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A plastic material is any of a wide range of synthetic or semisynthetic organic solids used in the manufacture of industrial products. Plastics are typically polymers of high molecular mass, and may contain other substances to improve performance and/or reduce production costs. Monomers of plastic are either natural or synthetic organic compounds. The common word plastic should not be confused with the technical adjective plastic, which is applied to any material which undergoes a permanent change of shape (plastic deformation) when strained beyond a certain point. Aluminum which is stamped or forged, for instance, exhibits plasticity in this sense, but is not plastic in the common sense; in contrast, in their finished forms, some plastics will break before deforming and therefore are not plastic in the technical sense. There are two types of plastics: thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. Thermoplastics are the plastics that do not undergo chemical change in their composition when heated and can be molded again and again ;examples are polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl

chloride and polytetra fluoroethylene. Thermo sets can melt and take shape once; after they have solidified, they stay solid. The raw materials needed to make most plastics come from petroleum and natural gas. Plastics can be classified by chemical structure, namely the molecular units that make up the polymer's backbone and side chains. Some important groups in these classifications are the acrylics, polyesters, silicones, polyurethanes, and halogenated plastics. Plastics can also be classified by the chemical process used in their synthesis, such as condensation, polyaddition, and cross-linking.


Other classifications are based on qualities that are relevant for manufacturing or product design. Examples of such classes are the thermoplastic and thermo set, elastomeric, structural, biodegradable, and electrically. Plastics can also be classified by various physical properties, such as density, tensile strength, glass transition temperature, and resistance to various chemical products. About the Indian Plastic Industry The Plastics Industry in India has made significant achievements ever since it made a modest but promising beginning by commencing production of Polystyrene in 1957. The chronology of manufacture of polymers in India is summarized as under:-1957-Polystyrene -1959-LDPE -1961-PVC -1968-HDPE -1978-Polypropylene

The potential Indian market has motivated Indian entrepreneurs to acquire technical expertise, achieve high quality standards and build capacities in various facets of the booming plastic industry. Phenomenal developments in the plastic machinery sector coupled with matching developments in the petrochemical sector, both of which support the plastic processing sector, have facilitated the plastic processors to build capacities to service both the domestic market and the markets in the overseas.

The plastic processing sector comprises of over 30,000 units involved in producing a variety of items through injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and calendaring. The capacities built in most segments of this industry coupled with inherent capabilities have made us capable of servicing the overseas markets.


Manufacturing Facility

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is spread over a sprawling area of 17,500 square feet. The manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to manufacture international quality products. The machinery installed at our facility includes: •Tool Room •Injection molding machines with various capacities • In-house PU filling machines • High capacity mixers, grinders • Printing facilities-screen printing, foil printing.

Supported by an efficient and experienced staff our infrastructural facility is adequately equipped to deal with bulk demand while producing flawless products.


2 ABOUT THE COMPANY The Organization has its origin as the small plastic manufacturing concern during the year 1995. Plastic Supply Society had its prime objectives as service to the urban consumers with good quality products. utility boxes and stands are customized in variety of sizes. We also offer varied colors ranging from transparent to metallic depending on the choice of the client. Clients are also given the leverage to select their choice of raw material from our standard materials or any other that suits their products 4 . The plastic of the individual’s producer’s members was tested for its quality at the village society itself and the payment basis of quality of the plastic goods produced by the producers. shapes and dimensions. Customized Product Range In our industry. Hence we lay utmost stress on understanding the requirements of the clients and design and develop products as per their specifications. The supply society has some individual members on its rolls. The supply society was unable to extend any goods deal of inputs activities to the producing members to encourage the more product production and was unable to impress upon the consumers also on the quality aspects. customization of products plays an important part.1. Our varied array of buckets. Our product line caters more to the commercial and residential utilities and hence pure focus is on making products that best solve those usages. mugs.

plastic stands and plastic containers which are made from high quality durable plastics. PP. co-polymers etc. Our ability to customize the products as per the requirement of the customers has given us an edge above our competitors 5 . Plastic Buckets We manufacture plastic buckets in different capacities. Plastic Mugs Our company specializes in manufacturing plastic molded products like mugs that are extensively used for commercial as well as residential purposes. co-polymers and blend. size and material. PP. These products are tested for quality and are used for both residential and commercial purposes Plastic Tray We are a leading company engaged in manufacturing and exporting of plastic tray in variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small to large ones. Our company specializes in customizing the buckets in the customer's choice of colors. The utility items range comprises of kitchen items.Plastic Utility Items We supply wide range of plastic utility items in various colors and sizes. These are made from quality material like HDPE. These mugs are manufactured using variety of raw materials like virgin grade HDPE.

double shades. plastic stands and plastic containers which are made from high quality durable plastics. 6 . single color. Plastic Containers The customers can get their products customized at nominal rates within the stipulated time frame. We manufacture them in variety of colors we supply wide range of plastic utility items in various colors and sizes.Plastic Drums Our range of plastic drums is available in different variety like with or without lids. They are manufactured in different sizes to hold different quantities of material. We offer these products in vivid hues like transparent shades. Our plastic containers are used for diverse applications and are thus available in different sizes as per their requirement. The utility items range comprises of kitchen items. natural shades and granite shades. pearl shades.

Our nearness to the port has given us an added advantage of making faster deliveries nationally.HISTORY OF THE COMPANY History tells us that A.R. Plastic. We branched off from our parent company in the 1995 to form A. We have established our self in the year 1946.D.D. A. Incepted in year 1995. 7 . Plastic mugs. Our unit is strategically located at the Thiruparamkundram. Manufacturing wide variety of products requires an unending supply of raw material that we procure from trusted vendors. Our plastic products are molded to desired shapes & sizes in attractive colors. when we had started off our pilot project and since then there has been no turning back. As time passes society has diversified its activity from consumers to producers and concentrated in increasing their production by giving various assistance/incentives to the employees in production function.Plastic Products has emerged as a leading manufacturer & exporter of plastic house ware products.D.R. The all-encompassing array that we present comprises of Plastic Buckets. plastic containers etc.R.Plastics came to existence as partnership concern started in a tiny shed its primary objective and focus was to supply plastic products to consumers.

 To know about the employer and employee relationship. Financials. I got acceptance easily because of their motivation attitude. services.  To know the various function of all department  To know the various company strategies which are implemented for the company Development  To know about the employees training and development  To have a practical knowledge about the organization. Production.  To know about the marketing strategies.  To study the organizational structure of the company. I like to do internship in this organization because of its strength and its sincere dedicated workers.OBJECTIVES The objective of this Internship training Program is to gain the knowledge about the variety of business functions such as Purchase. 8 . Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management in an organization. Sales. I keep my relationship in a discipline manner so that only I got the required information easily.

R.150 Workers.550 Company working hours : 24 hours.Estate.R.D. Kappalur. India Year of Commencement : 1995 Phone Number : 91-452-2482023 E-Mail Address : A. III Shifts 9 .COMPANY PROFILE Name : A. Tamil Nadu.144.625008.D. Proprietor : MR.280 Total .80 Marketing.Gunasekaran Manufacturing products : Plastic Utility Items Plastic Mugs Plastic Buckets Plastic Tray etc Bankers : State Bank of India Madurai branch Manpower : Administration .Plastics Address : Shed No. Madurai .


MISSION: As A. State-ofthe-art machinery combined with efficient. It aims to create lasting value for customers across the nation.D. each A.D. It consistently satisfies the comfort expectations of discerning customers.Plastic mattress is designed precisely for this.4 VISION AND MISSION VISION: A.1. 11 . we never stop exploring ways to further the quality of our products and providing excellent service to cater to the needs of our customers.Plastics.R.R.Plastic is a fast growing entity surging ahead with various business interests.R. eco-friendly manufacturing processes and unparalleled technical expertise is the key to our organization's growth and success.D.

Plastics comes under the production department.D.R.D. Purchasing head of the department will inform the purchasing staff when the Raw materials stock reaches re order level.R.1 PURCHASE DEPARTMENT The purchasing department in A.CHAPTER-II 2. Purchase activities of A.   Purchase of Raw Materials Purchase of packing Materials The purchasing procedure following by the purchasing department as follows  Determination of purchase budget  Receiving purchase requisition  Determination of quantity to be used  Selecting suppliers  Placing orders  Follow up  Receiving and inspection of materials 12 .Plastics can be classified in to three major categories. Purchasing is an important boundary function that supports operations by acquiring major resources for the conversion process.

All records with regard to purchase department is kept under the supervision of the purchase officer. favorable terms like trade discount or economic in transportation cost can be obtained. This department helps in achieving uniform purchasing policies. practices and procedures. 4. because quantity will be large.Advantages of Purchase Department in A. 5.R. It avoids duplication of efforts and is helpful in achieving standardized products. Because of centralized purchasing of materials.Plastics 1.D. Specialized knowledge and skill of these persons can be utilized. 13 . 2. The purchase department is staffed with highly paid officials who are experts in the art of purchasing the material. 3.

material. The main activities related to production management i) ii) Production planning Production control 14 ..2 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT PRODUCTION: Production is a process of converting raw materials into a consumable product. etc. The main objectives of this process are: i) ii) Optimum use of resources at optimum cost of production.2. Production process use some of the input i. power. men. Production of goods or providing services of the desired quality. It is management by which scientific planning and regulation sets into motion part of an enterprise to which it has been entrusted the task of actual transformation of inputs and outputs. According to Peter Ducker. “Production is not the application of tools to material but is application of logic to work. It consists of a series of operations through which the transformation process takes place. PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Production management is a branch of general management is concerned with productions activities.e.

this concern follows some of the conversion process. 2. 15 . Manual section Machinery section 1.PRODUCTION PROCESS Production process is one of the most important functions of every organization. The mixture is differ according to the hardness and shape of the product. Manual Section In this section all the process is carried out by the men’s itself. are mixed together. Every organization frame some of the technical procedures for it. They are as clearly described below. Dop. Products Produced  Plastic Utility Items  Plastic Mugs  Plastic Buckets  Plastic Tray  Plastic Drums  Plastic Containers PRODUCTION PROCESS In production process there are two sections 1. color etc. There is no usage of machinery in this section. The various process of manual section is: Compounding: In this process the powdered raw materials like Rexin. The mixing is made on to a proportion or ratio of various raw materials. Loading: In this process the compounded mixture are loaded to the machinery for further process. Likewise. Loading is done without using any machine.

They are: Advanced Infrastructure Our company has a well oiled infrastructure equipped with advanced machines that are specially bused for molding plastics. Through our technically advanced machinery. we are able to increase our production and manufacture products to meet the customer's demands and make timely deliveries.2. Machine Section In this section all production process is carried out in the machinery. The variety of machines that are installed at our production unit are:  Injection Molding Machines  Automatic Injection Molding Machines  Windsor (85 tons to 350 tons)  Center Lathe Machines  Radial Drill Machine  CNC Vertical Milling Machine  Cylindrical Grinding Machine  Surface Grinding Machine 16 . Our tool room is fitted with all the necessary accessories that are required for our molding and other machines. Our efficiency in churning out flawless products has enabled us to design and develop new products that are of export quality and are user and environment friendly.

Different types of molders are used for production of different types of items. In general. Molders are loaded before melting the raw material. These can both be found at the local hardware store. INJECTION The next process after melting the resin is to inject the liquid into the molder. Water is the only coolant used in the machine. Chemical reactions are usually affected by temperature.MELTING The compound mixture is heating and melting inside the machine. the colder the Environment for the reaction. For that the perfect molders is loaded to the machine. This process is mainly done to convert the powdered mixture into liquid form. COOLING After the completion of injection process the mould is cold by the coolant used in the machine. 17 . These include epoxy adhesives and epoxy putties. The mixture is heated about 260º to melt the mixture. the slower it goes. That means that your epoxy adhesive is going to harden slower in colder conditions. Water is poured continuously on the hotly molder until the molders get cooled. The Resin inside the molders are also cooled along with the molder. There is a special kind of plastic that requires the mixing of two ingredients (usually liquid or putty-like) that chemically react to make a hard plastic.

The company is producing several models of pipes and fitting of wide size. Diagrammatic Representation of Production Process Compounding of R/mat Loading to machine Melting of Raw mat Processing Injection to molders Cooling Output the finished goods 18 . The company officially produces from 20 to 200 mm sizes.OUTPUT When the mold get cooled the pipe is pushed out from the mold and takes finished products. It is the final process in the production.

We have segregated the store house into different sections for different products that enables faster identification of the articles during packaging and delivery. we have a large in-house warehouse with a controlled atmosphere that is favorable for the plastic products. Our clients are engaged in diverse sectors that include:      Institutional Sales Government Organizations FMCG’s Retail Markets Hyper Markets 19 . Hence. The products are packed with plastic sheets and then kept inside cardboard or wooden boxes as per the requirement of the customer. In the domestic market.Warehouse & Packaging Since we have vast product array it is necessary for us to have a large storing place that can store bulk quantities of finished products. We also have packaging machines to carry our the packing work within the factory premises. We also ensure that the storage area is kept free from flammable objects to prevent damage. We take care to make sure that they do not crack or break during the transit stage. Our wide reach is the result of our expertise in developing products that have a universal appeal. our products are marketed to the entire south Indian market and to all FMCG's.

2. Each of our products is tested on various parameters like:        Light fastness Excellent resistance to migration High heat stability Pearlescent and metallic shades Food grade No wrapage Transparent We have an in-house testing laboratory that is equipped with a variety of testing tools and equipment and chemicals to test the raw as well as finished products. aesthetics and strength of the finished product.3 QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT Our company emphasizes on the quality of each of our products right from the stage of procuring master-batches from reliable vendors to final packing and delivery. Our quality check officers take care of the entire testing exercise with utmost efficiency. Our inspectors carry out stringent checks to maintain consistency. The raw materials are tested for:       Tensile Color difference Impact Dispersion Shrinkage Pellet uniformity 20 .

Functions of Quality Control Department  To test the quality of raw materials  To whether the product involves the right proportion of raw materials  To maintain the quality of the products a) Raw material Testing Raw materials are tested for ensuring the quality of products even before manufacturing. b) Process Testing Process testing is done before the ginning the cotton. cotton is tested for finding out whether it contains right proportion pesticides 21 . c) Intermediate Testing In this testing.

we have maintained a healthy and pleasant working environment for our work force. We actively strive to promote greenery on and across our premises. We understand this concept and thus extend our responsibility towards the society. Added to this we have addressed the issues of pollution by ensuring that the waste disposal systems from our factory are environment friendly.ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY In keeping with our belief of harmonizing the external and internal environment. By running various welfare schemes for our employees and their families we have exhibited our intentions for improving the quality of life for them. SOCIAL RESPOSIBILITY We believe that the external and internal environment needs to be in harmony with each other for an organization to function well. We have also undertaken active participation in efforts to promote quality life for various underprivileged strata of society 22 .

The important HR function of the company is the following. Employment of competent and specialized persons at various levels is one of the important reasons of their continuous success. Moreover employment of women at certain key areas of operations avoid to great unreasonable labor problem. The basic HR functions include all the basic HR functions that is ought to be performed by them. paragon industry has given utmost care in giving functions to the human resource department. grievance handling etc. This includes recruitment. training and development motivating the employees. Manager’s often say that people or work force is their most important asset. Human resource department deals with the basic personal and general administrative functions of the company. It is a fact that the people are vital for the effective operation of the company as human’s efforts and minds are the main driving force behind any business or any industry.4 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Human resource is a backbone of every organization. Functions of human resource department  Performance evaluation of employees  Staff matters  Training needs assessment for the employees  Training and Development Program  Welfare activities  Grievance Redressal of employees  Wages and salary administration 23 . selection induction.2. performance appraisal. Similar to the entire department.

Plastics playing a active role. A.R.D. In this. Maintenance of personnel records  Industrial relations  Administrative functions of the company HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT H R Manager Asst. It is a statutory one. Schemes are as follows: Insurance for workers Individual insurance scheme is operated with LIC. They considering each and every need of their employees and satisfying them quickly. The premium is recorded from each employee. The management also contributes some 24 . H R Manager Supervisors Trainers Employee’s welfare schemes Employee’s welfare is one of the most important factors which should be considered in every organization.

Bonus is also given for deputation employees.000 is given for the death of employees while in service. The group gratuity is claimed through the trust. Working hours and days The working days in a week are 6 days. Those who are under suspension cannot claim this allowance. The premium collected is 7% of basic pay + DA for every year Compensation for death of employees A compensation of maximum of Rs. 1.premium under the group gratuity with LIC. Bonus A bonus of Rs. In case of death it is treated as full year service and gratuity of 40 years services is given to the legal heirs of the employees. The premium collected every year is 15 days salary for each year. The contribution made is 1% of group super annuation scheme. For this a linked insurance with group super annuation is maintained. The individual insurance is claimed in the LIC. Every second Saturday of every month is announced as leave and other Saturdays is half working day.000 is given to employees. 25 . Group super annuation scheme This scheme is introduced by LIC. 11.00. Any individual may contribute money under this scheme. In addition to this diwali bonus is also given to the employees. After the completion of 5 years of scheme available to employees. Through the premium the LIC fund is generated.

m provided by the employees. Holidays The holidays provided for the employees are three festival holidays and five National holidays are given for employees and 16 to 17 days of public holidays.30 p. Leave CASUAL LEAVE EARNED LEAVE MEDICAL LEAVE 12 DAYS 30 DAYS 15 DAYS Payments of staff The salaries are paid to the employees at the month of end of every year.m to 4. 26 .30 p.30 p.30 a.m and 7.30 a. The timings of the dairy is 7. In the other wing the timings are 9.m.In a day 2 shifts are in functioning. The employee who works on those holidays can get double wages.m to 4.

27 . delivering and communication superior customer value. Definition “The systematic gathering and analyzing data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services.  To estimate potential buying power.2.5 MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing management Marketing management is the process of planning executing the conception of pricing promotion and distribution of ideas. good and services to create a exchanges that satisfies the individual and organizational goal.  To assess competitive strength and policies. Such reasons may be undertaken by impartial agencies or by business firms or their agencies for the solution of their marketing problems and the inclusive term with embraces all research activities carried on in connection with the management of marketing work.” -American Marketing Association Objectives of marketing research  To define the probable market for a product and to find out general market conditions and tendencies. Marketing management as the art and science of choosing target markets and getting keeping and growing customers through creating.  To indicate the distribution methods beast suited to the product and marketing  To assess the probable volume of future sales.

Credit sales: Credit sales of product are done only for government institutions and private organization. Pharmaceutical companies avail of our packaging boxes to safely package their products. Client Satisfaction We have acquired complete client satisfaction with our dedicated and persistent efforts to provide excellent quality product and prompt services to our clients. 28 . They place the order in a bulk quantity and the products are also sold to other companies. Our clients are aware of our commitments and have placed their trust in us by their continual association with our organization. Then the Marketing Staffs will seek the orders and to place the product. The Product is mainly marketed all over Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. We cater to the requirements of our clients from diverse organizations and corporations.Normally all the goods produced are tested. The product is directly supplied to the institutions and organization through the Lorries. Cash sales: Cash sales are done to the commission agent and to any other customer who directly purchase product in the marketing office. The main business is plastic products are produced and marketed.

6 FINANCE DEPARTMENT A. Finance and accounting are the two separate functioning of the finance department.  The finance manager is responsible.PLASTICS has a well equipped finance and administration department.2.  In many ways the finance manager must become the strategic partner of the chief executive officer. of the purse-strings. The success of finance department demands on how finance is planned at the various levels of the administration under the management. Accounting related to keeping information regarding the transaction of the business. Financial assistance to the company is generally provided by state bank of India. It may be defined as a service of money.R.D. So that the financial statement can be prepared periodically for know the status of company. this job has also included detailing and implementing a corporation's long-range goals as well as those in the short term.  Almost every firm of any size has a person whose role is "to create value from the firm's capital budgeting. It deals with finding out various sources for raising funds for the company. Financial management is that managerial activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the firms financial resources. most certainly.  Increasingly. and direct a corporation's investment activities. but also for the future of the corporation. It deals with the principle and methods of obtaining control money form those who have saved it and of administration it by those who control it. financing. Finance plays a key role in the activities of business. Responsibilities of Finance Manager  The financial manager is an important position within the structure of any firm. and net. 29 . execute cash management strategies.  Financial managers oversee the preparation of financial reports.

in this way.  The finance manager must assess what style of growth will best suit the corporation Stakeholders' view of maximization of wealth ACCOUNTING The company maintains adequate books of accounts there by complying with the provision of the company’s act 1956. 30 . showing true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company and profit and loss of the company for the financial year. the finance manager. more than others. The financial manager must also demonstrate leadership in cost-effective uses of the corporation's financial resources by utilizing effective financial management practices. Following are the books of accounts maintained by the company General ledger Cash book Day book Sales register Purchase register Journal ledger Finished goods ledger Raw material ledger Credit note register Vouchers The company draws financial statement namely balance sheet and profit and loss accounting in accordance with schedule VI of the companies act 1956. is responsible for maximizing the shareholder value.

irrespective of its size.appropriations. 2.Capital Structure  Promoters capital  Term loan  Cash credit Finance Finance is considered as the life blood of an organization. 3. appropriation of accounting re.  Audit  Treasury administration  Selecting the source of fund raising  Dealing with receipts and payments 31 . The importance of financial department in an organization is the following. kinds and nature. Financial department has an impact on all activities of the firm Financial department aims to discharge the finance functions successfully Financial department is necessary to every type of organization. 1. The Main Functions of Finance Department Preparation of budget. surrender and savings  Control of expenditure and ways & means position. Financial functions involve procurement of funds and effective utilization of the same in the business. Financial department is useful for all type or organization where there is any use of finance. 4.

bank central exercise people and income tax issues etc  Physical verification of cash dealing  Determining the capital  Cash management  Investment decisions  Evaluation of performance analysis 32 . Generations and optimum utilization of resources  Print and messenger services  Safety and investment of funds form consolidated funds  Contract. recovery and refund of revenue  Dealing with internal and external auditors.

 The company focuses mainly on middle & lower level income groups. 33 .  There are proper selection and placement of employees and the optimum use of human resources is taken care of in the organization.  Quality control system is very effective.  Machines are used for heating and molding.  The productivity of the company is increasing.1 FINDINGS  The Human Resource department provides reasonable facilities to the workers.CHAPTER-III 3.

Company can adopt backward integration strategy by producing raw materials so as to reduce the cost of production. the company requires up come with more innovative designs to survive the competition.2 SUGGESTION Following are few suggestions for the company. indirectly contributing to wealth maximization.3.  Maintains the relationship between employees and employers  Encouraging more promotional activities  Measures and actions to improve employee attendance must be continued to ensure availability of manpower  The company can import raw materials at lower costs which may reduce the overall cost of productions. 34 . probably the management should understand more about current market.

In this organization observe have also found out that the company has been maintaining good relation with workers and the workers are compensated properly. finance department. activities involved in the organization and function of production department. 35 . marketing department and personal department of the company.CONCLUSION From this study observe have gathered information regarding various. Observe feel very proud to undergone training in such a company which given preference to the customer satisfaction and thank this institution for giving me this opportunity. Reference books Company Sales Report Company Brouchers 36 .BIBLIOGRAPHY Website Address: www.


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