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DCS Trainer

Procured under the Grant received under TEQIP Scheme of the World Bank

Input Output Module

Marshaling Cabinet

DCS Trainer

Field Instruments Connector

The Forbes Marshall DCS trainer is a complete system that combines a DCS (Distributed Control System) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) along with process rigs in one compact unit. It is Manufactured By Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd. Pune ,India.



It combines the ability to collect data and simultaneously feed 4 test rigs and control. It has the capacity to provide a comprehensive output. The Process rig for Level & Flow is developed by Feedback Instruments Ltd. & Supplied by Forbes Marshall .

Console Type control panel

DCS Trainer
Forbes Marshall DCS Basic Process Rig with Flow and Level Sensor Packs Ellipse SCADA The DCS Trainer collects/supplies: Monitor 4 Analog input data 4 Discrete input data 4 Analog output data 4 Discrete output data Power Module This is developed using high end data acquisition based on built-in engineering tools. CPU The DCS Trainer can control all process parameters - Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature and pH simultaneously.

Forbes Marshall DCS

Features & Benefits
All process parameters can be controlled simultaneously. The DCS Trainer is extremely flexible, yet comprehensive. One can connect all test rigs to the Trainer for a comprehensive graphics based control and testing.

Features & Benefits

Trainer for DCS or PLC
The system can combine the features of DCS & PLC in this trainer by running through the various experiments. The experiments have a theory to go through prior to executing the practical. The industrial process mimics will appraise the student to get the industrial feel.

It can simulate an industrial environment

Output from the DCS Trainer includes both, graphical representation of the test rigs as well as actual industrial process graphics. Switch with ease between both to obtain an immense industrial experience.

Features & Benefits

Test rigs can be used either with the system or separately
The DCS trainer is available separately for those who already own test rigs. Optionally test rigs are available with the Trainer to meet individual needs.

Start comprehensive training even with one rig

Even if all rigs are not available, the DCS Trainer's sophisticated software takes over the task of simulating the actual field values for the balance inputs by feeding manually.

Efficient data handling

Data logging is efficient and advanced. Data from configured tags is logged every second and can be viewed for trends, or printed on reports. The alarm management is handled effectively by the software.

Features & Benefits

Report generation - a wide variety.
The DCS Trainer comes with a variety of pre-configured reports built in. Choose from these Standard Reports or define your own parameters for custom reporting. Both, Trend reports and Status reports are available, such as shift reports, daily reports or experiment reports.

Range configurable as per users requirements

The input ranges can be configured on the software as per the need of the user. Every channel of the analog inputs can be connected to various types of signals from the field, such as 420mA or 0-20mA.

Supply Voltage : Analog Inputs : Analog Outputs : Digital Inputs : Digital Outputs : Type of Analog Inputs : Type of Digital Inputs :
230 VAC 50 Hz 12 8 4 8 4-20mA, 0-20mA Potential free (with 24 VDC interrogation voltage)

Type of Digital Outputs : Potential free, 24 VDC, 110/230 VAC

Keyboard :
Standard keyboard

Operator/ Engineering Station :

IBM compatible

PC with following configuration :

IBM Thinkcentre with latest specifications Keyboard, Mouse, TFT flat screen colour monitor Windows 2000 operating system

Software :
Programming language 61131-3 compliant with Function block, Ladder logic, Sequential charts, Structured text , Continuous function chart

Open system software with SQL & ODBC connectivity.

Panel :
Free Standing Panel 800 x 800 x 2100 mm

Flow and Level Process Rig

Level Transmitter Level switch

Motorized Servo Valve

Flow Transmitter



Solenoid Valves

Water Pump Manual Valve

Flow and Level Process Rig

The level/flow process trainer is a single loop system allowing the study of The principles of process control, using liquid level and flow rates as the Measured process variables. The system is a completely self-contained, low pressure flowing water circuit supported on a bench top-mounted panel, making it suitable for individual student work or for group demonstrations.

It comprises a dual compartment process lank, linked to a sump tank by manual and solenoid Operated valves. Water is pumped through the System, via a van able area now meter and Motorised control valve. Level is measured in the process tank. Flow IS measured through an optical pulse flow meter.

Flow and Level Process Rig

Use water as the process medium. It is controlled using industry standard 4-20mA signals. Control of the system being affected by a linearized profiled seat, electrically-actuated gate valve. The rig has three tanks which are constructed of welded polycarbonate. The three tanks are: a sump tank and a 3L and 2L dual compartment Process Tank. The level and flow rig is fitted with a submersible 10 L/min 12V dc pump. Level is measured using either a Float Switch or a Float Sensor. Flow is measured using a 0 to 4.5 L/min Pulse Flow Sensor. Flow can be observed using a 0.4 to 4.4 L/min Variable Area Flow meter. The system incorporates different orifice solenoid valves allowing step change of supply & drain rates. Contains selection of level and flow sensors & indicators Flow controlled by linear motorised control valve On/Off and proportional control P, PI and full PID control with auto tune facility Modern push fittings

Elipse SCADA
It is a Supervisory, Control & Data Acquisition System based on Windows. The Organizer gives you a clean and organized view of all the application, helping edition and configuration of all the objects involved in the system through a hierarchical options tree. Elipse Windows has 4 brand-new tools:
SCADA software for system monitoring including digital image acquisition, storage and transmission in real time. Supports a variety of file formats, including MPEG. Allows you to create an image database searching by period or event and also image transmission in real time for remote stations using TCP/IP or dial-up connection.

Supervisory and control system through the Internet. Using a commercial browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) you can connect to a remote supervisory station, receiving data in real time.

Allows connection with IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) and RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) using any communication protocol, including IEC 870-5/DNP 3.0. Uses a local time base, allowing SOE (Sequence of Events) with 1ms precision and oscillography, wave form transferring and visualization in local stations or tale supervisory systems.

System for laboratory test applications, allowing graph registers and oscillograph substitution, ATEs construction and creation of virtual instruments. Has GPIB communication (including IEEE-488.2), RS-232/422/485 and a driver development kit for any instrument.

Elipse Symbol Factory

It is Used to Draw the Mimic In Elipse SCADA.

What is CoDeSys?
CoDeSys is a complete development environment for your PLC. (CoDeSys stands for Controlled Development System). CoDeSys puts a simple approach to the powerful IEC language at the disposal of the PLC programmer. Use of the editors and debugging functions is based upon the proven development program environments of advanced programming languages (such as Visual C++).

What is What in CoDeSys

Project Components POU (Program Organization Unit) Function Program Resources Libraries Data types Function Block Visualization

Instruction List (IL)

Example: LD 17 ST lint (* comment *) GE 5 JMPC next LD idword EQ istruct.sdword STN test next:

Example: IF value < 7 THEN WHILE value < 8 DO value:=value+1; END_WHILE; END_IF;

Structured Text (ST)

Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

The Continuous Function Chart Editor (CFC)

Ladder Diagram (LD)

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