learned to follow the instructions as what the superiors said and to accept opinion that they suggested.

At the school, being late is better than absent. But as what the trainee learned at Keppel, being absent is better than being late. Being absent can be a cause of emergency situations like sickness, unpredicted travels and phenomena, while, being late is a cause of misbehavior and unable to manage the time.

Lastly, the trainee learned that on-the-job training is not just only a subject to be passed or a requirement to be completed but on-the-job training is an opportunity to show what skills, talents and techniques that the student learned from the school and also an opportunity to experience the life outside the campus; serving companies like a professional on the field of the students specialization. Projects/Output

OJT - Narrative Report