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Two-day networking and strategic forum

23-24 November 2011, Amsterdam


Here are 6 reasons why you must attend this event:

The must attend event for European law firm leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of key factors driving strategy decisions across European firms.

Christian Pothe, Managing Partner, Buse Heberer Fromm, Germany

Unparalleled peer-to-peer learning and strategic networking with the cream of Europes legal profession leaders Case studies from award winning firms: CMS Hasche Sigle, LABLAW, Abreu Advogados, Lexence, Buse Heberer Fromm and Boyanov & Co Stephen Denyer, Global Markets Partner of Allen & Overy on the impact of globalisation on the legal market Expert guidance on how to meet client demands for international service through alliances, networks, best friends and mergers An intensive session on financial management to increase profitability preparing for the future, efficient cash flow management and understanding and communicating financial information to your firm Winning approaches to retain, develop and motivate top talent


Expert contributions from across Europe:
Abreu Advogados (Portugal) Advokatfirman Lindahl (Sweden) Allen & Overy (UK) August & Debouzy (France) Boyanov & Co (Bulgaria) Buse Heberer Fromm (Germany) CMS Hasche Sigle (Germany) Krogerus Attorneys (Finland) L&E Global (Belgium) LABLAW (Italy) Lexence (the Netherlands) Linklaters (Germany) LOGOS (Iceland) Trafalgar The People Business (UK) White & Case (UK)

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and information services AMSTERDAM

Grappling to differentiate your firm in a competitive market? Juggling your responsibilities as a fee earner whilst leading your practice? Looking for guidance to help you make those sometimes difficult and lonely decisions? If you have answered yes to any of the above, you will benefit from this two-day intensive forum which brings together law firm leaders to discuss, debate and share their experiences in defining a successful strategy to safeguard their law firms future. It provides a unique platform for European law firm leaders to keep abreast of the key trends and developments within the global and European market, to network with fellow leaders and return to the office inspired and ready to tackle the coming year. Managing Partners extensive research with your peers revealed the top issues keeping Managing Partners awake at night, such as: addressing alternative fee structure demands and developing cross-selling skills in fee earners, developing alternative career paths, remuneration systems to reward professional and fee earning skills, delivering outstanding client services whilst maintaining profitability and prioritising the markets and jurisdictions your firm will serve. Discover how your peers have tackled these challenges and more by attending this two-day intensive forum. Defining strategy in a global market Stephen Denyer, Global Markets Partner, Allen & Overy, examines the impact of globalisation on the legal market, exploring key trends and strategies in law firm development and expansion. Managing Partner of Lexence, Peter Reinders shares key survival strategies for successfully competing with international and global law firms on your home turf. And Dr Hubertus Kolster, CMS Hasche Sigle discusses their approach to meeting client demands for value added services and how to encourage crossselling in fee earners. Talent management and motivation While having a clear defined strategy is critical, as a Managing Partner you know that it is the people in your firm who will make it a success. An integrated approach is essential, from developing fee earners to ensuring you motivate your support staff and align support functions with fee earners needs. Expert UK consultant, Patricia Wheatley Burt of Trafalgar The People Business explores alternative career paths and management structures that help retain your firms most important asset your top talent in a cost effective and practical manner. The pressure to develop staff is constantly increasing, especially when one is looking at succession plans. Staffan Eklw discusses how Advokatfirman Lindahl went about developing professional skills in fee earners, to ensure they are more than just good lawyers, but also future leaders. Having an innovative

remuneration model that meets the changing expectations of fee earners and staff is also at the top of managing partners agendas. Gunnar Sturluson of LOGOS shares his experiences and feedback in designing a new remuneration model for multijurisdictional implementation and gaining firm wide buy-in. Hannu Krogerus explains how understanding and responding to early warning signals can be the difference to safeguarding your firms future profitability. Likewise, communicating your business financials effectively and understanding your key performance indicators is critical to managing a successful law firm Dr Wolfgang Weiss of Linklaters advises how to monitor and manage this. Strategic growth Thinking of expanding your reach and offering clients a more international service to compete in the growing and competitive legal market? Struggling to contend with global giants integrated approach? Find out everything you need to know about alliances, networks, best friends and mergers, to ensure you dont lose clients due to a lack of international partners. Also understand how to make your firm attractive to international firms. Dont miss this unique opportunity to gain inspiration from peers, take advantage of an informal exchange of views and find innovative solutions to the questions at the top of your agenda, such as: Delivering value-added client services and maintaining profitability Defining your strategy for continued growth in a competitive market Critical talent management examining remuneration structures, professional skills and developing future leaders Financial management preparing for the future, efficient cash flow management and understanding financials and communicating them with your firm effectively

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09:00 Registration and refreshments 09:30 Chairs opening remarks


inteRnal innovation to MaxiMise PRofitability 13:30 Case study: Redefining your brand and marketing strategy for an international/cross-border firm Identifying and developing a brand to AwArd reflect your firms core values Building an international brand and ShortliSted launching it throughout the firm Managing partners input and engagement Encouraging firm wide adoption of new brand values Christian Pothe, Managing Partner, Buse Heberer Fromm, Germany 14:10 Maintaining profitability while continuing to deliver excellent client service

Peter Scott, Founder, Peter Scott Consulting, UK and former London and European Managing Partner of Eversheds 09:40 Setting the scene for Europes markets Key market developments and trends Globalisation: Predicting future geographic hotspots for international expansion Europe and the peripheral countries: AwArd Where are we headed? winning Markets in crises: A review of Portugal, Ireland and Greece Miguel Teixeira de Abreu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Abreu Advogados, Portugal Globalisation and stRateGic PlanninG 10:00 Examining the impact of globalisation on European law firms Exploring the current trends in law firm development and expansion Providing effective global coverage Ensuring you are flexible and agile in your strategy, structure and approach Meeting the increased client demands with value added services Stephen Denyer, Global Markets Partner, Allen & Overy, UK 10:40 Morning coffee break

AwArd Hourly billing versus merit based billing winning exploring the pros and cons Meeting the growing demand from clients for innovative, cost effective billing arrangements Determining a competitive price point for alternative fee arrangements Changing the way you look at staffing and business resources to maintain profitability Emmanuelle Barbara, Managing Partner, August & Debouzy, France
A critical look at alternative fee structures 14:50 afternoon coffee break stRateGic Global PaRtneRshiPs

11:10 Defining and implementing your law firms strategy for growth in the coming years Key criteria in determining what clients, market and jurisdictions to serve


15:20 Panel: Strategic alliances, networks and best friends benefits, limitations and experiences Through a round of quick fire case studies, this extended panel session will take a critical look at the key challenges and benefits to consider when exploring entering into a network, alliance or undergoing a merger: Pros and cons for joining a network Borislav Boyanov, Managing Partner, Boyanov & Co, Bulgaria Forming an alliance Stephan Swinkels, Executive Director, L&E Global, Belgium The story of a recent merger Speaker to be confirmed

ShortliSted How do you differentiate your firm to stand out in an over crowded market? Capitalising on your strengths and exploiting your competitive advantage Key considerations for cross-border growth and expanding into new jurisdictions Ensuring integrated firm wide adoption of your strategy and gaining positive buy-in Be brave weathering the storm Luca Failla, Founding Partner, LABLAW, Italy, member of L&E Global
Looking ahead what does the future hold for regional firms? Identifying your unique selling points and raising your profile Building and retaining your client base Defining a sustainable business strategy and remaining flexible Peter Reinders, Managing Partner, Lexence, the Netherlands

AwArd ShortliSted AwArd ShortliSted

11:50 Defining the arena for national firms

You will be given the opportunity to discuss with your fellow delegates, prior to a panel discussion featuring our experts addressing the following themes: Exploring the pros and cons of joining a network or alliance What are the global firms looking for in partners? Key steps in developing a good friends network Raising your firms profile

12:30 networking lunch break

16:50 Chairs closing remarks 17:00 close of day one



09:00 Registration and refreshments 09:30 Chairs opening remarks


Methods and options for achieving this in a cost effective and practical manner Patricia Wheatley Burt (FCIPD), Trafalgar The People Business, UK 12:50 networking lunch break 13:50 Building future leaders: A programme to develop professional skills in partners Establishing clear criteria for promotion and helping talent in developing professional skills Professional skill development: Leadership, business acumen and management skills Designing a remuneration package rewarding professional skill development Talent retention and organic growth Staffan Eklw, Managing Partner, Advokatfirman Lindahl, Sweden 14:30 Case study: Designing a new remuneration model for multi-jurisdictional implementation Identifying fee earners and staff expectations and preferences Designing a remuneration strategy and gaining firm-wide engagement and buy-in Finding the balance between lockstep and merit-based models Challenges in implementing a remuneration model across borders and in multi-jurisdictional practices Gaining essential feedback and adjusting the system based on lessons learnt Gunnar Sturluson, Managing Partner, LOGOS, Iceland deliveRinG excellent client seRvices

Christian Pothe, Managing Partner, Buse Heberer Fromm, Germany business and financial ManaGeMent 09:40 Case study: How Krogerus prepared itself for the recession and grew by 20% despite the downturn Detecting early warning signals and safeguarding your firms future Learning from the past and analysing past cycles and trends Reading the signs and trusting your instincts Ensuring your business is flexible to adjust to market needs Defining short, mid and long term strategies Survival strategies: Lessons learnt Hannu Krogerus, former Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board, Krogerus Attorneys, Finland 10:20 Managing your business financials effectively for maximised profitability Managing profitability: From hourly rates AwArd to capped/fixed fees winning Knowing your figures and setting key performance indicators Manage your matters against financial targets Ensuring effective cash flow management Dr Wolfgang Weiss, Head of Management Germany, Linklaters 11:00 Morning coffee break talent ManaGeMent and Motivation 11:30 Case study: Engaging and rewarding non fee earning staff Evolution of support functions in law firms Deciding on the right strategy and building up support functions to deliver AwArd cost-efficient services winning Best practices in attracting, retaining and motivating support staff Assessment and career development strategies Inga Masjule, HR Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa, White & Case, UK 12:10 Creating alternative career paths models and management structures to retain top talent: Doing nothing is not an option! Protecting your most important assets your people Defining key client drivers for change, a look at the UK and US markets How to align partner careers (succession and talent management) with the firms strategy, linking to business development and business generation Single and multi-tracked career paths, based on realistic capabilities, reflecting value, and profile in sector/market place

15:10 Meeting the demands for value added client services and an integrated approach Novel initiatives encouraging cross selling and business development Send the best people for presentations and train them Client feedback programme Changing the culture of client control AwArd within the firm/who owns the client winning Ensuring you have a compensation system to encourage referrals Dr Hubertus Kolster, Managing Partner, CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany 15:50 Chairs closing remarks 16:00 close of conference





Stepping up to the Managing Partner role

This pre-conference workshop is designed to ease the transition for new Managing Partners and senior managers who are going to or have recently taken on leadership responsibility in their firm. It is step-by-step guide to help shape your strategy for the future and ensure you set the right tone for your management strategy. Renowned leadership advisor, Peter Scott, former London and European Managing Partner of Eversheds delivers expert guidance and advice to help you conquer the daunting task ahead of you. Delivering practical insights from his own experiences and others in your position, he will help you to focus on priorities and set key agenda points for the pivotal first months in your new role. This is an exclusive opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to prioritise your first steps as a law firm leader, prior to our conference addressing Europes current managing partners key concerns in leading their firms through an increasingly competitive market. This half-day workshop will allow you to understand the critical skills needed and develop a plan of action to successfully transition into your new role: Determine the current situation of your firm, and ensure you identify the expectations of your partners for the future Develop effective communication skills to effectively deal with hearts and minds Enhance your skills as a key influencer and gain support from previously difficult partners Set your agenda and gain essential buy-in Common leadership pitfalls to avoid Dont miss this crucial opportunity to make sure you make the right first impression as a Managing Partner and embark on a successful career in achieving your firms future profitability.

About Peter Scott

Peter is a solicitor and was for eight years until 2000 the Managing Partner of Eversheds London and European offices. He acts as an advisor, trainer and coach to many law firms and other professional organisations in Europe; in particular in relation to their performance, strategic, financial and business development issues and with a particular focus on helping clients to improve their competitiveness through effective performance management. He acts as a discreet mentor to many UK and European managing partners and CEOs.

Who should attend?

Anyone new to the role of Managing Partner, Senior Partner, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or those who are currently in the process, or are about to take on management responsibility in the firm.

12:00 Registration and lunch 13:00 Moving into your new leadership position Understanding your partnerships expectations of you Enhancing your communication and influencing skills Management vs. fee earning? 14:00 Setting your agenda and engaging your firm Defining your key priorities Developing a plan of action Engaging key thought leaders to help you achieve these Ensuring firm-wide buy-in 15:20 Overcoming common leadership pitfalls Case studies: Understanding what can go wrong First impressions last understanding partners perceptions of you Tips for recovery what to do when things go wrong 16:30 Discussions, questions and wrap up An opportunity to discuss challenges you may encounter, explore solutions to potential issues and make lasting connections with your future contemporaries. 17:00 close of pre-conference workshop

15:00 coffee break

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