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From Falcon Group Members Muzammil Majeed , Usman Ahmad,Salman Saeed , Usman Arshad APPENDIX B – SAMPLE PROJECT

BRIEFING DOCUMENT HOST ORGANISATION Title: Objective: Makro cash & Carry Consultancy Project To over view the traditional hierarchy of Makro ,proper forecasting for the next post at manager level and their promotion plan and develop replacement chart for the organization. Scope: Our initiative give the long term planning to our client , through our plan of replacement chart which enhance the performance of the organization and from this our client will be mentally prepare to recover the problems are the issues when employee leave the organization. Reason: The reason for our project in to select that the Makro Makro organization because beginning

Management was foreign with because their parent company come with the concept of all things available under one roof. After some time in Makro Management became localize the whole system by learning all things and procedure to run that type of format from their foreign managers. The main cause of their poor performance of the organization is that they didn’t promote and appreciate their experienced and older employees. Priority: The priority of our initiative is high because the issue which we arose about the employee satisfaction which depends upon the management to dissolve it. By adopting the new herichey strategy

consultation project At the end we delivered the proper research of the problem . Estimated Expenditure: Basically our Initiative about employee satisfaction so expenditure will that to give training to their old employees to enhance their company knowledge and working efficiency which cost per training session round about Rs. Major Risks: • • Data will be share on special recommendations Restriction information. supervisor of consultancy project. asst HR manager UMER KHOKHAR and aamir basher. from higher management the involvement in confidential . HR consultancy books.000/Key Stakeholders: Our purpose of initiative is not to discourage any one or to make fired some from their jobs. we are just giving suggestions to improve their promotion strategy and planning. Resources: We need some resources to meet our expectations which is essential or our initiative the following initiative are group members.100. They can feel the difference and evaluate our work on the basic of their performance. How will the success of the initiative be measured: when the plan implemented successfully and the company take initiative to make it better.Project Leader/key contact: Sir Salman coordinator Output(s): Khan Mangol. develop the replacement chart and redefine the store level herichey. We can measure the change when applying our strategy and forecast the replacement chart with the new promotions.

. Guidelines/Standards: We can take guideline for our particular project to project coordinator Sir Salman khan Mangol. Make the proper coordination and check the observation on daily basis.• • • • Restriction to share personal data. Project Size: What is the size of the proposed initiative? (You may wish to refer to the Fact Sheet: Project Sizing. Medium or Large> Project Milestones List the major milestones. scheduled start. Time limitation Without proper coordination and observation of group we couldn’t to complete our project.HR Manager and HR teacher.) <Small. scheduled finish and who has been assigned accountability. Make the check list of work for the group what they have to do and manage the time because time is money. which can help us to manage the project in meaning ful way. Ensure that the data organization is sharing is helpful for us and approved from management where there is no restriction to get this. Without proper coordination and understanding between group members. Milestone Description Who Schedul Schedul Work . Minimizing the Risks: • • • • We can ask the personal data in other words.

past e the organization stamp on agreement and signature of manager is required Usman Ahmad Muzammil Usman Ahmad Salman Saeed Usman Arshad Muzammil Usman Ahmad Salman Saeed Usman Arshad Muzamil Usman Ahmad 14/o7/201 1 18/07/201 1 Start Internships 18/07/201 1 18/08/201 1 Make agreement between us and organizatio n 18/07/201 1 18/07/201 1 Distribute 19/07/201 19/07/201 .ed Start ed Finish necessa ry to enable start Meeting for consultatio n project at Makro with HR Describe to HR manager Umer farooq Khokhar.What is the purpose of doing this project on your organization Do internships in Marko to understand organizational prcedures deeply among spend time in different departments We tell about our project and ensure them their information will be confidential among us and your organization.

Daily base Meeting with Model work.Role of ALC. many departments are working in organization and who are the head managers these Analyzse Good Reciving Departmen t departments Analyze the employee behaviors.Ma branch and 22/07/201 ” 1 10:00 am 26/07/201 1 5:00 pm Usman ahmad and 27/07/201 1 27/07/201 1 . 19/07/201 1 10:00 am 19/07/201 1 11:00 am Usman and Muzammil in Model town Usman Arshad and Salman in Ravi Branch 19/07/201 1 11:00 am 21/07/201 1 5:00 am responsibilities. Plan to visit Identify that how all departmen ts of Makro Cash And Carry. kro Business members on stores and Muzamil Majeed will do internship on Makro Model town branch and Usman Arshad and Salman Saeed will do internship on Makro Ravi 1 1 Branch. Talk on organizational Usman Ahmad and Muzammil Majeed.working procdures Analyze the ALC departmen t Analyze the functionalities of ALC department .

Salman Saeed will 29/07/201 1 10:00am 1/08/2011 5:00 pm .twon Store HR Manager Amir Basheer Problems identified by observatio n problems and issues they are facing Muzammil Majeed 10:00 am 12:00 am Majority of employees are dissatisfied from organization because of not clear and effective hierarchy and not adopting Job Replacement Chart Ask issues from mangers which they have to face from organization.Usm an Ahmad will take interviews from Good Reciving manager and quality insurance manager.each member take the interview of two managers Muzammil Usman Ahmad and Salman 27/07/201 1 3:00 pm 28/07/201 1 5:00 pm Make plan to interview all departmen ts Managers Muzammil take interviews from ALC manager and Non-food Manager.

Muzamil in Model twon Branch and Salman at Ravi Branch Muzammil take interviews from ALC Manager.C D manager and HR manager people faces Asking about their working schedule. Salman 5/08/2011 11/08/201 1 2/08/2011 3/08/2011 .Usm an Ahmad will take interviews from Good Reciving manager and quality insurance manager.G R manager.take interviews from Customer development manager and operations managers and Usman arshad take interview from HR Work in audit Inspect the store itmes and find out which issues quality department Conduct interview with ALC manager.H R manager. and ask question about their working experience manager.

Saeed will take interviews from Customer development manager and Usman arshad take interview from HR Check all the heirachy level of all deparment s Make improved hierarchy and job replaceme nt chart Analyze the initiavtie which we take Giving review about organization and over view the positions in hierarchy and see their JD’s and JS Check the previous hierarchy and make the improved one Check all our working to our client and identify this improvement in hierarchy and adopting job replacement chart will get the response to Usman Ahmad and Muzammil 22/08/201 1 24/08/201 1 Muzammil Usman Arshad 17/08/201 1 21/08/201 1 manager. Muzammil and Usman Ahmad 12/08/201 1 16/08/201 1 .

or in a small. Feasibility Report. Consultancy Project Coordinator All group members 24/08/201 1 26/08/201 1 All group member 27/08/11 31/08/201 1 Acceptance supervisor find Project Sponsor: ____________________________. Endorsement -------------------------------------.then we will try to fix the problem and then give the final touch to report Recommendation What is the next step for which authorization is being sought? For example. authorization to complete the activities as per this withproposal.-------------------------------------Responsible Officer: Sir Salman Mongol Khan. the development of a Project Business Case. Project Business Plan.improve the organization Convert our all working in final draft form Final Draft If our consultancy any query._______________________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ____ Date: ____ / ____ / ____ . less complex project.